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Workarea 3.5.25 (2020-12-23)

  • Fix admin indexing for embedded model changes

    When embedded models are changed, their root documents weren't being reindexed for admin search. This PR ensures admin indexing happens correctly.

    Ben Crouse

  • Index search customizations, handle missing search models for changeset releasables


    Matt Duffy

  • Move release undo changeset building to sidekiq for large changesets


    Matt Duffy

  • Fix undo releases not causing models to reindex

    Because the changeset is the only getting saved when building an undo, admin reindexing for the affected models isn't happening. This change triggers callbacks to ensure any related side-effects happen.

    Ben Crouse

  • Use inline_svg fallback for missing releasable icons


    Matt Duffy

  • Simplify undo releases, allow multiple undo releases from a single release


    Matt Duffy

  • Update display of release changeset to handle large changesets


    Matt Duffy

  • Allow admin config array fields to define a values type


    Matt Duffy

  • Check if a releasable has a localized active field before redefining it

    If Workarea.config.localized_active_field is set to false, the active field is redefined for each Releasable model to ensure the configuration is honored. With inherited models like discounts, this can cause the redefintion of active multiple times causing it to override custom active behaviors for segments. Only redefining the method if its currently in the models localized_fields list should ensure this does not happen.


    Matt Duffy

  • Update releasable active test to work without localized active fields


    Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.5.24 (2020-12-22)

Due to a mistake releasing this gem, it has been yanked. See v3.5.25 instead.

Workarea 3.5.23 (2020-11-25)

  • Bump jquery-rails to patch XSS vulnerabilities

    Ben Crouse

  • Add warning to inform developers why redirects aren't working locally

    This has confused developers a couple of times, so hopefully adding a warning will help.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix Elasticsearch indexes when changing locales in tests

    This ensures the proper search indexes are in place when you switch locales for an integration test.

    Ben Crouse

  • Prevent Error on Missing Custom Template View Model Class

    Typically, custom product templates use their own subclass of Workarea::Storefront::ProductViewModel, but this isn't supposed to be necessary if there's no custom logic that needs to be in the view model layer. However, when developers tried to add a custom template without the view model, they received an error. To prevent this, Workarea will now catch the NameError thrown by Storefront::ProductViewModel.wrap in the event of a custom product template not having a view model defined.


    Tom Scott

  • Fix Missing Instance Variable In Cart Items View

    The @cart instance variable was only being conditionally defined if current_order.add_item succeeded. This caused an error if #add_item happens to fail when calling POST /cart/items from the storefront, resulting in a 500 error. To prevent this error, the definition of this variable has been moved above the condition.


    Tom Scott

  • Shorten index name

    Mongo will raise when index names exceed a certain length. For example, having a long Workarea.config.site_name could cause this.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix missing jump to positions breaking jump to

    Ruby raises when nil is compared, so default these values.

    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.22 (2020-11-03)

  • Only merge recent views on tracking updates

    Merging all metrics has caused a lot of confusion in testing, and the only core use-case this matters for is recent views. So this change only merges recent views when metrics are updated.

    Ben Crouse

  • Delete old user metrics after merging

    This will ensure the consistency of user-based reports.

    Ben Crouse

  • Be more specific when matching reverts in changelogs

    This change will allow starting commit messages with the word Revert without the changelog task ignoring the commit.

    Ben Crouse

  • Add metrics explanation for users

    This additional explanation is meant to communicate why customer insights may occasionally mismatch with the orders card.

    Ben Crouse

  • Add Note To Category Default Sort Edit

    The selected default_sort of a category will be always used in the storefront. If the category contains featured products, this sort will be labelled "Featured", and this might prove confusing to some admins. To resolve this, add a note just below the dropdown indicating what will occur when products are featured in the category.


    Tom Scott

  • Include referrer in ending impersonation redirect fallbacks

    When ending an impersonation, this changes to allow redirecting to the referrer if the return_to parameter isn't present. Better UX for ending impersonations while working in the admin.


    Ben Crouse

  • Merge metrics when a user's email is updated

    This ensures the old metrics info stays around after the email change.


    Ben Crouse

  • Fix release changeset indexing code duplication

    Cleanup duplicate logic so decoration for product indexes can happen in a single place.


    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.21 (2020-10-14)

  • Prevent Clearing Out Navigable When Saving Taxons

    The WORKAREA.newNavigationTaxons module was looking in the wrong place for the selected navigable item, therefore the selected var would always return undefined, causing the navigable_id param to be blank every time. Fix this by querying for the correct DOM node (the [data-new-navigation-taxon] element) and pulling the selected ID from its data.

    WORKAREA-297 Fixes #534

    Tom Scott

  • Make CSV test more robust to decorations

    Improve this test so decorating ApplicationDocument to add a field won't cause the test to break.

    Ben Crouse

  • Refactor product entries to allow accessing logic per-product

    This allows easier reuse of this logic, specifically for the site builder plugin we're working on.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix Test That Will Never Fail

    This test for the StatusReporter worker asserted 2, which will never fail because 2 will never be falsy. Updated the assertion to use the intended assert_equals

    Tom Scott

  • Fix skip services

    This was broken due to the admin-based configuration looking for a Mongo connection.

    Ben Crouse

  • Try to clarify how to use search synonyms

    There has been repeated confusion around why/how to use synonyms, so this is an attempt to clarify.

    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.20 (2020-09-30)

  • Rename Admin::ProductViewModel#options to avoid conflict with normal options method

    Matt Duffy

  • Improve UX of default search filter sizes

    Ben Crouse

  • Improve clarity of discount verbiage

    This hopes to address some recent confusion around how the discount works.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix safe navigation method calls

    This will raise if the menu content is nil.

    Ben Crouse

  • Update preconfigured session length to match recommendations

    Ben Crouse

  • Remove unnecessary Capybara blocking when testing content is not present

    Capybara's page.has_content? and similar methods block until a timeout is reached if they can't find the content. This is not what we want if we're checking that the content does not exist, switch to using refute_text in these scenarios.

    The timeout is equal to the number of installed plugins and we have client apps with 30+, which means that the 38 instances removed in this commit could represent twenty minutes of unnecessary blocking in some scenarios.

    Thanks to James Anaipakos in for alerting me to the issue.

    Jonathan Mast

  • Handle nil Percentages in Tax Rates UI

    The TaxApplication module already handles percentages that are not present, but the tax rates UI expects values there. This results in some avoidable 500 errors within admin when you blank out a tax rate percentage field. To resolve this, Workarea now makes sure that all percentages are of type Float, so they can be displayed as "0%" in the admin whenever a nil value is encountered.


    Tom Scott

  • Fix Precision of Tax Rates UI

    The :step values of the new/edit forms and precision configuration for #number_to_percentage were not only rounding certain tax rates to an incorrect number, but were also showing a bunch of insignificant zeroes in the admin for tax rates. To resolve this, configure #number_to_percentage to have 3-decimal precision, and strip all insignificant zeroes from the display, leaving the admin with a much nicer percentage display than what was presented before.


    Tom Scott

  • Redirect back to the previous page after stopping impersonation

    Currently we redirect to the user's show page, which can be pretty disorienting.

    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.19 (2020-09-16)

  • Fix Editing Product Images in Admin

    When an image does not include an option, the edit page errors because #parameterize cannot be called on @image.option since that is returning nil. Additionally, the line of code in which this is called is meant to set an ID attribute on the element for which an image is rendered. There doesn't seem to be anything in our codebase that uses this, and furthermore since there's no validation for unique options per set of product images, this could cause a duplicate ID error in certain scenarios. To resolve this, the ID attribute has been removed from this <img> tag.


    Tom Scott

  • Improve display of disabled toggles

    When a toggle button is disabled, it should reflect that visually instead of just looking like it should be functional.

    Ben Crouse

  • Add config to allow defining a default tax code for shipping services


    Matt Duffy

  • Fix incorrect tracking and metrics after impersonation

    Not managing the email cookie and unintentional merging of metrics leads to incorrect values in the admin.

    Ben Crouse

  • Remove CSV Messaging For Options Fields

    This removes the "Comma separated: just, like, this" messaging and tooltip that explains more about comma-separated fields for filters and details. Options do not have these same constraints, and this help bubble just serves as a point of confusion for admins.


    Tom Scott

  • Update inventory sku jump to text

    Co-authored-by: Ben Crouse

    Matt Duffy

  • Make Order::Item#fulfilled_by? the canonical check of item's fulfillment

    Methods such as #shipping? and #download? defined from available fulfillment policies now call #fulfilled_by rather than being called by it. This allows #fulfilled_by? to be modified to support more complex scenarios like bundled items from kits.


    Matt Duffy

  • Update admin views for consistent display of inventory availability


    Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.5.18 (2020-09-01)

  • Set Default Inventory Policy to "Standard" in Create Product Workflow

    When creating a new product through the workflow, setting the "Inventory" on a particular SKU would still cause the Inventory::Sku to be created with the "Ignore" policy rather than "Standard". Setting inventory on a SKU now automatically causes the Inventory::Sku record to be created with a policy of "Standard" so as to deduct the given inventory to the varaint. When no inventory is given, Workarea will fall back to the default of "Ignore".


    Tom Scott

  • Fix Admin Configuration for Email Addresses

    The hard-coded config.email_from and config.email_to settings conflict with the out-of-box administrable configuration for the "Email From" and "Email To" settings. This causes a warning for admins that explain why the settings on "Email To" and "Email From" won't take effect. Since the whole purpose of moving these settings to admin configuration was to let admins actually change them, the config.email_from and config.email_to settings have been removed from both default configuration and the workarea:install generator.


    Tom Scott

  • Add Permissions To Admin::ConfigurationsController

    Admins without "Settings" access are no longer able to access the administrable configuration settings defined in a Workarea application's initializer.


    Tom Scott

  • Handle missing or invalid current impersonation

    This surfaced as a random failing test, this should make the feature more robust.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix wrong sorting on default admin index pages

    The query for an admin index page can end up inadvertantly introduce a scoring variation, which can cause results to not match the updated_at default sort.

    This makes updated_at the true default sort, and allows the general admin search to override, where _score is still the desired default sort.

    Ben Crouse

  • Visually improve changesets card when no changesets

    Ben Crouse

  • Add modifier for better disabled workflow button display

    This makes it visually clearer that a workflow button is disabled.

    Ben Crouse

  • Add asset index view heading append point

    Ben Crouse

  • Pass user into append point

    Ben Crouse

  • Add append point for storefront admin toolbar

    Ben Crouse

  • Add Rack env key for checking whether it's an asset request

    This is useful for plugins like site builder. This also reduces allocations by moving the regex into a constant and consolidates the check from multiple spots.

    This also skips force passing Rack::Cache for asset requests if you're an admin (minor performance improvement).

    Ben Crouse

  • Add param to allow disabling the admin toolbar in the storefront

    Used in the site builder plugin. Add disable_admin_toolbar=true to the query string to turn off the admin toolbar for that page.

    Ben Crouse

  • Add minor remote selects features to support site builder

    This includes an option for the dropdown parent, and an option to allow autosubmitting a remote select upon selection.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix constant loading error related to metrics

    Sometimes an error will be raised when Workarea middleware is doing segmentation logic around Metrics::User.

    Ben Crouse

  • Move rake task logic into modules

    This will allow decorating this logic for plugins or builds that need to. For example, site builder needs to search-index resources that are unique per-site.

    Ben Crouse

  • Add append point for admin top of page

    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.17 (2020-08-19)

  • Fix missing release changes for CSV importing with embedded models

    Trying to update an embedded model via CSV import with a release causes an existing changeset for the root model to get destroyed. This happens because the CSV import calls #save on the root, which has no changes so it removes the changeset.

    This patch fixes by iterating over the models the CSV row might affect and calling #save on the embedded ones first (if necessary) to ensure the changesets get correctly created and to avoid calling the save on the root without changes which removes the existing changeset.

    Ben Crouse

  • Return Status of Checkout#update

    For APIs and other consumers of the Checkout model, return a boolean response from the #update method to signify whether the operation succeeded or failed. This response is used directly in the API to return an :unprocessable_entity response code when an update operation fails.


    Tom Scott

  • Remove port from host configuration in installer

    Ports aren't part of hosts, this causes problems when the value is used like a true host.

    This PR also fixes mailer links with missing ports as a result of this change.

    Ben Crouse

  • Bump Chartkick to fix bundler audit warning

    The vulnerability won't affect Workarea in use, but it'll be easier to fix builds doing this.

    Ben Crouse

  • Allow inquiry subjects to be localized


    Matt Duffy

  • Update inquiry subject documentation


    Matt Duffy

  • Remove order summary append point from mailer that is meant for storefront views

    Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.5.16 (2020-07-22)

  • Add js module to allow inserting remote requests onto the page

    Matt Duffy

  • Configure Sliced Credit Card Attributes

    To prevent an unnecessary decoration of the Workarea::Payment class, the attributes sliced out of the Hash given to Workarea::Payment#set_credit_card is now configurable in initializers. This same set of attributes is also used in the Users::CreditCardsController, so the configuration will be reused when users are attempting to add a new credit card to their account.


    Tom Scott

  • Setup PlaceOrderIntegrationTest in a Method

    Currently, decorating the PlaceOrderIntegrationTest to edit the way its set up (such as when adding an additional step) is impossible, you have to basically copy everything out of the setup block and duplicate it in your tests. Setup blocks should be methods anyway, so convert this to a method and allow it to be decorated in host apps.

    Tom Scott

  • Fix Hash#[] Access On Administrable Options

    Accessing administrable options on Workarea.config can produce unexpected results if you don't use the traditional method accessor syntax. For example, an admin field like this:

    Workarea::Configuration.define_fields do
    field :my_admin_setting, type: :string, default: 'default value'

    ...will only be available at Workarea.config.my_admin_setting:

    Workarea.config.my_admin_setting # => "default value"
    Workarea.config[:my_admin_setting] # => nil

    To resolve this, the code for fetching a key's value from the database has been moved out of #method_missing and into an override of #[]. Since the OrderedOptions superclass already overrides this to call #[], we can safely move this code and still maintain all functionality.

    Tom Scott

  • Fix race condition when merging user metrics

    Ben Crouse

  • Improve Content Area Select UX

    Remove the current content name and replace it with a static label indicating what the <select> menu to the right of it is selecting, which is the current content area. This UI only displays when there are multiple areas for a given Content.


    Tom Scott

  • Changes to support package product kits

    Matt Duffy

  • Update inventory and fulfillment sku policy info text, allow appending

    Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.5.15 (2020-07-07)

  • Patch Jbuilder to Support Varying Cache

    Previously, admins were not able to see up-to-date data in API requests due to the #cache! method in Jbuilder not being patched to skip caching when an admin is logged in. To resolve this, Workarea now applies the same patch to Jbuilder as it does to ActionView. Reading from the cache is now skipped if you're logged in as an admin, and cache keys are appended with the configured Cache::Varies just the same as in regular Haml views.


    Tom Scott

  • Bump rack version

    Fixes CVE-2020-8184

    Ben Crouse

  • Add Permissions Append Point to User Workflow

    This allows a plugin (such as API) to specify permissions categories when admins are either editing or creating a user.


    Tom Scott

Workarea 3.5.14 (2020-06-25)

  • Reset Geocoder between tests

    This ensures individual tests monkeying around with Geocoder config will get restored before the next test runs.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix indexing categorization changesets for deleted releases

    A category can have orphan changesets (from deleted releases) that cause an error when indexing the percolation document for that category.

    Ben Crouse

  • Disable previewing for already published, unscheduled releases

    Due to the previewing in the search index, previewing a published and unscheduled release can cause issues that require it to go through scheduling to get reindexed.

    Ben Crouse

  • Use Display Name For Applied Facet Values

    When rendering the applied filters, wrap the given facet value in the facet_value_display_name helper, ensuring that the value rendered is always human readable. This addresses an issue where if the applied filter value is that of a BSON ID, referencing a model somewhere, the BSON ID was rendered in place of the model's name.


    Tom Scott

  • Fix Segments Workflow Setup Duplication

    The setup form for the new custom segment workflow did not include the ID of an existing segment (if persisted) in the form when submitted, causing multiple duplicate segment records to be created when users go back to the setup step in the workflow. None of the other steps are affected because the ID appears in the URL, but the setup step does a direct POST to /admin/create_segments, thus causing this problem.


    Tom Scott

  • Fix index duplicates after a release is removed

    When a release is deleted, its changes must be reindexed to fix previews for releases scheduled after it. This manifests as duplicate products when previewing releases.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix Promo Code Counts in Admin

    Previously, promo codes could only be generated once through the admin, so rendering the count of all promo codes as the count requested to be generated was working out. However, as CSV imports and API updates became more widespread, this began to break down as the #count field would have to be updated each time a new set of promo codes were added. Instead of reading from this pre-defined field on the code list, render the actual count of promo codes from the database on the code list and promo codes admin pages.


    Tom Scott

  • Fix indexing after a release publishes

    Due to potential changes in the index, publishing a release can result in duplicate products when previewing.

    Ben Crouse

  • Update queue for release reschedule indexing

    This should be in the releases queue, which has top priority. This will help decrease the latency to accurate previews.

    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.13 (2020-06-11)

  • Fix duplicate products in release previews for featured product changes

    When featured product changes stack in a release, duplicates will show when previewing. This is due to the product's Elasticsearch documents missing changeset IDs for releases scheduled after the release that document is for. This fixes by indexing those release IDs as well.

    Note that this will require a reindex to see the fix immediately. But there's no harm in letting it roll out as products gradually get reindexed.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix reindexing of featured product resorting within a release

    Resorting featured products within a release causes an inaccurate set of changes from Mongoid's perspective, since it is only looking at what's live vs what's going to be released. The changes within the release aren't represented. This can manifest as incorrect sorts when previewing in the storefront.

    Ben Crouse

  • Add additional append points to admin system.

    Adds append points to product details, product content, variant and inventory sku.

    Jeff Yucis

  • Bump Geocoder

    This fixes an irrelevant bundler-audit CVE warning, and adds/updates a bunch of Geocoder lookup options. See for more info.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix releases shifting day on the calendar when scrolling

    This was caused by legacy timezone code that's irrelevant since we shifted to a fix server-side timezone for the admin.

    Ben Crouse

  • Add QueuePauser to pause sidekiq queues, pause for search reindexing


    Matt Duffy

  • Add index for releasable fields on changets, correct order fraud index


    Matt Duffy

  • Handle error from attempting to fetch missing S3 CORS configuration


    Matt Duffy

  • Fix storefront indexing when releases are rescheduled

    When releases get rescheduled, the storefront index can end up with duplicate and/or incorrect entries. This adds a worker which updates the index with minimal querying/updating.

    Ben Crouse

  • Don't assume promo codes for indexing discounts

    A custom discount may be implemented that doesn't use promo codes.

    Ben Crouse

  • Bump rack-attack to latest version

    This fixes rack-attack keys without TTLs set piling up in Redis. This has caused hosting problems.

    Ben Crouse

  • Bump Kaminari dependency to fix security alert

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix query caching in Releasable

    When reloading a model to get an instance for a release, if the model had already been loaded, a cached version of the model was returned. This causes incorrect values on the instance you thought you were getting for a release.

    This first manifested as a bug where adding a featured product that had a release change to make it active caused reindexing to make it active but it shouldn't have been.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix incorrect shipping options error flash message

    A flash error incorrectly showed when the order doesn't require shipping, and addresses are updated.

    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.12 (2020-05-26)

  • Fix incorrect import errors

    When an import fails due to a missing DataFile::Import document, the ProcessImport worker will raise a nil error due to the ensure. This fixes by ensuring the DocumentNotFound error gets raised.

    Ben Crouse

  • Remove caching from direct upload CORS requests

    The caching continues to give us problems, and this isn't a high-traffic part of the system so there isn't a practical need for it.

    Ben Crouse

  • Add paranoid fallback for segment metrics lookup

    Although this should never happen, giving a user incorrect segments could have important consequences. If the email cookie is removed or missing for some other reason, it doesn't hurt to fallback to looking up based on the user model (even though this is an additional query) when we know they're logged in.

    Ben Crouse

  • Don't set a blank tracking email in checkout

    Doing this has the potential to create an incorrect tracking email, which could cause a visitor's segments to change in checkout.

    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.11 (2020-05-13)

  • Rename index to avoid conflicts in upgrade

    We changed the abaondoned orders index so trying to create indexes after upgrading will cause a conflict due to different indexes with the same name. This renames the index to fix that.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix comment subscription messaging

    Also improves UI to move the secondary action of subscribing/unsubscribing out of the main area.

    Ben Crouse

  • Correct/clarify Dragonfly configuration warning

    Ben Crouse

  • Remove extra order ID cookie

    No need for the extra cookie if the order isn't persisted. Note this doesn't actually affect functionality.

    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.10 (2020-04-28)

  • Fix bugs with per_page used in page calculation for search queries

    Even though this shouldn't come from the outside world, it's easy and best to ensure per_page is always a valid number.

    Ben Crouse

  • Skip localized activeness test when localized active fields are off

    Fixes #421

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix accepting per_page param from outside world

    Page size is the most important factor in performance for browse pages, so we don't want these exposed to the outside world out-of-the-box.

    Ben Crouse

  • Update grammar for consistency

    Ben Crouse

  • Corrected no_available_shipping_options translation typo (#418)


  • Fix fullfilment shipped mailer template

    Fullfilment shipped mailer template is using cancellation header.


  • Improve visual design of most discounted products insight

    Ben Crouse

  • Change HashUpdate to use the setter instead of mutation

    Simply mutating the value doesn't work when the field is localized. Mongoid's localization behavior only kicks in when you use the setter.

    Ben Crouse

  • Allow setting locale fallbacks for a test

    This is useful if you want to test fallback behavior. Tests in base should be agnostic to whether fallbacks are available or not.

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix locale fallback getting unexpectedly autloaded

    This can happen in the middle of a test suite, causing apparently random test failure. This freedom patch prevents fallbacks from autoloading. We want to let the implementation make that decision.

    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.9 (2020-04-15)

  • Fix harded JS path for admin jump to dropdown

    This prevents locale from being included in the path to load results. Ben Crouse

  • Fix index serialization not happening per-locale

    Previously, indexing was using the same document per-locale. This was masked by Mongoid loading data from the cached document to look correct in most browse scenarios. This fixes it to serialize per-locale so each locale has a separate representation of the document. Ben Crouse

  • Fix Mongoid not returning defaults for localized fields

    If a locale is missing from the translations hash, Mongoid returns nil instead of the default specified on the field. That causes all kinds of errors. Ben Crouse

  • Fix duplicate key errors in metrics synchronization

    It's important this be kept in sync as real-time as possible, so we need to avoid the Sidekiq retry delay where possible. Ben Crouse

  • Fix index serialization not happening per-locale

    Previously, indexing was using the same document per-locale. This was masked by Mongoid loading data from the cached document to look correct in most browse scenarios. This fixes it to serialize per-locale so each locale has a separate representation of the document. Ben Crouse

  • Fix Mongoid not returning defaults for localized fields

    If a locale is missing from the translations hash, Mongoid returns nil instead of the default specified on the field. That causes all kinds of errors. Ben Crouse

  • Tighten up segment geolocation matching rule

    This was playing a little fast and loose with matching, causing CA to match for California and Canada, IL to match for Illinois and Israel, etc.

    Matching only based on IDs chosen from the UI fixes these problems. Ben Crouse

  • Don't include locale in hidden fields for switching locales

    This can result in duplicate and conflicting locale params in the query string, which can cause the incorrect locale to be selected. Ben Crouse

  • Fix locale not passed through in return redirect when not in URL

    If a return_to parameter is generated without the locale, and a request includes a parameter to switch locale, the locale is dropped causing the request to revert to the default locale.

    The original observed bug is switching locale in content editing and seeing the request to save always redirect to the default locale. Ben Crouse

  • Fix locales not in cache varies

    To ensure all cache varies correctly by locales, it's important that locale be part of the Rack env's workarea.cache_varies. To do this, we need to move setting the locale into middleware (where the varies is set). Ben Crouse

  • Add missing append points to option-based product templates

    This append point was only in the generic template, but is useful for plugins. Ben Crouse

  • Fix dev env autoloading problem with Categorization

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix product search entries flattening

    When entries are overridden to return multiple results and there are release changes for the product, the results weren't being flattened.

    Fixes #405 Ben Crouse

  • Don't allow more than one valid password reset token per-user

    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.8 (2020-03-31)

  • Fix incorrect placeholder text

    Ben Crouse

  • Allow for blank index URLs in import emails

    This can happen for models without index pages, like wish lists. Ben Crouse

  • Remove unneeded grid modifier

    Causes misalignment of the users index aux navigation append point. Ben Crouse

  • Update critical easymon checks

    Only elasticsearch, mongodb and redis are critical services for running the application. Eric Pigeon

  • Sort jump to results by last updated_at (within each type)

    This adds updated_at as a sort in jump to so most recent results show at the top within their type. The types are still sorted the same. Ben Crouse

  • Force autoloading of BulkIndexProducts

    app/workers/workarea/bulk_index_products.rb isn't getting autoloaded by Rails. This causes a NameError to be raised for admin actions like updating a product in the development environment.

    This quick and dirty hack should be tested to see if it can be removed after the update to Zeitwerk. Ben Crouse

  • Fix missing relation changesets in storefront indexing

    This shows as duplicate products when previewing release changes to related resources like pricing. This would require reindexing to take effect.

    WORKAREA-223 Ben Crouse

  • Handle missing price in sell_price method itself

    Fixes QA issue.

    WORKAREA-220 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.5.7 (2020-03-17)

  • Validate Date In Timeline Report Custom Events

    Ensure the hidden input storing the value for the dateTimePicker is :required, which prevents the form from saving. This value is also passed down into the template UI created by the JS module in order to make sure the user gets some visual feedback.

    WORKAREA-221 Tom Scott

  • Handle Missing Price in Pricing SKUs Admin Index

    Ensure that price ranges in the pricing SKUs admin index can handle when there are no prices for the SKU.

    WORKAREA-220 Tom Scott

  • Prevent Tracking Index Filters on JSON Requests

    When .json or Ajax requests are made against the admin, the #track_index_filters callback was previously saving off the full path, resulting in issues with the back-linking on the admin UI. To resolve this, Workarea no longer considers .json requests on the index page to be a valid session[:last_index_path].

    WORKAREA-214 Tom Scott

  • Add append point to user index page

    Jeff Yucis

  • Add pricing SKU admin append points and align views (#388)

    Ben Crouse

  • Improve admin jump to search result types

    This improves results by limiting the number of results that will show per-type. This allows the user to see a more diverse set of results instead of being overwhelmed by many matches in the top types. Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.6 (2020-03-03)

  • Fix duplicate suggested searches

    This can heppen if Predictor and Elasticsearch both return a similar query suggestion. Ben Crouse

  • Generate weekly and monthly insights for historical data

    Seeds were only generating insights for a single previous week and month which caused some insights that rely on historical data to not be generated i.e. trending products and searches.

    WORKAREA-166 Matt Duffy

  • Validate Custom Event Name

    Workarea now ensures that the "Name" of a custom event is filled in before submitting the form.

    WORKAREA-181 Tom Scott

  • Divide By Units Sold in Average Price Calculation

    When calculating the average price for a product in its insights, Workarea was previously using the amount of orders the product appears in as a divisor. This will not show the correct average price of a product unless every order only has a quantity of 1, since it includes the total price of the item rather than its unit price. To make this number accurately reflect the average price paid per unit on a product, Workarea now uses the number of units sold as the divisor when calculating the average unit price of a product.

    WORKAREA-215 Tom Scott

  • Randomize Addresses In Seeds

    Workarea now provides random values for street address, city, and state. All addresses are still in the US, however, so they will still validate with default configuration. This provides more diverse seed data that better reflects the real-life admin.

    WORKAREA-213 Tom Scott

  • Render Setup When Link is Clicked in Segment Workflow

    The "Setup" page link sent users to the edit action, which has no template associated with it. This resulted in an UnknownFormat error appearing in development and a blank page in production. Workarea now renders the :setup action's template when going back to the setup page so this will render properly with the right information in the form.

    WORKAREA-182 Tom Scott

  • Remove Changes Count in Releases Index

    The #changesets_for_releasable query cannot be optimized any further without using some kind of aggregation. Remove it from the index so it won't cause performance problems.

    WORKAREA-208 Tom Scott

  • Display Price Range in Pricing SKUs Table

    The price display in the Pricing SKUs index is somewhat confusing, and would show different "Regular Price" data depending on the sale state of the SKU. To resolve this, replace the two price columns with "Sell Price", a column that renders a price range if there are multiple prices set on the SKU, and indicates that it's always going to show the price that a SKU is being sold for. Otherwise, it will just show the #sell price of the SKU.

    WORKAREA-311 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.5.5 (2020-02-21)

  • Stub S3 CORS for all integration tests

    It's annoying and unnecessary to have to stub this for every test that uses an asset picker.

    WORKAREA-209 Ben Crouse

  • Don't store content block types in configuration

    Storing these in Workarea.config breaks when combined with the multisite plugin because Workarea.config gets copied to the site as part of the creating the site. Since creating the site happens during initialization and the blocks typesaren't set on Workarea.config, you end up with an empty configuration for block types.

    Storing these elsewhere ensures they are set regardless of how Workarea.config has been copied during initialization.

    Reported in Disource here: Ben Crouse

  • Add Append Point For Post Subtotal Adjustments

    This adds an append point right underneath the order subtotal and above the shipping total in the admin order attributes view.

    WORKAREA-183 Tom Scott

  • Handle Deleted Categories in Category Options (#359)

    In the options_for_category method, Workarea did not previously check for whether a category exists, resulting in Mongoid throwing a DocumentNotFound error when encountering the method and causing a 500 error in the real world. This has now been resolved by rewriting the code to check for whether the model was found before proceeding. options_for_category will now return an empty string early.

    WORKAREA-207 Tom Scott

  • Fix Overwriting CORS Rules for S3 Direct Uploads

    Workarea previously replaced the existing CORS configuration on the S3 bucket used for storing direct uploads with its own, which caused issues for environments that share an S3 bucket between servers (such as ad-hoc demo servers or low-traffic "all-in-one" instances). Instead of replacing the entire configuration, Workarea now reads the existing allowed hosts configuration and appends its own onto the end, preserving the configuration that previously existed. This should address the problem wherein if another server attempts a direct upload, it can revoke the access from previous servers to upload to the S3 bucket, since they were no longer in the CORS configuration.

    WORKAREA-209 Tom Scott

  • Fix #casecmp? in Traffic Referrer Segment Rule

    This method call fails with a TypeError on any Ruby version lower than 2.5.0, when the method was changed to support nil values in its arguments. To address this, call #to_s on all arguments passed into the #casecmp? calls in Segment::Rules::TrafficReferrer. This prevents an out-of-box test failure if you are running tests on Ruby 2.4.x. Additionally, this commit adds a test matrix to the build that will ensure all code is tested against the latest versions of Ruby 2.4.x and Ruby 2.6.x, and any other Ruby versions that the platform may support.

    WORKAREA-201 Tom Scott

  • Add Guide for Installing Plugins

    This guide explains how to install a plugin in the Workarea platform. Although there may be some overlap with how this works in the rest of the Rails community, there is no mention of how to connect to our private gem server, which is not something most Rails developers know how to do. It addresses the lack of mentions for the $BUNDLE_GEMS__WEBLINC__COM environment variable in our documentation, which is a knowledge gap for newcomers to Workarea and/or using private gem servers.

    WORKAREA-204 Tom Scott

  • Use correct page title for navigation menus index

    Luis Mercado

  • Drop Support for Ruby 2.4 and Below

    If one installs Workarea when running Ruby 2.4.x and below, a test will fail because it is expecting that #casecmp? will be able to handle nil arguments without throwing a TypeError. To address this, Workarea::Core now restricts the required Ruby version in the gem specification to 2.5.0 and above, dropping support for 2.4 and below, which at this point is also reaching EOL by the Ruby maintainers.

