An AngularJS project seed which aims to keep it simple
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An AngularJS 1.x project seed which aims to keep it simple.

  • Development HTTP server
  • Gulp as the task runner
  • Bower for managing front-end assets
  • Sass for styles
  • Plain JavaScript (Maybe ES6/TypeScript in the future)
  • Support for source maps
  • Serve Angular templates from the templateCache
  • Support for Angular minification with ng-annotate
  • JShint scripts
  • Support for LiveReload
  • Configure which tasks to run through gulpconfig.json
  • Enable application debugging by setting localStorage.debug = 1

Quick start

npm install
bower install


  • gulp - by default runs the development tasks
  • gulp prod - build app for production
  • gulp dev - build app for development - compile assets, compile app, start server, watch for changes
  • gulp assets - only compile assets
  • gulp app - only compile app files
  • gulp serve - starts a web server on localhost:8080
  • gulp watch - watches scripts for changes, enable livereload