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fix bug which stopped command from working

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1 parent 63d08b1 commit ed98eca840855b614cd03fcab1c7fbf9932085e8 @io2 io2 committed
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6 veh/
@@ -470,7 +470,11 @@ def __init__(self, **kwargs):
def _findroot(self):
"""It would be better to walk the tree looking for .veh.conf"""
- return find_root_with_file(".veh.conf", os.getcwd())
+ try:
+ foundroot = find_root_with_file(".veh.conf", os.getcwd())
+ except:
+ return os.getcwd()
+ return foundroot
def _getroot(self):
from os.path import realpath

1 comment on commit ed98eca


find_root_with_file(".veh.conf", os.getcwd()) raises an exception if root direction / is reached without .veh.conf file being found.
Exception needed to be handled in order for "veh install" command to present user with .veh.conf template for installation.

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