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retext plug-ins lie at the core of retext’s vision.

Table of Contents

List of Plugins

List of Utilities

See nlcst for a list of utilities for working with the CST. See unist for other utilities which work with nlcst nodes, too.

And finally, see wooorm/vfile for a list of utilities for working with virtual files and

Using plugins

To use a plug-in programmatically, invoke the use() function.

Creating plugins

First, read up on the concept of plug-ins. Then, I suggest taking one of existing plug-ins, which looks similar to what you’re about to do, and work from there. If you get stuck, issues and Gitter are good places to get help.

A good place for publishing plug-ins is npm.

You should pick a name prefixed by "retext-", such as retext-lint.

When publishing a plug-in, you should use the package manager’s keywords functionality and include "retext" in the list.