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Wooza's Potpourri

This mod collects some of the (non-gameplay-changing) mods from the NS2 universe, available on the Steam Workshop together.

But why?

Having many mods on a server in NS2 can cause many problems when connecting. E.g. clients may fail when downloading one of the mods, and the more mods there are, the higher this chance is of course.

The mod is used on all Apheriox servers (Wooza's Playground, Hamster Wheel, etc.) and is also free to be used by all server operators

Custom Badges & Shoulder Patches

Tutorial for making your own badge Tutorial for making your own shoulder patch

You can send as many as you want. We will try to update the mod every 2 weeks. Please contact us if your badge is not displayed/working.

Other mods contained (not git submodules)

  • Gorge Heart Healspay and Cuter Gorge Eyes (by Skie)
  • Shoulder Patches Extra (by ZycaR)
  • [Shine] permamute (by Brute)
  • Mods Map Prefix (by Katzenfleisch)
  • Crazy Mines (by Nin)


v.1.0 Version one of Potpourri. May it flourish!

Added vacplus.lua, enforceteamsizes.lua and customtextcommands.lua, taken frome [Shine] Epsilon Mod, made by Ghoul. Thanks for providing the code.

v.1.1 Added ping_mod

v1.2 Mod now pulls new changes from[Shine]Epsilon. Integrated all files.

v.1.3 Added Wooza Approved and Donation as Shine Extension

v.1.4 Added wonitor.lua A server statistic tool for NS2 server operators. Setup and Configuration can be found here: https://github.com/eBrute/wonitor

v.1.5 Added Apheriox Custom Badges Tutorial as Shine Extension

v1.6 Added Mod NS2-Tweaks by Dragon. Thanks for providing the code

v1.7 Deleted NS2 Tweaks due to some lua errors

v1.8 Added Wonitor Website as Shine Extension Added Wooza's News as Shine Extension

v1.9 Added alternative Marine face

v.2.0 Version 2 yaay. This time with lots of bugfixes. Enabled NS2 Tweaks by Dragon again. Link to his mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=581005458&searchtext=

v2.1 Updated Wonitor.lua to be fully compatible with build 282

v2.2 Added Hellrunner's Activate Local Talk (Server Mod). Link to his mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=616952068. Special thanks to Hellrunner for his contribution

v2.1 Removed NS2-Tweaks due to incompatibility and code duplicates (b286)

v2.2 Added entitytick.

v2.2.1 Updated entitytick.

v2.3 Updated wonitor (server.lua)

v2.4 Added Discord as Shine Extension

v2.5 Added Shoulder Patches Tutorial as Shine Extension

v.2.6 Added Sauron Hive and Commodore Station (RU), made by EF. Special thanks for this funny visual change.

v.3.0 Big Update!? Brings a lot of new stuff to let the Potpourri even look more beautiful. Added Shine Mod Selection made by KeatsAndYeats. Special thanks to this handy mod. Setup and configuration can be found here: https://github.com/keatsandyeats/Shine-ModSelector

Added Cuter Gorge Eyes (Why haven't we used them earlier?!)

Added Ready Room Rave from Samus Orphan Black. Special thanks for creating this mod as well as making it compatible with Shine User Config.

Time do dance!