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Podcasting Tips

Stock image from iBroadcastNetwork.

Do you wanna make a podcast? You’re in luck! We’re here to help.

Compiled by Katie Randazzo and Converted to MarkDown by Komal Mesvani. Edited by Katie Randazzo.

  • Go in with a plan. While sometimes you can strike gold with a podcast idea on the fly, it’s really hard to do that and have it sound professional. Make a plan and follow it.
  • Write a script or outline. Part of your plan might be an actual script or, that failing, an outline. No matter how good you are at improv, an outline really makes the process easier! The Writing Center can help you with this!
  • Make sure that you have enough microphones! If you have 2 speakers, use a microphone for each. It will create a different audio track, which is worth the up-front effort because it makes editing easier.
  • You can do multiple takes! Podcasts aren’t a “one and done” kind of deal. You can edit together the best parts.
  • Be kind to your future self. Give your future self cues about edits while you're recording. Something like, "okay, trying that again in 3... 2... 1..." will really make editing go loads faster. And it'll make for a better finished product!
  • Make sure to enunciate. This will help listeners understand you!
  • Don’t forget to sit close to the microphone! Otherwise, these microphones will not pick up your voice, which is a slight issue for a podcast.
  • Headphones are also good to use. When playing back, they allow for better audio quality.
  • Make sure to record 30 or so seconds of blank audio before starting. That way, when you're editing, you can insert a little snippet of ambient noise between cuts and your final product won't sound as choppy. Yes, even a "silent" room sounds different than blank audio bits and bytes.

Any more questions? Ask a CoRE Consultant!

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