    WORKAREA-201 Tom Scott

  • [DOCS] Add feedback mechanism to empty search results

    Improve the "no search results" UI to encourage users to open a GitHub issue explaining what documentation they aren't able to find.

    WORKAREA-177 Chris Cressman

  • [DOCS] Fix order of steps to create new app

    The procedure in "Create a New Workarea App" fails at step 3: "Install Workarea into the Rails application", because that step requires MongoDB to be running.

    Fix the procedure by transposing steps 3 and 4, resulting in "Start Workarea service dependencies" running before "Install Workarea into the Rails application", which ensures MongoDB is available.

    I re-tested the entire procedure from scratch to ensure this works.

    WORKAREA-186 Chris Cressman

  • [DOCS] Fix incomplete sentence in "Add a Fraud Analyzer"

    The doc "Add a Fraud Analyzer" contains an incomplete sentence describing the embedded FraudDecision document.

    Re-write the sentence to complete the thought and to link to the definition of the FraudDecision model.

    WORKAREA-176 Chris Cressman

  • [DOCS] Update testing coverage in "Configuration"

    The "Configuration" doc has a section that covers changing configuration within tests. The section hasn't been updated for Workarea 3.5.

    Rather than update the content in-place, replace this coverage with a reference to the up-to-date coverage of this topic within the "Testing" section of the documentation.

    WORKAREA-175 Chris Cressman

  • [DOCS] Overhaul "testing"

    WORKAREA-150 Chris Cressman

  • Fix Sidekiq callbacks workers missing due to code reloaded

    This can cause missing workers in development, which causes callback workers which should be enqueued to be missing. Ben Crouse

  • Fix nil segment IDs

    This will fix errors raised when active_segment_ids are nil. Ben Crouse

  • Expose shipping service code in admin create and edit screens

    WORKAREA-190 Jeff Yucis

Workarea 3.5.4 (2020-01-21)

  • Ignore elements with no ID value when announcing duplicate IDs on-page

    WORKAREA.duplicateID was throwing a false positive exception when it would find elements containing an id attribute with no value specified. This behavior should be allowed, since empty ID values should pose no issues for the developer

    WORKAREA-184 Curt Howard

  • Add link to edit the footer area of Layout content in Shortcuts

    We need to be more permissive in our linking to footer content areas from the header, since themes and builds can technically rename these areas. Now this link will point to the first content area that contains the word 'footer'.

    WORKAREA-145 Curt Howard

  • Order release changesets during publishing, touch releasables after publish

    WORKAREA-164 Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.5.3 (2020-01-07)

  • Another hardcoded 2020 fix

    We've all learned our lesson, right? Ben Crouse

  • Pin version for wysihtml-rails

    Setting the version to 0.6.0.beta2 fixes the dependency issues that arose after the new version of Bundler. Jeff Yucis

  • Fix some references to 2020

    These were causing build failures. Assuming these fixes got lost in a merge. Ben Crouse

  • Reuse new Activity UI for main dashboard in Admin

    WORKAREA-138 Curt Howard

  • Use the Rack session ID cookie value for user activity session IDs

    Rack >= 2.0.8 adds the idea private/public session IDs to prevent timing attacks where a session ID can be stolen. This is big for sessions stored in databases because the session can then be stolen.

    Workarea only supports a cookie session store, so we can continue to safely use the cookie value of the session ID for metrics lookups.

    You can learn more about the Rack vulnerability here: Ben Crouse

  • Disallow multiple form submissions throughout the Admin

    Disable any submit button within a form after submission to prevent multiple clicks. Also be less opinionated with disabled inputs and buttons, applying only an opacity and a cursor style, which allows relevant component's disabled states to more easily be inherited.

    WORKAREA-133 Curt Howard

  • Fix Performance Test Task

    Instead of using a Boolean true value, use the String "true" so Ruby won't complain when running the task.

    WORKAREA-156 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.5.2 (2019-12-19)

  • Use the Rack session ID cookie value for metrics session IDs

    Rack >= 2.0.8 adds the idea private/public session IDs to prevent timing attacks where a session ID can be stolen. This is big for sessions stored in databases because the session can then be stolen.

    Workarea only supports a cookie session store, so we can continue to safely use the cookie value of the session ID for metrics lookups.

    You can learn more about the Rack vulnerability here: Ben Crouse

  • Don't bother with segmentation for SVG requests

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix bad method call in migrate task

    Ben Crouse

  • Add a Shortcut for editing the Footer to Admin

    WORKAREA-145 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.5.1 (2019-12-17)

  • Bump Puma version to fix security advisory

    See for more details. Ben Crouse

  • Exclude Update Timestamp From Imports

    Update the :updated_at timestamp to the current time when existing models are updated via an import, and ignore any settings of the :updated_at timestamp in JSON/CSV imports, as this can interfere with cache key generation.

    WORKAREA-126 Tom Scott

  • Improve Redis configuration defaulting

    This makes Redis configuration a little more robust, allowing partial configuration values that will always end up falling back to defaults. Ben Crouse

  • Fix time zone querying for insights and reports

    Data was getting stored correctly, but not queried correctly. When building aggregations for MongoDB, the Mongoid logic to use UTC does not kick in since it's not going through the Mongoid DSL.

    This was the lowest impact fix. Changing how we store reporting_on will invalidate current data and not allow for changing timezones later.

    WORKAREA-135 Ben Crouse

  • Fix Install Generator On Freshly Created App (#274)

    The workarea:install generator failed with an error finding the Storefront::Engine constant when it was run against a freshly generated Rails 5.2.3 application. To resolve this, require the necessary engines in lib/workarea/core.rb so the application loads properly the first time, and can run the generator.

    WORKAREA-134 Tom Scott

  • [DOCS] Add/improve payment tender types documentation

    Existing payment tender type documentation is limited to the credit card tender type, covers only a portion of the implementation, and does not explain the concepts or provide context to those new to the platform.

    Replace and significantly expand coverage, providing 3 separate howtos:

    • Customize the Credit Card Tender Type
    • Implement a Primary Tender Type
    • Implement an Advance Payment Tender Type

    WORKAREA-13 Chris Cressman

  • Remove Logstasher as a dependency (#273)

    Logstasher isn't required to run an instance of Workarea. This dependency is being moved to the workarea-commerce_cloud gem for hosting. Eric Pigeon

  • Fix password config not available when building indexes

    This causes a null value for expireAfterSeconds when creating indexes in Mongo. Ben Crouse

  • Add index for better redemption querying

    As suggested by the hosting team. Ben Crouse

  • Restrict release datetimepicker to dates in the future

    WORKAREA-65 Matt Duffy

  • Add activate_with as a field on block drafts for compatibility

    Matt Duffy

  • Fix adding a new first content block hidden

    This can happen in certain release conditions

    WORKAREA-111 Ben Crouse

  • Remove Releasable module from Content::BlockDraft

    WORKAREA-121 Matt Duffy

  • Fix nil search customizations when inactive in ProductSearch

    WORKAREA-80 Ben Crouse

  • Fix polymorphic embedded relations in CSV importing/exporting

    WORKAREA-120 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.5.0 (2019-11-26)

  • Add caching to order item details results

    This was a point of bottleneck during recent Reformation load-testing.

    WORKAREA-102 Ben Crouse

  • Add admin alert when a newer workarea version is available

    WORKAREA-107 Matt Duffy

  • Base discount auto-deactivation on updated_at, expose auto_deactivate field

    WORKAREA-114 Matt Duffy

  • Ensure UTF-8 Encoding of Data File Import Samples

    This ensures data file import samples are always treated as UTF-8. While Ruby itself does do this pretty well, and most browsers are good at guessing the file type/encoding based on the contents of the file, there might be some outliers that rely on metadata that's a bit more strictly adhered to. This change ensures that sample CSV/JSON files are delivered to the user as an attachment, and using the correct MIME type, so that they register as such when downloaded by the browser. Previously, all imports were showing as "TXT file" types, when they were really "CSV file" or "JSON file", and at least in Firefox, they were not downloading when you clicked the sample link. Instead, a new tab would open (since Firefox thinks it's a text file), and you have to refresh the page to actually get the browser to download the file.

    WORKAREA-77 Tom Scott

  • Import UTF-8 CSVs With BOM Characters

    UTF-8 doesn't need a BOM in order to start or end a file, but these characters can end up in CSVs generated by older software that doesn't have great support for Unicode. As a result, if a BOM is in the CSV near _id it will cause improper importing of the data held within. To address this, Workarea now specifies the bom| prefix in the :encoding param for CSV.foreach by default. This can still be overridden if you have an ASCII file, and since BOM stripping doesn't really apply, developers can override the entire encoding string in configuration if necessary. But this is a sane default for those who use UTF-8 and happen to be exporting out of older spreadsheet software.

    WORKAREA-79 Tom Scott

  • Fix content block asset uploads, set redis key to reduce S3 CORS config requests

    WORKAREA-109 Matt Duffy

  • Handle display of missing segment for active_by_segment admin filter

    Matt Duffy

  • Add admin alert for segmented resources with no matching segments

    WORKAREA-116 Matt Duffy

  • Clean up generic admin activity view partials

    WORKAREA-117 Matt Duffy

  • Clean up generic admin activity view partials

    Matt Duffy

  • Allow redis to be configured with TLS (#234)

    Matt Martyn

  • Update Tests Referencing 2020

    The credit card expiration year 2020 was hard-coded into many Workarea integration tests, and would fail when January 2020 passes. Update these tests to always set the credit card expiration year to 1 year in advance of when the test runs so this won't happen again in the future.


    Fixes #222 Tom Scott

  • Extend impersonation notification to guest browsing

    WORKAREA-115 Matt Duffy

  • Add special tags information tooltip to content asset tags field

    WORKAREA-99 Matt Duffy

  • Add Event functionality to Timeline Report UI

    WORKAREA-86 Curt Howard

  • Expand last order segment rule to allow not ordered within

    WORKAREA-90 Matt Duffy

  • Bump Chartkick dependency to fix security warning

    Fixes bundler-audit failures in builds. Ben Crouse

  • Add link to browse as a guest to admin shortcuts menu

    Matt Duffy

  • Add discount cards append point

    Ben Crouse

  • Create the life cycle segments as part of migration task

    Ben Crouse

  • Use query string over ID for insights display

    Query string will also be used in the search autocomplete output. Ben Crouse

  • Remove require_permission for admin guest browsing

    Matt Duffy

  • [DOCS] Improve table of contents for docs

    The table of contents that appears within each doc contains a link to every h2-h6 in the document. Therefore, in longer docs, the TOC gets quite crowded and stops communicating the overall structure of the doc.

    Help readers maintain context by simplifying the TOC, limiting links to h2-h3.

    I spot-checked docs of various lengths and found this version of the TOC more useful in all cases.

    WORKAREA-96 Chris Cressman

  • Update Redis::Rack::Cache to v2.2.0

    This new version requires Rack::Cache v1.10 and enables over-the-wire gzip compression to the Redis server. This feature is useful for extremely high traffic sites, but should be used with caution since it will increase the CPU/RAM load on your application server. You should use this if the trade-off between RAM increase and bandwidth decrease makes sense.

    WORKAREA-94 Tom Scott

  • Bump Chartkick dependency to fix security warning

    Fixes bundler-audit failures in builds. Ben Crouse

  • Add index to SearchByDay model

    Bryan Alexander

  • Add index to SearchByDay model

    Bryan Alexander

  • Add admin browsing by segmentable content

    This adds "Active by Segment" as a filter, and adds a "Content" card to segments to surface what stuff has been setup specifically for a segment.

    WORKAREA-89 Ben Crouse

  • Remove now-unneeded version restriction on the BSON gem

    If we remove this restriction, we can use newer versions of the mongo gem, which contain cluster fixes. Ben Crouse

  • [DOCS] Rename and update doc for testing CC transactions

    Rename "Test a Credit Card Transaction" to "Manually Test Credit Card Transactions" and update the content.

    The content was specific to a particular gateway and didn't make that clear. These changes provide a generic solution in addition to the specifics for the default gateway.

    The title confused devs who reviewed this doc in a different PR, thinking that it had to do with automated testing.

    WORKAREA-13 Chris Cressman

Workarea 3.5.0.beta.1 (2019-11-07)

  • Allow storing non-unique recently viewed items

    This will allow us to do better segmenting in the future with rules like "viewed this product more than once".

    WORKAREA-88 Ben Crouse

  • Fix Incorrect Test Setup

    The Pricing::Calculators::Calculator.test_adjust method accepts two arguments, and expects the first argument is going to be of type Order, but in a TaxCalculator test only a shipping was being passed in. Update this test to use the correct syntax so that other downstream projects that expect data to be on an Order won't get confused. Tom Scott

  • Allow an asset to be tagged 'og-default' to use for open graph images

    WORKAREA-76 Matt Duffy

  • Move segment overriding into middleware

    To enable correct segment headers and caching, segment overriding will need to happen in middleware. To accomplish this, we'll need to store whether someone is an admin in their metrics.

    This has a nice side-effect of not needing the cache cookie anymore, so that's being removed. Ben Crouse

  • Add buttons to allow admin users to subscribe/unsubscribe from comments

    WORKAREA-75 Matt Duffy

  • Add browser info options for segment rules

    This also replaces Workarea's Robots class with use of the browser gem, which keeps far better and updated checks. Ben Crouse

  • Adds graceful handling of timestamps from CSV imports

    WORKAREA-24 Matt Duffy

  • Don't default to S3 asset store

    This causes problems spinning up environments in other hosting setups where S3 isn't available or desired.

    To retain the old behavior (which you'll want if you're on the Workarea Commerce Cloud) drop this into an initializer: Workarea.config.asset_store = (Rails.env.test? || Rails.env.development?) ? :file_system : :s3

    WORKAREA-32 Ben Crouse

  • Use private HTTP caching headers for responses with segmented content

    If a page has segmented content, it can't be cached by any upstream HTTP caches because the user's segments can change request-by-request.

    Our solution is to use the headers we've been using for cached responses if the page has no segmented content. If it does have segmented content, change those headers to force refetching every time, while allowing the server to return a 304 to eliminate sending unnecessary responses.

    This is being done in a piece of middleware to ensure to Rack::Cache the headers look the same. This allows us to still cache complete responses in Rack::Cache for requests with segmented content.

    This commit also refactors the middleware that sets this all up into a single ApplicationMiddleware so it's easier to see everything going on in one file.

    WORKAREA-36 Ben Crouse

  • Don't shell out to bundler to get gem path

    This can cause problems if bundler outputs warnings/errors. There's a safe way to do it in Ruby, so use that instead.

    Fixes #191 Ben Crouse

  • Add a hook method to allow extending product's activeness

    Plugins like package products need a place to add more logic to a product's activeness without having to reimplement all of active's super. With the addition of segments, this becomes a bunch of code. Ben Crouse

  • Allow content to be appended to head element in Content

    WORKAREA-4 Curt Howard

  • Add notes about admin config fields and encryption to upgrade guide

    WORKAREA-25 Matt Duffy

  • Integrate segments into discount cache keys

    Also, since we won't be able to expire keys in a performant way (delete_matched is O(N) on the number of keys in Redis), we'll have to remove discount cache busting. Ben Crouse

  • Fix changeset loading missing root

    Can raise an error when rendering changesets on the release's show page. Ben Crouse

  • Implement Tribute.js for comment notifications

    WORKAREA-6 Curt Howard

  • Fix issue around Visit#referrer and Puma

    Curt Howard

  • Add segmented icons to index pages

    Ben Crouse

  • Add segment icon to content blocks UI

    Ben Crouse

  • Rework FeaturedCategorizations to allow easier decoration

    WORKAREA-21 Matt Duffy

  • Removes Puma auto-configuration (#151)

    This is going to part of the workarea-commerce_cloud gem going forward. If you're a subscriber to the Workarea Commerce Cloud service, you should include that gem in your project to get Puma and other configuration for that service. Jesse McPherson

  • Fix Product URL In Breadcrumbs

    The storefront_url_for method doesn't handle models other than taxons, but the helpers use it to render breadcrumb URLs in the BreadcrumbList for any model that's in the breadcrumbs. To prevent incorrect URLs from showing up in the breadcrumbs, the Navigation::Breadcrumbs class has been modified to accept a model object as its :last parameter, instead of just a name, to be added to an arbitrary Navigation::Taxon created for the purpose of rendering both the name and URL of the final navigation taxon. This wasn't needed prior to the introduction of's BreadcrumbList, because the final URL of breadcrumbs was always left out. The helper methods that render the breadcrumbs will continue to leave out the final taxon's URL, but for breadcrumbs in, the URL will now be included.

    (#83) Tom Scott

  • Apply tax to items that do not require shipping

    • Adds Payment lookup to pricing request
    • Modifies TaxCalculator to check shipped and not shipped items
    • Renames TaxApplier to ShippedTaxApplier, Uses TaxApplier for not shipped items Matt Duffy
  • Update order documentation for Workarea 3.5

    Cover suspected fraud.

    Closes #99 Chris Cressman

  • Allow setting active by segment

    This allows configuring releasable resources to be active only for certain segments. If no segments are specified, it will be active globally. If segments are specified, only those segments will be able to see it.

    For #102 Ben Crouse

  • Pass Options To Storefront::UserActivityViewModel

    This was an oversight that got caught and fixed in the flow-io plugin, but should really be in base since it will allow more control over the product summaries on the recent views action. The view_model_options were not getting passed into the UserActivityViewModel, and thus the ProductViewModel instances that it creates, causing some stale content to appear in the view. Tom Scott

  • Surface Asset alt text and behavior within Content Blocks (#95)

    In an effort to make the recent updates to alt text overridding in Content Blocks a bit clearer, alt text is now being output:

    • On the content assets index view
    • In the title for a content asset summary

    Default alt text has been removed from the Content block DSL, which makes the default text come directly from the Asset itself.

    The help text displayed on Asset Content Blocks always appears now, better explaining the behavior of this feature. Curt Howard

  • Spruce up Timeline UI (#58)

    The activity, activity-group, and date-marker UIs couple together to create, what's unofficially referred to as, The Timeline UI. These components have been neglected for a long time... until now! Curt Howard

  • Update inventory docs for Workarea 3.5 (#98)

    Add coverage of inventory collection status, a new concept in Workarea 3.5 Chris Cressman

  • Update search docs for Workarea 3.5 (#97)

    • Remove references to Storefront autocomplete
    • Update examples to reflect release-specific search documents
    • Call out the impact of current release and current segments on search documents Chris Cressman
  • Remove Refund Tests

    Since we're no longer able to regenerate VCR cassettes at-will (due to credentials needing to be scrubbed before pushing to GitHub), this configuration setting is no longer necessary, and furthermore, could potentially prevent legitimate tests from running and catching bugs in the wild. They're only used in one plugin, so remove the tests from base and copy them into the plugin. Tom Scott

  • Refine fullfillment UI around skus and tokens

    • Change package messaging for items with no carrier and tracking number
    • Add table of fulfillment tokens associated to an order
    • Fix paginating fulfillment tokens

    Closes #93 Matt Duffy

  • Remove structured data from unspiderable pages

    There seems to be little reason to bloat the markup of pages explicitly disallowed in our default robots.txt file.

    Closes #82 Curt Howard

  • Remove /wish_lists entry from Robots.txt

    This was a relic from a more monolithic age and will be readded by workarea-commerce/workarea-wish-lists#2.

    Closes #106 Curt Howard

  • Add config field to limit total item count for a single cart

    Matt Duffy

  • Update docs to reflect changes in Workarea 3.5

    • Storefront price partial removed
    • Workarea.with_config obsoleted by automatic resetting of configuration between tests
    • Changes to headless Chrome configuration
    • Changes to Sidekiq queues
    • Addition of query_cache Sidekiq option Chris Cressman
  • Add Workarea 3.5 release notes

    • Add 3.5 release notes doc
    • Link to 3.5 release notes doc from release notes index
    • Rename and modify 3.5 upgrade guide for consistency with 3.4 upgrade guide
    • Cross-reference 3.5 release notes and upgrade guide
    • Clean up upgrade guide
    • Fix title of doc added for v3.5 Chris Cressman
  • Factor release id into discount cache keys

    closes #43 Matt Duffy

  • Update content block helper to use view helper cache method.

    This was previously using Rails low level caching, which does not factor in varies headers or prevent caching for admins. Matt Duffy

  • Fix showing comments without authors in admin

    Comments generated in plugins don't have an author; update the view to handle rendering when the author_id is nil. Eric Pigeon

  • add query_cache flag to index workers

    Matt Duffy

  • Eliminate n+1 query from ProductPrimaryNavigation

    Matt Duffy

  • Eliminate n+1 query from FeaturedCategorization

    Matt Duffy

  • Add query cache middleware for sidekiq to provide options for enabling query caches

    Matt Duffy

  • Use the same Mongo connection options for the index enforcement warning.

    Fixes #31 Ben Crouse

  • Only check notablescan in development

    #31 Jesse McPherson

  • Completely remove jQuery UI Autocomplete

    Curt Howard

  • Remove Search Autocomplete

    Porting to Curt Howard

  • Update sales report queries and metric indexes for cancellations (#14)

    Matt Duffy

  • Remove Search Autocomplete (#16)

    This functionality is being moved to workarea-classic-search-autocomplete to maintain compatibility. Going forward, a new improved workarea-search-autocomplete is the preferred search autocomplete for Workarea. It's much improved. Curt Howard

  • Remove artifact from conflict resolution

    Jake Beresford

  • Initial commit for v3.5

    Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.4.20 (2019-10-30)

  • Fix logout from pages without authenticity tokens

    On pages without authenticity tokens (like HTTP cached pages), clicking log out won't work because Rails is checking for that. This disables that check for logout to fix.

    WORKAREA-66 Ben Crouse

  • [DOCS] Fix/improve various docs based on community feedback

    Navigating the Code

    • Fix typos and difficult wording
    • More clearly define the term "meta-gem"


    • Remove vestiges of previous build system
    • Make some code blocks easier to copy and paste
    • Update plugin examples to use only plugins that are published to

    Create a New App:

    • Update introduction and outline to latest style
    • Fix incorrect command for seeding
    • Make code blocks easier to copy and paste
    • Explain how to get help if experiencing issues

    WORKAREA-62 Chris Cressman

  • Bump Loofah dependency to fix bundler-audit error

    Ben Crouse

  • Mount api engine in routes during workarea:install if api is installed

    Matt Duffy

  • Update Docker image build workflow

    Matt Duffy

  • Update demo Dockerfile to use plugins

    WORKAREA-7 Matt Duffy

  • Update README with docker memory messaging

    WORKAREA-8 Matt Duffy

  • Modify SystemTest to help increase reliability of #within_frame

    • Move #wait_for_iframe to SystemTest class
    • Add #within_frame to methods that wait for xhr requests
    • Use #wait_for_iframe on spotty ImpersonationSystem Test Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.4.19 (2019-10-16)

  • Fix missing aspect ratio magic attribute

    This magic attribute doesn't need to be calculated, it's the inverse of the aspect ratio we already have. Ben Crouse

  • v3.4.19 Patch Release Notes

    Tom Scott

  • Improve Mailer Documentation

    Direct readers to ActionMailer resources when they're looking to create new mailers rather than style or modify existing ones. Also added some information about unit testing mailer classes. Tom Scott

  • Lock Down Sprockets to v3.7.2

    Sprockets v4.0 was released on 10/8/2019, which removed the .register_engine method that is depended on by many extensions to Sprockets at the current moment. Lock down Sprockets to v3.7.2 to avoid these issues, which will show up when the app is loaded or tests are run.

    WORKAREA-18 Tom Scott

  • Keep _id Suffix In Customized Fields

    When adding a customized field to a Customizations class that ends in _id, Workarea was previously stripping this suffix from the computed instance variable name that is converted into snake case from any kind of input. This causes issues because the data doesn't appear to be making it into customizations, but is really there under a different instance variable name. To resolve the issue, Workarea is now using the #underscore String helper prior to calling #optionize, which will cause the value to be properly cased before it's displayed to the end user.

    (#144) Tom Scott

  • Fix Self-Referential Category Rules

    Adding the same ID to a category product rule matching the product list that contains it results in some wonky results coming back. This was originally diagnosed as an issue when combining category rules, but in reality, it has to do with an admin mis-using the product rules interface and perhaps accidentally using the category's own ID in a product rule. To prevent this from happening, prevent the category's own ID from being selectable in the admin interface.

    (#52) Tom Scott

  • Improve order of changesets in Timeline UI (#124)

    The Timeline UI should now display:

    1. Unscheduled changesets
    2. Scheduled changesets, ordered by the release's publish date, descending
    3. Today (if applicable)
    4. Historical changesets Curt Howard

Workarea 3.4.18 (2019-10-01)

  • Fix test failure due to iframe loading

    This test has started failing due to Capybara or Selenium not finding the release select in the iframe. A simple sleep fixes the problem, we weren't able to track down a proper cause.

    We'll be refactoring the admin toolbar away from an iframe in v3.6, so this will be a temporary hack to fix. We'll remove this at that point in time. Ben Crouse

  • Fix Faraday dependency issue

    Curt Howard

Workarea 3.4.17 (2019-10-01)

  • Add Inverse Aspect Ratio To Product Image Fields (#118)

    Populate the :image_inverse_aspect_ratio automatically using Dragonfly, in order to reduce the amount of requests made to S3 in order to find out this information.

    (#116) Tom Scott

  • Exclude docs/ from the gem build

    Matt Duffy

  • Ensure Tags Are Unique

    When inserting tags into a taggable document, make sure their values are unique. This addresses an issue where incorrect tag counts were being displayed on the storefront.

    Fixes #112 Tom Scott

  • Display Referrer URL in tooltip on Order Attributes in Admin

    Due to the length of URLs being displayed on Order Attributes in the admin they will potentially break layout. Now they are displayed within a tooltip behind a "View" link click. The resulting tooltip will prompt the user to copy the contents of a text box containing the URL.

    Fixes #60 Curt Howard

  • Fix incorrect URL for workarea support on CLI documentation

    Matt Duffy

  • Add checkout confirmation append point (#76)

    Adds append point below default order confirmation text. Jeff Yucis

  • Fix blank default category in admin ProductViewModel (#55)

    ProductViewModel#default_category now protects against a nil value for the default category before passing its value into a view model.

    Fixes #33 Tom Scott

  • Replace App Template Command With Install Generator in Upgrade Docs

    In the upgrade guide for v3.4, we're instructing users to apply an app template which no longer exists. Instead of using the app template, we now rely on a generator called workarea:install to place the expected files into your Rails app directory, so update the command in docs to avoid confusion. Tom Scott

  • Improve plugin template

    • Updates usage documentation at top of template
    • Properly namespace directories under app/assets
    • Set starting version to 1.0.0.pre
    • Point to HTTPS GitHub url instead of SSH
    • Clean up generated README
    • Add LICENSE
    • Link license in gemspec and README
    • Fix indentation and whitespace issues in gemspec
    • Remove script/ directory
    • Clean up generated gitignore
    • Fix link to developer documentation in README
    • Fix flagrant quote fail for required Rails engines

    Closes #25 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.4.16 (2019-09-17)

  • Ensure test only asserts product details for product system test

  • Parse URL When Ensuring CORS for Direct Uploads

    The request.url returns the full URL, with path included. This isn't valid for a CORS header, which needs just the scheme, host, and port if it's non-standard. Update the DirectUpload.ensure_cors! method to parse out those pieces of the URL and re-assemble it for the CORS header and ID.

  • Use current URL for direct upload CORS headers (#20)

    Direct uploads can fail locally if your is not set to the domain you are currently using in the browser. To prevent this, instead of reading from the configuration when ensuring CORS headers on the S3 bucket, use the URL from the request for S3 CORS config. Addresses a problem whereby changing the domain (either accidentally or on-purpose) causes direct uploads to fail, since it can't create the proper CORS headers needed to transmit files into the bucket directly.

Workarea 3.4.15 (2019-09-04)

  • Customize Search Queries That Return an Exact Match (#22)

    It's currently possible to customize search queries that return an exact match, but instead of seeing the customized results when you run the query, you'll be redirected to the product page since the StorefrontSearch::ExactMatches middleware stops further middleware execution and sets a redirect to the product path. To resolve the issue, Workarea will now ignore this middleware if a customization is present on the search response.

    Discovered by @ryaan-anthony of Syatt Media. Thanks Ryan!

  • Add Generic Activity Partials (#4)

    Empty results were still being seen in the trash when a model that doesn't explicitly have an activity partial defined is encountered. This is due to the render_activity_entry helper rescuing an ActionView::TemplateError to return a blank string. To resolve this issue, models that are tracked by Mongoid::AuditLog, without an explicit activity partial defined will be rendered using a generic partial, showing the class name and ID of the audited model, as something to render in the listing so that pages of blank results aren't shown.

  • Remove minitest plugin (#12)

    This existed for CI purposes on Bamboo, and we don't need it here after moving to Github. It has been moved the workarea-ci gem for backwards compatibility.

  • Fix Deep Duplication of Swappable Lists (#13)

    The Workarea::SwappableList class does not get duplicated correctly when Workarea.config.deep_dup is used. This was observed while using multi-site and attempting to change a swappable list for only one site. Define the #deep_dup method to return a new object instead of referencing the existing one.

  • Publish Releases In Background Job

    When a release is published, but has too many changes, it can cause a request timeout because it can't be fully published within the allotted 15 seconds in production. To prevent this, Workarea now runs all release publishing in a background job. The success flash message for when a release is published has been updated to inform users that changes may take a little while to apply.

    Fixes #1

Workarea 3.4.14 (2019-08-26)

  • Fix a test that doesn't reset state

Workarea 3.4.13 (2019-08-26)

  • Remove references to v2 from Developer docs

  • Fix Incorrect Currency in Mongoid Money Types

    Workarea's default values for the Money fields in Pricing::Override didn't previously change currency when Money.default_currency is re-configured in process (like in the case of a multi-site application with multiple currencies). Ensure that the correct currency is used by using an Integer type as the default, which will get converted into a Money type at runtime.

  • Change URL used to download product images for seed data

  • Get GitHub Actions CI up and running

Workarea 3.4.12 (2019-08-21)

  • Remove hardcoded IP addresses (#36)

    The hosting team will have to add these manually going forward. Ben Crouse

  • Add license (#33)

    Jason Hill

  • Add documentation for Workarea Themes (#15)

    Jake Beresford

  • Update release task & plugin template (#20)

    Also fixes github source in Gemfile for plugin template

    Curt Howard

  • Fix pathnames in doc

    The current publishing system requires this doc to use root-relative pathnames when linking to internal documents. Update all pathnames accordingly. Chris Cressman

  • Enforce positive sale prices in sample data

    ECOMMERCE-7062 Jeff Yucis

  • Pretty up seed data (#22)

    • Add product sample images to seeds

    • Add intrinsic ratio support for product images

    Allows product images from any aspect ratio to be displayed out-of-the-box.

    • Update system content seeds

    • Add configurable seeds taxonomy Ben Crouse

  • Show relevant flash message when no shipping options are available.

    Improves UX when a user is sent back to the address step when there are no available shipping options for their shipping address.

    ECOMMERCE-6992 Jeff Yucis

  • Modify metrics and reports to filter out records with no values

    ECOMMERCE-7036 Matt Duffy

  • Improve 'Add a Content Block Type' doc

    Update doc based on feedback, specifically:

    • Fix link to content block DSL explanation and usage examples.
    • Make link to content blocks DSL usage examples more prominent.
    • Reference an initializer with further content block DSL examples.
    • Explain how to output content block data in a view without a view model.
    • Explain how to use local_assigns to test data in a view if no view model.

    ECOMMERCE-7059 Chris Cressman

  • Remove unneeded Report::SearchesWithoutResults

    Matt Duffy

  • Render Shipping Details Append Point On Index

    Move the admin.shipping_details append point from shippings#show (which is no longer rendered) over to shippings#index. Remove the shippings#show partial to reduce confusion since it is no longer being used.

