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If pulling a thread of meaning from woven text
is that which your heart does wish.
Not so absurd or seemingly complex,
if you befriend a tiny word fish.


Choose your input corpus, terminologies, and deployment environment, and an application will be generated to use deep learning to extract features for text, and then entities can be mapped onto those features to discover relationships and classify new texty things. Custom plugins will allow for dynamic generation of corpus and terminologies from data structures and standards of choice from wordfish-plugins You can have experience with coding (and use the functions in the module as you wish), or no experience at all, and let the interactive web interface walk you through generation of your application. This will ideally be able to generate single instances of analysis applications, and an instance that we can deploy on the cloud (and integrate into a collaborative, cloud-based tool for many researchers to use).

will eventually be here

This portion of the tool will allow for integration of custom data sets into the analysis, such as brain imaging. The folders are organized equivalently to wordfish-plugins and will include functions to access and integrate data into wordfish analyses.

** under development! ** not ready for use!