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First slide tap bug on touch screens #253

stigzelm opened this Issue · 15 comments

Found a bug on touch screens (iPhone, IPad, Android phone).

When I tap or click somewhere inside the first slide, the slideshow gets locked. Can't touch on thumbnails, indicators or directional navigation and the swiping stops working.

But if I start by swiping to the next or previous slide it works normally. And if I start the slideshow at slide number 2 or any other slide than the first one it works normally.

I tried to work around it by starting at the last slide and when the slideshow is loaded I called a function that slides back to the first slide, but the same error appeared.

Would be nice to have it working.


I'll need to see a link. I can't reproduce this error.


Example site:

The second block "MEISTÄ" has flexslider. If your on a Ipad/iPhone and tap on the background image (without swiping left or right), the slideshow freezes and you can't swipe left or right or press the indicators. If you start with tapping the indicators (without swiping), it freezes. I have had this problem always.

But if you swipe it, it works fine. If you put the option startAt: 1 or any other number than 0, it works fine. If you start at another slide and make the flexslider slide to the first slide when it is loaded, it also freezes. The problem only appears on the first slide.

It seems like it only works when you physically swipe the first slide.

Hope I made any sence to you :D


Had this issue as well. video/description here: #227 (comment)


I was able to reproduce this issue on iPad / iPhone at

I found that disabling slider looping made fixed this.


I saw that disabling css3 animations works too, even if you keep looping enabled.


I managed to solve the problem by changing this line of slider.flexAnimate (line 452 of current version):

slider.animating = true;

to this:

slider.animating = !(target === 0 && target === slider.animatingTo);

Not sure if that's the proper fix, but it seems to be fine now.


@karim79 yes, Karim's solution works fine.


We kill:

touch: function() { ... }

in jquery.flexslider.js (from line 321 to 387) to get it work on iPhone & iPad


@karim79 I confirm, Karim's solution works.

@Dizzzy Dizzzy referenced this issue from a commit in Dizzzy/FlexSlider
@Dizzzy Dizzzy Fix for issue #253 6a171c4

I've tried the solution from @karim79 in addition to the solution by @alexbabichev . After flushing the cache from my iPhone between changes to the file, the problem persists.


:+1: for the solution of @karim79 and the commit by @Dizzzy. Works for me.

@digitaljhelms digitaljhelms referenced this issue from a commit in FluidInc/flexslider
@digitaljhelms digitaljhelms Patching jquery.flexslider.js 7dc7251

@Cydus, yeah disabling the loop will work and this issue is only with "slide" not with "fade".

animationLoop: false,


Have this issue 2 years on. Just stalls completely.


@karim79 confirming Karim's solution works.

@digitaljhelms digitaljhelms referenced this issue from a commit in FluidInc/flexslider
@digitaljhelms digitaljhelms Patching jquery.flexslider.js 6ffce1a
@jeffikus jeffikus closed this
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