    ECOMMERCE-7061 Tom Scott

  • Add upgrade guides index page to docs site

    Provide an index page of upgrade guides so that external docs (specifically the docs for the upgrade plugin) can link to it.

    Also update the 3.4 upgrade guide to follow the file and document naming conventions used by the release notes.

    ECOMMERCE-7057 Chris Cressman

  • Fix Internal Server Error Page Not Rendering JSON

    When an Internal Server Error is requested via /500.json, another error occurs when attempting to render the view for that request, because there's no internal template. This is not how our error handler is supposed to work, any format should be acceptable to render a 404 or 500. The syntax of the respond_to block in #render_error_page has been altered so that Workarea serves the custom content HTML when an HTML error occurs (e.g., most user-facing browser errors), and an empty body with a 500 error in the status code is returned for all other formats.

    ECOMMERCE-7034 Tom Scott

  • Remove data linting doc

    This doc caused some confusion, and this feature is scheduled to be removed from Workarea, so remove this doc.

    ECOMMERCE-7058 Chris Cressman

  • Add inventory documentation

    Add new docs:

    • Inventory
    • Integrate an Inventory Management System
    • Define & Configure Inventory Policies

    ECOMMERCE-6971 Chris Cressman

  • Fix Order Status Lookup Route

    The /orders/status/:order_id/:postal_code was being resolved by the #show action of OrdersController, when it really should be served by #lookup. Change the route and add a test ensuring that the route is being handled properly.

    Discovered by Andy Sides of BVAccel. Thanks Andy!

    ECOMMERCE-7040 Tom Scott

  • Prevent Empty Results In Trash

    Remove a check for whether a given audit log entry is #restorable? in on the /admin/trash page to prevent empty results clogging up the pagination. Without this, admins will see blank pages if they delete enough nav taxon/release records at the same time.

    ECOMMERCE-7019 Tom Scott

  • Add hosting docs (#14)

    Ben Crouse

  • Remove ci gem, add lint configs to root directory (#18)

    Matt Duffy

  • Update Contributing Guides (#8)

    Update the guides in the "Contribute" section of Workarea's documentation to reflect the new process of GitHub Issues, Pull Requests, and the "fork-and-pull" model that developers will be using to contribute code and docs to the platform from now on. This also includes a bit about using puma-dev to preview documentation locally, because I thought that was useful.

    Closes #7 Tom Scott

  • Remove help articles (#13)

    • Remove all Help articles

    These articles are largely outdated and provide little more than basic, general information about the expected user input on a given page.

    For more complex actions in the Admin we favor tooltips.

    This work does include one help article, How To Create Help Articles, to allow Admins and Developers a chance to build out this section for their specific purposes.

    Closes #5

    • Fix output of Help Article code blocks

    By using Redcarpet to render supplied markdown, rather than Haml's :markdown filter, we can force the article's output through the renderer's hard_wrap option, which will preserve intended whitespace throughout the article. Curt Howard

  • Add third party integration overview guide (#6)

    Ben Crouse

  • Add article Navigating the Code (#3)

    Matt Duffy

  • Add security policy (#1)

    Ben Crouse

  • Update installation process

    • Remove app_template.rb
    • Add workarea:install generator
    • Update documentation to reflect change

    closes #13 Matt Duffy

  • Add Maintenance Policy to docs

    Resolves #10 Curt Howard

  • Add Code of Conduct

    Introduce the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct to encourage people from all walks of life to contribute to the project.

    Closes #4 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.4.11 (2019-08-06)

  • Use #camelize over #classify when loading report class for export

    The use of #classify causes errors to be thrown during export of a report class that is plural, e.g. WishListProducts. This causes the export to fail and the user to not receive the export email.

    ECOMMERCE-7032 Matt Duffy

  • Update 'Customize a Helper' doc

    • Add additional use case of adding a new helper from a plugin
    • Add additional example that uses a decorator to extend the controller
    • Link to relevant Rails docs and Workarea docs
    • Clearly state the problems and solutions

    ECOMMERCE-6974 Chris Cressman

  • Add 'Order Pricing' documentation

    Add new document and diagrams

    ECOMMERCE-6970 Chris Cressman

  • Improve Accuracy of CSV Import Test

    The unit test written for configuring the charset of any CSV files imported into the system was not accurate, as it was not actually testing what would happen if the configuration was in place. The test continued to pass, however, becuase it turns out that it's very difficult to conjure up an ASCII string in Ruby, which is purely UTF8. Even editing the CSV file in Vim produced a compatible String when read into Ruby, so the test still wasn't accurate. The only way to get the test to fail in an expected way was to actually include the CSV file given to us from URBN, which was quickly fixed by setting the :encoding option on CSV imports.

    ECOMMERCE-7012 Tom Scott

  • Filter Blank Data From Average Order Value Report

    Since the Average Order Value report divides orders by revenue in a MongoDB aggregation, neither of these numbers can be 0, otherwise a divide by zero error is thrown. To prevent this, Workarea now omits any Metrics::SalesByDay documents from the aggregation if their orders and/or revenue are 0.

    ECOMMERCE-7016 Tom Scott

  • Update GeoIP Headers

    For apps that are using the GeoIP 2 database, the headers have changed to a slightly different syntax, and some of them output different values than they used to. Update Workarea::Geolocation to handle both versions of the GeoIP database and to look up the subdivision code by its name through the Countries gem.

    ECOMMERCE-7015 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.4.10 (2019-07-23)

  • Allow Development Access to Assets Admin Index

    Developers shouldn't need an AWS keypair to view the /admin/content_assets index. Workarea will now only call DirectUpload.ensure_cors! if the S3 bucket has been configured, so one can still browse the page.

    ECOMMERCE-7014 Tom Scott

  • Replace "Views" with "Searches" on Search Insights

    For insights revolving around search, use the more apt term "Searches", which maps to the actual searches in the resultset, instead of "Views". This fixes an issue where insights with blank views/searches were showing up on the search dashboards.

    ECOMMERCE-7007 Tom Scott

  • Improve "Commerce Model" diagram & text

    Rename "Commerce Flow" to "Commerce Model" to reflect intended future usage. Expand steps/actions to reflect existing narratives in products and orders docs. Use simpler line drawing to improve clarity.

    ECOMMERCE-6954 Chris Cressman

  • Omit nil Options From Product Cache Key

    The #details_in_options method, meant for including any options passed to the CacheKey so long as they appear in details, would error if the name of an option was nil. Workarea now ensures that those options will be omitted.

    ECOMMERCE-6986 Tom Scott

  • Remove Support For Restoring Taxons Without Parents

    Navigation::Taxon documents whose parents no longer exist cannot be restored because they are too dependent on their external relations, such as :parent_ids. This causes issues on restore when one attempts to restore a child taxon without restoring its parent. To prevent this potential issue, taxons are never allowed to be restored from the trash. The recommended alternative is to just create another taxon.

    ECOMMERCE-6983 Tom Scott

  • Improve busting cache

    This may be getting backed up in Sidekiq, and admins expect it to be happening in real-time. Also bust shipping service cache when destroyed.

    ECOMMERCE-6981 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.4.9 (2019-07-09)

  • Update Puma and loosen constraint

    This gem is fairly stable and doesn't follow strict semantic versioning anyways. This was requested by the hosting team.

    ECOMMERCE-6984 Ben Crouse

  • Add documentation for themes

    ECOMMERCE-6932 Jake Beresford

  • Fix Encoding Errors on Product Import

    Allow users to specify a source encoding for CSV files that are being imported into the application. UTF-8 encoding is still enforced, since that's the charset Workarea renders content with in the browser, but the source can now be configured to prevent errors when importing CSV.

    ECOMMERCE-6963 Tom Scott

  • Store headless chrome options before passing into Capybara driver

    Capybara.register_driver does not execute the passed block immediately, which can cause issues with the aliasing of Workarea.config.headless_chrome_options, particularly with multi-site where the config is duplicated.

    ECOMMERCE-6969 Matt Duffy

  • Fix Sidekiq autoconfiguration

    The main changes here are:

    • Allow configuring pool timeout
    • Fix configuring the client, not the server where we need more control on the pool
    • Remove fancy-pants process scaling, too complex and broken
    • Allow configuration of PID file and queues from ENV vars

    ECOMMERCE-6967 Ben Crouse

  • Prevent error when starting taxon is deleted from taxonomy

    • Adjust logic for show_starting_taxon to account for changes in the taxonomy tree

    ECOMMERCE-6961 Jake Beresford

  • Fixes incorrect syntax in JS adapter generator template

    ECOMMERCE-6964 Jake Beresford

  • Make Quick Start guide less OS X centric

    ECOMMERCE-6864 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.4.8 (2019-06-25)

  • Fix time zone configuration article

    Rails needs this to be configured earlier than in an initializer, so this needs to be in general Rails config in config/application.rb.

    When done in an initializer, will not be set accurately, so models loaded out of the database will have Time fields in UTC. Ben Crouse

  • Add 'Commerce Flow' doc

    Add diagram of commerce flow and a mapping of its concepts to relevant code paths.

    ECOMMERCE-6954 Chris Cressman

  • Add view model interface diagram

    Add new section to 'View Models' doc, which illustrates the creation of the view model interface and the view receiving the interface as an instance variable.

    ECOMMERCE-6955 Chris Cressman

  • Add Pagination to Shipping Services Admin Index

    When an application has more than 100 shipping services in the database, only the first 100 would show on the index. Additionally, such a large query should be paginated. Render the workarea/admin/shared/pagination partial at the bottom of the <table> containing all services and paginate the collection of services that are queried for in the controller.

    ECOMMERCE-6960 Tom Scott

  • Do not move #content-aside when opening mobile filters to prevent DOM changing on wider viewports after mobile filters are displayed.

    ECOMMERCE-6959 Jake Beresford

  • Stop Premailer from automatically combining properties

    When possible Premailer will combine separated properties, like background-image, background-position, etc, into one, single property. This causes issues in Yahoo, at least, and presumably other, inferior mail clients. It's best to stop this behavior, which gives more control to the developer to make their own dang decisions.

    ECOMMERCE-6941 Curt Howard

  • Rename i18n JavaScript initializer

    No changelo Curt Howard

  • Use Translations as a Fallback for Missing Name in Address Region Options

    In the countries gem, some subdivisions in a country (what Workarea calls "regions") do not have a :name field associated with them. If this occurs, dive into the #translations hash and look for the name of the region within the current i18n locale.

    ECOMMERCE-6958 Tom Scott

  • Prevent Customer Service Taxonomy Duplication

    In the footer navigation, the "Customer Service" header was duplicated now that the :show_starting_taxon option for content blocks defaults to true. Set this to false in the seeds for footer navigation content in the layout so that the heading doesn't show up twice.

    ECOMMERCE-6944 Tom Scott

  • Wrap skip-all code in a decorated {} block

    Tom Scott

  • Fix Search Settings Clearing When Not Submitted From Main Form

    With the workarea-swatches plugin comes a form that updates a single value on the search settings, in contrast to the main search settings form which updates all values at once. This form's action URL is just PATCH /admin/search_settings, which does some massaging of the params and inadvertently causes nil values to be contained in the attributes hash for updating when those params are not included in the request. Workarea now runs .compact on the Hash of attributes generated by this controller action, before it's mass-assigned into Search::Settings.current. This prevents the params from getting cleared out, and fixes any kind of partial updates on the /admin/search_settings endpoint.

    ECOMMERCE-6942 Tom Scott

  • Document checkout

    Add 'Checkout' doc w/ flow diagram.

    ECOMMERCE-6900 Chris Cressman

Workarea 3.4.7 (2019-06-11)

  • Backport Payment Factory Change

    This change allows workarea-reviews tests to pass against v3.2.x.

    ECOMMERCE-6935 Tom Scott

  • Fixes for Chrome 75

    Chrome 75 enables W3C mode by default, which breaks lots of stuff.

    This also adds configuration via ENV variables for which options and args to pass to Chrome when running tests.

    Workarea.config.headless_chrome_options turns out to be poorly named because the Selenium driver accepts both args and options, and both may need to be configured to fix problems in Chrome. In a future minor release, we'll allow both args and options to be defined in Workarea.config. For now, lots of people are using them so let's not break in a patch.

    ECOMMERCE-6940 Ben Crouse

  • Update chartkick dependency

    We're not vulnerable since we only use Chartkick in the admin, but bumping this will fix bundler-audit in the builds.

    ECOMMERCE-6938 Ben Crouse

  • Improve Consistency of Order Pricing Display

    When viewing an order summary in the storefront, the price of each item matches its original price, with no discounts applied. This is somewhat confusing as the totals don't add up to the subtotal of the order. The order summary page now renders the item.total_price so that these totals match up in the end.

    ECOMMERCE-6809 Tom Scott

  • Fix z-index issue in Admin due to bad merge

    ECOMMERCE-6933 Curt Howard

  • Fix z-index issue in Admin due to bad merge

    ECOMMERCE-6933 Curt Howard

  • Fix z-index issue in Admin due to bad merge

    ECOMMERCE-6933 Curt Howard

  • Update architecture diagrams

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix partial name matching trigger exact match functionality

    This can happen depending on how boosts and name phrase matching scoring are configured.

    ECOMMERCE-6934 Ben Crouse

  • Prevent Double Application of Order-Level Discounts When Determining Packages

    In the Workarea::Packaging class, the subtotal of all shippable items already includes the order-level discounts after pricing is performed, since Order::Item#total_value is not the total prior to discounts, only tax and shipping. However, order-level discounts were being summed and deducted from the Packaging#total_value, resulting in a miscalculation of the total price of the Order. This problem doesn't manifest itself until there are a sufficient number of shipping tiers (at the very least, 3), because either the top or bottom tier will be used anyway. Remove the code for subtracting order-level discounts from the total value of the package, so that the proper shipping price will be displayed to the user in checkout.

    ECOMMERCE-6918 Tom Scott

  • Fix some test failures related to improper timezone handling

    ECOMMERCE-6931 Ben Crouse

  • Fix New Release Form Creating Duplicates

    The "with a new release" selection on the release selector pops up a mini form which prompts the user for the name of their new release. This form is dismissed if the user clicks the button, but still allows potential user input (including multiple submits), causing duplicate releases to be accidentally created if one hits enter and clicks the "Add" button before the page refreshes. Prevent this by adding data-disable-with to the button so that it can't be submitted twice in the same request cycle.

    ECOMMERCE-6837 Tom Scott

  • Fix duplication in search suggestions indexing

    This is caused by not using the query ID as the ID for the suggestion in its index after the new metrics engine in v3.4.

    ECOMMERCE-6927 Ben Crouse

  • Fix search suggestions not being indexed

    Scheduling this job got lost in the changes for v3.

    ECOMMERCE-6927 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.4.6 (2019-05-28)

  • Fix typo in storefront categories integration test

    Ben Crouse

  • Fix up Activity UI header

    When long names are supplied to this UI it will break undesirably

    ECOMMERCE-6919 Curt Howard

  • Add option to fix dropping of cookies in headless chrome

    ECOMMERCE-6929 Matt Duffy

  • Add API overview doc

    ECOMMERCE-6924 Jake Beresford

  • Document Storefront search features

    Add the following architecture docs:

    • Storefront Search Features
    • Storefront Searches

    And the following implementation docs:

    • Analyze Storefront Search Results
    • Change Storefront Search Results
    • Index Storefront Search Documents


  • Repair Bulk Edit Release Publishing UI Wonk

    ECOMMERCE-6914 Curt Howard

  • Case Insensitive Comparison Fulfillment #find_package

    The method #find_package in the model Fulfillment gets an improvement for its detection logic.

    ECOMMERCE-6870 Jeremie Ges

  • Fix jQuery UI Datepicker z-indexing issue

    ECOMMERCE-6757 Curt Howard

  • Replace WebLinc with Workarea as primary business name

    In an effort to remove the name WebLinc from our public facing content, these changes focus on replacement of the word when appropriate and/or adding more context to the difference between WebLinc Corp and Workarea.

    Updated the Help & Support article to be relevant to how we handle support today.

    ECOMMERCE-6913 James Van Arsdale III

  • Reorganize the Docs Taxonomy

    The developer documentation taxonomy was originally developed based on how we think about the problems - not how the end-user uses the content.

    Based on OSS project docs research, analytics, developer survey results, card sorting and user interviews - this updated taxonomy focuses more on succinct groupings of content that allow the end-user to associate the code and content more quickly.

    Further refinement based on usage patterns and planned additions are expected over the upcoming releases to continue to align the taxonomy with how developers utilize the content.

    Include the new Workarea CLI Cheatsheet

    Update the URLs in Report a Bug article

    ECOMMERCE-6910 James Van Arsdale III

  • Fix Exports Index Not Displaying After Promo Code Export

    When a list of promo codes is exported, the data file exports index page had trouble rendering a link to the collection, since there's no index page for promo codes. Workarea will now render the non-linked name of the object being exported, instead of attempting to generate a URL that doesn't exist.

    ECOMMERCE-6911 Tom Scott

  • Omit Blank Sorts From Product Search Index

    Sorts configured in the product entries in Elasticsearch could potentially get quite long and unruly if the product was categorized in many places, but not set up for sorting in those categories. This causes an error in Elasticsearch if allowed to grow out of control, since its field limit for a single document is 1000. Workarea now removes any categories in the sorts for which a product position in product_ids cannot be found. This reduces the amount of noise in the documents and prevents scaling errors like this one.

    ECOMMERCE-6912 Tom Scott

  • Fix Date and DateTime Picker UIs default setting on page load

    Due to the issues outlined here we are unable to accurately set a default date, on page load, for date or datetime pickers for all browsers.

    As a fallback we do our damnedest to grok at least the date from the datetime string passed in from Ruby.

    ECOMMERCE-6909 Curt Howard

  • Fix Product Categorization With Missing Indexes

    When the Storefront index is missing, Search::Storefront::Product.find_categories throws an exception due to the 400 Bad Request error it receives from the Elasticsearch server. To prevent this and any other strange Elasticsearch errors from affecting this method (which is not supposed to throw an exception), rescue the base Elasticsearch::Transport::Transport::ServerError class rather than any subclasses we find are thrown during this request.

    ECOMMERCE-6850 Tom Scott

  • Add CI scripts for bamboo to the app_template

    ECOMMERCE-6908 Jake Beresford

Workarea 3.4.5 (2019-05-14)

  • Add permissions management ticket to release notes. No changelog ECOMMERCE-6763

    Tom Scott

  • Add 'Report a Bug' article to documentation

    ECOMMERCE-6881 Matt Duffy

  • Disable Permissions Management When User is a Super-Admin

    When a user has super-admin privileges in admin, it was previously possible to attempt removing admin access as well as access to areas of the admin, but these values would just get re-set after the form completed anyway. Workarea now sets all checkboxes on the permissions page to disabled, and renders a warning message above the form stating that you cannot change permissions for users who are super-admins. It also instructs the admin how to disable super-admin for a user in order for this page to function normally.

    ECOMMERCE-6902 Tom Scott

  • Generate v3.4 CI scripts in app_template

    ECOMMERCE-6908 Jake Beresford

  • Exclude changesets with blank releasable from Release show view in admin

    In some very unusual edgecases a releasable can become nil, for example if the document is deleted without callbacks or if an embedded document is overwritten. In these cases the release cannot be viewed in the admin. This change allows the release to still be viewed if some of the changesets have invalid releasables.

    ECOMMERCE-6904 Jake Beresford

  • Fix Sidekiq only using localhost Redis

    This happens because it needs to be configured before looking up values for concurrency.

    ECOMMERCE-6907 Ben Crouse

  • Fix VCR from blocking Webdrivers from downloading Chrome

    When web drivers has to download and install Chrome, it's being blocked by VCR. Allow the Chrome host.

    ECOMMERCE-6906 Ben Crouse

  • Fix S3 misconfiguration when using IAM profiles for authentication

    This surfaces as an error when updating CORS for direct uploads.

    ECOMMERCE-6905 Ben Crouse

  • Fix Test During Daylight Savings Time

    Testing Analytics::User.orders_per during daylight savings time results in the test failing because of the hour difference between the current time and the duration of 7.days.ago in the test. Ensure that this assertion always runs on a date that isn't in DST so the test won't fail on the day DST changes next year.

    ECOMMERCE-6731 Tom Scott

  • Use .wrap for ProductRulesPreviewViewModel to ensure correct view model is used

    ECOMMERCE-6884 Matt Duffy

  • Add pagination controls to admin releases index

    ECOMMERCE-6903 Jake Beresford

  • Add Generic Summary Partial to Fix Error When Bulk Deleting Shipping Services Past Threshold

    When the Workarea.config.bulk_action_deletion_threshold is surpassed in a query for shipping services to be bulk-deleted, the page that is being redirected to expects the models being deleted to have _summary.html.haml partials co-located in their respective views directory for the controller. This isn't the case for shipping services, which (along with other models we may wish to bulk-delete) doesn't have much information other than the name of the model. For these items, introduce a generic workarea/admin/shared/summary which links to the model and provides its name (or BSON ID if no #name method is defined) as well as its type in the auxiliary summary info.

    ECOMMERCE-6811 Tom Scott

  • Fix failing Product Rules system test

    ECOMMERCE-6872 Curt Howard

  • Add workarea:services:clean for Removing Data

    This task runs docker-compose down -v, which will remove volumes associated with the application. It's useful when transitioning between v3.3 and v3.4, so the Mongo data doesn't become corrupted, but should only be used if you're OK with your data getting deleted.

    Additionally, an environment variable called $COMPOSE_ARGUMENTS was introduced to provide a means of passing command-line arguments to the docker-compose commands that are run using these tasks. For example:

    COMPOSE_ARGUMENTS="--remove-orphans" rails workarea:services:up

    ECOMMERCE-6874 Tom Scott

  • Fix Issue With Sale Price Creation

    In the admin when creating a new Pricing::Price, the messaging says Sale Price (defaults to regular), but when left blank the Sale Price will be saved as 0.00.

    This fix ensure the value to be cast as nil in the database for the following scenarios:

    • Creating a new price
    • Editing an existing price
    • Creating a new pricing SKU with prices

    ECOMMERCE-6833 Jeremie Ges

  • Use batches for admin search indexing rake task

    You can hit problems like "sort uses too much memory" from MongoDB when you try to index large collections without batches.

    ECOMMERCE-6875 Ben Crouse

  • Add indexes for defaults scopes that don't have corresponding indexes

    If models have a default scope, they should have a corresponding index. This may not always be caught by the base test suite, but can affect things like console usage, rake tasks, decorations, etc.

    ECOMMERCE-6876 Ben Crouse

  • Update date and time formats to not use blank padded month day

    ECOMMERCE-6873 Matt Duffy

  • Validate Product Rule Lucene Query Syntax

    When invalid Lucene queries are saved into product rules, an error would occur when attempting to browse the category because the query was never checked for valid syntax. As part of the validation process for product rules, run a Search::CategoryBrowse query for the rule being created or edited, and add an error to the model if Elasticsearch responds with a server error (5xx) HTTP status. This prevents the rule from being saved on the product list in the first place.

    ECOMMERCE-6849 Tom Scott

  • Disable Slug Input On Released Pages

    Set disabled: true on slug inputs when making changes within a release, and add help text to explain why it's disabled. Since slugs cannot be changed within a release, having this as a field a user can type into created a confusing experience.

    ECOMMERCE-6805 Tom Scott

  • Fix bug with non-inline Datepicker UI

    A regression was introduced when adding the Quick Range feature to the datepicker.

    This commit also cleans up the WORKAREA.datepickerFields and WORKAREA.datetimepickerFields modules which were in rough shape. It also rewrites and consolidates Teaspoon tests around datepicker fields.

    ECOMMERCE-6757 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.4.4 (2019-04-30)

  • Remove Hosting Documentation in favor or CLI Cheat Sheet in docs

    ECOMMERCE-6846 Curt Howard

  • Add Mailchimp signup form to Home Page and Releases in docs

    ECOMMERCE-6852 Curt Howard

  • Add rails tasks to start dependency services

    This provides 2 tasks to manage dependencies for running Workarea. Running bin/rails worakrea:services:up and bin/rails worakrea:services:down will use Docker Compose ( and docker-compose.yml delivered out of the Workarea gem to start/stop Docker containers for the correct versions of MongoDB, Redis, and Elasticsearch.

    ECOMMERCE-6789 Tom Scott

  • Fix running system tests on Chrome 74

    Bumping these dependencies and switching the driver fixes Timeout errors when running system tests in Chrome 74, which was released today.

    ECOMMERCE-6867 Ben Crouse

  • Re-style Checkboxes in Admin to avoid test failure

    A recent update to the CI server required Google Chrome & Chromedriver to be upgraded, which caused the BulkActionsSystemTest to fail, due to the way the check boxes were being styled.

    The checkbox component has been rewritten ala

    ECOMMERCE-6866 Curt Howard

  • Add rails tasks to start dependency services

    This provides 2 tasks to manage dependencies for running Workarea. Running bin/rails worakrea:services:up and bin/rails worakrea:services:down will use Docker Compose ( and docker-compose.yml delivered out of the Workarea gem to start/stop Docker containers for the correct versions of MongoDB, Redis, and Elasticsearch.

    ECOMMERCE-6789 Tom Scott

  • Fix Sidekiq's Redis pool size

    This was still broken in production environments, although I was unable to reproduce locally. I worked with hosting to determine this would fix the problem.

    ECOMMERCE-6715 Ben Crouse

  • Add missing reports_access field to config.permissions_fields

    Matt Duffy

  • Display Active State In Mobile Navigation

    Apply the --selected modifier to the mobile-nav__link element in mobile. This was previously not being applied if the link had been selected, and thus the active state was not displaying on mobile.

    ECOMMERCE-5691 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.4.3 (2019-04-16)

  • Add 3.3 to 3.4 upgrade guide to docs

    • Renamed releases docs template to bare and add configuration for upgrade-guides to use the new template.

    ECOMMERCE-6825 Jake Beresford

  • Rework OrderMetrics#calculate_based_on_items to account for item tax

    It is possible plugins may need to store tax on items rather than shipping, particularly when items are not shipped. To account for this, merchanise and revenue calculation need to not assume tax is always on shipping Matt Duffy

  • Move Admin::InsightViewModel::MODELS to a config value for easy extension

    ECOMMERCE-6834 Matt Duffy

  • Fix Upgrading With App Template

    Some errors were observed when using the rails app:template task with the built-in app template for upgrade purposes, since there are a significant amount of changes in the app template for v3.4 (like auto-configuration). Workarea has replaced the usage of @app_name with the #app_name method to ensure that it's set before attempting to perform text processing operations, and the template will no longer write to Gemfile if it doesn't have to.

    ECOMMERCE-6830 Tom Scott

  • Fix up OOTB app template offering

    Some updates were needed after the Rails upgrade in Workarea v3.4

    ECOMMERCE-6821 Curt Howard

  • Prevent Logging Controller Parameters in Logstash

    Logstasher was previously configured to send controller params in Logstash logs, but this caused errors in Elasticsearch as each new param became a new mapping as it was indexed. This very quickly exhausted the amount of mappings allowed within the Elasticsearch index. Workarea no longer enables this field out of the box, so that logstash will continue to work as normal.

    ECOMMERCE-6829 Tom Scott

  • Add 'Add a Report' and 'Add Metrics' documentation

    ECOMMERCE-6815 Matt Duffy

  • Fix occasionally failing test around marking discounts redeemed

    We need to specify a sort for consistency here.

    ECOMMERCE-6818 Ben Crouse

  • Remove @ in activity time

    This looks weird when the value is "@ 5 minutes ago" or "@ 4/4/2019"

    ECOMMERCE-6817 Ben Crouse

  • Fix audit log entries not being recorded in Sidekiq jobs

    This is a carryover from the v2.x days. We've never updated the app to log the current user through Sidekiq, so with new functionality like bulk edit, delete, trash, etc we'll need work done in the background to be recorded as well.

    ECOMMERCE-6812 Ben Crouse

  • Fix export samples for large collections

    The skip that is done to get random samples can be quite slow if MongoDB needs to page. A simpler way is to grap the first N number of documents since they don't really need to be random.

    ECOMMERCE-6813 Ben Crouse

  • improve-docs-aside-menu-ui

    Enabled close/open functionality on aside menu. Styled sub parent’s to improve readability of the submenu navigation when going to 3 levels.

    Updated nav JS and styling, as per Jake’s feedback

    Improved nav CSS selector specificity, added comments to selectors James Van Arsdale III

  • Update inherting from ApplicationController for consistency

    ECOMMERCE-6816 Matt Duffy

  • Update inherting from ApplicationController for consistency

    ECOMMERCE-6816 Matt Duffy

  • Update inherting from ApplicationController for consistency

    ECOMMERCE-6816 Matt Duffy

  • Make inherting from ApplicationController consistent across controllers

    ECOMMERCE-6816 Matt Duffy

  • Add reports dashboard append point

    Matt Duffy


    Curt Howard

  • Bump Puma dependency

    Bump this dependency to fix a bug in Kubernetes environments. The bug is a nasty one, where logouts happen frequently, and semi randomly, due to an incorrect IP being passed downstream by Puma.

    ECOMMERCE-6810 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.4.2 (2019-04-02)

  • Add Feedback UI to articles in docs

    ECOMMERCE-6739 Curt Howard

  • Fix scroll API pagination in admin search query wrapper

    The call to page here resets the size of the page, so we need to set that every call.

    ECOMMERCE-6721 Ben Crouse

  • Fix I18n JS exclusions

    Changes in the gem we use caused our exclusions to stop working. By upgrading the gem, we can make use of a provided way to do this now.

    ECOMMERCE-6808 Ben Crouse

  • Fix Puma clustering in development mode

    A combination of Puma forking, Rails constant reloading cause Sidekiq callbacks to miss workers that exist in the host app.

    Rails doesn't default to doing clustered mode in development (for good reason, the forking slows things down) so we'll allow that to be configured by an ENV var for hosting but default to not clustered in the platform.

    ECOMMERCE-6804 Ben Crouse

  • Fix Applying Redundant Promo Codes

    When a user adds multiple promo codes that belong to the same discount to an order, only mark the first one as being used so other users can take advantage of the other promo codes.

    ECOMMERCE-5745 Tom Scott

  • Add user tags conditon for discounts

    ECOMMERCE-6794 Matt Duffy

  • Use strings for ids in IndexCategoryChangesTest to better reflect real ids

    ECOMMERCE-6803 Matt Duffy

  • Fix Copy on "New Primary Navigation" Admin Page

    Remove an extra ' in the description for the "New Primary Navigation".

    Discovered by @keverham

    ECOMMERCE-6702 Tom Scott

  • Allow for multiple rows of products in Product List UI

    Now each "item" within the product list will render as a table row, allowing multiple rows of products to be displayed properly within the same product list.

    ECOMMERCE-6768 Curt Howard

  • Add "Swappable List Data Structure" Guide

    Write guide for the Workarea::SwappableList data structure used in configuration.

    ECOMMERCE-6734 Tom Scott

  • Fix current release not resetting after a raise

    Similar to a recently discovered bug in Sidekiq callbacks.

    ECOMMERCE-6759 Ben Crouse

  • Add Breadcrumb Titles to Default Category settings

    ECOMMERCE-6745 Curt Howard

  • Update Label Attributes to Match Cloned Field ID

    In WORKAREA.cloneableRows, the id of any <input> element that is cloned will be updated to have the suffix of _cloned, in order to differentiate it from the original element. This logic has been carried over to <label> elements so the for and id values match for each cloned row.

    ECOMMERCE-5931 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.4.1 (2019-03-19)

  • Fix release jobs not unscheduled when times are removed

    ECOMMERCE-6755 Ben Crouse

  • Unfix Pagination

    The previous fix pushes more objects into History state and causes a bizarre regression. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.

