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#Grape Drink for Hackernews (for Google Chrome)

Grape Drink for Hackernews



  • kinda updated layout (see the larger screenshot)
  • 60 second auto update on home page
  • Konami code unicorns
  • color coded comment counts
  • over 9000 karma points


  1. Once you've cloned or downloaded the repo, put it somewhere you'll remember it
  2. Open Google Chrome (or Chromium)
  3. Go to chrome://extensions/ or click the Chrome Menu (the wrench) => Tools => Extensions
  4. Click on the "Developer Mode" in the upper right
  5. Click "Load unpacked extension"
  6. Navigate to wherever you put the files in step 1, select that folder and click "Ok".
  7. The plugin should now be in your plugin list. If you ever get tired of it, this is where you can turn it off, etc.

Please Fork Me

This is a project primarily for my own benefit and browsing perferences, so if you want something changed, see an obvious bug, or want to use this for anything else, please fork it. Everything original is MIT. jQuery is MIT/GPL.