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devpkg bug fixes for devpkg
ex19 ex17, ex18, ex19
ex22 ex24
.gitignore initial commit
Makefile ex26, first pass
dbg.h ex20
ex1.c initial commit
ex10.c moar
ex11.c moar
ex12.c up to ex16
ex13.c up to ex16
ex14.c up to ex16
ex15.c up to ex16
ex16.c up to ex16
ex17.c ex17, ex18, ex19
ex18.c ex17, ex18, ex19
ex20.c ex20
ex22.h ex24
ex23.c ex23
ex24.c ex24
ex25.c ex25
ex4.c initial commit
ex6.c initial commit
ex7.c initial commit
ex8.c initial commit
ex9.c moar
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