    • Reverts "Fix scroll position bug for pagination in iOS Chrome"

    This reverts commit 087aa93f4206cb6ed9f155ee1e924f973dcac35e.

    ECOMMERCE-6652 Curt Howard

  • Set Default From: Address at Time of Delivery

    For multi-site implementations, the config.email_from address could not be overwritten based on the configuration of different sites, due to the way it was being set in the Workarea::ApplicationMailer. As a result, an incorrect email address appeared as the "From:" of certain multi-site applications. This has been resolved by introducing a lambda as the value for the default from: in all emails delivered by the out-of-box mailers, evaluated when the message is delivered. Ensures that each mail always uses the most up-to-date configuration.

    ECOMMERCE-6732 Tom Scott

  • Set Default From: Address at Time of Delivery

    For multi-site implementations, the config.email_from address could not be overwritten based on the configuration of different sites, due to the way it was being set in the Storefront::ApplicationMailer. As a result, an incorrect email address appeared as the "From:" of certain multi-site applications. This has been resolved by introducing a lambda as the value for the default from: in Storefront emails, which is evaluated when the message is delivered, and always uses the most up-to-date configuration.

    ECOMMERCE-6732 Tom Scott

  • Fix inconsistent shading on some dashboards

    ECOMMERCE-6754 Ben Crouse

  • Fix Sidekiq callback workers not restoring state when error raised in block

    This can lead to workers that are disabled/enabled, async/inline when the block has run.

    ECOMMERCE-6753 Ben Crouse

  • Fix "StoreFront" => "Storefront" typos in docs

    Make sure we're spelling the name of the most decorated module in Workarea history correctly.

    ECOMMERCE-6750 Tom Scott

  • Fix Typo in CSS for Content Preview Visibility

    Ensure position: initial is spelled correctly so the else condition of the content-preview-visibility-state() mixin defined in this file will work.

    Discovered (and solved) by @keverham

    ECOMMERCE-6746 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.4.0 (2019-03-13)

  • Fix tax in the sales by category report

    ECOMMERCE-6479 Ben Crouse

  • Add release notes for Workarea 3.4

    ECOMMERCE-6735 Chris Cressman

  • Fix using "category" verbiage in product rules.

    When these are shown for search customizations, this doesn't make sense.

    ECOMMERCE-6248 Ben Crouse

  • Remove order aggregations from index

    This info is better obtained through the new reporting area in the admin. Ben Crouse

  • Index category breadcrumbs for use in xhr admin queries

    ECOMMERCE-6710 Matt Duffy

  • Disable Shipping Method Selection When Processing

    Prevent shipping method from getting selected when Workarea is still pricing the order. Additionally, set the WORKAREA.shippingServices.requestTimeout to '1' in order to prevent any other parallel shipping estimate requests from causing a locked order and showing strange errors to the user, including flashes of error text and incorrect shipping price totals in the summary. By disabling the radio input whenever a shipping service is selected, and re-enabling it when the request is complete, the scenario of obtaining an incorrect shipping price and thus being kicked back to shipping to re-select is no longer possible to trigger.

    ECOMMERCE-6692 Tom Scott

  • Prevent Disconnection Between Shipping Method Selection And Shipping Price

    Ensure order locking doesn't redirect the user to the /cart route, which is not protected by #with_order_lock, and can potentially cause a race condition in pricing.

    ECOMMERCE-6692 Tom Scott

  • Align admin index date filtering with report date filtering

    This commit does two things:

    • Aligns filtering behavior for user consistency
    • Fixes a bug with timezone-handling making inaccurate results

    ECOMMERCE-6713 Ben Crouse

  • Remove deprecations and clean up TODOs for v3.4 release

    Ben Crouse

  • Add service class for adding items to a cart

    • Add AddMultipleCartItems class
    • Add case insensitive finds to Product#find_by_sku

    ECOMMERCE-6688 Matt Duffy

  • Add User agent to order model

    Add the user agent to the order model for convenience.

    ECOMMERCE-6707 Jeff Yucis

  • Stop suppressing analytics calls for admin users

    This should better synchronize our Analytics and Insights efforts.

    ECOMMERCE-6726 Curt Howard

  • Fix email sent in unit tests

    This can result in failing unit tests due to dependencies for examples, emails rendering things from search indexes.

    ECOMMERCE-6727 Ben Crouse

  • Display Browsing Controls & Filters above Workflow Bar

    ECOMMERCE-6723 Curt Howard

  • Center browsing control filter dropdowns with respect to their trigger

    Allows more flexibility for use outside of the traditional browsing control UI.

    ECOMMERCE-6536 Curt Howard

  • Move low inventory report into reports section

    ECOMMERCE-6696 Matt Duffy

  • Add Breadcrumb trail to category Remote Select UIs

    ECOMMERCE-6710 Curt Howard

  • Update 'Development Environment' doc for Workarea 3.4

    ECOMMERCE-6693 Chris Cressman

  • Write "Add, Remove, or Change a Mongoid Validation" Guide

    Add guide explaining how to manipulate model validation, including detailed information on how to unvalidate data as well.

    ECOMMERCE-6695 Tom Scott

  • Fix Sidekiq autoconfig misconfiguring concurrency

    This is causing timeouts in background jobs because they're aren't enough connections available in the pool for the number of workers.

    ECOMMERCE-6715 Ben Crouse

  • Use search query gid for search via param, generate breadcrumbs from search

    ECOMMERCE-6697 Matt Duffy

  • Set reports params as HashWithIndifferentAccess to ensure key availability

    ECOMMERCE-6706 Matt Duffy

  • Trigger IndexSkus on touch of pricing or inventory

    Fixes issues around pricing where prices changing need to update the product index but were not.

    ECOMMERCE-6719 Matt Duffy

  • Fix issues around order status display

    Matt Duffy

  • Search Countries By Unofficial Name

    Using an address verification or geocoding service (like Bing maps) which doesn't conform to the ISO3166 standard of naming and referencing countries caused an error when the address came back to Workarea. This is due to the fact that these services can potentially use the "unofficial" name of the country, like in the case of "United States" (unofficial) vs "United States of America" (official). To resolve this, Workarea's Country.search_for method now looks through the list of unofficial names (case-insensitively) if no matches can be found in the official name, alpha2, or alpha3 shorthand codes.

    ECOMMERCE-6476 Tom Scott

  • Do not suppress analytics callbacks for admin in development environments

    In dev you're probably safe firing analytics callbacks for admin because you shouldn't have the production configuration for analytics services, otherwise a bigger concern would be firing non-admin events in dev.

    ECOMMERCE-6708 Jake Beresford

Workarea 3.4.0.beta.2 (2019-03-05)

  • Fix floating clear action within single Select 2 UIs

    ECOMMERCE-6704 Curt Howard

  • Conditionaly show placed at field at on admin order index page

    Conditionally showing the placed at field on the order index page allows non placed orders to be indexed into admin search and not throw an error on display

    ECOMMERCE-6705 Jeff Yucis

  • Don't set release when managing comments

    Commenting on a releasable while editing a release can cause the loss of release changes when a comment updates the subscribers of the commentable. Not setting release when adding comments prevents this.

    ECOMMERCE-6701 Matt Duffy

  • Mark store credit authorize transactions as purchase actions

    When managing orders, particularly refunds and cancellations, store credit would not be processed correctly since there is no capturing of store credit funds. Setting the authorization transaction as a purchase transaction allows orders with store credit to be canceled and refunded as expected

    ECOMMERCE-6689 Matt Duffy

  • Write "Add, Remove, Group, and Sort Storefront Search Filters" Guide

    This guide goes into depth on how to manipulate search filters for situations that surpass the abilities of the admin interface. In this guide, developers learn how to group filters together, add custom filter types, programmatically sort filters, and omit filters from display.

    ECOMMERCE-6494 Tom Scott

  • Prevent Editing when Sorting Content Blocks

    A nicer UX is to allow blocks to be sorted without the need of the Content Editing UI to open at the end of the process.

    ECOMMERCE-6691 Curt Howard

  • Further improve Dashboard, Index & Insight UIs

    ECOMMERCE-6681 Curt Howard

  • Fix Inability to Remove Navigable Association from Taxon Through the Admin

    When associating part of the taxonomy with a "navigable" page, category, or product, admins were not able to remove the association later on if they so chose. The Navigation::Taxon#navigable property would only be set if a navigable object was sent over in params, and this contrasts with how Select2 is implemented to send over a blank value when no selection is made. Workarea will now always set the navigable to the contents of the params.

    ECOMMERCE-6682 Tom Scott

  • Update font-url() Example in Email Template

    The current example for adding a font to emails uses Ruby interpolation to inject the URL to the font in CSS. However, Rails' out-of-box SCSS integration already includes a font-url() helper that will automatically load the Sprockets fingerprinted asset in production, and look through plugin and gem paths for the asset partial string.

    Discovered (and solved) by @keverham

    ECOMMERCE-6670 Tom Scott

  • Add insight for sales by navigation

    Ben Crouse

  • Ensure W3C Validation Compliance

    After upgrading the Storefront for a11y compliance we failed a few W3C validation checks. This work ensures adherence to accessibility and HTML validity best practices.

    ECOMMERCE-6633 Curt Howard

  • Add caching for reports

    Default is 1 hour, cache key includes the current hour. So report data will be refreshed at minimum on the hour, every hour.

    ECOMMERCE-6630 Ben Crouse

  • Make Tags Searchable For All Models

    Ensure that if a model can be tagged, it can be searched by that tag in admin. This is accomplished by returning the tags Array in the base Search::Admin#keywords method by default, rather than the empty Array that it was defined to return previously. Ensure all subclasses of Search::Admin that define a keywords method also call super, so this feature will be available to those models as well.

    Additionally, with this change Workarea now includes the in keywords, so searching for a BSON ID of any model that's indexed in admin search will return the model to you.

    ECOMMERCE-6678 ECOMMERCE-6677 Tom Scott

  • Expire Extra Admin Cookies

    The :analytics and :cache cookies were not being expired at the same time as :user_id, resulting in those cookies lingering around after an admin's session has expired. This causes errors when developers are testing things related to cache and analytics, because those cookies prevent the aforementioned functionality from succeeding. Workarea now expires these cookies at the same time as the user ID, rather than just when the session no longer exists.

    ECOMMERCE-6369 Tom Scott

  • Remove legacy analytics code

    All functionality from the Analytics module has been reimplemented in Metrics, Reports, and Insights so this is dead code now. This is code that isn't regularly decorated, so migration should be relatively straightforward.

    ECOMMERCE-6630 Ben Crouse

  • Switch status report mail to use new dashboards data

    ECOMMERCE-6630 Ben Crouse

  • Ensure String Values When Grouping Images without Options in the Option Thumbnails Template

    Typically, the Catalog::ProductImage#option value is a String, but it can be nil when images are uploaded programmatically, such as through the bulk upload or CSV import tools, or potentially through a custom data integration of some kind. Ensure that this image option is converted to a String in the Storefront::OptionThumbnailsViewModel#images_without_options method, so that the option_thumbnails product template works as expected.

    ECOMMERCE-6635 Tom Scott

  • Release verasion 3.0.52

    Curt Howard

  • Chunk product_grid items into rows of four in mailers

    ECOMMERCE-6642 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.4.0.beta.1 (2019-02-20)

  • Ensure admin pages touch auth cookies

    Because we aren't touching this in every access to current_user, we'll want to ensure this gets touched continuously while using the admin.

    ECOMMERCE-6453 Ben Crouse

  • Digest Pricing Cache Key Contents

    Convert the contents of a pricing cache key into a SHA1 digest so it's easier to read in the data.

    ECOMMERCE-6621 Tom Scott

  • Design improvements to dashboards

    Ben Crouse

  • Do better with Reports Dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-6641 Curt Howard

  • Clarify fulfillment state when fulfillment is not persisted

    • Adds Not Available status for fulfillment
    • Always show fulfillment card on orders#show

    ECOMMERCE-6680 Matt Duffy

  • Inform Admins Of Default Category Cache

    If an admin changes a product's calculated default category and goes to view the product immediately afterward, they will not see their changes reflected in the "Default Category" pane of the product's categorizations page. Add text to the help bubble explaining this behavior, since this data is cached at a very low level and cannot be changed for this admin page.

    ECOMMERCE-6653 Tom Scott

  • Force SSL In Deployed Environments

    Set config.force_ssl = true to enable HSTS and prevent non-secure clients from connecting to any deployed environment. Applies to all environment-specific configuration files in ./config/environments that are not typically run on a local developer machine, so "development" and "test" are omitted.

    ECOMMERCE-6632 Tom Scott

  • Return More Than 10 Results In Category Percolator

    When finding categories for a product, provide a :size parameter equal to the total count of all categories, so that any category on the system that matches the product by rules can be viewed on the product's admin page. Previously, since no :size param was applied, Elasticsearch defaulted to returning 10 results.

    Discovered (and solved) by @sstaub

    ECOMMERCE-5012 Tom Scott

  • Fix scroll position bug for pagination in iOS Chrome

    As it turns out, Chrome, in iOS, doesn't want to replace the state of a History object that does not yet exist. Who'da thunk?

    ECOMMERCE-6652 Curt Howard

  • Fix issue with loading bulk action results from query

    ECOMMERCE-6674 Matt Duffy

  • Add filter on searches report

    • view searches with results, without results, or all
    • remove SearchesWithoutResults report

    ECOMMERCE-6664 Matt Duffy

  • Expand ruby compatibility up to 2.6

    ECOMMERCE-6663 Matt Duffy

  • Hide Signup Form On Confirmation When Account Already Exists

    When a User's account can be found by the same email that a guest is checking out with, don't show the "Create Account" form on checkout confirmation since this will always lead to an error.

    ECOMMERCE-6507 Tom Scott

  • Use insights for top/trending in the admin

    ECOMMERCE-6665 Ben Crouse

  • Fixes malformed closing span tag

    ECOMMERCE-6673 Lucas Boyd

  • Add option to defer publishing in workflow

    ECOMMERCE-6661 Matt Duffy

  • Improve Transactional Email index UI

    ECOMMERCE-6660 Curt Howard

  • Replace Order.placed with basic scope

    This method is no longer used significantly, and the scope provides a clearer, more obvious purpose. Matt Duffy

  • Add more search insights

    ECOMMERCE-6629 Matt Duffy

  • Add search weekly metrics

    ECOMMERCE-6629 Matt Duffy

  • touch pricing sku when prices are saved

    Matt Duffy

  • Add a custom feature.js test append point

    ECOMMERCE-6643 Curt Howard

  • Add product-details__heading class for direct styling hook

    ECOMMERCE-6363 Curt Howard

  • Add Quick Range select to Date Selector UI

    ECOMMERCE-6344 Curt Howard

  • Add newest products insight

    ECOMMERCE-6628 Matt Duffy

  • Disable scrollToButton When Rendered Within Dialog

    The scrollToButton module automatically scrolls down the page towards the anchor that the href of the link was pointing to, but when this occurs within a dialog it can accidentally cause a scroll to the wrong element. This manifested itself when the reviews and quickview plugins were installed and the "Read Reviews" link was clicked while a product was being quick-viewed.

    ECOMMERCE-6510 Tom Scott

  • Fix Regression in Product Rule Inverse Relationships

    This was originally working in v3.3 and below, but for some reason in v3.4 the inverse_of: rules the product rules embedding macro got removed, causing issues in the tests when a previous ticket was merged up.

    ECOMMERCE-6650 Tom Scott

  • Prevent IndexPaymentTransactions from indexing unplaced orders

    ECOMMERCE-6649 Matt Duffy

  • Use metrics in navigation tracking

    ECOMMERCE-6630 Ben Crouse

  • Create insights generation rake task

    This task will loop through all orders and create the matching metrics. It will then use those metrics to generate insights for the past 4 weeks.

    ECOMMERCE-6630 Ben Crouse

  • Add permissions for reports

    ECOMMERCE-6637 Ben Crouse

  • Integrate new insights into the insights content block

    ECOMMERCE-6630 Ben Crouse

  • add mongoid client configuration class, add client for metrics

    ECOMMERCE-6563 Matt Duffy

  • Update Mini-Insight Card UI

    ECOMMERCE-6555 Curt Howard

  • Design Insight UI

    ECOMMERCE-6555 Curt Howard

  • Only Link Primary Navigation For Navigable Taxons

    Taxons that are not navigable cannot be rendered with a #link_to, because the href argument passed into the helper is nil and Rails is converting that to the URL of the current page, making it appear as though the link is pointing to the wrong place. Use <span> tags with the same .primary-nav__link classes as the primary nav links in place of <a> tags so these items are not clickable, but can be styled the same as regular links.

    ECOMMERCE-6556 Tom Scott

  • Update seeds for new insights

    ECOMMERCE-6630 Ben Crouse

  • Move data tracking into Metrics namespace

    ECOMMERCE-6630 Ben Crouse

  • Add date range selection to dashboards

    ECOMMERCE-6613 Ben Crouse

  • Integrate new insights throughout admin

    ECOMMERCE-6613 Ben Crouse

  • Add and adjust append points for storefront orders

    Matt Duffy

  • Add validation to product image direct uploads

    • Validate presence of product
    • Validate correct filename format
    • Output relevant errors in UI

    ECOMMERCE-6608 Curt Howard

  • Remove CleanUniqueJobs Worker

    In sidekiq-unique-jobs v6, the Util.expire method was removed because it's no longer necessary. The worker that we used to periodically call this method is no longer necessary, so it's been removed from Workarea v3.4.

    ECOMMERCE-6623 Tom Scott

  • Redesign search insights card

    ECOMMERCE-6613 Ben Crouse

  • Integrate insights data into product sorting

    ECOMMERCE-6618 Ben Crouse

  • Integrate insights tracking to the storefront

    ECOMMERCE-6618 Ben Crouse

  • Add via tracking to order items

    This will allow reporting on categories and searches to reflect orders and traffic actually going through those pages.

    ECOMMERCE-6618 Ben Crouse

  • Improve New Search Customization flow

    ECOMMERCE-6530 Curt Howard

  • Remove placeholders from index

    ECOMMERCE-6615 Curt Howard

  • Add default factory configuration to Workarea::Configuration.config directly

    plugins, like multi-site, can define the Workarea.config method, which causes the factory defaults configuration to apply only to a single site. This breaks tests that add new sites and try to use factories since that configuration does not exist. Modifying the configuration object directly ensures the factory defaults apply globally.

    ECOMMERCE-6619 Matt Duffy

  • Added the ability to display the selected starting taxon in taxonomy content blocks.

    Offers greater control over the structure of navigation menus by allowing the admin user control over whether the selected starting taxon should be displayed within a taxonomy content block.

    • Supports placeholder taxons as starting node
    • For starting taxons with no children, boolean determines style of taxon displayed

    ECOMMERCE-6562 Jake Beresford

  • Redesign discounts insights

    ECOMMERCE-6613 Ben Crouse

  • Redesign customer insights card

    ECOMMERCE-6613 Ben Crouse

  • Redesign category insight page

    ECOMMERCE-6613 Ben Crouse

  • Redesign product insights page

    ECOMMERCE-6613 Ben Crouse

  • Configure Logstasher with Environment Variable

    Logstasher will automatically configure when the $WORKAREA_LOGSTASH environment variable is set. Previously, this would happen when the Rails.env was not development or test, but this caused issues on environments which are not deployed on Kubernetes, like demos for new prospective clients and testing environments for the product development team.

    ECOMMERCE-6606 Tom Scott

  • Improve Settings Dashboard UI

    ECOMMERCE-6532 Curt Howard

  • Remove unnecessary titleization from price adjustment descriptions

    ECOMMERCE-6596 Curt Howard

  • Update graphs throughout admin to use Chartkick

    Also sets up styling for charts admin-wide.

    ECOMMERCE-6590 Ben Crouse

  • Remove now-unused JS from manifests

    We're leaving these files to make it easier on upgrades to v3.4.

    ECOMMERCE-6590 Ben Crouse

  • Add graphs to marketing dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-6590 Ben Crouse

  • Add graphs to search dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-6590 Ben Crouse

  • Add graphs to people dashbaord

    ECOMMERCE-6590 Ben Crouse

  • Add graph cards to orders dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-6590 Ben Crouse

  • Add graph cards to main dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-6590 Ben Crouse

  • Create insights-based dashboards

    ECOMMERCE-6590 Ben Crouse

  • Improve Direct Upload UI Failure State

    • Order failures in table before successful uploads
    • Scroll user to the top of the UI for review on completion

    ECOMMERCE-6609 Curt Howard

  • Add thresholds to Direct Upload UI

    ECOMMERCE-6610 Curt Howard

  • Fallback to sorting product images by most recently updated

    If an image is uploaded with the same position (through direct uploads or API), fallback to sorting by most recent, as this is most likely the intent of the merchandiser.

    ECOMMERCE-6265 Ben Crouse

  • Add og:image:secure_url

    ECOMMERCE-6407 Curt Howard

  • Hide Puma Startup Output In Capybara Tests

    Add the :Silent flag to the Capybara server configuration in Workarea::SystemTest so that startup output from Puma is hidden. This decreases noise in the test output so when viewing logs, or when running system tests, your success/failure messages are easier to see.

    ECOMMERCE-6577 Tom Scott

  • Center browsing control filter dropdowns with respect to their trigger

    Allows more flexibility for use outside of the traditional browsing control UI.

    ECOMMERCE-6536 Curt Howard

  • Add most discount given insight

    ECOMMERCE-6569 Ben Crouse

  • Add top discounts insight

    ECOMMERCE-6569 Ben Crouse

  • Add popular searches without results insight

    ECOMMERCE-6569 Ben Crouse

  • Add release reminder insight

    ECOMMERCE-6569 Ben Crouse

  • Add upcoming releases insight

    ECOMMERCE-6569 Ben Crouse

  • Add trending products insight

    ECOMMERCE-6569 Ben Crouse

  • Add popular searches insight

    ECOMMERCE-6569 Ben Crouse

  • Add customer acquisition insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add top categories insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add top products insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add products purchased together insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add repeat purchase rate insight

    ECOMMERCE-6569 Ben Crouse

  • Include Product as a 'links to' target for Taxons.

    ECOMMERCE-6557 Mark Platt

  • Use docker for testing dependencies in CI scripts

    This will allow us to control versions much more easily.

    ECOMMERCE-6566 Ben Crouse

  • Add low AOV customers insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add customers at risk insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Prevent non-admin users from modifying carts with pricing overrides

    ECOMMERCE-6552 Matt Duffy

  • Set unit prices explicity for order pricing overrides

    Rather than defining adjustment amounts for items, admin define the desired price for items.

    ECOMMERCE-6552 Matt Duffy

  • Add order price overriding from OMS

    ECOMMERCE-6552 Matt Duffy

  • Send Status Report Email To Multiple Recipients

    Previously each status report email was calculated and delivered explicitly for each admin on the site. This is a potentially expensive operation, so the report mailer has been altered to accept an array of emails and send one email using Bcc: for all addresses at the same time.

    ECOMMERCE-5683 Tom Scott

  • Allow reordering on multiple-choice remote selects in admin

    ECOMMERCE-6522 Curt Howard

  • Add best full price customers insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add best customers insights

    Along with framework for daily/monthly insight generation

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add cold products insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add hot products insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add most discounted products insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add non-sellers insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add promising products insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add insights seeds

    Use product sales data from an actual live site (anonymized)

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add star products insight

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add basic rendering of insights

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Add products to improve insight generation

    ECOMMERCE-6514 Ben Crouse

  • Don't do unneeded ES updates when cleaning orders

    This is crufty code from when we were indexing all order statuses into the admin. Now that we only index placed orders, these are just wasteful calls to ES.

    ECOMMERCE-6549 Ben Crouse

  • Add Class For Inventory Status on Product Detail

    Instead of reusing the .value__note class for the inventory status on the product detail page, create a special .product-details__inventory-status so this element is easier to style. Retains the display: block setting from .value__note by way of the fact that it is now being rendered as a <p> tag.

    ECOMMERCE-6469 Tom Scott

  • Allow direct asset uploading from within content blocks

    ECOMMERCE-6534 Curt Howard

  • Fix scoping bug in WORKAREA.directUploads

    ECOMMERCE-6534 Curt Howard

  • Prevent double click requirement for search autocomplete on touch devices

    The mouseenter event triggers a hover state on mobile devices, by unbinding this event listener in jquery UI autocomplete#open we can treat the touch event as a click, meaning the user no longer has to double click search autocomplete results to follow the link.

    ECOMMERCE-6511 Jake Beresford

  • Allow flexibility in skipping appends

    ECOMMERCE-6445 Curt Howard

  • Force Dragonfly attachments to be private

    ECOMMERCE-6520 Curt Howard

  • Improve favicons feature

    • Indicate which assets are tagged as Favicon in the admin
    • Fall back to a favicon placeholder if none are present

    ECOMMERCE-6435 Curt Howard

  • Add the correct path for serviceworkers to precompile

    ECOMMERCE-6390 Curt Howard

  • Fix admin analytics system tests

    ECOMMERCE-6493 Matt Duffy

  • Add searches report

    ECOMMERCE-6501 Ben Crouse

  • Add searches without results report

    ECOMMERCE-6500 Ben Crouse

  • Add append point in product pricing partial

    Matt Duffy

  • Add each_by for Elasticsearch queries

    This should be used for feed generation or other bulk operations based on Elasticsearch queries.

    It's highly recommended to use Elasticsearch for feeds!

    ECOMMERCE-6446 Ben Crouse

  • Add first-time vs returning sales report

    ECOMMERCE-6499 Ben Crouse

  • Add average order value report

    ECOMMERCE-6495 Ben Crouse

  • Add sales by categories report

    ECOMMERCE-6479 Ben Crouse

  • Add sales by country report

    ECOMMERCE-6478 Ben Crouse

  • Improve Direct Uploads UI

    • Disallow processing more than one batch at a time
    • Disallow navigating away from Direct Upload while processing
    • Improve UI & UX
    • Add Style Guide

    ECOMMERCE-6424 Curt Howard

  • Add one time customers report

    ECOMMERCE-6475 Ben Crouse

  • Add returning customers report

    ECOMMERCE-6475 Ben Crouse

  • Add sales by discount report

    ECOMMERCE-6474 Ben Crouse

  • Add sales by traffic referrer report

    ECOMMERCE-6459 Ben Crouse

  • Add sales by SKU report

    ECOMMERCE-6458 Ben Crouse

  • Add sales over time report

    ECOMMERCE-6457 Ben Crouse

  • Move default configuration out of app template, into gems

    This allows us to more easily rollout changes to configuration, since we won't have to coordinate many repos making changes.

    ECOMMERCE-6452 Ben Crouse

  • Add css classes to checkout payment methods

    Matt Duffy

  • Remove defining of #respond_to? in favor of #respond_to_missing?

    ECOMMERCE-6461 Matt Duffy

  • Update implementation of breakPoints.currentlyLess than to return false if argument is not a breakpoint

    This change makes the API of breakPoints more predictable. Previously if the argument was not a breakpoint name, or was some unexpected data type (like undefined) the module would return true.

    ECOMMERCE-6425 Jake Beresford

  • Allow OpenGraph image override for Contentable models

    Categories, Searches, Pages & the Home Page allow for an asset to be chosen as the OpenGraph image.

    ECOMMERCE-6407 Curt Howard

  • Provide support for Progressive Web Applications

    ECOMMERCE-6390 ECOMMERCE-6392 ECOMMERCE-6437 Curt Howard

  • Fix some issues with HTTP caching

    In investigation of adding a check for safe HTTP caching, I uncovered some issues with our current handling of some things.

    The initial safety-check for HTTP turned up some behavior that was difficult to work around, so that is on the backburner for now.

    ECOMMERCE-6453 Ben Crouse

  • Add a default meta_description fallback if one is not present

    ECOMMERCE-6396 Curt Howard

  • Add a configurable default meta description as a fallback

    ECOMMERCE-6396 Curt Howard

  • Add reports infrastructure and sales by product report

    This establishes a baseline for further reporting

    ECOMMERCE-6322 Ben Crouse

  • Adds a new generator for creating JS adapters

    • Update name of 'context' option to 'engine' in js_module generator

    ECOMMERCE-6430 Jake Beresford

  • Add helper methods to Shipping::Sku

    Update Shipping::Sku dimensions to match ActiveShipping::Package dimensions

    ECOMMERCE-6109 Eric Pigeon

  • Add Direct Uploads for Assets and Product Images

    This feature replaces the previous Dropzone.js-based bulk image uploader with a custom solution that allows Assets and Product Images to be uploaded directly to S3 from the Admin.

    ECOMMERCE-5853 ECOMMERCE-6265 Ben Crouse

  • Add managed Puma config

    This will allow us to rollout Puma config changes in patch releases, minors, etc without needing everyone to update their apps.

    ECOMMERCE-6413 Ben Crouse

  • Add managed Puma config

    This will allow us to rollout Puma config changes in patch releases, minors, etc without needing everyone to update their apps.

    ECOMMERCE-6413 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up product index to use same placeholder image as everywhere else

    (minor) Ben Crouse

  • Add search analyze

    This feature is mostly focused on helping developers debug and understand what's going on when a retailer is confused by search behavior.

    ECOMMERCE-6246 Ben Crouse

  • Add yard to Fulfillment ship_items and cancel_items

    ECOMMERCE-6270 Eric Pigeon

  • Move factory method default attributes to configuration

    ECOMMERCE-6382 Matt Duffy

  • Align prices table columns across index, edit, and new templates.

    (minor) Matt Duffy

  • Set cookie for traffic referrer, set referrer on order

    ECOMMERCE-6342 Matt Duffy

  • Adds optional note and tooltip attributes to all Content::Field types

    The addition of 'note' and 'tooltip' attributes to content fields allows the developer to provide further information to admin users about the intent of a field within a block type. This may be used to provide recommended asset sizes, explain how to use a complex field, or remind why alt text is important.

    ECOMMERCE-6371 Jake Beresford

  • Upgrade Sidekiq to latest minor version

    Some worthwhile improvements in the CHANGELOG.

    ECOMMERCE-6377 Ben Crouse

  • Upgrade sidekiq-unique-jobs

    v5 had some significant problems, and v6 is much improved. The owner posting this message made me want to do this:

    ECOMMERCE-6377 Ben Crouse

  • Add MailInterceptor to limit outgoing emails

    The MailInterceptor utilizes the "send_email" config, which now defaults to a lambda which limits outgoing email to admin users in the qa and staging environments. The config still also supports a boolean value.

    ECOMMERCE-6359 gharnly

  • Vendor mongoid-simple-tags

    This gem is no longer maintained, so we're vendoring it in the same freedom patches file as the .all_tags monkey-patch that was made a few years prior to now. As a result, Workarea applications can use v2.0 of the json gem, which implements the newer RFC 7159 specification of the JSON standard. Using this newer specification allows other top-level objects like nil instead of throwing an error when an Array or Hash is not passed into JSON.generate.

    ECOMMERCE-6308 Tom Scott

  • Update app_template.rb to provide common configuration for projects

    ECOMMERCE-6317 Matt Duffy

  • Improve markup and styles for recommended products

    • Added a new Sass component for recommendations
    • Updated markup accross all instances of recommendations in the storefront touse new component
    • Added a styleguide component for recommendations

    ECOMMERCE-6324 Jake Beresford

  • Clean aXe in-browser plugin logs

    • Inject role='presentation' into iframe embed codes
    • Add aria labels to Social Networks content blocks
    • Clean up misc offenses in home page sample data
    • Fix issues with jQuery Dialog
    • Fix empty H1 on User's Order summary
    • Fix issues with Back To Top button
    • Add Aria labelledby attributes to option thumbnail inputs
    • Add Aria labelledby attribute to cart item quantity
    • Add a visually hidden label to phone extension field
    • Add proper aria landmarks to UIs appended to body
    • Make aria roles on option thumbnails template unique

    ECOMMERCE-6272 Curt Howard

  • Update login test to click actual logout link

    ECOMMERCE-6288 Curt Howard

  • Sort SVG Icons By Filename in Style Guide

    The order that SVG icons appeared in the storefront and admin style guides was dependent on which order the plugin gems loaded, because there was no alphanumeric sort being applied after all icon path names were consolidated together. Workarea now sorts the #style_guide_icons helper method by each icon's filename, ensuring that the icons are no longer re-sorted based on whether a plugin or app overrode any.

