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Project Dependencies

The following SDKs should be installed in the development environment prior to building the source:

- If you don't already have NuGet installed go to and install the NuGet Visual Studio extension.

- Once NuGet is installed install the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit package (ID: SilverlightToolkitWP).

- Install "Windows Phone toolkit" package (ID: WPtoolkit).

- Install November 2009 Silverlight 3 Control Toolkit (

- Install Coding4Fun.Toolkit.Controls


- Upload the English resx file to GlotPress
(Note: upload the resx file to the development branch, otherwise you will not see new strings).
- Ping translators on
- For each language apply the filter "translated only" and export the file. Do not export untraslated strings.
- Rename each files with the correct name.
- Open each file with Notepad++ (no Word, WordPad or derivates) and add the 'resheader' tag just below '<root>' (it's a big blog of text).
- Open each file in VS and remove empty strings.
- Verify that there're not instances of :
<value></value> with the following RegExp: <value>\s{0,}</value> 
<value /> with the following RegExp: <value\s{0,}/> 
See #188
- Update the release number in AssemblyInfo.cs
- Update the User Agent String in Constants.cs
- Change the configuration to Release and build for Win7

Building for Windows Phone 8

Build the app for Windows Phone 8 to support different size screens.

- In the project properties editor >  Application tab, change the Target Windows OS Version to 8.0.  This will update project files and building for earlier versions will no longer be an option. DO NOT commit the updated project files after doing this. :)

- In the project properties editor > Build tab, add WINPHONE8 to the conditional compiliation symbols. Make sure you've added the symbol to the 'Release' configuration.
This is to correct the layout of the Blog Panorama due to differences between the 7.1 and 8.0 SDKs.


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