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Solving Rubik's Cube with Lego Mindstorms

This is a proof-of-concept research project submitted as part of my dissertation project in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of BSc Computer Science.

Requirements & Installation

This project requires Python 3 and Visual Studio Build Tools for the kociemba package. Third party packages used are:

colorama                -   colored printouts
ev3dev                  -   allows the EV3 to be used
ev3dev-lang-python      -   Python 3 on the EV3
kociemba                -   used as a fallback for solving

Run the Cube Solver

This software is in two main parts: the host computer, and the EV3. Technically it can all be run on the EV3, but it will take a ridiculously long time to do anything.

To run the host computer software, either run the file in the Codebase directory, or use the batchfile. Both methods take the following arguments:

  • r - Connect to Robot
  • d - Generates the entire Database, unless a method is specified
  • c - Clear the entire database
  • h - half-turn generation/solve method
  • m - multiphase generation/solve method (will fallback to kociemba to guarantee solve if wanted)
  • t - tree solve
  • v - more verbose outputs

To run the EV3, run the file in the robot directory with Python 3. The IP address of the Host Computer must be changed for the sockets to properly connect.