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Workarea Browse Option

A Workarea Commerce plugin that enables the display of products by their various options (e.g. color) when browsing them in the Storefront.


  • Allows each product to be "broken out" into multiple representations when browsing in the Storefront, based on a particular product option, such as color
  • Allows admins to choose which products "browse by option" and to choose the specific option for each product
  • Allows admins to choose a particular representation of the product (e.g. the blue one) when featuring it within a category or search results
  • Prevents representations of the same product from appearing in collections of related products (e.g. upsells)

Getting Started

Add the gem to your application's Gemfile:

# ...
gem 'workarea-browse_option'
# ...

Update your application's bundle.

cd path/to/application


Administration of Browse Options

  • When editing a product in the Admin (or bulk editing many), an administrator can choose a "browses by" option for that product
  • The UI for choosing this option is a select menu, which is populated with the keys of the details for all of the product's variants
  • When a value is selected for the browse option, the product is said to "browse by option" and is represented differently in Elasticsearch (see below)
  • Each product's attributes card in the Admin displays its browse option (if any)

Search Indexing & Browsing

  • Products that browse by option are stored as multiple documents (one per value of the selected option) within each Storefront search index
  • Each option-specific search document is built from only those variants of the product that match the particular option value (e.g. blue for color)
  • When browsing (e.g. search results and category listings), such products potentially appear in results multiple times (up to once per search document in that index)
  • Each representation of a product uses a relevant product image (if available), such as a blue image for the blue representation of the product
  • Clicking through any of the product's browse results takes the customer to the same product details (from Mongo)

State/Caching in the Storefront

  • If a product browses by option, the particular option value is persisted through the :option param when clicking through to the product's details
  • When a product browses by option and the :option param is set, the specific option value is used in the product's cache key, affecting show, summary, and pricing view caches

Workarea Commerce Documentation

See for Workarea Commerce documentation.


Workarea Browse Option is released under the Business Software License

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