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An extension for that automatically installs applications from downloaded .DMG files.
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Install DMG.alfredextension

Install DMG for Alfred

An extension for that takes the pain out of applications distributed through .dmg files. When this command is run it:

  1. finds the most recently downloaded .dmg file in the ~/Downloads directory
  2. mounts it
  3. Copies any .app folders out of it to the /Applications directory
  4. unmounts the dmg
  5. deletes the dmg


Option 1: Download

Download the repo and double click the InstallDMG.alfredextension file inside.

Option 2: Git Clone

Open up the terminal and run: git clone [YOUR ALFRED EXTENSIONS DIRECTORY]/Install-DMG

In my case the the Alfred extension directory is ~/Dropbox/Alfred/extensions/scripts/

This setting can be found in Alfred's preferences under General>Sync


Bring up Alfred, type dmg ↩

You can change this command in the extensions tab of Alfred's settings.

In the future I will add a query after dmg that would let you pick specific items to install. For now it just runs on the most recently downloaded one.

Usage without Alfred

The extension is basically a wrapper around a ruby script. If you don't own/want Alfred you can totally just run that script and it does the same thing.

Pull Requests

are welcome

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