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WOOL Platform ReadMe

WOOL is a simple, powerful dialogue platform for creating virtual agent conversations. Visit for full documentation, news and updates.

Repository structure

This repository is structured as follows:

  • html5 - Contains all web and javascript tools, including the WOOL Editor
  • java - Contains the libraries and tools written in the Java Language:
    • WoolCore - Implementation of the Gold Standard WOOL Language Parser in Java.
    • WoolUtils - A library of utility functions used throughout other Wool Projects.
    • WoolWebService - A Spring Boot application (Web Service) that can execute WOOL Dialogues server-side.
    • WoolExternalVariableServiceDummy - A dummy implementation of an "External WOOL Variable Service".
  • test-dialogues - Contains a number of sample .wool scripts and .json file used for testing.

WOOL Editor Desktop version

The WOOL Editor can be used online (see, but can also be run as a Desktop application. While we are working on a user-friendly installer, you can run it as follows:

  • Install NodeJS (see
  • Use a terminal / command prompt to go to the folder /woolplatform/html5/
  • Use "npm install" to install
  • Use "npm run start" to run the WOOL Editor as Desktop application