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Java command line client for Microsoft OneDrive
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A cross-platform command line client for Microsoft OneDrive written in Java 7.

This application is currently in BETA - use with caution


(1) Download and extract the latest release.

(2) Authorise the application

An authorisation token must be created to grant the application secure access to OneDrive. Run the following command to generate the authorisation URL:

java -jar onedrive-java-client.jar --authorise

Open the URL in your browser, and wait for it to redirect you to a blank page. Copy and paste the address shown in your address bar into your keyfile (default file onedrive.key).

(3) Start synchronising folders

java -jar onedrive-java-client.jar --direction UP --local . --remote MyTargetFolder/


(1) Grab the latest source code

git clone
cd onedrive-java-client

(2) Build the application using Maven

mvn clean package -DskipTests


usage: onedrive-java-syncer
 -a,--authorise                  show authorisation url
 -c,--hash-compare               always compare files by hash
    --direction <up|down>        direction of synchronisation.
 -h,--help                       print this message
 -i,--ignore <ignore_file>       ignore entry file
 -k,--keyfile <file>             key file to use
 -L,--log-level <level (1-7)>    controls the verbosity of logging
    --local <path>               the local path
    --logfile <file>             log to file
 -M,--max-size <size_in_KB>      only process files smaller than <size> KB
 -n,--dry-run                    only do a dry run without making changes
 -r,--recursive                  recurse into directories
    --remote <path>              the remote path on OneDrive
 -s,--split-after <size_in_MB>   use multi-part upload for big files
 -t,--threads <count>            number of threads to use
 -v,--version                    print the version information and exit
 -y,--tries <count>              try each service request <count> times

Synchronisation Modes

The application currently supports one-way mirroring of data, so it will create, update and delete files as necessary to make the target side match the source side.

  • --direction UP - Mirrors a local folder to a remote OneDrive folder
  • --direction DOWN - Mirrors a remote OneDrive folder to a local folder

Note that the local and target folder must both exist for this to work.

Moving / Renaming Files

The client does not currently maintain a local record of changes, so renamed and moved files are detected as brand new files and uploaded. The old file will be deleted.

Large Files

For files larger than 5MB (configurable with --split-after), onedrive-java-client will split the upload into blocks of 5MB. This reduces the cost of a temporary network failure, as at most the last 5MB of any upload will need to be re-sent.

Data Integrity

By default files are compared by looking at the size, created date and last modified date. For additional safety the --hash-compare flag can be specified which forces a CRC32 hash check for each file.

The --dry-run option can be used to test the synchronisation operation, this executes the operation without applying any changes.


The OneDrive API documentation can be found here

The following libraries have been used

Future Plans

The following key features are currently planned / under development:

  • Full two-way synchronisation support (with use of a local state database)
  • Support for OneDrive for Business
  • Improvements to the --ignore file


(C) 2017 Wouter Breukink

See license.

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