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kvz commented Sep 10, 2015

Thanks for this tool! I think it will be wonderful to run our blog posts & documentation through this in our CI before deployment.

However, I have the case where

Authentication is disabled by default

red flags on disabled

1. [Osama Mahmood](https://twitter.com/OsamaMahmood007) (1)

red flags Osama


Felix, (alumnus of both Transloadit and Node.js nowadays

red flags alumnus

The documents with the false positives are fairly big and subject to change, so Ideally I'd have a whitelist of sorts to mark these exceptions - and still be able to fail on new violations.

What's the best way to achieve this?

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wooorm commented Sep 10, 2015


They could be detected by #16 and #18, probably.
Also: it’s a really personal question, some people would still prefer graduate over alumnus in the last example, and the same goes for disabled and turned off in the first.
Your second example could probably be ignored by alex itself because it’s (clearly) a name.

I always meant for alex to be a help when writing, not in a CI to block publishing. Humans are smarter than alex. But, I do see that people (want to) use it that way though.

Short version: #16 and #18 need to be fixed!


Alex: Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing

Authentication is disabled by default isn't insensitive or inconsiderate writing.

jdalton commented Sep 11, 2015


Alex: Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing

Authentication is disabled by default isn't insensitive or inconsiderate writing.

Alex reports it --> may <-- be insensitive.

warning  `disabled` may be insensitive, use `person with disabilities` instead

I think the warning is qualified enough here and besides false positives it does happen to catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing.

wooorm commented Sep 11, 2015

Thanks @jdalton, I agree with you! Alex isn’t as smart as a human, but it tries its best and is sometimes overly happy to let you know something may be insensitive.

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DO NOT propose changes in public #1

wooorm commented Oct 7, 2015

@ixti I can see how the bot seems offensive here. However, “pancake face” is an actual ethnic slur (according to WikiPedia). Therefore, I think alex is operating according to its byline, “Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing”, by warning about it.

Please open a new issue with more information if you’d like to discuss this further, or discus the slackbot on the keoghpe/alex-slack#1.

@wooorm wooorm referenced this issue Oct 7, 2015

Profanities #46


@ixti Welp, covering all possible contexts of a slur is hard. It correctly caught "pancake face" as being used as a derogatory term; the suggestion could probably use some work though. Could you clarify in what context it was used so we can add an appropriate suggestion?

Also: I understand that you're upset, but please refrain from dropping all-caps f-bombs in issues. Everyone involved with Alex does so in their spare time and has the best intentions. It'd be appreciated if you'd be considerate of that in future interactions.

ixti commented Oct 7, 2015

I apologize for my pretty rude and aggressive (previous) comment (deleted it myself).
In that particular case issue was definitely not with alex but with integration itself.

wooorm commented Oct 7, 2015

Thanks for being so considerate @ixti 😄

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@wooorm wooorm added a commit to wooorm/retext-equality that referenced this issue Jan 16, 2016
@wooorm Add support for ignoring warnings
Related to wooorm/alex#33.
wooorm commented Feb 3, 2016

Been a while. Thanks for hanging on. The just releases 2.0.0 version fixes this by introducing several mechanisms to control the messages suggested by alex.

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kvz commented Feb 4, 2016


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