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app fixing build for deploy
bin updating deploy script
config logging for production upload issue
dist/release fixing build for deploy
lib logging for production upload issue
routes fixing build for deploy
templates fixing build for deploy
test some test-based refactoring
.bowerrc organizing / upgrading server
.foreverignore compile and adding .foreverignore
.npmignore updates for deploy
Procfile switching away from `up`
bower.json organizing / upgrading server
package.json updating grunt-cli adding readme
server.js turning worker processes back on


Welcome to Upload animated gifs and share with anyone. This is an open source project and was built with Node.js and Redis.

Coming Soon

  • improved account support
  • upload from url
  • search & metadata


This is a hobby project, but contributions are welcome in the form of issues and pull requests. If you have any feedback, please open and issue on Github.

-- @wookiehangover

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