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Attributes in Variations Not Staying in Order! #1595

gobnet14 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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See this screen capture video it might help you to understand my problem!

I wrote an article here about a week ago on this subject. Problems with Variations. I got a couple of replies from Mike Jollie but I still have not resolved the issue.

The issue:

a) I set the attributes in the attributes section and configure all the sizes in the order that I require them. 67 sizes in all.

b) I import the attributes into the attributes section of the admin area and save/update. Then I go to the variations and I import all the attributes using the Link all Variations. This then imports all the attributes in a different order than what they are in the Configure Terms. I then set about dragging and dropping the Attributes so that they are in the order I want them in the Variations. I then update and the attributes will not stay in the position that I have put them using drag and drop.

c) another issue I notice is that I use the Edit button to edit the amount of stock for all the variations. I go STOCK > EDIT and insert the figure 100. I expect this to appear in each attribute/variation. Unforatunately it does not appear in all of them. Is this limited to 50 at a time like the link all variations code. See here

// Max 100
    if ($added>49) break;

I have changed this to

// Max 100
if ($added>100) break;

and it allowed me to import 69 variations at a time. I am just wondering if this is causing me a problem with the prices and the stock quantities as well as with keeping the Attributes in the order I want them in the Variations.

See a sample of what is happening by watching the video. I really would appreciate any help as I have spent two weeks trying to figure this out and I really cannot move on until I do as I have a lot of products with a lot of variations each.

I am suing WAMP local server for this project.

Thanks Guys and Girls.


In your previous ticket (#1556), @mikejolley told you what the problem was:

Suhosin and Modsecurity are server related. Ask your host.

Also, this is not a support channel. You can post this kind of questions in our public support forum: or in case you are a WooThemes customer via our support portal:

@coenjacobs coenjacobs closed this

Tools > Export, all, upload here. Ill try it again on my server. if it sorts then its your install.

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