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distributed locking thesis project

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Distributed consensus service focused on consistency

Quick start

Get dependencies and compile the project

$ make

Create a release in "rel" folder

$ make rel

Start and open in console mode

$ rel/warlock/bin/warlock console


warlock uses "ets" based storage backend by default. It can be configured to use other backends such as redis (driver included).

It supports two types of command

  • Cluster (clu): runs the command on the cluster
  • Local (loc): runs the command on the connected node

For example, set and get commands can be run as

(warlock@> war_server:x(clu, [set, key, value]).

(warlock@> war_server:x(loc, [get, key]).

The format is server:x(LOCATION, COMMAND)

Development cluster

warlock can be tested by creating a 3 node dev cluster,

$ make devrel

This creates 3 nodes in the dev folder.

Starting the cluster (start the 3 nodes and connect them),

$ bin/

Run commands on the cluster by running commands on any of the 3 nodes.

$ dev/dev1/bin/warlock attach
Attaching to /tmp//home/user/warlock/dev/dev1/erlang.pipe.1 (^D to exit)

(warlock1@> war_server:x(clu, [set, key, value]).

(warlock1@> [Quit]

$ dev/dev2/bin/warlock attach
Attaching to /tmp//home/user/warlock/dev/dev2/erlang.pipe.1 (^D to exit)

(warlock2@> war_server:x(loc, [get, key]).

(warlock2@> [Quit]

Admin commands

Join cluster: used to join the cluster when all the nodes in the cluster have the same data.

Cluster size increases.

$ warlock-admin join <seed-node>

$ warlock-admin join warlock1@

Replicate and join cluster: used when the cluster is running and we need to add a new node without affecting the cluster.

Cluster size increases.

$ warlock-admin repl <seed-node>

$ warlock-admin repl warlock1@

Replace: replace an existing node in the cluster.

Cluster size remains same.

$ warlock-admin replace <target-node> <seed-node>

$ warlock-admin replace warlock3@ warlock1@

Remove: remove given node from the cluser

Cluster size decreases

$ warlock-admin remove <node>

$ warlock-admin remove warlock3@

Leave: leave the cluster

Cluster size decreases

$ warlock-admin leave
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