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Ascii85 RFC 1924

Ascii85 provides an effecient packing of four bytes into five printable characters. (More compact that uuencode or Base64)

The symbol set is 0–9, A–Z, a–z, and then the 23 characters !#$%&()*+-;<=>?@^_`{|}~. This avoids certain problematic characters "',./:[]\ which allows for embedding data in code strings or JSON streams.

See this wiki page for the background.

Ways to use:

  • asc85.c

A set of C routines for packing and unpacking longs, and higher level routines for unpacking/packing buffers.

  • test.c

A test framework to verify operation. Takes a step value for sequential tests as an optional argument.

  • base85.c

A command line tool for encoding/decoding ascii85 (rfc) streams. See for usage.


Code to generate the ascii85 & dasci85 code tables. If you want to use an alternate alphabet, use this code to generate new tables for asc85.c