    ECOMMERCE-6307 Tom Scott

  • Add trending/top icons for categories and discounts, refactor helpers

    ECOMMERCE-6273 Matt Duffy

  • Add top and trending icons to select2 results for products

    ECOMMERCE-6273 Matt Duffy

  • Patch ActionView::PathResolver to improve view path resolution performance

    ECOMMERCE-6298 Matt Duffy

  • Add production exclusion product rules, add product rules to search customizations

    ECOMMERCE-6248 Matt Duffy

  • Update code list views to align with other show pages

    ECOMMERCE-6283 Matt Duffy

  • Include the entire aside within the Mobile Filters UI

    ECOMMERCE-6255 Curt Howard

  • Allow admins to edit code list name and expiration date

    ECOMMERCE-6251 Matt Duffy

  • Improve Release Select UI

    • Fix width of Release Select UI without truncation
    • Dynamically add full release name to Release Select UI title attr

    ECOMMERCE-6244 Curt Howard

  • Mark Individual Prices Within a SKU As On-Sale

    Pricing SKUs have an #on_sale flag that determines whether to use the Pricing::Price#sale field or the Pricing::Price#regular field when pricing a given item. However, this determination can only be made on a SKU level, and not within individual price tiers. To do that, Workarea 3.4 introduces the Pricing::Price#on_sale field, which takes on the value of the parent Pricing::Sku#on_sale if it's not set explicitly on the price.

    ECOMMERCE-6118 Tom Scott

  • Search By Variant Name in "Jump-To" Autocomplete

    Allow admins to search for a variant's display name in order to retrieve product results. This works similarly to searching for a product by name in the Jump-To.

    ECOMMERCE-6234 Tom Scott

  • Add icons for top and trending products

    • Show icons on product index next to matching products
    • Show icon on insight card on product show page

    ECOMMERCE-6237 Matt Duffy

  • Update plugin_template

    Added require 'workarea/plugin_name' to the engine file for new plugins, this allows generators to be executed from the context of a plugin. Also removed the temporary stash paths for workarea and workarea-ci as the CI gem is now released.

    ECOMMERCE-6194 Jake Beresford

  • Add the ability to exclude categories and/or products from discounts

    ECOMMERCE-6214 Matt Duffy

  • Fix reference to secret key base that might not be there anymore

    Rails 5.2 switches to config/credentials.yml.enc

    ECOMMERCE-5574 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up discount rules UI

    ECOMMERCE-6214 Matt Duffy

  • Remove now-uneeded hacks for routes in integration tests

    These hacks can be safely removed.

    ECOMMERCE-5574 Ben Crouse

  • Upgrade to Rails 5.2

    This commit also introduces vendoring the active_shipping gem, because it has been abandoned and the current work in that repo to support Rails 5.2 has not been released as a gem. In addition, the latest in the active_shipping repo removes the UPS gateway due to a request from UPS. I have re-added that here, so as to continuing to support UPS out of the box.

    ECOMMERCE-5574 Ben Crouse

  • Bump workarea version

    Curt Howard

  • Add view status of comments per user

    • Track which users have viewed comment
    • Change icon on index pages depending on whether user has viewed all comments

    ECOMMERCE-6155 Matt Duffy

    • Use ID to select primary navigation

    ECOMMERCE-6186 Jake Beresford

  • Update implementation to remove hover state when another nav item is touched, or the user touches outside of the primary nav

    ECOMMERCE-6186 Jake Beresford

  • Add support for touch events in the primary nav

    Allows large touchscreen devices like MS Surface or iPad Pro to access primary navigation dropdowns.

    • Touch events have the same functionality as hover
    • User is able to follow primary navigation link by touching a primary nav item twice

    ECOMMERCE-6186 Jake Beresford

  • Add alert next to admin link to model when model is inactive

    ECOMMERCE-6156 Matt Duffy

  • Implement conditional link to block helpers

    • Adds 2 new view helper methods to conditionally wrap a haml block in a link if a condition is met

    ECOMMERCE-6159 Jake Beresford

Workarea 3.3.11 (2018-10-16)

  • Prefer Most Specific Tax Rate When All Parameters Are Given

    Providing a country and region to Tax::Category.find_rate when there are rates that exist on the postal code level would previously return those more specific postal code rates instead of the "general" Tax::Rate for the state. Workarea now ensures that the :postal_code on the rate is blank when a postal code is not given to the .find_rate method.


    Discovered by Devan Hurst. Tom Scott

  • Add the content area ID to the draft block when editing content.

    ECOMMERCE-6383 Jake Beresford

  • Ensure Redirect Path is Encoded Before Persisting

    The Navigation::Redirect#sanitize_path callback could potentially throw a URI::InvalidURIError if the given path is not valid. Workarea now checks if the argument passed in is URI-encoded, according to the specifications of RFC 2396. If it has not already been encoded, Navigation::Redirect.sanitize_path will call URI.encode to make sure that an error won't be thrown when parsing as a URI.

    ECOMMERCE-6329 Tom Scott

  • Improve #wait_for_xhr error in system tests

    Check for the presence of JavaScript errors after the timeout in #wait_for_xhr and output a more helpful error message incase an xhr callback is raising an error

    ECOMMERCE-6368 Eric Pigeon

Workarea 3.3.10 (2018-10-08)

  • Fix Dragonfly config forced to file system after bad merge

    Discovered by Matt Martyn, we believe this is from a bad merge related to the scheduled jobs cleaning patch.

    ECOMMERCE-6370 Ben Crouse

  • Update test to pass under mongo 3.6, 4.0

    Under mongo 3.6 and 4.0 the default order of the related documents changed so the test needs to grab specific records rather than rely on array indexing

    ECOMMERCE-6358 gharnly

  • Add Change the Storefront Search Filters UI guide

    ECOMMERCE-6293 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.3.9 (2018-10-03)

  • Fix unstable cart items system test

    This was failing intermittently, more reliably for some people than others. The failure was related to waiting for XHR, but the functionality in question had nothing to do with that, so go for the full page load. Ben Crouse

  • Fix search suggestions with same query ID

    ECOMMERCE-6362 Ben Crouse

  • Fix docker initializer to get tests passing

    The WebConsole gem is only loaded in the development environment. As such modifying its configuration should also only happen in dev.

    ECOMMERCE-6360 gharnly

  • Add workarea new to CLI documentation

    This describes the workarea new {app|plugin|theme} command which allows users of the CLI to generate applications, plugins, or themes for any combination of Ruby version and Workarea version. Tom Scott

  • Fix admin taxonomy system test

    This wasn't reliable, make sure XHR is complete before checking in a Capybara scope.

    ECOMMERCE-6301 Ben Crouse

  • Sort Product Images In Option Set Templates

    The option_selects and option_thumbnails product templates will now respect the :position field, and sort by that value before filtering out images based on the selected SKU or primary image.

    ECOMMERCE-6326 Tom Scott

  • Import & format Hosting Documentation to docs

    ECOMMERCE-6319 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.3.8 (2018-09-19)

  • Disable Request Throttling When Logged In As Admin

    Logged-in admin users are no longer bound by the Rack::Attack rules for abusive clients. Add a safelist rule that checks whether the :admin cookie is present and true. If so, the request is "safelisted", meaning any other rule (like blocklist or fail2ban) is ignored.

    ECOMMERCE-6318 Tom Scott

  • Selectively replace 'WebLinc' with 'Workarea' in old docs

    Replace references to 'WebLinc' the software with 'Workarea'. Retain references to 'WebLinc' the company.

    ECOMMERCE-6331 Chris Cressman

  • Update admin navigation to correctly style additional navigation sections

    • Prevents blog navigation section being 100% width when installed

    ECOMMERCE-6330 Jake Beresford

  • Add a custom 404 page to docs

    ECOMMERCE-6313 Curt Howard

  • Add Article Navigation UI to Documentation Articles

    ECOMMERCE-6323 Curt Howard

  • Add Quick Link UI to Documentation Headings

    ECOMMERCE-6327 Curt Howard

  • Improve readability of Developer doc articles

    • Stop the madness with fancy-box text overflow
    • Improve article positioning & gutters
    • Improve styling of tables
    • Setup and configure highlight.js
    • Visually distinguish images and code blocks

    ECOMMERCE-3620 Curt Howard

  • Remove Reverted Commits From Changelog

    Manually removes reverted commits that exist in the CHANGELOG, and fix the workarea:changelog Rake task to match on the subject rather than the body of the commit so that reverts don't appear in the changelog in the future.

    ECOMMERCE-6121 Tom Scott

  • Fix issues with Order::Item#current_unit_price with some discounts

    The BuySomeGetSome discount type can cause issues with calculating unit price at the price adjustment level. To alleviate these issues, unit price for an item is calculated as the sum of all price adjustments divided by the item's quantity, instead of each price adjustment calculating its own unit price and adding them up. This allows the calculation of other discount values to be accurate if the BuySomeGetSome discount discounts the amount of an entire unit.

    ECOMMERCE-6242 Matt Duffy

  • Update gems

    Curt Howard

  • Internationalize Price Range Facets Text

    Add translations for the "Over" and "Under" text in price range facets, named workarea.facets.price_range.over and workarea.facets.price_range.under, respectively. This is the text that appears in price range filters on the storefront.

    ECOMMERCE-6292 Tom Scott

  • Add StringId to allow collections with a mix of string and bson object ids

    ECOMMERCE-6241 Matt Duffy

  • Allow Spaces in Product Filter Pattern Validation

    Filters cannot have the "Type" property associated with them, so Workarea has a browser-based pattern validation ensuring the filter name is never "Type" or "type". This regular expression had the unintentional effect of blocking spaces in new filter names through the admin, resulting in some confusion. Add to the regex in order to allow it to support spaces before or after the word "Type" is detected (or at all).

    ECOMMERCE-6163 Tom Scott

  • Allow Changing Taxonomy Slugs in Workflow

    Workarea now ensures that taxonomy changes occur outside the context of a release, in order to address a validation error that occurs when an admin attempts to add a new taxon in the middle of the taxonomy tree.

    ECOMMERCE-6184 Tom Scott

  • Add "Sort and Exclude Product Options" Guide

    This guide details how an implementer might manipulate the sorting and exclusion of product options.

    ECOMMERCE-6284 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.3.7 (2018-09-05)

  • Add CLI link to docs

    Also use flexbox to better control main fancyboxes

    ECOMMERCE-6279 Curt Howard

  • Iterate Over Missing Dead Jobs and Remove Them

    Prevent sidekiq-cron jobs which no longer exist from being enqueued by removing them out of Redis on the app's after_initialize callback.

    ECOMMERCE-2367 Tom Scott

  • Ensure order locking happens before inventory check

    This should prevent concurrency issues where inventory causes items to be removed from the order while it's being placed.

    ECOMMERCE-6300 Ben Crouse

  • Allow mailer previews from plugins and applications to be loaded

    Load all mailer previews at the same time to fix issues with loading previews from a host application while still allowing plugin previes to be decorated.

    ECOMMERCE-6299 Matt Duffy

  • Add Guide for Custom Product Templates

    Add the "Add, Remove, or Change a Custom Product Template" guide which replaces the "Create a Custom Product Template" guide. This expands the documentation around custom product templates, including more information about each step to do it manually, as well as documentation around changing and removing existing templates.

    ECOMMERCE-6267 Tom Scott

  • Specify Format in Remote Select URL for Product List Content Block

    ECOMMERCE-6271 Tom Scott

  • Fix Overriding SVG Icons in Style Guide

    SVG icons could not be overridden in the style guides, instead, the icon would just be appended to the end of the list. Update the #style_guide_icons helper to ensure only 1 of each filename exists, so icons will appear to override each other in the style guide. Additionally, instead of filtering icon paths by their "engine slug" (e.g. "storefront", "admin"), just use the '*' wildcard, because it made the whole thing impossible to test.

    ECOMMERCE-6183 Tom Scott

  • Fix option selects when there isn't a matching variant

    ECOMMERCE-6297 Ben Crouse

  • Collect All Payment Methods into ARIA Radiogroup

    The ARIA role="radiogroup" is meant to encapsulate all radio buttons on a page, and we were separating these radio buttons by saved cards and new cards. Set the role of the .checkout-payment__primary-method-group element and remove the extra div elements added to the page during the WCAG audit.

    ECOMMERCE-6144 Tom Scott

  • Fix creating invalid search customizations

    Somehow this happened in URBN, it's an easy fix.

    ECOMMERCE-6289 Ben Crouse

  • Add proper link class to Result Filters UI

    ECOMMERCE-6249 Curt Howard

  • Fix arrows

    Curt Howard

  • Fix Payment Method Selection in Checkout

    When switching between a New Credit Card and Saved Credit Card in the payment step of checkout, the fields for the New Credit Card were still being validated (and displayed) even though they were no longer selected. The JS code that is supposed to select all the other payment methods on the page and visually un-select them was only targeting siblings of the current payment method, which as of v3.3.1, v3.0.35, v3.1.21, and v3.2.10, are now wrapped in a <div aria-role="radiogroup">, and therefore are no longer siblings of the selected item. Change the way we're targeting the elements for selection/un-selection on the page from sibling-based to top-down, using the top-level <form> element as a "root" to find all other payment methods, and the event.currentTarget to find the "current" element that is being selected.

    ECOMMERCE-6224 Tom Scott

  • Fix Redirection When Editing Content

    When editing content for a given Contentable model, like navigation, the return_to param was not being passed between the content block type chooser form and the actual content block editor form. Additionally, this param was not being passed on the delete action, causing post-action redirects from these locations to result in the default, which goes to the content model itself and loses track of the object that content is being edited for. Ensure that the return_to param is being passed to these locations so that all actions redirect back to the content editor form from which one came.

    ECOMMERCE-5826 Tom Scott

  • Tighten up search result items

    Curt Howard

  • Link to v2 docs properly

    Curt Howard

  • Extend link to text next to logo

    Curt Howard

  • Update external facing links

    Curt Howard

  • Fix weird blue bar at bottom of search

    Curt Howard

  • Add releases layout

    Curt Howard

  • Fix up box layout on landing page

    Curt Howard

  • Switch Fancy Box UI to contain links instead of being one

    Curt Howard

  • Constrain images to the maximum width of their container

    Curt Howard

  • Make the left nav arrows work like MacOS Finder

    Curt Howard

  • Reduce h2-h6 sizes within articles

    Curt Howard

Workarea 3.3.6 (2018-08-21)

  • Handle missing Geocoder data when bogus IP is given

    In certain environments (like Docker), IP addresses are not guaranteed to be valid, thus a Geocoder response has the potential of returning invalid data for the Geolocation#coordinates method. Update this method to call #compact on the Array it returns, causing it to be empty in the case that an invalid IP address is geocoded.

    ECOMMERCE-6233 Tom Scott

  • Add "Change Product Placeholder Image" Guide

    This guide instructs implementers of the Workarea platform on how to change the product placeholder image from the default provided by the platform, or even a theme. It also mentions how to configure the product placeholder filename, which by default is product_placeholder.jpg, that is used to look up a placeholder from the asset pipeline.

    ECOMMERCE-6225 Tom Scott

  • Fix product_image_url not being absolute when asset host is a proc

    Discovered on URBN, this is a bug when asset host is a proc. This is a situation we must handle after using one in multi site to provide automatic asset host management.

    ECOMMERCE-6239 Ben Crouse

  • Preview Future Navigation Menu Changes

    Changes to the navigation menu order (and activity) are now visible when previewing a future release. To achieve this, the #navigation_menus helper sorts the collection returned from the database by its #position, which (unlike a bare DB query) is affected by the release changes.

    ECOMMERCE-6219 Tom Scott

  • Clean up a few minor issues in the "Testing" document

    Chris Cressman

  • Update Testing Guide for v3.3

    • Document changing configuration for the duration of a test
    • Document setting a locale for the duration of a test
    • Document time manipulation within a test using ActiveSupport's travel_to (thanks @fbongiovanni)
    • Note that a decorator path cannot be passed as an argument to a test runner, and provide an example for how to run tests in isolation that are located within .decorator files. (thanks @khenson)
    • Explain quote usage throughout the document (thanks @khenson)

    ECOMMERCE-6130 Tom Scott

  • Add documentation for running sidekiq locally

    ECOMMERCE-6201 Matt Duffy

  • Add unique indexes for uniqueness-validated fields

    There are a number of places, namely Catalog::Category, Content::Email, and Navigation::Taxon, that were missing unique indexes and thus resulted in a full table scan upon validation. In most cases this is inconsequential to page load times, but in larger deployments this scan can pose a problem when attempting to save these items from the admin. Therefore, we've added unique indexes to all fields that are validated for uniqueness out of the box, in order to mitigate this problem on future deployments. We still stress that fields that you have decorated to validate uniqueness should also have unique indexes associated with them in the database.

    ECOMMERCE-6119 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.3.5 (2018-08-07)

  • Fix ImageCollection when product image option is nil

    ECOMMERCE-6231 Ben Crouse

  • Fix sending admin status emails to non-admins

    This can happen is admin permissions are only partially removed. Reported by hosting team.

    ECOMMERCE-6230 Ben Crouse

  • Fix issues with rack attack throttles

    ECOMMERCE-6229 Matt Duffy

  • Update documentation tree and home page links

    Chris Cressman

  • Remove docs that found their way back to life

    Chris Cressman

  • Prevent event propagation on optional field reveal

    Event propagation was causing unexpected behaviour with optional fields within drawers, causing the drawer to close when the prompt is removed. Preventing propagation allows this module to work in the context of a drawer.

    ECOMMERCE-6228 Jake Beresford

  • Style Workarea Documentation

    WHB-92 Curt Howard

  • Autocomplete product by ID and SKUs

    This regression was introduced in v3.2.0 when we removed the product's ID from the #search_text to improve matching. That field is full-text analyzed, and was causing incorrect matches to occur when performing an admin search, but as a result of its removal, the "jump to" autocomplete would no longer match on product ID or SKUs. We've added these data points into the #jump_to_search_text field, which is not analyzed as fulltext, so that products can be matched by ID or SKUs in the jump-to autocomplete.

    ECOMMERCE-6187 Tom Scott

  • Adjust wysiwyg to use correct method for preserving link targets.

    {{preserve}} was added in our customization of WYSIHTML5, and when the editor was updated to WYSIHTML, we did not adjust this reference. The new method that does this same thing is named {{any}}.

    ECOMMERCE-6198 Kristin Henson

  • Add custom renderer to add ids to all headers for linking

    ECOMMERCE-6200 Matt Duffy

  • Only send refund emails for non-zero amounts

    When an order for $0.00 is refunded, we were sending a transactional email indicatin that the order had been refunded. The core system no longer does this, instead refraining to deliver the email if the refund amount is $0.00.

    ECOMMERCE-6196 Tom Scott

  • Fix error on display of email content updates

    When email content updates were displayed in the activity feed, a syntax error was thrown due to a lack of parenthesis at the else end of a ternary statement in Haml. Once this error was resolved, however, a new error would be thrown stating that Content::Email#name was not a method. Define this method as the titleized version of Content::Email#type in order to view the activity feed for email content properly in admin.

    ECOMMERCE-6190 Tom Scott

  • Update workers documentation

    ECOMMERCE-6173 Matt Duffy

  • Move storefront.cart_show append point above recommendations/recently viewed

    Matt Duffy

  • Fix CSV Dragonfly importing for embedded documents

    The original commit did not fix the reported issues, this completes the job.

    ECOMMERCE-6164 Ben Crouse

  • Set asset host from an ENV variable

    Requested by the hosting team, this will make project configuration easier.

    ECOMMERCE-6188 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.3.4 (2018-07-24)

  • Fix payment profiles created before they are needed in checkout

    This was reported as a bug of profiles with wrong email addresses in Lonely Planet. This fix isn't ideal, but I was seeking minimal impact to builds and payment gateway plugins.

    ECOMMERCE-6167 Ben Crouse

  • Fix Dev server

    Curt Howard

  • Update resetSelectUI to find regionField regardless of DOM structure

    • Fixes a bug where region select was not being properly reset if the DOM is changed, for example a styled select is used.

    ECOMMERCE-6189 Jake Beresford

  • Fix session access in Cache::Varies

    This will only work with the cookie session store. Also fixes a prob with the HTTP cache varying in general. This is why you always write a test.

    ECOMMERCE-6181 Ben Crouse

  • Fix intermittant template errors

    This helper will occasionally randomly start raising errors. Specifying parameters explicitly as opposed to allowing Rails to infer them, fixes the issue.

    ECOMMERCE-6143 Ben Crouse

  • Fix Spelling Error in Config.JS This should fix issues with the scroll to button module in v3.3

    ECOMMERCE-6185 Lucas Boyd

  • Do not nest content block within HTML tags

    Lets the content block dictate it's own markup

    ECOMMERCE-6122 Curt Howard

  • Include selected taxon in left nav cache key

    For categories and pages, the selected child taxon for a given top-level node in the taxonomy was not being included in the fragment cache key for the left navigation, resulting in the incorrect link being bolded when changing subcategories from this nav. If a child taxon is selected in the breadcrumbs, we'll put its ID in the cache key to differentiate that cache from others, otherwise the key will stay the same.

    ECOMMERCE-6141 Tom Scott

  • Add rack attack throttles for contact/, email_signup/, and forgot_password/

    ECOMMERCE-6180 Matt Duffy

  • Prepare for CI gem release

    This will be released inline with the next patch so version numbers are in sync.

    ECOMMERCE-6178 Ben Crouse

  • Use a volume for gem cache if docker-sync is not used

    ECOMMERCE-6177 Matt Duffy

  • Assign Dragonfly attributes explicitly in data file imports

    When importing catalog products with embedded image URLs, e.g. with the header images_image_url, the image could not be added because the attribute was not being sensed as a field on the model. We're now taking attributes that start with any dragonfly_accessor field names, e.g. "image", and assigning them to the model via its #update method.

    ECOMMERCE-6164 Tom Scott

  • Remove mongo dependency, allow Mongoid to specify that

    We originally did this to fix this issue, which is now fixed in the driver:

    ECOMMERCE-6168 Ben Crouse

  • Bump puma to latest minor

    This helps fix issues with Docker setups.

    ECOMMERCE-6169 Ben Crouse

  • Remove mongo dependency, allow Mongoid to specify that

    We originally did this to fix this issue, which is now fixed in the driver:

    ECOMMERCE-6168 Ben Crouse

  • Ensure we require Dragonfly S3 storage if we're going to use it

    ECOMMERCE-6166 Ben Crouse

  • Fix product filters regex

    Product filters could not be edited in the workflow because the regex we added in was not working properly. This fixes the regex by removing the modifier and slashes for the "type" field.

    ECOMMERCE-6161 Tom Scott

  • Allow decimal values for Range Content::Field by adding step attribute

    • Add validation attributes to range field number input to prevent invalid user input

    ECOMMERCE-6158 Jake Beresford

Workarea 3.3.3 (2018-07-10)

  • Allow Products content field to be configured for single products

    • Allow developer to configure single: true for products content field
    • Removed duplicate required attribute from products content field

    ECOMMERCE-6149 Jake Beresford

  • fix workarea:test:plugins when no plugins are installed

    Matt Duffy

  • Allow Products content field to be configured for single products

    • Allow developer to configure single: true for products content field
    • Removed duplicate required attribute from products content field

    ECOMMERCE-6149 Jake Beresford

  • Remove "Configure Basic Site Information" guide

    The contents of this guide were previously moved into the "Configs" guide with the intention of removing this guide, but it was not removed.

    • Remove guide
    • Adjust metadata in surrounding guides Chris Cressman
  • Port wait_for_xhr stability improvements from headless Chrome

    This improves reliability of tests on PhantomJS as well. And it seems necessary to get consistent build results.

    ECOMMERCE-6081 Ben Crouse

  • Correct value for aria label for address region select

    ECOMMERCE-6148 Jake Beresford

  • Fix SKU selection and inclusion in cache key

    We don't always need a current SKU, everything seems to be fine without it, and it's a more correct representation when no selection has been made.

    This commit also fixes problems with the new templates where option-derived current SKU isn't being included in the cache key.

    ECOMMERCE-6145 ECOMMERCE-4886 Ben Crouse

  • Add "Showing Products" section to "Products" guide

    ECOMMERCE-6129 Chris Cressman

  • Fix Dragonfly S3 autoconfig depending on region presence

    Specifying a region of us-east-1 is not allowed.

    ECOMMERCE-6146 Ben Crouse

  • Add Dragonfly S3 datastore as dependency

    We have default configuration that relies on this, at this point makes sense to add a dependency.

    ECOMMERCE-6142 Ben Crouse

  • Fix duplicate selectors

    ECOMMERCE-6081 Ben Crouse

  • Fix dupliacte selectors

    ECOMMERCE-6081 Ben Crouse

  • Bump puma to match generated Rails apps

    ECOMMERCE-6081 Ben Crouse

  • Fix duplicate selectors for linting

    ECOMMERCE-6081 Ben Crouse

  • Add workarea-ci gem

    This gem will provide shared CI scripts for all projects on the workarea platform. It includes:

    • Standardized linting configs for Ruby, JavaScript, and CSS
    • Scripts for running linting and gem auditing
    • Reporting linting in JUnit formatting

    This commit also makes some changes to base to conform to the linting.

    ECOMMERCE-6081 Ben Crouse

  • Do not show unpurchasable products in recommendations

    Don't recommend something someone can't buy, duh.

    ECOMMERCE-6135 Ben Crouse

  • Add workarea-ci gem

    This gem will provide shared CI scripts for all projects on the workarea platform. It includes:

    • Standardized linting configs for Ruby, JavaScript, and CSS
    • Scripts for running linting and gem auditing
    • Reporting linting in JUnit formatting

    This commit also makes some changes to base to conform to the linting.

    ECOMMERCE-6081 Ben Crouse

  • Do not show unpurchasable products in recommendations

    Don't recommend something someone can't buy, duh.

    ECOMMERCE-6135 Ben Crouse

  • Load and show mailer previews in all environments except production

    ECOMMERCE-6128 Matt Duffy

  • Add scoped selectors to .taxonomy-content-block for different navigation locations

    ECOMMERCE-5835 Jake Beresford

  • Do not memoize User.console

    ECOMMERCE-6140 Matt Duffy

  • Only use sellable during inventory capture if theres a positive value

    Applications being upgraded to v3.3.0 might not have sellable set on inventory skus, which will cause the capture to fail if looking for a document with sellable 0 that does not have the field set.

    ECOMMERCE-6127 Matt Duffy

  • Use elasticsearch client to determine health

    ECOMMERCE-6124 Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.3.2 (2018-06-21)

  • Fix locale related tests, and add helper for management in tests

    Since different dependencies look at different things, lots of mess in correctly setting temporary locales. This adds a helper to make that easier, and fixes tests relying on a locale.

    ECOMMERCE-6136 Ben Crouse

  • Fix option set templates which display too many images

    Use only images matching the primary image when no options are selected. This is more natural logic and fixes products with lots of images.

    ECOMMERCE-6139 Ben Crouse

  • Fix wrong action in option template links

    Use details to 1) fix XHR requests being incorrectly cached, 2) prevent duplicate content on search engines crawling detail pages.

    ECOMMERCE-6138 Ben Crouse

  • Add product browsing section to products guide

    ECOMMERCE-6089 Chris Cressman

  • Add separate container for webpack-dev-server process, remove foreman.

    ECOMMERCE-6100 Matt Duffy

  • Add docker generator

    ECOMMERCE-6100 Matt Duffy

  • Release verison 3.0.35

    Curt Howard

  • Fix build

    Curt Howard

  • Fix build

    Curt Howard

  • Fix build

    Curt Howard

  • Address region text box is not required

    • Hide field required indicator if region field text-box is displayed, this field does not have the required attribute.

    ECOMMERCE-6108 Jake Beresford

Workarea 3.3.1 (2018-06-12)

  • Fix build

    Curt Howard

  • Delay initialization of Pagination session until Waypoint is triggered

    This fixes an issue reported where, if a user with a clean session refreshes a category or search page before scrolling down, the pagination UI just hangs.

    ECOMMERCE-6054 Curt Howard

  • Revert "Fix finite scroll when refreshing the page"

    This reverts commit 4ce94dd140f643364accaca14d3b3c230d4468bd. Curt Howard

  • Don't try to bulk index if there aren't any documents to index

    Elasticsearch will raise an error in this case. Ben Crouse

  • Fix OptionSetViewModel for images with nil option

    This caused demo data indexing to fail. Ben Crouse

  • Update "Documentation Style Guide"

    Add sections covering proper nouns and voice

    ECOMMERCE-6092 Chris Cressman

  • Document INLINE option for search index tasks

    The option is added in Workarea 3.3

    ECOMMERCE-6093 Chris Cressman

  • Update "Configs" guide with descriptions of PO box configs

    • Remove old guide that is obsoleted by this change
    • Update guide metadata to support removal of guide

    ECOMMERCE-6094 Chris Cressman

  • Fix finite scroll when refreshing the page

    With our "finite scroll" pagination, refreshing the page caused the unload event to get fired and the current height of the window saved into the local state. This prevents a waypoint from being set so that pagination fires when you scroll past the bottom of the page. To fix this, we're checking whether the viewport height of the current browser is greater than the height of the current scroll position. If it is, we're setting height: 'auto' in order to make sure the waypoint still gets fired as it would if you never refresh the page.

    ECOMMERCE-6054 Tom Scott

  • Include in Workarea gem

    ECOMMERCE-6110 Eric Pigeon

  • Prevent order locking when changing shipping

    When the type of shipping service is changed and the form is submitted too quickly, an error can occur related to order locking, since the requests are coming in simultaneously. Implement a request queue using _.debounce() similarly to how we prevent this issue in workarea-split_shipping, and disable the form for submission until all requests finish.

    ECOMMERCE-6086 Tom Scott

  • Revert "Create pre release for 3.3.1"

    This reverts commit dc4efb1f4d9c280588426f8778b537126ab5e148. Curt Howard

  • Create pre release for 3.3.1

    Curt Howard

  • Fix WCAG issues after aXe accessibility audit

    ECOMMERCE-6035 Curt Howard

  • Fix WCAG issues after aXe accessibility audit

    ECOMMERCE-6035 Curt Howard

  • Fix WCAG issues after aXe accessibility audit

    ECOMMERCE-6035 Curt Howard

  • Add "Products" guide

    ECOMMERCE-6029 Chris Cressman

  • Fix swatch product display when packaged

    When a 'swatches' product is packaged within a package product, it was previously rendering the PDP for the package product rather than the PDP for the underlying swatch product, because we weren't explicitly passing the slug of the swatch product when generating the URL to request upon changes to the swatches. Ensure we're always passing the :id as the product.slug when building hashes to pass into url_for for generating URLs.

    ECOMMERCE-6107 Tom Scott

  • Fix WCAG issues after aXe accessibility audit

    ECOMMERCE-6035 Curt Howard

  • Use fully-qualified URLs in page og:image tags

    Content pages were still using the image_path syntax to render URLs to the logo image. This wasn't working on social media networks, wherein the URL lookup would result in an error. Changing this to image_url, which incorporates the host, allows pages to be shared on social media.

    ECOMMERCE-6106 Tom Scott

  • Fix ActiveMerchant refinement for Net::HTTP

    ActiveMerchant recently made an update to enable more detailed logging of HTTP requests for PCI compliance purposes (which apparently take effect June 30th). They did this by applying a refinement to Net::HTTP which adds a new method, #ssl_connection. This was throwing a NoMethodError in the Baudville build when used with our Payflow Pro integration, because WebMock monkey-patches Net::HTTP#start and doesn't ever set the @socket variable. This causes mass havoc, but can be resolved by checking whether @socket is present before trying to call methods on it.

