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My dotfiles


My setup with custom settings for bash, zsh and vim.

## Vim:

Alt text


Alt text


  1. I use iterm2 on OSX, this setup will only work for that. Use the supplied font here: Alt text
  2. vim must be installed via homebrew
  3. git must be installed and setup with ssh for github
  4. eslint must be installed for JavaScript linting

As part of the process, this will install the latest version of oh-my-zsh and set your default shell to it.


  1. git clone ./dotfiles/
  2. cd ~/.dotfiles/
  3. ./
  4. Press control-D to drop out of oh-my-zsh
  5. ./
  6. Install Powerline Nerd font if you are using iterm2
  7. Open a new terminal to load everything in
  8. You're good to go.

If you want, you can fork this repo and base your config on this. If you have any problems using these dotfiles please let me know and I can help you.