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Add Sticky support for Posts #349

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No option to set a post as Sticky via the app.


Just a note that it looks like the API offers support for this with a 'sticky' boolean: Should be fairly simple to add.


I found out that the documentation is wrong, _prepare_post is not called in the mw_getRecentPosts, thus sticky is not available in the response at all (edited the Codex entry to reflect this).

This can only be accomplished if the call is switched to wp_getPosts instead:

Or waiting for a fix in core (, which may take years to roll out. Other than this blocker, I have a working patch that's pretty much done if the switch to wp_getPosts is viable (several variable renames need to be done for this, mt_allow_comments vs comment_status for example). Thoughts?


See: soulseekah@bf9d036
This works with a patched XML-RPC server, but gives an overview of the scope of the patch.
Of course, moving to the wp_ API for everything is best at this point, which probably needs a separate issue.


Closing issue and migrating to new repo.

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Add Sticky support for Posts #88

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