    This has been resolved upstream, so the changes as part of this ticket are only going to be active for the next release, after which (as long as ActiveMerchant doesn't drag their feet) we will just update ActiveMerchant since it should include the merged changes.

    ECOMMERCE-6099 Tom Scott

  • Update "Configs" guide for Workarea 3.3

    Add/remove configs to reflect changes in Workarea 3.3

    ECOMMERCE-6066 Chris Cressman

  • Update "Content" guide for Workarea 3.3

    Add the "range" field type

    ECOMMERCE-6068 Chris Cressman

  • Update "Error Pages" guide for Workarea 3.3

    Workarea 3.3 renders Workarea error pages by default.

    ECOMMERCE-6067 Chris Cressman

  • Update documentation of required Ruby version

    Workarea's Ruby dependency changed in Workarea 3.2.9.

    ECOMMERCE-6065 Chris Cressman

  • Fix pattern validation for new filter/detail names

    We don't allow the usage of the word "type" in a filter/detail name, and validate this on both the client-side and the server-side. When we removed the jQuery.validate plugin in order to fully rely on browser native input validation, we noticed that some of the regular expressions used for validation were not giving us the expected result. These regexes have been fixed and you can now get past adding details in the product edit, "create product" workflow, and bulk action sequential product editor.

    ECOMMERCE-6087 Tom Scott

  • Revert "Don’t use relative paths for email settings"

    This reverts commit f8cb96a1b749abf1378d5dfb71619eece5a427be. Curt Howard

  • Fix releases integration tests when time zone is set

    With the new release calendar export option added in v3.3, the Admin::ReleasesIntegrationTest will fail when config.time_zone is configured, resulting in the calendar no longer generating for UTC. To remedy this, we're forcing UTC time zone on all these tests and resetting back to the original time zone after each test runs, ensuring that we are always testing against the same time zone, except in the one unit test that we assert the calendar can operate in multiple time zones.

    ECOMMERCE-6085 Tom Scott

  • Expand variations shown in Workflow Bar style guide component.

    ECOMMERCE-5811 Kristin Henson

  • Remove currency from structured pricing data

    In the workarea/storefront/products/_price partial, we were previously returning the full currency with the price in the price data point. We're now returning the numerical value of the price without its currency, as the currency is denoted above in priceCurrency.

    ECOMMERCE-6064 Tom Scott

  • Adjust the amount of default filter values returned to be configurable.

    ECOMMERCE-6083 Kristin Henson

  • Close tooltip when choice is made in release reminder form

    When one of the choices within the release reminder tooltip is selected, close the entire tooltip. This is a regression due to a change in behavior in Tooltipster, which we've addressed in a different place prior to this patch.

    ECOMMERCE-6058 Tom Scott

  • Make OrderDataIntegrationTest Less Great Again

    This test was originally named Storefront::OrderDataIntegreationTest, and thus caused issues when it was decorated due to the file name and class name not matching up. Rename the class to Storefront::OrderDataIntegrationTest. While the test is ostensibly much less great due to this change, it does allow implementors to decorate its methods, thus improving its usefulness in our platform.

    ECOMMERCE-5551 Tom Scott

  • Prevent throwing an error when SVG file can't be found in Sprockets

    In the base implementation of InlineSvg, it would seem that locally, we assume that an SVG file is present in Sprockets, and if it isn't an error is thrown. This NoMethodError is very difficult to reason about as a developer, so we're rescuing and treating the response as if we're missing the SVG, leveraging the existing system in place for handling that error.

    ECOMMERCE-6046 Tom Scott

  • Fix workarea:changelog task to work when no tags exist

    When there are no tags on the current repo, the workarea:changelog task now looks back to the initial commit of the project, assuming all of the commits pertain to the current (as-yet-unreleased) version.

    ECOMMERCE-6079 Eric Pigeon

Workarea 3.3.0 (2018-05-24)

  • Ensure cloneable rows duplicate unique IDs

    Curt Howard

  • Add "Workarea 3.3.0" minor release notes guide

    ECOMMERCE-6030 Chris Cressman

  • Fix duplicate ID errors in ContentSystemTest

    Tom Scott

  • Remove deprecated feature_spec_helpers

    Since v3.2.0 our feature_spec_helpers have been deprecated in favor of feature_test_helpers. Now they are finally removed.

    ECOMMERCE-6075 Curt Howard

  • Handle all-day events better in Calendar Feed

    The previously written controller action has been decomposed into a couple of View Models as well.

    ECOMMERCE-6040 Curt Howard

  • Update gitignore

    Curt Howard

  • Add "Drive System Tests with PhantomJS/Poltergeist" guide

    ECOMMERCE-6061 Chris Cressman

  • Employ custom JS Error Catcher for Headless Chrome

    Like js_error: true but for Chrome!


    ECOMMERCE-6053 Curt Howard

  • Remove jQuery Validation from the admin

    Since we live in 2018, aka The Future, the last two versions of all "modern browsers" support native HTML-5 form validation, and since the Admin only supports the last two version of all "modern browsers," we stand in defiant protest against the tyranny that was, is, and forever shall be jQuery Validation by removing it as a dependency from the Admin.

    ECOMMERCE-6056 Curt Howard

  • Improve look of Variant cards

    ECOMMERCE-6036 Curt Howard

  • Use prepend_before_action for impersonation status check

    Move status check to top of before actions to ensure it updates the session if an impersionation has expired before other before_actions attempt to use session.

    ECOMMERCE-6078 Matt Duffy

  • Add system test for client side validation of add to cart on option_thumbnails product template

    Product option inputs are visually hidden but must be validated. Using display: none; or changing the class to .hidden will prevent the sku options from being validated and cause an error if the user attempts to add to cart without selecting a sku.

    ECOMMERCE-6077 Jake Beresford

  • Fix geolocation when IP address cannot be geocoded

    When IP address cannot be geocoded, almost every method in Workarea::Geolocation falls back to nil, except for Geolocation#region. We now test for its presence and fall back to a nil value if the geocoder query turns up with zero results.

    ECOMMERCE-6076 Tom Scott

  • Fix geolocation when IP address cannot be geocoded

    When IP address cannot be geocoded, almost every method in Workarea::Geolocation falls back to nil, except for Geolocation#region. We now test for its presence and fall back to a nil value if the geocoder query turns up with zero results.

    ECOMMERCE-6076 Tom Scott

  • Add index page for imports and exports

    ECOMMERCE-6057 Matt Duffy

  • Add warning when dragonfly is set to use filesystem

    On load of the application, output a warning that dragonfly is using the filesystem when in a non-test, non-development environment.

    ECOMMERCE-6072 Matt Duffy

  • Lock version of rufus-scheduler to prevent breaking changes to sidekiq-cron

    ECOMMERCE-6060 Matt Duffy

  • Don't allow Ruby 2.5

    Several deep issues with 2.5 compatibility right now:

    • seeding fails due to an unkown bug with SwappableList
    • bizarre delegation failures in checkout step classes
    • segfaults when running tests

    For now, disallow Ruby 2.5. We will revisit this in the not-so-distant future.

    ECOMMERCE-5887 Ben Crouse

  • Prevent duplicate IDs when editing content blocks

    By default, the Rails form helper tags will generate an ID based on the name attribute of the element and the name of the <form> tag it's surrounded by. Because fieldsets within the same form sometimes share names, we used the dom_id() helper method to generate mostly-unique DOM IDs for each element. As we gradually shifted to a more asynchronous and feature-rich content editor, it was observed that duplicate IDs were appearing on the page for different fieldsets, or sometimes the same fieldset rendered multiple times in a content block. To prevent this, we're now setting id: nil on all tags that previously had a dom_id associated with it. This will ensure that Rails won't generate an ID on the DOM element, which is not necessary given the way we handle styling and behavior for elements on the page.

    ECOMMERCE-5873 Tom Scott

  • Ensure releases in primary nav are unique

    When rendering release options in the primary nav, it was possible for the same release to make it in there twice, because the release is both "current" and "upcoming" as it is being edited. Ensure that the list of releases is unique by the BSON ID from Mongo.

    ECOMMERCE-5883 Tom Scott

  • Remove IDs from fields on product/variant forms

    Duplicate ID warnings were being thrown in certain cases on the featured products forms, catalog product workflow, and variant forms. Since Rails will (by default) set IDs on each DOM element we are creating with its tag helpers, we're now passing id: nil so IDs are not generated at all.

    ECOMMERCE-5864 Tom Scott

  • Block flash messages from being able to be rendered twice

    ECOMMERCE-5725 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.3.0.beta.1 (2018-05-21)

  • Check for publish date when user schedules an undo

    Since we don't validate the publish_at date on releases when they're saved, it's possible for releases that have a scheduled undo date, but no scheduled publish date. This results in the unpublished release erroneously appearing on the release calendar. We're no longer allowing releases like this to be saved, instead, it's only valid to save a release with an undo date when the release has a publish date.

    ECOMMERCE-5796 Tom Scott

  • Add sidekiq-throttled; throttle import/export

    Prevent import or export from running more than one job at a time.

    ECOMMERCE-6038 Matt Duffy

  • Allow export to send to multiple email addresses

    ECOMMERCE-6034 Matt Duffy

  • Add shipping instructions field to shipping step of checkout

    ECOMMERCE-6047 Matt Duffy

  • Disable emails during seeding

    Matt Duffy

  • Improve display of data file samples

    ECOMMERCE-6048 Matt Duffy

  • Use tags on assets to mark as favicons over boolean field

    ECOMMERCE-6049 Matt Duffy

  • Add range Content::Field for use in content blocks

    ECOMMERCE-6027 Jake Beresford

  • Install Spectrum Colorpicker as a polyfill

    Now, browsers that don't support a native colorpicker UI will fallback to using Spectrum.

    ECOMMERCE-6043 Curt Howard

  • Add configuration for scroll_to_buttons.js top offest

    ECOMMERCE-6045 Jake Beresford

  • Add append point for adding sections to admin fulfillments#show

    Matt Duffy

  • Rename BulkAction::Delete to BulkAction::Deletion to avoid name collisions

    ECOMMERCE-6041 Matt Duffy

  • Omit release commits from changelog

    We were still getting some "Release version x.x.x" commits in the changelog task when it was auto-generated. Make the regex for skipping release version commits a bit more loose so we don't get extra noise in the changelog.

    ECOMMERCE-6011 Tom Scott

  • Replace guard clause with unless statement

    Ruby 2.3.x doesn't accept a guard clause in the main context like this, and thus a SyntaxError is thrown if `WORKAREA_SKIP_SERVICES=true'. In the next minor release, we will bump the required Ruby version for all gemspecs.

    ECOMMERCE-6017 Tom Scott

  • Update order mailer confirmation and checkout confirmation views

    • Don't render shipping sections on email confirmation for orders that do not require shipping
    • Don't render fulfillment sections on order summary for checkout confirmations

    ECOMMERCE-5994 Matt Duffy

  • Add running_from_source? and running_in_dummy_app?

    depecrate running_from_gem? in favor of running_in_dummy_app? to see if the test suite is running from a plugin and running_from_source? to see if the test is defined from rails root.

    ECOMMERCE-6007 Eric Pigeon

  • Document System Emails

    ECOMMERCE-5997 Curt Howard

  • Remove irrelevant Mongoid configuration

    This removes primary_preferred since we've later learned of MongoDB's recommendation against secondary reads altogether.

    Also set a max_pool_size since this ends up being done in practice. Ben Crouse

  • Remove control cells from tables with no bulk selection

    ECOMMERCE-6024 Matt Duffy

  • Remove bulk selection controls from admin system content#index

    ECOMMERCE-6024 Matt Duffy

  • Add bulk action delete, clean up bulk actions across admin

    • Adds bulk delete functionality
    • Adds bulk selection to email signups and navigation redirects
    • Modifies bulk_action partial to allow use in non-es-based views
    • Fix errors being thrown from bulk_action_items when nothing is selected

    ECOMMERCE-5993 Matt Duffy

  • Update admin users#index xhr request to return any matching admin

    Allow an exclude_current_user param to be passed to exclude the current user. Matt Duffy

  • Add credit card integration style tests

    Adds new integration tests that test the credit operations instead of unit testing the classes. Adds a new method to Tender::CreditCard for dealing with tokens. Activemercant gateways expect tokens to be passed as strings instead of being wrapped in instance of ActiveMerchant::Billing::CreditCard. Updates calls to #authorize and #purchase to pass an options hash as implementations will want to pass the order id and billing address to the gateway

    ECOMMERCE-6000 Eric Pigeon

  • Allow setting a country on an Address by its name

    This adds flexibility and better serialization symmetry (like in CSV formatting for example) Ben Crouse

  • Define configuration to allow ordering of facet values

    ECOMMERCE-5996 Matt Duffy

  • Submit content preset form asynchronously

    The "add content preset" form shows up in a tooltip, and when creating a new content preset within a workflow, it refreshes the page and knocks you out of the workflow. Remedy this by making the form submission asynchronous, so the page won't refresh. Results of the operation are shown in a flash message.

    ECOMMERCE-5820 Tom Scott

  • Add text explaining the globe icon

    This adds a little tooltip explaining what the globe icon means in the context of our admin. It also places the icon in the locale switcher to give a visual connection to the symbol in all localized admin fields.

    ECOMMERCE-5753 Tom Scott

  • Improve Add to Calendar UI

    ECOMMERCE-5798 Curt Howard

  • Fix missing translation in recommendations show view

    ECOMMERCE-6004 Jake Beresford

  • Clean up & classes to result filters

    ECOMMERCE-5830 Curt Howard

  • Add arrows to jQuery UI Accordion styling

    ECOMMERCE-5930 Curt Howard

  • Add jQuery UI Accordion style guide

    Curt Howard

  • De-translate & cleanup Product Rules UI

    ECOMMERCE-5930 Curt Howard

  • Update "Order Life Cycle" guide for Workarea 3.3

    Update explanation of expired orders to reflect changes in Workarea 3.3.

    ECOMMERCE-5989 Chris Cressman

  • Update mailer previews for import/export

    Matt Duffy

  • Fix issues with AdminQueryOperation

    • Pass options into #query the same as when executing for results.
    • Use GlobalID::Locator.locate_many to minimize db queries Matt Duffy
  • Remove references to unneeded PricingDiscountCodeLists query

    Matt Duffy

  • Add append point for data file bulk actions

    Matt Duffy

  • Update "Orders & Items" guide for Workarea 3.3

    Incorporate the concept of Admin guest browsing

    ECOMMERCE-5988 Chris Cressman

  • Update "Configure Sidekiq" guide for Workarea 3.3

    ECOMMERCE-5987 Chris Cressman

  • Improve AdminQueryOperation#count logic

    Matt Duffy

  • Overhaul Bulk Actions UI

    ECOMMERCE-5956 Curt Howard

  • Translate product rules category field

    There were some missing translations in the admin for category product rules. This hard-coded text was moved to the locale file for admin so it can be changed easily.

    ECOMMERCE-5870 Tom Scott

  • Update #images_matching_options to account for multiple values in option

    Matt Duffy

  • Allow admin to remove user from email signups

    ECOMMERCE-5900 Matt Duffy

  • Allow admin to delete email signups

    ECOMMERCE-5901 Matt Duffy

  • Search through plugin paths with FindPipelineAsset

    Add the ability to find assets within plugins using the Workarea::FindPipelineAsset class. This searches through plugin asset directories as well as core components, but prefers the path in the host application in order to retain previous functionality.

    ECOMMERCE-5981 Tom Scott

  • Make DataFile::Json#serialize_models public

    Matt Duffy

  • Make Order place callbacks model callbacks to include before/after hooks

    Matt Duffy

  • Make asset manifest paths configurable

    Matt Duffy

  • When generating an app, set action_mailer asset_host equal to asset_controller asset_host

    ECOMMERCE-5973 Dave Barnow

  • Add help tooltip to explain different inventory policies

    ECOMMERCE-5941 Dave Barnow

  • Use .test TLD instead of .dev for app generation

    ECOMMERCE-5976 Dave Barnow

  • Add unit tests for Pricing::CacheKey

    Contributes positively to our test coverage and allows us to decorate the tests when functionality is added to Pricing::CacheKey, like in the case of segmentation.

    ECOMMERCE-5975 Tom Scott

  • Move categorized-autocomplete and its templates to each engine

    You better believe this is breaking. Errors containing helpful instructions will be thrown so that the necessary changes are made to each overridden manifest during the upgrade process.

    ECOMMERCE-5950 Curt Howard

  • Add generalized importing/exporting across the admin

    ECOMMERCE-5946 Ben Crouse

  • If defined, use a Google Maps Geocoding API key for doing geocoder lookups

    ECOMMERCE-5953 Dave Barnow

  • Add link to release page to event description in calendar feed

    ECOMMERCE-5799 Kristin Henson

  • Always use Workarea Error pages

    Content is not required to render Workarea Error pages any longer, as it will now be created on-demand and customized as necessary.

    ECOMMERCE-5914 Curt Howard

  • Increase the visibility of invalid properties

    ECOMMERCE-5877 Curt Howard

  • Revert "Improve invalid field state during checkout"

    This reverts commit 34be324afe656439bd0f07fbfa4e41c46d8a4196. Curt Howard

  • Improve Insight Card UI

    ECOMMERCE-5903 Curt Howard

  • Persist flash messages if they are errors

    ECOMMERCE-5876 Curt Howard

  • Support exclusions for Category rules

    ECOMMERCE-5915 Curt Howard

  • Add generic importing framework for the admin

    Switching away from CSV makes offering importing much more easily - we can offer multiple formats that support rich data structures.

    This implements a framework for importing most anything in the admin.

    ECOMMERCE-5946 Ben Crouse

  • Add an easy way to vary Rack::Cache and fragment caches

    This is very dangerous, and should be used with great care. See the documentation on Workarea::Cache::Varies.on for more details.

    ECOMMERCE-5780 Ben Crouse

  • Include inventory when considering product purchasable

    This allows more sensible detail page displays, especially with the displayable when out of stock inventory policy.

    ECOMMERCE-5938 Ben Crouse

  • Remove the requiring of workarea from bin/rails

    While this enabled use of workarea generators from within a plugin, this was causing test runs to not use the test environment. Matt Duffy

  • Allow an asset to be set as favicon, automate favicon madness

    ECOMMERCE-5769 Matt Duffy

  • Fix error on Teaspoon tests

    This wasn't causing a failure, just throwing a JS error that we needed to resolve. Move tests requiring a different fixture to a different suite.

    ECOMMERCE-5934 Tom Scott

  • Require file input fields when doing CSV imports

    ECOMMERCE-5897 Dave Barnow

  • Ditch .item-table in favor of .product-grid

    ECOMMERCE-5776 Curt Howard

  • Remove forceful focus-ring globally

    inputs, textareas, and selects shouldn't naturally use the focus ring, as its purpose is to assist implementers when creating non-standard, custom, focasable UIs.

    ECOMMERCE-5888 Curt Howard

  • Partialize recommendations

    ECOMMERCE-5827 Curt Howard

  • Rename Order.abandoned to .expired_in_checkout

    This scope was named confusingly, changed to .expired_in_checkout so it's more explicit about what it's actually querying for. Requested by @ccressman.

    ECOMMERCE-5884 Tom Scott

  • Use i18n fallbacks when determining whether prices are active

    When locale fallbacks are configured, the now-localized :active flag on prices doesn't take into account the fallbacks, and always represents the current locale configured. We're now using the first found fallback value for the price.

    ECOMMERCE-5752 Tom Scott

  • Add inventory policy for displayable when out of stock

    Products with this inventory policy will show at the end of the results for the category or search.

    ECOMMERCE-5626 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up help, add community forum links to admin

    ECOMMERCE-5866 Ben Crouse

  • Add classes to breadcrumbs

    • adds breadcrumb__link and breadcrumb__text selectors to all breadcrumb nodes

    ECOMMERCE-5882 Jake Beresford

  • Lock down promo code lists while generating

    Removing or exporting a code list while generating can cause errors.

    ECOMMERCE-5848 Ben Crouse

  • Add shipping service importing

    ECOMMERCE-5855 Matt Duffy

  • Move cache expiration times into config

    ECOMMERCE-5780 Ben Crouse

  • Scroll test browser to bottom of the page in pagination tests

    The pagination system tests have the ability to fail due to the configuration of the grid on either categories#show or searches#show. Scrolling the browser to the bottom of the test should ensure that, no matter the configuration, the waypoints controlling the pagination functionality will still operate as expected.

    ECOMMERCE-5880 Curt Howard

  • Refactor imports

    Simplifies import behavior and convert catalog import to bring into alignment with all other import behaviors.

    ECOMMERCE-5849 Matt Duffy

  • Add missing append point to new product templates

    ECOMMERCE-5881 Jake Beresford

  • Add to Gemfile source of apps generated with WORKAREA_EDGE

    Matt Duffy

  • Implement Premailer gem & simplify email templates

    NOTE: Before an integration team upgrades a live site to v3.3.0 all email templates should be overridden. Keep in mind there are both designed and plain-text emails to consider.

    Overridding will ensure the email design does not change unexpectedly during the upgrade.

    ECOMMERCE-5827 Curt Howard

  • Convert tax import to simplified import style

    ECOMMERCE-5863 Matt Duffy

  • Adds required indicator to field label names throughout checkout

    ECOMMERCE-5765 Mansi Pathak

  • Fix on-page value__error styling

    ECOMMERCE-5764 Curt Howard

  • Fix incomplete test setup for view tests

    Depending on the order in which tests run, this can cause errors by not properly resetting the test environment.

    ECOMMERCE-5867 Ben Crouse

  • Add poltergeist driver setup automatically if gem is installed

    In case builds don't want to go through the pain of headless Chrome upgrade.

    ECOMMERCE-5759 Ben Crouse

  • Enhance TestCase#running_in_gem? to not return true from other gems

    Problems could arise when the test from one gem was run within another gem. #running_in_gem? would return true unexpectedly. We can verify from within the method that both the root of the test and the root of rails is the same to ensure this does not happen.

    ECOMMERCE-5718 Matt Duffy

  • Set format for json xhr requests that share an action with html templates

    ECOMMERCE-5841 Matt Duffy

  • Only set sort to relevance if relevance is a sort option

    Matt Duffy

  • Fix issues around navigation redirect importing / management

    ECOMMERCE-3360 Matt Duffy

  • Ensure Dragonfly URLs always use the CDN

    Automatically set the url_host config in Dragonfly so it always uses the CDN when rendering images.

    ECOMMERCE-5842 Ben Crouse

  • Improving the stylings of our shortcuts menu in the admin

    ECOMMERCE-5622 Ben Crouse

  • Modify Fulfillment::Status to be canceled even if items have shipped

    It is possible to cancel shipped items, and therefore its possible for an entire order to be canceled even if items have been shipped. Matt Duffy

  • Use #find_by_path for detecting existing redirects during import

    Sanitizing the path to match the format we store will avoid preventable errors from occurring during import. Matt Duffy

  • Add help articles for tax and redirects importing, clean up tax import.

    Matt Duffy

  • Improve invalid field state during checkout

    ECOMMERCE-5764 Curt Howard

  • Hide Promo Code Forms by default

    ECOMMERCE-5768 Curt Howard

  • Add importing for navigation redirects

    ECOMMERCE-3360 Matt Duffy

  • Hides optional fields during checkout

    ECOMMERCE-5766 Curt Howard

  • Lay out address fields according to

    ECOMMERCE-5800 Curt Howard

  • Add option thumbnails template

    Driven by same view model code as option selects. Tries to find images matching the option to render a thumbnail for each option.

    ECOMMERCE-5779 Ben Crouse

  • Delete abandoned orders even though checkout has started

    Previously, the Workarea::CleanOrders job would not factor in orders which have already started checkout in its query for deleting old orders in the system. We're no longer constraining the query by a blank :checkout_started_at, thus deleting orders currently in checkout but not updated in the last 6 months.

    ECOMMERCE-5669 Tom Scott

  • Unify issues messaging across indexes, views, and mailers

    ECOMMERCE-5760 Matt Duffy

  • Add new product issues to alerts

    ECOMMERCE-5760 Matt Duffy

  • Add option selects product template

    This template shows selects per option based on variant details configuration. The URL and images automatically update to match.

    ECOMMERCE-5746 Ben Crouse

  • Automatically configure sidekiq

    ECOMMERCE-5709 Matt Duffy

  • Make the active field localized

    This allows more flexibility when setting up sites per-locale.

    There's a feature flag to turn this off if you want to avoid a MongoDB migration in an upgrade scenario.

    ECOMMERCE-5670 Ben Crouse

  • Add styles for jquery ui accordion

    Matt Duffy

  • Prevent pending quantity from being negative

    This can happen, for example, if an item has a quantity 1 then has it shipped then canceled. Events' quantity will total 2. Matt Duffy

  • Determine order shipping used on either a passed id or the first of #shippings

    Matt Duffy

  • Adding rake task to run app specific tests.

    ECOMMERCE-5762 Komaron James

  • Provide 3rd Party Calendar integration for Site Planner

    Now, if a user is an admin and has release permissions, they can subscribe to the site planner with their choice of iCalendar, Microsoft Outlook, or Google Calendar.

    ECOMMERCE-5668 Curt Howard

  • Revert "Make the active field localized"

    This reverts commit fd72259df854ed072bb9c9f43a3db6d6f7cc41b7.



    Dave Barnow

  • Add missing and inconsistent variant details to admin product issues

    ECOMMERCE-5710 Matt Duffy

  • Add worker for admin bulk indexing

    ECOMMERCE-5716 Matt Duffy

  • Strip all HTTP caching in test environment

    We'll have to be more aggressive about this. Using middleware should effectively strip all HTTP caching happening.

    ECOMMERCE-5459 Ben Crouse

  • Provide an index for Email Signups in the admin

    ECOMMERCE-5711 Curt Howard

  • Switch to headless Chrome for system tests

    This switch is certainly breaking, but many people from different departments expressed strong desire for it. There were several consequences to this change.

    This required disabling HTTP caching in the test environment. This should be fine, but is a potentially breaking change. Chrome didn't have a way to automatically clear cache that we could get to work.

    This also introduces overrides on many Capybara methods to effectively make XHR browser requests blocking. We experienced a lot of random failures related to this. We prefer stability over the slight loss of performance.

    To upgrade your app or plugin:

    • Change all “trigger(‘click’)” to “click”
    • Remove calls to clear_driver_cache
    • Change your tests for sorting to drag up instead of down

    ECOMMERCE-5459 Ben Crouse

  • Allow disabling inline in search rake tasks

    This can be helpful to more quickly reindex. Example usage: INLINE=false bin/rails workarea:search_index:storefront

    ECOMMERCE-5742 Ben Crouse

  • Add sample data for product, category, and discount insights analytics

    ECOMMERCE-5739 Dave Barnow

  • Display correct image when ?sku= param is given

    We can only know which images belong to a given SKU via the :option field. When ?sku= is the only parameter given, search through all of the possible detail values that match search terms facets for the given variant, as if they were passed in the URL. A product with the URL /products/foo?sku=123&color=Red should now show the same primary image as if the product was requested with /products/foo?sku=123.

    ECOMMERCE-5226 Tom Scott

  • Short-circuit promo code condition when there are no promo codes on the order

    ECOMMERCE-5726 Matt Martyn

  • Ensure sidekiq is set as the ActiveJob queue_adapter

    ActionMailer is not using sidekiq when it should. It is currently using the default ActiveJob queue adapter of async. This generally doesn't exhibit any symptoms unless you are a multi-site where it will result in no emails getting sent out as the current site doesn't get properly set. See

    ECOMMERCE-5724 Matt Martyn

  • Sprinkle Analytics Sparklines throughout Admin

    Using AtF Spark along with our own analytics tracking, we're now featuring inline analytics sparklines on:

    • Featured Product Selection UI for Categories
    • Remote Select UI (Select2) for Products
    • Category, Product, Discount, and Search Customization Index View UIs

    You're welcome.

    ECOMMERCE-5678 Curt Howard

  • Make the active field localized

    This allows more flexibility when setting up sites per-locale.

    There's a feature flag to turn this off if you want to avoid a MongoDB migration in an upgrade scenario.

    ECOMMERCe-5670 Ben Crouse

  • Add append points to search and category product grids

    • index added to category iterator to allow for inserting content at a given position within the product grid

    ECOMMERCE-5721 Jake Beresford

  • Improve regex used for detecting PO Boxes, add negative tests

    ECOMMERCE-5703 Dave Barnow

  • Allow admins to browse the storefront and checkout as guest

    ECOMMERCE-5666 Matt Duffy

  • Document breakPoints.currentlyLessThan() param type

    ECOMMERCE-5708 Tom Scott

  • Allow admin to view undisplayable products on product rules preview

    ECOMMERCE-5104 Matt Duffy

  • Normalize product rules

    If a boolean category product rule is set to "TRUE" or "FALSE", they won't be considered as the true/false values and cause an error down the line. Look for normalized matches of the value to "true" and "false" rather than the raw value the user typed in.

    ECOMMERCE-4070 Tom Scott

  • Mark version as 3.3.0.pre

    Curt Howard

  • Update Configs guide for Workarea 3.2

    Add to the Configs guide the additional configs introduced in Workarea 3.2, and note a config that is deprecated in Workarea 3.2.

    ECOMMERCE-5660 Chris Cressman

  • Remove documentation URLs from generator files

    The help text and boilerplate comments for the discount and pricing generators includes references to specific guides. The references are out of date. Updating them will lead to the same problem in the future.

    Remove these references altogether, or replace them with more generic references.

    ECOMMERCE-5651 Chris Cressman

  • Pass product detail params when SKU option changes

    When the SKU option changes on the generic template, collect product details together and pass them along as query parameters to simulate hitting that product's direct URL. This allows images to change based on the current SKU selection.

    ECOMMERCE-5226 Tom Scott

  • Make PO Box acceptence configurable for Addresses

    ECOMMERCE-5664 Matt Duffy

  • Add sellable field to inventory skus, use for new low inventory report

    ECOMMERCE-5665 Matt Duffy

  • Rewrite the "Release a Plugin" guide

    • Clarify the need for the credentials file
    • Provide commands to create the credentials file
    • Provide an example of specifying credentials on the command line
    • Simplify the whole guide
    • Update to current whitespace/style conventions

    ECOMMERCE-5659 Chris Cressman

  • Fix an error running db:seed when RAILS_ENV is not development

    ECOMMERCE-5682 Thomas Vendetta

Workarea 3.2.6 (2018-04-03)

  • Convert IDs in .find_ordered to String

    If String IDs are passed into Mongoid::Document.find_ordered, comparisons might fail because they are not equal to the BSON::ObjectId that Mongoid::Document#id returns. Make sure that both values are converted to String before comparing them.

    ECOMMERCE-5011 Tom Scott

  • Fix argument order for SETEX command

    We were previously using the wrong order here, which caused some errors on the Redis server. Fix the order of arguments to Redis::Store#setex (which maps to the same order of arguments as Redis' SETEX command).

    ECOMMERCE-5927 Tom Scott

  • Ignore unsaved changes on initial select2 element

    A .select2 tag will always trigger the unsavedChanges module on page load due to the way it loads data into the new element it creates. Prevent this from happening by adding data-unsaved-changes-ignore to the select tag causing the issue.

    ECOMMERCE-5219 Tom Scott

  • Return promise with WORKAREA.currentUser.refresh

    The return values of the gettingUserData and refresh methods differ, causing the potential for race conditions.

    ECOMMERCE-5928 Curt Howard

  • Add "Orders & Items" guide

    ECOMMERCE-5860 Chris Cressman

  • Add "Error Pages" guide

    ECOMMERCE-5862 Chris Cressman

  • Fix incorrect display of default region data to user

    When regions in an optgroup are displayed to the user in the addresses step of checkout, we were mistakenly visually selecting the first region in the <optgroup> for the selected country but still keeping the value of the field blank. This caused an somewhat confusing validation error as the user didn't believe they needed to manually select the first region in the list for their country.

