The Art and Craft of Approaching your Head of Department to Submit a request for a Raise
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L'Augmentation by Georges Perec

L'Augmentation is the tragi-comic story of a worker's heroic, pathetic, absurd but persistent attempts to ask their boss for a pay-rise.


Written originally for radio by Georges Perec in 1967, it has since been performed many times on stage. The story takes the form of a flow chart. By answering a series of yes/no questions the protagonist navigates through a series of increasingly frustrating encounters with Mr X and Ms Y. Is fish on the menu? Does one of Mr X's daughters have measles? Such details matter as negotiations continue.

The work is also available as an interactive web page.

I've created a Python program which you can run at the console:

$ python

I've also published a version to run on Amazon's Alexa voice computing platform. The backend is an AWS lambda function which uses the Alexa SDK. The frontend is an Alexa Skill which you can download for free.