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Wintersmith template plugin for SIML.
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Compile SIML templates.

Getting Started

This plugin requires Wintersmith.

Checkout Wintersmith, if you haven't before.

Checkout SIML's introduction for more information on SIML itself.

npm install wintersmith-siml --save-dev

Once the Wintersmith Template Plugin has been installed, it may be enabled inside your config.json file by adding it to the plugins array:

"plugins" : [ "./node_modules/wintersmith-siml" ]

If you've installed Wintersmith-SIML globally (through npm install -g wintersmith-siml), you don't need to specify a path:

"plugins" : [ "wintersmith-siml" ]

Next, when you run wintersmith build, or wintersmith preview, files with siml as their extension will be rendered to HTML.

Alternativly, you could run wintersmith build --plugins wintersmith-siml

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