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How to Do a Basic Video Recording:

Compiled and Converted to MarkDown by Komal Mesvani. Edited by Katie Randazzo and Komal Mesvani.

  1. Take your USB drive and insert it into the USB outlet by the computer.

2. Wait for the computer screen and the lights to turn on.

3. Check to see if the camera is asleep. 4. If the camera is asleep, press the power button on the small black remote.

5. Then lightly press the one button on the One Button Studio.

6. Wait for the 5-second count down that will appear on the computer screen before you start presenting.

7. Once finished recording, lightly press the One Button Studio button again to end the recording.

8. The file will automatically be saved on your USB drive. 9. If you chose to do another recording, follow steps 5-7 again. 10. *Make sure to keep the door closed for better sound quality!* 11. Lightly press and hold the One Button Studio button for about 2 seconds, and then eject your USB *when the lights turn off and the computer goes back to the home screen.*

12. *You're done!* Now you can go edit your videos in the Digital Studio!

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