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Manual Layout Guide

Manual layout in Bamboo looks very similar to Auto Layout, but under the hood they are totally different. There is one important rule to follow:

Set size before setting position.

Because size changes relative to center, it may change the relative position set before, so remember to set size first.


There are some additional properties on UIView and CALayer to better describe layout.

  • size
  • left
  • right
  • top
  • bottom

These properties and center are available as set methods.

// Set view1's left to view2's right.


When layout to superview, you can’t use superview’s layout properties directly, because they are in different coordinates. Instead, use super* properties on bbm.

  • superSize
  • superCenter
  • superLeft
  • superRight
  • superTop
  • superBottom
// Set view's right to superview's right inset by 10.
view.bbm.right(view.bbm.superRight - 10)

// Convenience method.
view.bbm.right(inset: 10)


You have to specify the remaining dimension when using fill methods.

  • fill()
  • fill[Left|Right](width:)
  • fill[Top|Bottom](height:)
  • fill[Width|Height]()


They are almost the same with that in Auto Layout.

  • before()
  • after()
  • above()
  • below()


Fit methods use sizeThatFits() to set corresponding value.

  • fitSize()
  • fitWidth()
  • fitHeight()