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Multiple Variable Product UX Suggestions #21

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Variable Product Pricing Adjustments

  • There are a couple of issues I see with the current way variation pricing is being done that could be annoying/confusing for users depending on the complexity of the product.
  • First. A user can not see the price of the object, until they select all of their variation options. At this time they finally get their price, but they may not want that option after seeing the price, so they have to backtrack and change options randomly to see which ones affect price, and which ones do not. Without any indication when selecting your variation of price adjustments, this could get quite annoying for users.
    • For example: Product = Coffee. One variation is for bag size, 12oz, 16oz, 18oz, 24oz. Another variation is for Ground Type: full bean, ground, etc.. If each of the first variations offered a different price, a user would not be able to see those prices without first selecting BOTH variations and noticing the price. They would then have to go back and reselect both variations to see the new price etc..
    • Taking a step back, I think it needs to work more like how other e-commerce solutions work. The product should always have a base price, aka $12.99 that should be entered in the system as the base price. The variations, "if" they add/decrease the price, should be listed accordingly in the drop-down variation selection so users know immediately of the increase/decrease before selecting. In the example above the drop-down would say something like "12oz, 14oz + $3.00, 16oz + $5.00, etc etc." and the price should be updated upon selection

Variations Reset on front-end if you adjust one:

  • Another annoyance for a user is that all of the variation drop-downs reset if you make a change to the first one. In the example above, let’s say I picked 16oz, whole bean. I see my price as $16.99 instead of the $12.99 I was hoping for. I realize that I want the 12oz bag instead. If I change the variation to 12oz, it resets the second variation for ground type, causing me to have to reselect whole bean once again.
  • Imagine this with more than 2 variations, or for a tshirt, it could get extremely annoying.. I pick Medium for my shirt size, select the color blue, then select "ribbed style". I second guess myself and say maybe I should get a large to be safe. I now have to go back and reselect blue, then ribber style again. This does not seem ideal. But I can see some situations where this is necessary (4th point below)

Product Price ("From:") Anomolies:

  • Real world scenario. I add a T-shirt as a product with two variations. One for size (S,M,L) , and one for color (Red, White, Blue). The t-shirt product has a price, it is $12.99, the variations do not affect price in any way. Since there is no "base price" parameter with Woocommerce for a variable product, I just set the variation to $12.99. When viewing the shop, or product detail page, the price says "From: $12.99" still, even though there are no other prices.
  • My thought is it needs to be reworked to only show "From" if there are multiple prices in the variations. Currently it looks like there is just a blanket statement saying "if the product is Variable, show From: in front of the lowest price"

Product Variations show up Even if out of stock

  • Let's say for example I'm out of stock of my Large, Red, Ribbed tshirt. So I create a new variation option with it set to , large - red - ribbed, and enter a stock of 0. The problem is those options are still selectable for users from the drop-downs. Granted once I select them all it tells me "out of stock", but it seems like it would be better to hide those options on the fly if they aren't available, so a user doesn't waste time configuring a product that isn't even in stock. So once I selected, large, and then red, my final variation option would not list "ribbed" as an option since it was out of stock.. Or it could list it but greyed out with the words "out of stock" next to it? I've seen a lot of large online stores do things similar to this where the options adjust based on what you pick from the first box.

I realize none of these things are actual bugs, and some might not even be doable, or even worth doing. but I thought I'd bring them up to help foster some discussion moving forward.

WooThemes member

I would say your 'pricing adjustments' idea is valid, but does not work in all situations. Sure it would work for things like computer configurations, but for other situations its a combination of attributes which affect price - not just each individual attribute. I'd be inclined to say this would warrant a different variations product type so you could use either system.

The reset thing I agree with, same for the from: price. I will look to improve this.

Finally, the out of stock issue - I think it would be 'nice' to do that, but I wouldn't say its a priority at this point. I will look into how difficult it would be to mark options out of stock.


Completely understand Mike, these are definitely not high priority items, or game breakers, just things worth considering on your next update.


I agree with all the points above. The importance of the points in my opinion would be:

Point 2: Variations Reset on front-end if you adjust one
Point 3: Product Price ("From:") Anomolies
Point 1: Variable Product Pricing Adjustments
Point 4: Product Variations show up Even if out of stock

Further comments to Point 1. I do agree with both you guys here. It would be good to see from a drop down that if you selected a certain attribute a Cost would be added to the final Base price. This would also allow us to remove the "From" price and use the base price as the lowest price.

WooThemes member

point 2 is taken care of: 68f5b97

This was the main issue IMO. Ill make a new issue for 'FROM' price.

The 'adjustments' thing we've established cannot be done with the current system but may be valid in the future.

Out of stock cannot be avoided presently, but we may revisit in the future.

Thanks guys :)

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