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Compiled and Converted to MarkDown by Anushkaa Gupta. Edited by Anushkaa Gupta.

What is the One Button Studio?

The OBS is a user-friendly way to practice, record or prepare for a presentation. You can do this in 6 easy steps!

  • Walk over to CoRE in the library.
  • Plug your USB drive into the recording computer.
  • Press the button to activate the lights and camera and start recording!
  • Give your presentation!
  • Press the button to STOP recording.
  • Press the button AGAIN, but this time for longer (about 2 seconds) to eject your pen drive.

NOTE: To record with the OBS, you will need to bring your own USB drive. To give you an idea of the size, 1GB records about 25 minutes of recording. It records in 1080p HD. When you are finished recording you will have an .mp4 file ready on your USB drive. This format plays on most devices and can be easily edited. Bring it over to the machines in digital studio and we can help you out!

What can an OBS do for you?

In the simplest of words – The OBS lets you view your mistakes before the day of the final presentation.

OBS is a great tool that helps you practice your presentation and helps you spot verbal tactics, hand gestures, disconnected speech and facial expressions that might detract your presentation.

Additionally, the OBS has a lot of other great functions.

For Students:

  • Presentation Practice
  • Pitch Videos
  • Green Screen
  • Language Practice
  • Studio components of larger video assignments
  • Introductions and content for e-portfolio

For Faculty:

  • Delivering introduction for online courses
  • Course Overview
  • Recording lectures to substitute them when travel is required
  • TEDx Talks

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