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Welcome to Aztec v1.0 Beta 13.

This release focuses on fixing several iOS 11 compatibility issues, and on stability improvements in general.

It also introduces changes to make it easy for Apps to customize line and paragraph spacing.


  • The example App now offers a nicer line and paragraph spacing configuration by default. (#547)
  • Line and paragraph spacing can now be easily configured by Apps using Aztec. (#778)
  • Fixes an issue that was causing pasted images not to load immediately. (#722)
  • Fixes a crash when copy / pasting in iOS 11. (#771)
  • Fixes a crash when relaunching the app between a copy and a paste operation. (#781)
  • Backspacing on an empty TextView was clearing the active styles. (#768)
  • Autocorrect was clearing the active styles. (#750)
  • All iOS 11 style-loss workarounds are now constrained to iOS 11+. (#761)
  • Fixed some issues with the magnifier not showing up. (#765)

Known issues:

  • CSS Styling is not working properly, yet. Work in progress.
  • Moving the caret to the last position in the content loses styles in iOS 11.

Up Next:

  • Some additional iOS 11 compatibility fixes.
  • Bugfixing!!
  • CSS Styling Fix
  • Unit Test All the Things