GPS checkin logging for git on OS X.
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A tool to track commits in a git repository by GPS coordinates.

Currently only works on OS X.


For awhile now, I've wanted GPS logging of my checkins to source control systems. Between the CoreLocation framework on OS X and git's post-commit hooks, this is now possible.


Build the git-gps project, and put the resulting git-gps binary in /usr/local/bin.

Now, to start logging GPS on checkins in a checkout of a git repo, go to your repo and run:

git-gps init

Then, each time you commit to the repo, a post-commit hook will be run which updates the .git-gps file at the root of the repository and adds it to the commit.

This is very alpha-level software, so please file issues, etc.

Patches welcome!

Similar Projects

After writing this, I found out about geocommit, which does something very similar, except using git notes. The notes approach keeps the geo coordinates local until explicitly synced with the git remote. So, that would be more appropriate if you're concerned about privacy.