Allow product variations to be added to cart via a query string #2126

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Is it possible to add a product with a specific variation to the cart via a query string? Essentially, allow the creation of custom links for products variations.

Use Case 1:

A pricing table on the single product page where each variation has a custom "Add to cart" button.

Use Case 2:

Allow users to purchase a specific product variation from via an email link, tweet, or other marketing strategy.

I've tried various query string arguments to achieve what I'm after but in the end I can only get the product added to the cart and not with a specific variation. With that said, I can get the product and a variation added to the cart when using $woocommerce->cart->add_to_cart().

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It's possible in 2, however, it can get complex because it requires valid options being set for the variation (which is required unless you want fraudulent attempts).

This would work:


If you didn't want to include all the variables in the querystring, a custom form handler could instead be used (letting you call the add to cart function yourself).

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Thanks, Mike, I'm glad to hear it's possible! I had been working with WC 1.6 until recently when I was told about WC 2.


For some reason this is not working for me. Here is the URL $variant->add_to_cart_url() is returning.


but it does not add that item to cart..


use http://localhost/chilli/?variation_id=3113&add-to-cart=2562&attribute_size=m

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