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Welcome to Aztec v1.0 Beta 9.

This release fixes several bugs found in the previous beta release.

This beta includes a very important fix for our users with non-latin alphabets. Non-latin characters were being encoded when switching to HTML, which was making the output impossible to read.

We'll be including this release with WPiOS 8.2.


  • Lists and blockquotes working great together! See here.
  • We no longer encode non-latin characters when switching to HTML mode. See here.
  • Simple undo support for all attachment modifications! See here.
  • HTML entities were showing up in rendered content. See here.
  • Lists were showing extra empty bullets. See here.
  • Copy / pasting content was causing styles to be lost. See here.
  • Blockquotes now move according to their indentation level. See here.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when copy/pasting certain HTML snippets. See here.
  • The unknown HTML editor was no longer accessible by users. See here.
  • Some attributes were being duplicated in image nodes. See here.
  • Small improvement to the developer documentation. See here.
  • Links are now underlined by default. See here.
  • Fixed a missing-cursor issue in blockquotes. See here.
  • We now support editing additional image attributes. See [here](#604

Known issues:

  • CSS Styling is not working properly, yet.

Up Next:

  • Bugfixing!!
  • CSS Styling Fix
  • Unit Test All the Things

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