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@@ -11,9 +11,33 @@ file structure needs a bit of explanation:
* All submodule specific settings live in the corresponding scala file, *no exceptions (NONE !)*.
A sample scala file would be
* A sample scala file would be `BlendedActivemqClient.scala`:
* All sub module files mix in the trait `ProjectFactory`, which means they have to expose a `val` of type `Project`.
* Internally we are using a SettingsFactory `ProjectSettings`. This factory is a class which encapsulates the settings for our submodules based on a handful of configuration parameters which are passed to the factory as constructor arguments.
* The factory exposes a variable `baseProject' which needs to be enriched with the dependencies to other submodules within the project. These dependencies are simply the exposed projects of other sub modules.
* As most of our sub modules are OSGi bundles, the constructor argument `adaptBundle` allows to modify the default bundle settings encapsulated in `BlendedBundle` simply by using the copy method. The resulting OSGi settings will be part of the generated sub module settings.
To complete the example, here is how the sub module above is referenced in the `build.sbt`:
=== Special cases
There are more complex project definitions, e.g. when the submodule needs to generate an extra artifact in the form of a zip file. An example for such a setup can be seen in[`BlendedLauncher`].
== Set up for Automated releases via travis
@@ -89,7 +89,9 @@ lazy val blendedSamplesCamel = BlendedSamplesCamel.project
lazy val blendedSamplesJms = BlendedSamplesJms.project
lazy val blendedAkkaHttpSampleHelloworld = BlendedAkkaHttpSampleHelloworld.project
lazy val blendedActivemqDefaultbroker = BlendedActivemqDefaultbroker.project
// tag::Building[]
lazy val blendedActivemqClient = BlendedActivemqClient.project
// end::Building[]
lazy val blendedSecurityScep = BlendedSecurityScep.project
lazy val blendedSecurityScepStandalone = BlendedSecurityScepStandalone.project

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