    This solution was discovered by @ddavis in her fix for LCMAINT-861 on LimeCrime. We ported over her changes to match the new names of modules in v3.

    ECOMMERCE-5640 Tom Scott

  • Restore in plugin template

    When we converted remaining references to Time.current, this broke the plugin template because ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone isn't available quite yet. Restore this one reference back to so plugins can be generated again.

    ECOMMERCE-5907 Tom Scott

  • Execute featured product query before looping through ids to sort

    ECOMMERCE-5905 Matt Duffy

  • Update Workarea::Plugin to have a method for its version

    Add a method on a plugin module to get the version.

    ECOMMERCE-5522 Eric Pigeon

  • Async all Sidekiq callbacks for featured product editing

    Changing featured products can cause lots of reindexing, which can result in requests timing out.

    ECOMMERCE-5850 Ben Crouse

  • Use strong passwords for all tests

    Ensure tests continue to pass regardless of the configured application password strength.

    ECOMMERCE-5847 Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.2.5 (2018-03-20)

  • Scroll test browser to bottom of the page in pagination tests

    The pagination system tests have the ability to fail due to the configuration of the grid on either categories#show or searches#show. Scrolling the browser to the bottom of the test should ensure that, no matter the configuration, the waypoints controlling the pagination functionality will still operate as expected.

    ECOMMERCE-5880 Curt Howard

  • Fix WORKAREA.string.dasherize to replace all spaces

    Update the regular expression to be global to replace all ocurrences of spaces with a dash, not just the first group.

    ECOMMERCE-5886 Eric Pigeon

  • Document Order configs

    • Add descriptions for active order configs
    • Remove config that is unused since v3.2
    • Remove (old) order configs guide
    • Update metadata to account for removing guide

    ECOMMERCE-5859 Chris Cressman

  • Resore browser-default focus styling

    In v2.x we applied a custom focus-ring to all focusable elements. In v3.x we abandoned this approach and offered a focus-ring only to custom UIs. Some cruft was left over, resulting in browser-default focus styling to be removed erroneously.

    ECOMMERCE-5872 Curt Howard

  • Handle malformed facet param

    If a filter is specified in the URL as a String rather than an Array (?color=Maroon for example), combining more filter values for the same filter results in the values getting concatenated rather than specified as multiple elements of an Array. Ensure that we're always dealing with an Array before calling << to shovel in new values to the param so that links on the filter sidebar combine more values rather than concatenate a single one.

    ECOMMERCE-5839 Tom Scott

  • Update implementation to be more direct.

    ECOMMERCE-5874 Jake Beresford

  • Update Ruby version requirement in "Development Environment" guide

    ECOMMERCE-5858 Chris Cressman

  • Remove obsolete and worthless guides

    Remove guides that have become obsolete, either due to platform changes or newer guides that cover the topic better. In a few instances, remove guides that are correct but provide no value.

    Update all cross references and relationship metadata.

    ECOMMERCE-5775 Chris Cressman

  • WORKAREA.image.get(undefined) updated to fire rejectPromise

    Previously the Deferred would not resolve if passed undefined as src, this prevented other code in the application from executing.

    • Sets default value for src to an empty string

    ECOMMERCE-5874 Jake Beresford

  • Replace calls with Time.current

    There were a few more instances of being used, replaced these with calls to Time.current and added the Rails/TimeZone cop to our style guide enforcement.

    ECOMMERCE-5824 Tom Scott

  • Add "Orders" guide

    ECOMMERCE-5771 Chris Cressman

  • Fix on-page value__error styling

    ECOMMERCE-5764 Curt Howard

  • Fix help articles route in the activity feed

    When help articles are edited or created, a 500 error occurred on the admin homepage because we were calling the non-existant route helper method help_articles_path. This has been replaced by the route helper's real name, help_path, and prevents errors on admin homepage after saving or updating help articles.

    ECOMMERCE-5846 Tom Scott

  • Fix incomplete test setup for view tests

    Depending on the order in which tests run, this can cause errors by not properly resetting the test environment.

    ECOMMERCE-5867 Ben Crouse

  • Prevent double-submits on checkout forms

    We are now preventing double form submissions during checkout by applying the data-disable-with jQuery UJS hook to each of the form submit buttons.

    This commit includes jQuery UJS in the Storefront application manifest.

    ECOMMERCE-5088 Curt Howard

  • Add links to release notes. No changelog ECOMMERCE-5829

    Tom Scott

  • Render category name instead of ObjectID in timeline

    When creating product rules that key off of a Catalog::Category, ensure that the category name is being found and rendered rather than its BSON::ObjectId. Improves clarity of the Timeline view.

    ECOMMERCE-5688 Tom Scott

  • Fix CSS selectors in email layout

    Now they should actually do something :|

    ECOMMERCE-5828 Curt Howard

  • Fix dialog display on iOS Safari

    On some devices, with MobileSafari only, dialogs that take up the whole page (such as "Add An Address") will appear midway down in the viewport, not at the top where it is expected. Add some CSS to properly position the element.

    ECOMMERCE-5191 Tom Scott

  • Support custom anchors in style guide links

    When we moved modifier style guides inside their parent blocks, we didn't update the link_to_style_guide helper for generating these links, breaking links and causing some style guides to effectively not be navigable.

    ECOMMERCE-5687 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.2.4 (2018-03-06)

  • Update Ruby version requirement

    Fixes problems with bugs in underlying gems on earlier versions.

    ECOMMERCE-5825 Ben Crouse

  • Truncate :return_to cookie to prevent overflow

    We experienced an ActionDispatch::Cookies::CookieOverflowError when attempting to add a :return_to URL that had more than 4096 bytes in it. To remedy this, we're trimming query parameters off the full URL if like_text is present anywhere in the String.

    ECOMMERCE-5387 Tom Scott

  • Fix recommendations tests related to order expiration period.

    Because of our use of 3.months in the order expiration period instead of 90.days (which is easier to add to), a few recommendations-related tests failed on February 28th, 2018, and probably will fail in future years.

    ECOMMERCE-5810 Tom Scott

  • Update styleguide path method to use slug rather than mount point

    ECOMMERCE-5446 Jake Beresford

  • Update styleguide helper to include plugin files

    • Add method to Workarea::Plugins to return installed plugins excluding admin, storefront, and core
    • Render components from plugins in styleguide navigation
    • Render SVG icons from plguins in svg-icon component
    • Update style_guide_icons path to display only relevant (storefront vs. admin) icons coming from a plugin

    ECOMMERCE-5446 Jake Beresford

  • Add extra characters to randomly generated admin passwords to pass PCI compliance

    ECOMMERECE-5758 Dave Barnow

  • Translate address fields partial

    ECOMMERCE-5781 Curt Howard

  • Only set default admin permissions when user becomes admin

    Previously, these permissions were defaulting to true, and it looked odd on the front-end to have users who were clearly not admins have "permission to publish releases". This resolves that by only setting the defaults for can_publish_now and can_restore when a user becomes an admin.

    ECOMMERCE-5591 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.2.3 (2018-02-23)

  • Release version 3.2.3

    Curt Howard

Workarea 3.2.2 (2018-02-21)

  • Revert before_action refactor to restore original behavior

    This caused issues in the clothing template when tests were run against 3.2

    ECOMMERCE-5749 Tom Scott

  • Fix potential duplicates in recommendations view models

    ECOMMERCE-5743 Ben Crouse

  • Fix typecasting in boolean content fields

    When a boolean content field is saved once into the database, then its data is re-validated, the Content::Fields::Boolean class would accidentally typecast a Boolean value that already exists. Since false != 'false', the type is always casted to true, rather than false. We're now ensuring the argument passed into Content::Fields::Boolean#typecast is actually a String before comparing it as such.

    ECOMMERCE-5722 Tom Scott

  • Remove test for multiple assignment of tokens. ECOMMERCE-5073

    Tom Scott

  • URL-safe reading from document.cookie

    When document.cookie is parsed with the function, we are failing to account for values which may have an "=" in them, resulting in truncated values of the cookie when read out. After splitting the cookie by ";" and then by "=", we're now reconstructing the value of the cookie if it contains any "=" characters by hand, which fixes an issue when using workarea-compare with v3.

    ECOMMERCE-4763 Tom Scott

  • Dasherize content block name class modifier for BEM compliant classes

    ECOMMERCE-5730 Jake Beresford

  • Ensure sidekiq is set as the ActiveJob queue_adapter

    ActionMailer is not using sidekiq when it should. It is currently using the default ActiveJob queue adapter of async. This generally doesn't exhibit any symptoms unless you are a multi-site where it will result in no emails getting sent out as the current site doesn't get properly set. See

    ECOMMERCE-5724 Matt Martyn

  • Add class modifier for block type to .content-block wrapper

    • Adds a new class modifier to the content block wrapper to be used as a styling hook for the container of a given blocktype

    ECOMMERCE-5730 Jake Beresford

  • Add append point to alt images on product template

    • Allow plugins, such as product videos, to append alt images to the PDP

    ECOMMERCE-5720 Jake Beresford

  • Fix plugin :changelog task to work when no tags exist

    When there are no tags on the current repo, the :changelog task now looks back to the initial commit of the project, assuming all of the commits pertain to the current (as-yet-unreleased) version.

    ECOMMERCE-4853 Tom Scott

  • Cover Rails configuration in Configuration guide

    ECOMMERCE-5607 Chris Cressman

  • Don't check password expiry when changing password

    This prevents a possible "loop" condition where an expired admin password cannot be changed to a new one, resulting in the admin no longer being able to log in. Refrain from checking password expiry on actions that are used in the periodic password reset workflow.

    ECOMMERCE-5554 Tom Scott

  • Persist and check all shippings when updating addresses step

    ECOMMERCE-5705 Matt Duffy

  • Remove references to specs within guides

    ECOMMERCE-5609 Chris Cressman

  • Document methods for removing appends

    ECOMMERCE-5608 Chris Cressman

  • Add patch release notes

    • Workarea 3.2.1
    • Workarea 3.1.12
    • Workarea 3.0.26

    ECOMMERCE-5661 Chris Cressman

  • Add new action for viewing product details

    Rather than overloading the workarea/storefront/products#show action on XHR requests, an entirely separate action that can only be accessed with XHR is created for viewing just the product details of a specified SKU. This is technically an improvement, but fixes long-standing issues in a few separate plugins related to overriding ProductsController#show on XHR requests.

    ECOMMERCE-5663 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.2.1 (2018-02-06)

  • Enforce one authenticity_token input per form

    It's possible that multiple authenticity_token inputs were being added to the same <form> by the WORKAREA.authenticityToken module, because we were never checking whether an input existed for the CSRF token. We're now ensuring that an input tag doesn't already exist, and if it does, we're updating that input tag's value with that of the user's CSRF token from /current_user.json, in case it's cached for some reason.

    ECOMMERCE-5686 Tom Scott

  • Validate :name instead of :field on product rules

    Product rules, originally called category rules, originally called the name of the attribute that we're filtering on a "field", but in v3.x that got changed to "name". Due to validations not getting updated, however, we were still validating on the #field method, which is defined further down and will always be present. We're now validating that the product rule has a name again.

    ECOMMERCE-5220 Tom Scott

  • Query for products with variants when seeding discounts

    Prevents a race condition whereby a product with no SKUs can be retrieved, causing a validation error in seeding. We're now always looking for products that have at least one variant, and assuming the variant has a SKU since it's a validated field of Workarea::Catalog::Variant.

    ECOMMERCE-5684 Tom Scott

  • Fix error when using Redis gem v4.x

    When Workarea::AutoexpireCacheRedis is called and v4.0 of the Redis gem is installed, an error will occur because the Redis#[] and Redis#[]= methods are no longer available. To remedy this, we're now using the more canonical Redis#get and Redis#setex to get the values of keys from the Redis server and to set key/value pairs on Redis with an attached TTL value.

    ECOMMERCE-5685 Tom Scott

  • Show product rule changes in activity feed

    Add Mongoid::AuditLog functionality to Workarea::ProductRule. Track changes to product rules within the admin activity log.

    ECOMMERCE-5024 Tom Scott

  • New append point for the top of checkout payments view

    ECOMMERCE-5655 Dave Barnow

  • Configure new apps to run on Workarea Hosting out of the box

    When generating a new application it is now configured out of the box with proper qa, staging, and production settings for Workarea Hosting environments.

    ECOMMERCE-5654 Thomas Vendetta

  • Fix double Dragonfly configuration issue

    Prevents Workarea::Configuration::Dragonfly.load configuration from being clobbered.

    ECOMMERCE-5656 Thomas Vendetta

  • Correct return value of ImageOptimProcessor

    Originally, the ImageOptimProcessor returned either the optimized image or the original image if it couldn't be optimized, but not actually updating the image record in place with its new attributes. We're now running the #update method on the document passed into ImageOptimProcessor so that it doesn't need to be optimized on each request.

    ECOMMERCE-5653 Tom Scott

  • Use proper class name for select addresses dropdown

    ECOMMERCE-5644 Dave Barnow

  • Ability to initialize application without external services

    When the environment variable WORKAREA_SKIP_SERVICES is present, Mongoid and Redis will not be configured on application boot.

    ECOMMERCE-5648 Thomas Vendetta

  • Ensure form controls receive the proper classes on submit

    This fixes an issue where the --invalid classes weren't being applied properly to invalid form controls on submit.

    ECOMMERCE-5639 Curt Howard

  • Add patch release notes

    • Workarea 3.1.11
    • Workarea 3.0.25

    ECOMMERCE-5601 Chris Cressman

  • Remove documentation URLs from generator files

    The help text and boilerplate comments for the discount and pricing generators includes references to specific guides. The references are out of date. Updating them will lead to the same problem in the future.

    Remove these references altogether, or replace them with more generic references.

    ECOMMERCE-5651 Chris Cressman

  • Update Configs guide for Workarea 3.2

    Add to the Configs guide the additional configs introduced in Workarea 3.2, and note a config that is deprecated in Workarea 3.2.

    ECOMMERCE-5660 Chris Cressman

  • Rewrite the "Release a Plugin" guide

    • Clarify the need for the credentials file
    • Provide commands to create the credentials file
    • Provide an example of specifying credentials on the command line
    • Simplify the whole guide
    • Update to current whitespace/style conventions

    ECOMMERCE-5659 Chris Cressman

  • Fix an error running db:seed when RAILS_ENV is not development

    ECOMMERCE-5682 Thomas Vendetta

  • Enforce one authenticity_token input per form

    It's possible that multiple authenticity_token inputs were being added to the same <form> by the WORKAREA.authenticityToken module, because we were never checking whether an input existed for the CSRF token. We're now ensuring that an input tag doesn't already exist, and if it does, we're updating that input tag's value with that of the user's CSRF token from /current_user.json, in case it's cached for some reason.

    ECOMMERCE-5686 Tom Scott

  • Validate :name instead of :field on product rules

    Product rules, originally called category rules, originally called the name of the attribute that we're filtering on a "field", but in v3.x that got changed to "name". Due to validations not getting updated, however, we were still validating on the #field method, which is defined further down and will always be present. We're now validating that the product rule has a name again.

    ECOMMERCE-5220 Tom Scott

  • Query for products with variants when seeding discounts

    Prevents a race condition whereby a product with no SKUs can be retrieved, causing a validation error in seeding. We're now always looking for products that have at least one variant, and assuming the variant has a SKU since it's a validated field of Workarea::Catalog::Variant.

    ECOMMERCE-5684 Tom Scott

  • Fix error when using Redis gem v4.x

    When Workarea::AutoexpireCacheRedis is called and v4.0 of the Redis gem is installed, an error will occur because the Redis#[] and Redis#[]= methods are no longer available. To remedy this, we're now using the more canonical Redis#get and Redis#setex to get the values of keys from the Redis server and to set key/value pairs on Redis with an attached TTL value.

    ECOMMERCE-5685 Tom Scott

  • Add 3.2.0 release notes

    ECOMMERCE-5657 Chris Cressman

  • Show product rule changes in activity feed

    Add Mongoid::AuditLog functionality to Workarea::ProductRule. Track changes to product rules within the admin activity log.

    ECOMMERCE-5024 Tom Scott

  • New append point for the top of checkout payments view

    ECOMMERCE-5655 Dave Barnow

  • Configure new apps to run on Workarea Hosting out of the box

    When generating a new application it is now configured out of the box with proper qa, staging, and production settings for Workarea Hosting environments.

    ECOMMERCE-5654 Thomas Vendetta

  • Fix double Dragonfly configuration issue

    Prevents Workarea::Configuration::Dragonfly.load configuration from being clobbered.

    ECOMMERCE-5656 Thomas Vendetta

  • Correct return value of ImageOptimProcessor

    Originally, the ImageOptimProcessor returned either the optimized image or the original image if it couldn't be optimized, but not actually updating the image record in place with its new attributes. We're now running the #update method on the document passed into ImageOptimProcessor so that it doesn't need to be optimized on each request.

    ECOMMERCE-5653 Tom Scott

  • Use proper class name for select addresses dropdown

    ECOMMERCE-5644 Dave Barnow

  • Ability to initialize application without external services

    When the environment variable WORKAREA_SKIP_SERVICES is present, Mongoid and Redis will not be configured on application boot.

    ECOMMERCE-5648 Thomas Vendetta

  • Ensure form controls receive the proper classes on submit

    This fixes an issue where the --invalid classes weren't being applied properly to invalid form controls on submit.

    ECOMMERCE-5639 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.2.0 (2018-01-26)

  • Release version 3.2.0

    Curt Howard

  • Add support for unsubscribing email in the account area

    ECOMMERCE-5606 Ben Crouse

  • Revert "Fix .value__error alignment when inside grid"

    This reverts commit 2fc8d01ca4cdade79219dfff04a32b777573d98a. Curt Howard

  • Enforce a default window size for system tests

    Curt Howard

  • Add off-page UI for mobile filters

    ECOMMERCE-5588 Curt Howard

  • Add yaml to editorconfig

    Curt Howard

  • Reduce chance of desceptive performance test failures

    Scenarios arise where a performance test runs faster than average, causing future tests to compare to the anomaly and fail incorrectly. To minimize the chance of this happening, performance tests will drop the highest and lowest measurements from previous runs before comparing results. Matt Duffy

  • Add append point on products#show between description and recommendations

    Matt Duffy

  • Update password requirements for admins

    Per the PCI audit, we need to ensure that admin users are using passwords that contain both alpha and numeric values and at least 7 characters long.

    ECOMMERCE-5629 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.2.0.beta.4 (2018-01-25)

  • Release version 3.2.0.beta.4

    Curt Howard

  • Override content block type fieldset name

    The name of a fieldset is used as a unique identifier, and we always attempt to find an existing fieldset to append to rather than create a new one. In some cases, however, a fieldset name must be changed but most of its internals need to be preserved. For that, we have a new keyword argument on the fieldset method: replaces:, which takes a String equal to the ID in which its replacing.

    ECOMMERCE-5624 Tom Scott

  • Fix admin search bar icon's disabled state

    ECOMMERCE-5636 Curt Howard

  • Include store credit field in customer creation form in the admin

    ECOMMERCE-4843 Matt Duffy

  • Bump per_page of recommendation index workers, make number configurable

    ECOMMERCE-5642 Matt Duffy

  • Prepend saved addresses dropdown to address-fields and use the same classes as other checkout fields

    ECOMMERCE-5644 Dave Barnow

  • Add rack attack throttle on signup requests by ip address

    Prevent users from abusing the signup form to determine email addresses that are associated to existing accounts.

    ECOMMERCE-5641 Matt Duffy

  • Add patch release notes

    • Workarea 3.1.11
    • Workarea 3.0.25

    ECOMMERCE-5601 Chris Cressman

  • Release version 3.1.11

    Curt Howard

  • Release version 3.0.25

    Curt Howard

  • Modify plugin template to allow generators to run within plugins

    ECOMMERCE-5343 Matt Duffy

  • Fix admin recent searches XSS vulnerability

    In the admin recent searches dashboard widget, we were previously using jQuery's .html() method to add recent query strings to the page. This had the unintended consequence of evaluating each string as HTML, which permits cross-site scripting attacks to occur from the storefront to admin users of the application. We're now using jQuery's text() method, which escapes HTML by way of setting the element's innerText rather than its innerHTML.

    ECOMMERCE-5638 Tom Scott

  • Add patch release notes

    • Workarea 3.1.10
    • Workarea 3.1.9
    • Workarea 3.0.24
    • Workarea 3.0.23

    ECOMMERCE-5601 Chris Cressman

  • Release version 3.1.10

    Curt Howard

  • Release version 3.0.24

    Curt Howard

  • No need to specify fallbacks to fix I18n JS bloat

    The various ways to define fallbacks mean choosing one ahead of time can cause problems. Specifying fallbacks also doesn't relate to the fix of the original problem anyways.

    ECOMMERCE-5632 Ben Crouse

  • No need to specify fallbacks to fix I18n JS bloat

    The various ways to define fallbacks mean choosing one ahead of time can cause problems. Specifying fallbacks also doesn't relate to the fix of the original problem anyways.

    ECOMMERCE-5632 Ben Crouse

  • No need to specify fallbacks to fix I18n JS bloat

    The various ways to define fallbacks mean choosing one ahead of time can cause problems. Specifying fallbacks also doesn't relate to the fix of the original problem anyways.

    ECOMMERCE-5632 Ben Crouse

  • Release version 3.1.9

    Curt Howard

  • Release version 3.0.23

    Curt Howard

  • Add messaging to admin featured product pages when in a release

    Featured product changes are not reflected in release previewing. Adding messaging on the admin pages ensures users are aware of this limitation.

    ECOMMERCE-5175 Matt Duffy

  • Disable sending email in unit tests

    Because emails use Elasticsearch for recommendations, sending emails during unit tests causes unreliability in builds. Since we're almost never asserting against email in them, disable emails in unit tests by default.

    ECOMMERCE-5633 Ben Crouse

  • Close mobile-nav when click originates from outside nav

    ECOMMERCE-5587 Curt Howard

  • Move problematic CSS

    Curt Howard

Workarea 3.2.0.beta.3 (2018-01-22)

  • Release version 3.2.0.beta.3

    Curt Howard

  • Update development environment guide

    • Note the incompatibility of MongoDB 3.6
    • Suggest Node.js as a JavaScript runtime
    • Update the minimum Ruby version for Workarea 3.2
    • Suggest keeping Bundler up to date

    ECOMMERCE-5604 Chris Cressman

  • Fix I18n translation JS bloat

    Production JS files can be huge to due lots of unused locale translations being included. the fix is to specify your locales in Rails config, then only those will be used in rendering the JS translations.

    In base, we can fix this by specifying a default locale (en) before configuration, ensuring that even if an app doesn't specify a locale we'll always have a default.

    ECOMMERCE-5632 Ben Crouse

  • Add missing to_json/html_safe to insights charts

    ECOMMERCE-5540 Dave Barnow

  • Reinitialize js modules when shipping option changes

    ECOMMERCE-5616 Dave Barnow

  • Update fixture markup to fix failing test

    ECOMMERCE-5394 Jake Beresford

  • Update JS to allow changes in address field markup

    • Allows for address fields markup to be re-structured while maintaining functionality
    • Add common ancestor to the shared_addresses view so this functionality works easily on forms with multiple addresses

    ECOMMERCE-5394 Jake Beresford

  • Lock down Mongo gem version to 2.4.3

    ECOMMERCE-5620 Curt Howard

  • Fix duplicate ID errors in the Admin's dashboards

    ECOMMERCE-5618 Curt Howard

  • Lock down Mongo gem version to 2.4.3

    ECOMMERCE-5620 Curt Howard

  • Add CSRF param/token to current_user.json

    When user information is requested from the server, include their personal CSRF param and token to be used for any form submissions that occur on cached pages, such as the PDP with one-click checkout. Avoids using expired or invalid authenticity tokens due to Rack::Cache caching older tokens from past requests.

    ECOMMERCE-5583 Tom Scott

  • Add append points for pricing skus in the admin

    ECOMMERCE-5614 Eric Pigeon

Workarea 3.2.0.beta.2 (2018-01-19)

  • Release version 3.2.0.beta.2

    Curt Howard

  • Update configs guide for Workarea 3.2

    Add and remove config keys to reflect the changes introduced in Workarea 3.2.

    ECOMMERCE-5605 Chris Cressman

  • Do not use light loading indicator for disabled buttons

    ECOMMERCE-5621 Dave Barnow

  • Validate phone extension formatting on Storefront

    ECOMMERCE-4965 Curt Howard

  • Fix duplicate ID errors in the Admin's dashboards

    ECOMMERCE-5618 Curt Howard

  • Lock down Mongo gem version to 2.4.3

    ECOMMERCE-5620 Curt Howard

  • Remove v3.1 deprecations

    • Remove Search::StorefrontSearch::AutoFilter
    • Remove OrderFulfillmentStatus Matt Duffy
  • Add created_by_id field to user to track creation of accounts through admin

    ECOMMERCE-4844 Matt Duffy

  • Group product's categories by featured/rules on products#show card

    ECOMMERCE-4449 Matt Duffy

  • Give form controls a clear disabled state

    In the admin, when a form control was disabled, it didn't actually look disabled. In the storefront the form control was bizarrely 50% opacity.

    This commit also styles readonly elements the same as disabled elements.

    ECOMMERCE-5255 Curt Howard

  • Add email address to Order Confirmation page


    On the confirmation page, the wording of the text that alerts users to the fact that a confirmation email has been sent is especially important. This text should include the email address to which the confirmation email was sent, to provide users the opportunity to verify that it’s the correct email address. This is useful not just for those users who may have a typo in their order email, but also to prevent impatient users from worrying if they might have made a typo. Similarly, users who have completed the checkout using a previously created account, may now use a different email address than the one originally tied to the account – as it occurred during testing.

    ECOMMERCE-5042 Curt Howard

  • Validate phone number formatting on Storefront

    Now phone numbers can only be numerals and dashes.

    ECOMMERCE-4965 Curt Howard

  • Add a text-box--full modifier

    Curt Howard

  • Fix .value__error alignment when inside grid

    Since .value__error is typically injected via jQuery Validation, if the form field validated is within a grid, there was a good chance that the injected error will break layout. Curt Howard

  • Clean up todos

    • Remove Admin::OrderViewModel#status which would fall back to fullfillment status. These are now explicitly two separate statuses.
    • Move catalog product bulk action options to a helper method to clean up view and allow for easier addition of options
    • Update Fulfillment.find_statuses to clarify intent of logic
    • Fix grammar on todo Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.2.0.beta.1 (2018-01-15)

  • Release version 3.2.0.beta.1

    Curt Howard

  • Revert "Add CSRF param/token to current_user.json"

    This reverts commit 86de76b4c93c0510099d97786b1d5e505ac03c3c. Ben Crouse

  • Prevent delay as the admin-toolbar loads

    ECOMMERCE-5593 Curt Howard

  • Clean up release admin management

    ECOMMERCE-5498 Matt Duffy

  • Add Visit Storefront link to user menu in admin

    ECOMMERCE-5596 Curt Howard

  • Add CSRF param/token to current_user.json

    When user information is requested from the server, include their personal CSRF param and token to be used for any form submissions that occur on cached pages, such as the PDP with one-click checkout. Avoids using expired or invalid authenticity tokens due to Rack::Cache caching older tokens from past requests.

    ECOMMERCE-5583 Tom Scott

  • Set autocomplete="off" on all storefront password fields

    By default, browsers can save the information typed into form fields that have autocomplete="on", which is default for password fields. We don't ever want password data to be saved unexpectedly on users' machines, so in order to retain PCI compliance we're applying autocomplete="off" to each password field on the storefront. The Alertlogic web application firewall does this as well as a fallback, therefore Workarea customers on past versions will not need to manually make this change.

    ECOMMERCE-5590 Tom Scott

  • Add descripitions of several configs to the "Configs" guide

    • address_attributes
    • allowed_login_attempts
    • lockout_period

    ECOMMERCE-5487 Chris Cressman

  • Explicitly require countries mongoid extension

    The countries/global file is required, and tests whether Mongoid is defined prior to inserting its extensions allowing direct persistence of a Country object. This can cause an issue if, for some reason, the countries gem is required before Mongoid, in which case this extension will not be loaded, because Ruby's require does not attempt to load something a second time if it knows the filepath has already been required. The result of this is that the country field is not serialized out of a String if that was the type that it was sent in as (e.g., a v2.x project's data). To remedy this issue, we're now explicitly requiring countries/mongoid in core, so that the mongoid extension is always available if you require 'workarea/core' in your project.

    ECOMMERCE-5582 Tom Scott

  • Further improve the order summary partial

    ECOMMERCE-5526 Curt Howard

  • Improve Style Guide presentation

    • Use an empty layout
    • Fix sneaky placeholder issue
    • Remove cruft from .scss files

    ECOMMERCE-5474 Curt Howard

  • Properly report success of performance test to output

    Reporting of performance tests is currently output before the failure of an assertion is recorded, leaving all runs reporting as passed.

    ECOMMERCE-5589 Matt Duffy

  • Add placed_at to admin search index

    Queries run on a fresh admin index that has no orders can throw errors if attempting to sort by placed_at if the field is not defined in the mapping

    ECOMMERCE-5585 Matt Duffy

  • Remove rspec gem and tasks

    ECOMMERCE-5292 Matt Duffy

  • Add performance test base class, add storefront performance tests

    ECOMMERCE-5414 Matt Duffy

  • Convert remaining model specs

    ECOMMERCE-5292 Matt Duffy

  • Add append point for order index icons

    Ben Crouse

  • Convert core model specs

    ECOMMERCE-5292 Matt Duffy

  • Convert remaining core services, workers, and request specs

    ECOMMERCE-5292 Matt Duffy

  • Add 3.1.8 and 3.0.22 release notes

    Chris Cressman

  • Improve copied product ID UX in first step of flow

    The system-default copied product ID was causing strange behavior in the recommendations functionality, since both the product ID and copied ID were so similar.

    The flow has been reworked to not be assumptive. A user is prompted to choose a new ID. Additionally, two buttons are offered. One to copy the original (restoring the previous behavior) and one to totally randomize the product ID.

    ECOMMERCE-4855 Curt Howard

  • Release version 3.0.22

    Curt Howard

  • Convert remaining lib specs to tests

    ECOMMERCE-5292 Ben Crouse

  • Convert validator specs to tests

    ECOMMERCE-5292 Ben Crouse

  • Convert lint specs to tests

    ECOMMERCE-5292 Ben Crouse

  • Convert mongoid extension specs to tests

    ECOMMERCE-5292 Ben Crouse

  • Adjust Order Summary partial layout

    ECOMMERCE-5526 Dave Barnow

  • Convert remaining storefront view model specs to tests

    Also remove the spec dir now that we don't need it for anything

    ECOMMERCE-5292 Ben Crouse

  • Changes for order fulfillment dashboard

    Matt Duffy

  • Convert content block view model specs to tests

    ECOMMERCE-5292 Ben Crouse

  • Convert checkout view model specs to tests

    ECOMMERCE-5292 Ben Crouse

  • Make tax price adjustments on shipping more descriptive

    ECOMMERCE-5530 Matt Duffy

  • Add personalized recommendations to empty cart page

    ECOMMERCE-5468 Ben Crouse

  • Add recommendations to order confirmation page

    ECOMMERCE-5467 Ben Crouse

  • Add recommendations to the added-to-cart dialog

    ECOMMERCE-5466 Ben Crouse

  • Correct TaxApplier item tax calculation for partial shippings

    ECOMMERCE-5534 Matt Duffy

  • Save state of the bulk action select

    ECOMMERCE-5546 Ben Crouse

  • Replace release calendar with regular index view

    ECOMMERCE-5498 Curt Howard

  • Add item count to workflow bar for bulk action flows

    ECOMMERCE-5264 Curt Howard

  • Add low inventory alert to admin toolbar, email reports

    ECOMMERCE-5536 Dave Barnow

  • Improve checkout layout display for medium viewports

    ECOMMERCE-5535 Dave Barnow

  • Add tracking numbers to Order search in the admin

    ECOMMERCE-5499 Curt Howard

  • Prevent cart clearing when checkout is abandoned

    Carts were being cleared when checkout was entered, presumably because they get saved so we can begin saving data on the Order. Attempt to find the most recent previous order that has not been abandoned in Order.find_current to return back to the expected behavior.

