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@@ -55,16 +55,17 @@ or
Usage :
- $ jst [--template format: string|underscore|_|jquery-tmpl|handlebars|hbs|dust|hogan|mustache|mu] [INPUT_DIR] [OUTPUT?]
+ $ jst [--template format: string|underscore|_|lodash|jquery-tmpl|handlebars|hbs|dust|hogan|mustache|mu] [INPUT_DIR] [OUTPUT?]
- --template -t format : string|underscore|_|jquery-tmpl|handlebars|hbs|dust|hogan|mustache|mu
+ --template -t format : string|underscore|_|lodash|jquery-tmpl|handlebars|hbs|dust|hogan|mustache|mu
--inputdir -i directory containings the templates to compile $PWD
--output -o output where templates will be compiled
--watch -w watch `inputdir` for change false
--namespace -ns object in the browser containing the templates window.JST
--include -I Glob patterns for templates files to include in `inputdir` **/*
--stdout -s Print the result in stdout instead of writing in a file false
--verbose -v Print logs for debug false
+ --variable -V Set _.tempateSettings.variable value
## Node usage.
@@ -79,6 +80,7 @@ Universal-JST export a list of engines.
hbs: [Function: build],
'jquery-tmpl': [Function: build],
underscore: [Function: build],
+ lodash: [Function: build],
dust: [Function: build],
mu: [Function: build],
mustache: [Function: build],
@@ -179,9 +181,10 @@ Partials are working. Each template is also a partial, i.e. `Handlebars.partials
`--helpers /path/to/a/dir/containing/helpers` look at this example [helper](universal-jst/tree/master/example/handlebars/helpers), [template](universal-jst/tree/master/example/handlebars/templates/helpers.hbs)
-### Underscore
+### Underscore or Lodash
-`--evaluate`, `--interpolate`, `--escape` are accepted. Those strings will be transformed into a new RegExp
+`--evaluate`, `--interpolate`, `--escape` are accepted. Those strings will be transformed into a new RegExp.
+`--variable` option can be specified to prevent `with` construction usage.
## Contributing

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