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Erlang library for sending metrics to New Relic

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NewRelic for Erlang

This library implements the New Relic API and allows sending arbitrary metrics directly to their collectors from Erlang. New Relic is a paid "application monitoring" service.

You need to supply the metrics on the correct format. If you happen to be using statman you can use the included newrelic_statman transformer. It is fairly easy to transform the metrics, so if you're using Folsom, estatsd or your own tools, have a look at newrelic_statman to see how it's done.


Two application environment variables must be set in the newrelic app:

  • application_name: human readable name of the app, will show up in the web interface
  • license_key: secret license key

Statman integration

If you're using Statman and use the following conventions for naming your keys, you can use New Relic "for free".

  • {<<"/hello/world">>, {class, segment}} - Web transaction, class and segment can be anything and will show up in the "Performance breakdown"
  • {<<"/hello/world">>, {db, <<"something">>}} - Web transaction with database access, will show up in the "Performance breakdown" as well as "Overview". Unfortunately not in "Database" yet
  • {<<"/hello/world">>, total} - Total time of the transaction, inclusive any children. Will show up in the "Overview"
  • {<<"/hello/world">>, {ext, <<"">>}} - External call inside a web transaction, will show up in the "Performance breakdown" and "External services"
  • {foo, bar} - Background task - old format
  • {background, <<"foo">>}, {class, segment}} - Background task segment.
  • {background, <<"foo">>}, total} - Background task total time.
  • {<<"/hello/world">>, {error, {type, message}}} - Error, counters with keys like this will show up in under "Errors"
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