@diegoreymendez diegoreymendez released this Dec 15, 2017 · 676 commits to develop since this release

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Welcome to Aztec v1.0.0 Beta 16.

In this release, we took some time to clean up our architecture to make Aztec even easier to expand and maintain.


  • Add UI tests for high priority issues (#819)
  • Linked Images Reengineering Effort (#843 and #846)
  • TextView: Export init, setHTML and getHTML methods to Objective-C (#842)
  • Media Formatters Refactor Effort (#841 and #849)
  • Customizable Default Text Color (#838)
  • MediaAttachment: Encapsulating Draw Methods! (#850)

Bugs Fixed

  • Using heading styles won't reset the Undo Manager anymore (#812)
  • Resolves some issues with Chinese characters in the editor. (#836)
  • Link range issue with Chinese characters and Emoji (#853)

Known issues:

  • There are some issues with Arabic, and other RTL languages. This will be a high priority fix moving ahead.
  • CSS Styling still needs work.