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Atmosphere 0.8.1
Atmosphere jQuery Plug In
+ Native Support for CORS and Internet Explorer 8/9/10
+ Improved Support for Opera streaming and WebSocket
+ Improved Support for iOS
+ Firefox 7/8/9 WebSocket support added
+ Support for Android Browser added
+ Per Request Callback now supported
+ Order of Callback/Reconnect operation configurable
+ Post headers as Query String now supported (useful with WebSocket GET handshake operation)
+ New Configuration Classes: ApplicationConfig, FrameworkConfig, HeaderConfig
Atmosphere Runtime
+ Expose a new WebSocket class, allowing pure portable WebSocket application
+ New Trackable API for remote invokation of AtmosphereResource
+ Significant performance improvement of Broadcaster push operation
+ Jetty 7.3/7.4/7.5 and 8.x WebSocket API supported
+ Tomcat 7 supported (Comet is currently broken in Tomcat, but Atmosphere workaround it)
+ GlassFish 3.1.2 new WebSocket API supported
+ New WebSocketProtocol API, allowing to easily write WebSocket sub protocol
+ Full REST over WebSocket support
+ Support for shareable ExecutorServices among Broadcaster
+ Improved Guice and Spring Support
+ New TrackMessageSizeFilter PerRequestBroadcastFilter
+ New ExcludeSessionBroadcaster
+ Improve performance of BroadcasterLifecyclePolicy support
+ AtmosphereHandler can now be fully configured only in web.xml, no needs for atmosphere.xml
Atmosphere GWT
+ GWT 2.3.0 support
+ IE 9 support
+ WebSocket support
Atmosphere Annotation
+ New @Subscribe @Publish annotations supported
Atmosphere Jersey
+ Atmosphere now ship with Jersey 1.9.1
+ Significant performance improvement of the marshelling of Broadcaster's push operation
+ Transparent WebSocket support fully supported
+ Async Write I/O operation with WebSocket now supported
+ WebSocket Injection now supported
Atmosphere Redis
+ Now using Jedis 2.0.0
+ Easier to reconfigure
+ Support pool of connections to Redis
Atmosphere JGroup/JMS
+ Easier configuration
+ Reduced memory footprint
Bug fixes
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