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I'm having an issue with the slider : i use a default-hidden container on my site (when you click on a button the container opens and the slider is inside). I have this code to make it appear/disappear :

function showmeyour(id)

function hidethis(id)

Everything works fine when i don't have these lines in my js, but as soon as i put them the flexslider arrows show up but clicking on them has no effect... Actually i think it's the "showmeyour" function that makes something go wrong, because with just the "hidethis" it works perfectly fine...

Could anybody help me ? :(


This works fine:


/* container with flexslider :: hidden */
     display: none; (like your example)
/* container with flexslider :: showing (by class='open' )*/{
     display: block; (like your example) 




<a class="flex_toggler">Toggle FlexSlider</a>

<div id="container_with_flexslider" class="">
     <div class="flexslider">...</div>

I think there is an issue with the arrows itself: #1034


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