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A model of a RobotHand made using JOGL
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COM3503 Robot Hand Assignment

3D Graphics Assignment submitted for Dr. Steve Maddock as part of the COM3503 course at the University of Sheffield.


This is a JOGL-based scene of an Art Gallery with a large Robot Hand dominating the room. The Hand can be controlled with a number of buttons present in the applet.

The structure of the hand is shown in the image below, and shows how arrays have been used in creating and modifying the RobotHand object.


Each digit has primary angles and secondary angles

  • The primary angles are those which every joint can bend in (i.e. for the fingers, the X rotation)
  • The secondary angles are those which on the proximal joint can bend in (i.e. for the fingers, the Z rotation)

There are two csv files included in this project:

  • lightData.csv is used in setting the color, position, angle and direction of the Light sources and their 'bulbs'
  • keyframes.csv is for setting the Keyframes that the Robot Hand can move to by adjusting the primary and secondary angles
    • The rotations are limited by minimum and maximum values
*All parts of the assigment described in the brief have been attempted*