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flexAnimate(last slide) isn't working #284

quantizer opened this Issue · 7 comments

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If you have 5 slides and use options (animation: "slide", slideshow: false, controlNav: false, animationLoop: false, directionNav: false), you can correctly flexAnimate 0, 1, 2, 3 but not 4, if you try to call something like $('#Slider').flexslider(4); or slider.flexslider(4); it returns you to slide 0, and method slider.currentSlide returns 0.
Please fix it:)

PS I use FlexSlider v2.1


+1, I have same issue here, any one know how to fix that? thanks


Iling, I added one extra empty

  • to ul.slides and ignore it in code. Looks like temporary fix:)

  • @seb2point0

    I'm still getting this issue.

    Here for example :

    By doing slider.canAdvance(slideTo) where slideTo = the last slide, it returns false.


    I'm having this issue too with Flexslider 2.1


    +1 on this issue: Flexslider v2.1

    @timo-schmid timo-schmid referenced this issue from a commit in timo-schmid/FlexSlider
    @timo-schmid timo-schmid [#284] BUGFIX: flexAnimate: first to last slide
    This seems to happen when slider.direction is undefined.

    I might have found a solution: In my case the variable slider.direction was undefined, so I check changed it to check

    slider.direction === "prev"

    instead of

    slider.direction !== "next"

    Helped in my case at least.


    At #405 you can find my fix for this issue.

    @mattyza mattyza closed this in 671f34c
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