    ECOMMERCE-5472 Tom Scott

  • Add search indexing to test that depends on it

    Ben Crouse

  • Add refund email

    ECOMMERCE-5510 Matt Duffy

  • update app template to allow pointing at latest master

    ECOMMERCE-5496 Matt Duffy

  • Rework tests the manipulate country config to avoid issues on failure

    ECOMMERCE-5496 Matt Duffy

  • Switch the warning color orange

    Orange has much closer associations to warning than black Ben Crouse

  • Add Back To Top Button to searches#show, categories#show

    ECOMMERCE-5497 Curt Howard

  • Add system page for internal server error

    ECOMMERCE-5519 Dave Barnow

  • Update user#orders to use index table view

    ECOMMERCE-5511 Curt Howard

  • Add confirmation when deleting product images

    ECOMMERCE-5188 Dave Barnow

  • Enhance extensibility of checkout summary shipping section, add shipping append points

    Matt Duffy

  • Add bogus carrer and service codes to shipping services seeds

    ECOMMERCE-5119 Dave Barnow

  • Clean up output of payment methods on order summary views, move order totals table inside of box

    ECOMMERCE-5506 Dave Barnow

  • Update order seeds to capture payment on seeded orders

    ECOMMERCE-5493 Matt Duffy

  • Remove references to product sharing

    ECOMMERCE-5215 Dave Barnow

  • Add supporting changes for OMS bulk fulfillment

    This includes:

    • Make order bulk actions decoratable
    • Add iteration over each item in a bulk action
    • Don't try to send fulfillment emails w/o transactional email
    • Add mongoizing to GlobalID Ben Crouse
  • Minor enchancements for better split shipping support

    Matt Duffy

  • Indicate user is being impersonated in the Admin

    ECOMMERCE-5436 Curt Howard

  • Take partial shipping quantities into account for packaging

    Matt Duffy

  • Add searching payment transactions by order ID

    ECOMMERCE-5475 Ben Crouse

  • Improve Content Editor new-block-button UI

    • Increase size of new-block-button UI
    • Display content block description in tooltip

    ECOMMERCE-5348 Curt Howard

  • Improve relationship between captures and purchases

    Exposing these transactions separately allows easier determination of the correct amounts of current states.

    These changes discovered in OMS plugin testing, and will be made use of there. Ben Crouse

  • Restore global state after mutating it. No changelog ECOMMERCE-5094

    Tom Scott

  • Adding rake task to run all installed workare plugin tests

    ECOMMERCE-5470 Komaron James

  • Remove paths assigned to append points

    Append points cannot currently be removed without diving into the appends hashes on Workarea::Plugin. Add methods for removing file paths from append points in javascripts, stylesheets, or partials.

    ECOMMERCE-5094 Tom Scott

  • Fix graph data not displaying

    In Rails 5.1, #to_json was not HTML-safe by default, and so would escape characters like quotes, causing the graphs for products, categories, and search customizations insights to not display. We're now attaching #html_safe to the end of all to_json method calls so that the data contained within renders properly.

    ECOMMERCE-5437 Tom Scott

  • Assign disabled text to create button when uploading images

    ECOMMERCE-5187 Dave Barnow

  • Render navigation on style_guides#show pages

    • Make Style Guide navigation active state obvious

    ECOMMERCE-4603 Curt Howard

  • Add append points for checkout and order mailer

    Matt Duffy

  • Add append points to dashboard navigations

    ECOMMERCE-5444 Dave Barnow

  • Add low inventory issue filter for admin product index

    ECOMMERCE-5442 Matt Duffy

  • Add personalized recommendations to user account page

    ECOMMERCE-5439 Matt Duffy

  • Update dependency gems

    ECOMMERCE-5440 Ben Crouse

  • Make style guide navs sticky

    ECOMMERCE-4601 Curt Howard

  • Clean up Storefront

    The goal here is to help SEs in demoing while helping developers have a better starting point with styling their account views.

    • Add $light-gray color
    • Mute default table styles
    • Add .box component
    • Use .box component on users#account and orders#summary
    • Add grid--large modifier

    ECOMMERCE-5356 Curt Howard

  • Bump image_optim versions

    Fixes Fixnum warnings, and gets us the other improvements from their newer versions.

    ECOMMERCE-5434 Ben Crouse

  • Ensure default category selected is active. Fix typo

    ECOMMERCE-5360 Matt Duffy

  • Fix use of deprecated Fixnum, require ruby >= 2.4

    ECOMMERCE-5424 Ben Crouse

  • Bump version for sidekiq-unique-jobs

    There are several important bugs that have been fixed in newer versions of sidekiq-unique-jobs. Given that the bumping the gem won't break anything, bump the major version to ensure we don't get tripped up by them.

    ECOMMERCE-5427 Ben Crouse

  • Add job to verify release sidekiq jobs that should exist do, add if missing

    ECOMMERCE-5419 Matt Duffy

  • Add append point for order cards

    REVIEWS-1 Ben Crouse

  • Fix bug in upcoming releases for search customizations

    ECOMMERCE-5400 Curt Howard

  • Improve the Release Reminder UI

    This UI didn't fit well with the overall branding of the Admin and was something that was slated for a refactor during the initial v3 development.

    The reworking of this UI now offers user a very bold and eye-catching interface that fits much more closely with the vision upheld throughout the Admin's design.

    ECOMMERCE-5423 Curt Howard

  • Abstract Changelog task for general use

    ECOMMERCE-5354 Curt Howard

  • Fix tests following change to card issuer icons.

    ECOMMERCE-5406 Jake Beresford

  • Improve performance of promo code list generation

    Skip the N+1 queries to check if a code exists, rely on a unique index instead.

    ECOMMERCE-5390 Ben Crouse

  • Add testing support for OMS and returns functionality

    This is fulfillment-related testing support code shared by OMS and returns plugins.

    ECOMMERCE-5410 Ben Crouse

  • Add helper for standardizing text display of details in mailers

    ECOMMERCE-5409 Ben Crouse

  • Improve order lookup to be session based

    This makes it a whole lot easier to plugins/builds to add sub-sections to order lookup (e.g. returns).

    Preserves backward-compatible functionality

    ECOMMERCE-5408 Ben Crouse

  • Add amount allocation to payment processing

    This functionality gets used by both the OMS and returns plugin, and could be useful on builds that do capturing.

    ECOMMERCE-5407 Ben Crouse

  • Add fallback to product inisght blocks to improve output

    If selected type does not hit configured number of products, attempt to meet the limit with products from the other type. If together the insight products do not hit the limit, look to newest products to fill in the remaining spots.

    ECOMMERCE-5376 Matt Duffy

  • Adds class modifier for payment icon issuer

    • This change allows card icons to be targeted and styled for a specific issuer

    ECOMMERCE-5406 Jake Beresford

  • Fix duplicate ID attribute values in Admin

    ECOMMERCE-5347 Curt Howard

  • Set credit card from order to default if user has no other saved cards

    ECOMMERCE-5393 Matt Duffy

  • Update plugin template to just use

    Active support time extensions aren't loaded at the time the plugin template is executing. Change it to just use plain ruby methods

    ECOMMERCE-5404 Eric Pigeon

  • Add append point for admin order attribute item details

    (minor) Matt Duffy

  • Update JS to allow changes in address field markup

    • Allows for address fields markup to be re-structured while maintaining functionality


    • use event.delegateTarget for $textBox selector per PR feedback
    • Resolve a similar issue caused by the need for country and region to be direct siblings

    ECOMMERCE-5394 Jake Beresford

  • Add stateful timeline & comment icons to Admin indexes

    ECOMMERCE-5347 Curt Howard

  • Allow setting of default category on a product

    ECOMMERCE-5360 Matt Duffy

  • Add Redis locking mechanism, replace order locking

    ECOMMERCE-5361 Matt Duffy

  • Add link--no-underline modifier

    Curt Howard

  • Add svg-icon--link-color to svg-icon component

    ECOMMERCE-5375 Curt Howard

  • Improve Index tables Admin-wide

    ECOMMERCE-5303 Curt Howard

  • Ensure saved credit cards are stored on the gateway

    If the #store operation on the credit card gateway failed when adding a credit card under the users account, a Payment::SavedCreditCard was still persisted as if the operation was successful. Change the store operation to be called before validation and validate the token is set on the SavedCreditCard. Change Payment::StoreCreditCard#perform! to be the gatewa store response #success? and #save! to be the conjuction of the gatway operation and saving to the database.

    ECOMMERCE-5339 Eric Pigeon

  • Disallow Release Select UI from refreshing Content Editor

    ECOMMERCE-5202 Curt Howard

  • Add publish with new release functionality to new content blocks

    ECOMMERCE-5202 Curt Howard

  • Fix publishing to new release from Content Editor

    Due to a duplicate ID in the admin's publish with menu, tooltipster was uninitializing itself on these fields.

    ECOMMERCE-5202 Curt Howard

  • Add Product Insights Content Block


    1. Top Products
    2. Trending Products

    ECOMMERCE-5203 Curt Howard

  • Remove redundant content block teaspoon test

    Curt Howard

  • Convert payment refund spec to minitest

    ECOMMERCE-5327 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix asserts in cancel order test

    assert_equal parameters are expected, actual. cancel_order_test had them in the opposite order and will cause incorrect failure messages

    ECOMMERCE-5326 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix save user order details test

    set the payment address before attempting to store the credit card on the gateway so the model is valid and is persisted.

    ECOMMERCE-5325 Eric Pigeon

  • Port find_by_sku test from Rspec to MiniTest

    ECOMMERCE-5046 Curt Howard

  • Update email order summary templates to display multiple shippings

    ECOMMERCE-5319 Matt Duffy

  • Add append points for order item details

    Matt Duffy

  • Add time zone output to releases calendar

    ECOMMERCE-5237 Ben Crouse

  • Output timezone on settings dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-5311 Dave Barnow

  • Turn off fulfillment email to improve test reliability

    Ben Crouse

  • Rename JavaScript and SCSS feature_spec_helpers

    Includes a deprecation warning, prompting builds to immediately update their application manifests to use the renamed files. These old files are targeted for deletion in v3.3.0.

    ECOMERCE-4772 Curt Howard

  • Rely on ajax for all release menu UI operations

    After noticing an issue in PhanomJS regarding the submission of a hidden form and the resulting need for an exceptional timeout in order to get the tests to pass, the WORKAREA.publishWithReleaseMenus module has been rewritten to only use AJAX requests.

    This gives us a more predictable experience and allows us to use wait_for_xhr in the proper way inside the system tests.

    A number of system tests corresponding to releases needed to be rewritten for revalidation purposes after this change.

    ECOMMERCE-5202 Curt Howard

  • Add rack attack protection for promo code endpoints

    We don't want to allow people to attempt to brute force promo codes.

    ECOMMERCE-5307 Ben Crouse

  • Show refunds in order history

    Since plugins or builds can implement refunding, we should be showing the customer this information when they look at their orders.

    ECOMMERCE-5301 Ben Crouse

  • Add raising an error if the create_placed_order factory fails

    ECOMMERCE-5308 Ben Crouse

  • Add button to card for empty states of timelines, release planned changes

    • Make formatting of markup consistent with other cards ECOMMERCE-4972 Dave Barnow
  • Add Order column to Payment Transactions index

    ECOMMERCE-5147 Curt Howard

  • Allow releases to be created asynchronously

    Now, while editing a releasable object, a user can create a new release immediately before saving their work. This is handled asynchronously so that a user would not lose their progress when creating and switching to their new release.

    This work does not affect the release menu UI in the top-left of the Admin, as that UI's intended purpose is to contextually change the release that you are currently editing.

    ECOMMERCE-5202 Curt Howard

  • Improve presentation of new release option UI

    • Require release name in form
    • Focus input when a user interacts with the UI

    ECOMMERCE-5271 Curt Howard

  • Use tables on Admin indexes

    There was a lot of negative feedback around the summary-based display used on the index views throughout the Admin when v3.0 launched.

    This commit uses a table-based UI, instead of the summary-based UI, on said index views.

    For mixed results, such as search and releasable objects, the summary- based UI is retained.

    ECOMMERCE-5201 Curt Howard

  • Don't show complex data types in settings dashboard

    This will prevent things like payment gateways from revealing secrets and clean up display.

    ECOMMERCE-5238 Ben Crouse

  • Support pricing and display for orders with multiple shippings

    ECOMMERCE-5254 Ben Crouse

  • Add deprecation note to WORKAREA.singleSubmitForms

    Curt Howard

  • Add append points for add to cart form and cart item details

    ECOMMERCE-5252 ECOMMERCE-5253 Matt Duffy

  • Use the same ordering of order items in admin as used in storefront

    ECOMMERCE-5262 Matt Duffy

  • Standardize use of general Rails timezone config

    Establish use of standard guidelines from this post:

    We can dramatically simplify timezone code in the admin for this, but to prevent breaking in upgrades we'll want to wait for v4 (or meter it out slowly over the next few minor releases). I think this is enough breaking changes for one release.

    ECOMMERCE-5237 Ben Crouse

  • Add new append point for within account grid, moves existing append point to original position in DOM

    ECOMMERCE-5208 Jake Beresford

  • Returns dialog collection after creating it

    ECOMMERCE-5247 Ivana Veliskova

  • Use pointer cursor for header action links

    ECOMMERCE-5257 Dave Barnow

  • Improve keyword matching in admin searches

    Due to full text analysis, you could get missing or unexpected results.

    ECOMMERCE-5239 Ben Crouse

  • Add input to refine terms for admin searches

    ECOMMERCE-5157 Ben Crouse

  • Add rel=“noopener” to links that open in a new window

    This helps with performance and security. See:

    ECOMMERCE-5116 Dave Barnow

  • Fix version to 3.2.0.pre

    Curt Howard

  • Add inventory restocking

    This is primarily to support OMS, specifically cancelling part of an order.

    ECOMMERCE-5249 Ben Crouse

  • Add payment status for orders that do not require a tender

    ECOMMERCE-5222 Matt Duffy

  • Add source field to Order

    ECOMMERCE-5198 Matt Duffy

  • Fix logic that updates taxon navigable_slug when a navigable slug changes

    ECOMMERCE-5224 Matt Duffy

  • Convert rspec tests to minitest

    Matt Duffy

  • Update slug generation behavior for navigable creation workflows

    Remove setting slug manually on setup of Page and Category workflows, and generate a unique slug based on position in taxonomy after selecting taxonomy position. Also extract unique slug logic fron Navigable for reuse with taxonomy slug generation.

    ECOMMERCE-5199 Matt Duffy

  • Make use of the Elasticsearch collate functionality for suggestions

    This is a better way to acheive the same results because it will include all product display rules (not just active).

    ECOMMERCE-5183 Ben Crouse

  • Ensure search customization insights test waits for xhr

    ECOMMERCE-5218 Curt Howard

  • Improve search suggestions

    A few changes to improve the quality of search suggestions:

    • Exclude SKUs for suggestions since keywords are too fragile
    • Switch mapping to allow full word tokens for correction
    • Switch to phrase suggest for more contextual suggestions
    • Filter out suggestions from inactive products

    A reindex of storefront would be required to get the most out of these changes, but it should continue to function without erroring otherwise.

    ECOMMERCE-5183 Ben Crouse

  • Improve exact matching and redirecting in search

    Redirect to a product if it's an exact match on ID, SKU, or name. Otherwise, render search results as normal. This should clear up some of the confusion around the previous product redirect functionality.

    The implementation uses a trick with scoring to avoid having to do extra queries (either in MongoDB or Elasticsearch).

    To get the full effect, you'll want to reindex but if you choose not to reindex the site will continue to function normally.

    ECOMMERCE-5184 Ben Crouse

  • Add configuration to allow disabling of transactional emails

    ECOMMERCE-5200 Matt Duffy

  • Automate taxonomy-based slugs when creating a new navigable resource

    ECOMMERCE-5199 Matt Duffy

  • Restructure release notes guides by minor

    Chris Cressman

  • Add v3.0.14 release notes

    Chris Cressman

  • Update storefront user account show page for easier extension in plugins.

    • Moved append point inside of grid to make it possible to add a .grid__cell from a plugin when extending this view

    ECOMMERCE-5208 Jake Beresford

  • Tweak search suggestion logic to improve spelling corrections

    ECOMMERCE-5182 Matt Duffy

  • Hack to eliminate development error when app reloads

    ECOMMERCE-5115 Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.1.8 (2018-01-09)

  • Fix credit card validation console error

    Since jQuery Validation was upgraded in v3.0.0 we've been missing true front-end validation on credit card fields. The jquery-validation-rails gem has compartmentalized these additional validations into its own file, which is now included in the Storefront by default.

    This commit also removes the broken and problematic pattern attribute in postal_code fields.

    ECOMMERCE-5533 Curt Howard

  • Fix error messages for invalid bulk actions

    ECOMMERCE-5547 Ben Crouse

  • Use fully-qualfied canonical URLs

    When providing URLs for <link rel="canonical"> tags, we're not including the full domain and protocol, and that causes issues during SEO audits. Make sure that all canonical tags use the _url path helpers, and 'https' as the protocol.

    ECOMMERCE-5484 Tom Scott

  • Fix logout problems in Safari

    Safari will pre-fetch "paused" (cached) pages and start running JS ahead of time as the page "unpasuses". This running JS ahead of time causes a request to current_user.json, which sets the auth cookie. A race condition then starts between the logout request and the current_user request which sometimes leaves the auth cookie after logging out.

    The solution is to switch this to a DELETE method which it probably should have been the whole time, since this request isn't idempotent.

    ECOMMERCE-5476 Ben Crouse

  • Extend dependent selector of WORKAREA.checkoutShippingServices

    With the release of v3.2 some plugins should be making use of the base module WORKAREA.checkoutShippingServices, whose dependent CSS selector was too strict.

    ECOMMERCE-5525 Curt Howard

  • Whitelist benign HTML attributes

    Tag attributes like style, href, and alt might actually be added by developers, but are currently parsed out of the final result in wysihtml. Add the previously mentioned attributes to the whitelist so that wysihtml will display content properly.

    ECOMMERCE-5445 Tom Scott

  • Fix view template resolution problems

    Rails doesn't cache template paths in development within a request or in the test environment whatsoever. Fix that.

    Also increase Capybara wait time depending on number of plugins to help.

    ECOMMERCE-5532 Ben Crouse

  • Define self-assignment methods for SwappableList

    Calling SwappableList#+= previously returned an Array, causing the value to possibly become mutated in place using Ruby's += syntax sugar. SwappableList now defines the #+ and #- methods so that any mutation in place using += and -= will no longer change the type of Workarea.config.seeds.

    ECOMMERCE-5531 Tom Scott

  • Change VCR Cassette Persister to handle nested cassettes

    When creating a new cassette if there's a folder in the use_cassette call, the Workarea cassette persister won't attempt to create it for the developer. Change the Workarea cassette persister to create all directories for the current cassette.

    ECOMMERCE-5528 Eric Pigeon

  • Use Workarea.config when duplicating for temporary modification in .with_config

    Plugins like multi-site can modify the value of Workarea.config. To ensure consistent behavior, that method is now used when copying the configuration temporarily rather than looking to the original source of Workarea::Configuration.config which may not always be the current version of the configuration.

    ECOMMERCE-5523 Matt Duffy

  • Fix decoration reporter error on failing decorated tests in plugins

    ECOMMERCE-5514 Ben Crouse

  • Fix bulk actions not being marked completed

    ECOMMERCE-5521 Ben Crouse

  • Add 3.1.7 and 3.0.21 release notes

    ECOMMERCE-5488 Chris Cressman

  • Rename category_seeds.rb to categories_seeds.rb

    This fixes an error when trying to decorate the CategoriesSeeds method

    ECOMMERCE-5517 Dave Barnow

  • Fix address regions UI

    Due to "a difference of opinion" (let's say) between Safari, IE, and the rest of the sane web development world a significant change was required to the way we were conditionally displaying regions for a chosen country.

    Whereas before we were simply display: noneing the child optgroups underneath the region select, we now must completely remove them and replace them with only the matching optgroup. This is because Safari and IE disallow styles being applied to form elements in this manner.

    ECOMMERCE-5516 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.1.7 (2017-12-12)

  • Escape help page markdown HTML

    The Markdown body of help pages is marked as a safe string for Rails, but any raw HTML code within that Markdown is not going to be. We need to mark the entire result string as HTML-safe so that when it is rendered, we are seeing actual formatting rather than HTML tags.

    ECOMMERCE-5481 Tom Scott

  • Update redis-rack-cache to v2.0.2

    Unlike redis-rails, redis-rack-cache had a bad dependency in its gemspec that forced redis-store to be locked in at 1.3.0, which at that version can allow for remote code execution in very specific circumstances. Although we're not affected due to the way we deploy our applications, this patch is still necessary in order to appease security audits in the future.

    ECOMMERCE-5513 Tom Scott

  • Fix boosts for products with no views scores

    In the "field_value_factor" part of the "function_score" we are using the modifier log1p. When the views_score is 0, log(1) = 0, and the boosts essentially get nullified resulting in all returned documents (with views_score of 0) having the same score.

    Changing the modifier to "log2p" or ensures the minimum value isn't 0, so boosts multiplication still has an effect.

    ECOMMERCE-5508 Ben Crouse

  • Fix element class name in .checkout-progress component

    ECOMMERCE-5490 Curt Howard

  • Fix category product rule field duplication

    The usage of turbolinks causes unnecessary inputs to be rendered on the screen even though select2 has already rendered them. This is because our initModules function was typically called once, maybe twice per run, but is now being called indefinitely since each turbolinks:load event must reinitialize all modules (since we could be dealing with very different markup). We're now binding to the turbolinks:load event in the remoteSelects module, as well as initializing select2 on any elements that it doesn't already have binding to. This is so we don't accidentally re-init the same element, but we also initialize any new select2 elements on the page.

    ECOMMERCE-5332 Tom Scott

  • Fix generic template first option selection

    Users were reporting that the first <option> in the generic template could not be selected in any environment which has caching enabled. This is because the cache key of the product without any option selected was incorrect, we were choosing the first variant's SKU as the "current_sku" in Storefront::ProductViewModel::CacheKey, and since option selection now updates the entire HTML of the generic template, it looked like the JS was having trouble selecting the proper <option> tag for the page, but in reality it was because the wrong SKU was set on the view model.

    ECOMMERCE-4886 Tom Scott

  • Fix inline SVGs not appearing in production

    Configure a new asset finder for SVGs that inherits from the InlineSvg::StaticAssetFinder, but also looks up raw paths from engines in case the paths in the manifest cannot be found.

    ECOMMERCE-5331 Tom Scott

  • Fix exception thrown on bulk editing with an empty selection

    Instead of a failed validation, the user would see an exception being thrown when a selection of 0 items was made during bulk editing. Rather than show this ugly error, we now have a validation condition requiring some IDs to be selected and are permitting explicit parameters related to the bulk action in the create action.

    ECOMMERCE-5306 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.1.6 (2017-11-28)

  • Fix graph data not displaying

    In Rails 5.1, #to_json was not HTML-safe by default, and so would escape characters like quotes, causing the graphs for products, categories, and search customizations insights to not display. We're now attaching #html_safe to the end of all to_json method calls so that the data contained within renders properly.

    ECOMMERCE-5437 Tom Scott

  • Add index to support order reminder email

    ECOMMERCE-5453 Ben Crouse

  • Update CategorySummaryViewModel to merge locals with super

    • Makes view_model available as local within the view.

    ECOMMERCE-5441 Jake Beresford

  • Fix using canceled transactions

    In a bunch of places, we are forgetting to exclude canceled transactions from consideration when calculating payment amounts and operations. This fixes that.

    ECOMMERCE-5402 Ben Crouse

  • Add 3.1.5 and 3.0.19 release notes

    ECOMMERCE-5417 Chris Cressman

  • Fix checkout autocomplete

    ECOMMERCE-5438 Ben Crouse

  • Remove outer brackets from cart inventory errors

    When inventory is checked upon adding new items to cart, we are returning the value of the Workarea::InventoryAdjustment#errors method, which is an Array. Convert this Array into a String by way of the immensely useful #to_sentence method, which converts it into a comma-separated sentence.

    ECOMMERCE-5075 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.1.5 (2017-11-14)

  • Fix mapping errors on category percolations

    Grab at least one product with every filter before indexing categories to ensure any category percolations don't error due to references to unmapped fields.

    ECOMMERCE-5435 Ben Crouse

  • Add a warning if notablescan is enabled in non-test environments

    Includes instructions for how to resolve.

    ECOMMERCE-5389 Ben Crouse

  • Fix loading related issues with Content Editor UI

    The MutationObserver error thrown in development will now throw a warning, indicating which iframe has failed and display steps to remedy

    This also fixes an issue found when navigating between two different pages with the Content Editor UI, where the loading indicator would fail to re-display on the second request.

    ECOMMERCE-5385 Curt Howard

  • Document new config: bulk_action_per_page

    Add bulk_action_per_page to the list of Ruby configs. This config is new in Workarea 3.0.19.

    ECOMMERCE-5418 Chris Cressman

  • Document default behavior of bin/rails test

    When run without additional arguments, bin/rails test excludes system tests, which may be surprising to developers since Workarea has had a concept of system tests that pre-dates Rails' own system tests.

    Document this behavior and provide an example that runs all tests.

    ECOMMERCE-5415 Chris Cressman

  • Remove broken link and outdated references from old guide

    ECOMMERCE-5418 Chris Cressman

  • Touch auth cookie the first time current_user is called on each request

    ECOMMERCE-5344 Matt Duffy

  • Correct product rule preview when updating an existing rule

    ECOMMERCE-5420 Matt Duffy

  • Use a larger page size for bulk actions

    This should increase performance by lowering the number of db queries for a given bulk action. If after this change you find your bulk action workers are using too much memory, reduce the value.

    ECOMMERCE-5390 Ben Crouse

  • Add tests for fixed functionality in addressRegionFields module ECOMMERCE-5324 Tom Scott

  • Use jQuery#filter() for mapping through region options to find the actual selected region option ECOMMERCE-5324 Tom Scott

  • Select the current region scoped within the current country's optgroup

    When two countries are available that have regions using the same 2-digit codes (such as "Pennsylvania" from USA and "Palauli" from American Samoa), it's possible for the browser to not be able to differentiate between both <option> tags. The JS for selecting the proper region has been modified to always be scoped under the <optgroup> that represents the country, otherwise we can accidentally select the wrong <option> from another country's <optgroup>.

    ECOMMERCE-5324 Tom Scott

  • Skip saving user order details when user email does not match order

    ECOMMERCE-5392 Matt Duffy

  • Add 3.1.4 and 3.0.18 release notes

    ECOMMERCE-5349 Chris Cressman

  • Expand "Testing" guide

    • Add strong text about filesystem and ruby path alignment for test decorators
    • Suggest using 'skip' within decorators
    • Demonstrate conditional test definitions

    ECOMMERCE-5352 Chris Cressman

  • Expand "Appending" documentation

    • Add "Limitations & Workarounds" section w/recipes
    • Update some content and screenshots to account for changes in Workarea Share

    ECOMMERCE-5351 Chris Cressman

  • Delete completed_order cookie when user logs out

    ECOMMERCE-5392 Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.1.4 (2017-10-31)

  • Add JS configs to "Configs" guide

    ECOMMERCE-5350 Chris Cressman

  • Fix margin below Help Search UI in Admin

    ECOMMERCE-5388 Curt Howard

  • Fix WORKAREA.environment.isTest in Teaspoon

    WORKAREA.environment.isTest has been returning false when run in the Teaspoon test environment.


    ECOMMERCE-5347 Curt Howard

  • Upgrade sidekiq-cron to latest minor

    ECOMMERCE-5358 Matt Duffy

  • Improve reporting from WORKAREA.duplicateId module

    Now WORKAREA.duplicateId will throw a true Error in the test environment and log a console.error in development.

    Reporting has further been improved to display:

    • the current path of the route that contains duplicate IDs, helping with debugging in the test environment
    • real HTMLElements via the console in development

    ECOMMERCE-5381 Curt Howard

  • Fix WORKAREA.environment.isTest in Teaspoon

    WORKAREA.environment.isTest has been returning false when run in the Teaspoon test environment.


    ECOMMERCE-5347 Curt Howard

  • Add svg-icon--link-color to svg-icon component

    ECOMMERCE-5375 Curt Howard

  • Add configs guide

    ECOMMERCE-5300 Chris Cressman

  • Remove caching from 404s

    ECOMMERCE-5359 Matt Duffy

  • Update method of asset id lookup in content recipe

    Document the availability of find_asset_id_by_file_name in Workarea 3.1 within recipe for adding a content block type.

    ECOMMERCE-5299 Chris Cressman

  • Add boolean content field to content guide

    Add the boolean content field type, which was introduced in Workarea 3.1, to the list of content field types in the content guide.

    ECOMMERCE-5299 Chris Cressman

  • Adds z-index to browsing controls filter dropdown

    ECOMMERCE-5268 Ivana Veliskova

  • Support multiple "Category" product rules

    When selecting multiple categories in a product rule for "Category equals", all rules are combined together and only show products matching every rule. We needed searches to return results that match any of the category rules, not all of them, so we're wrapping the combined category rules query in a "should" (which is the way Elasticsearch spells "OR") clause. Multiple categories can be specified by separating their IDs with commas.

    ECOMMERCE-5263 Tom Scott

Workarea 3.1.3 (2017-10-17)

  • Change health_check to render plain

    render :text was removed in rails 5.1, change to render plain instead.

    ECOMMERCE-4692 Eric Pigeon

  • Change health_check to render plain

    render :text was removed in rails 5.1, change to render plain instead.

    ECOMMERCE-4692 Eric Pigeon

  • Add extension guides

    ECOMMERCE-5231 Chris Cressman

  • Prevent Catalog::Product.find_by_sku from returning unexpected products

    It's possible for Catalog::Product.find_by_sku to return a product you may not expect when passing in nil or an alternative blank value. Instead of attempting a query when the SKU passed in is nil, we are now returning nil and short-circuiting the query altogether.

    ECOMMERCE-5046 Tom Scott

  • Only refresh release select tooltip when form invalid

    ECOMMERCE-5271 Curt Howard

  • Fix quoted release name in Release Select

    ECOMMERCE-4445 Brian Berg

  • Fix error in divider content blocks for upgrades

    Migrating from v3.0 to v3.1 will throw an error due to the divider content block adding new fields to the database. This fix determines if the fields are set or not before trying to render the template.

    This is not an issue for projects that run migrations after the upgrade is complete. Nor is it an issue for projects beginning development on v3.1.0 or higher.

    ECOMMERCE-5228 Curt Howard

  • Don't show complex data types in settings dashboard

    This will prevent things like payment gateways from revealing secrets and clean up display.

    ECOMMERCE-5238 Ben Crouse

  • Improve presentation of new release option UI

    • Require release name in form
    • Focus input when a user interacts with the UI

    ECOMMERCE-5271 Curt Howard

  • Rewrite takeover management test in content_blocks_spec.js

    PhantomJS is a real fickle mistress. Previously we had been testing the functionality of the removal of the takeover on iframe load, which is one of the two usecases for the removal. PhantomJS, in Bamboo, just started randomly failing this test, probably because of the way we we were forced to construct the test iframe in the first place.

    This test has been rewritten to support the other type of management, the defacto time-based removal, which previously had been untested.


    ECOMMERCE-5256 Curt Howard

  • Add dragonfly-s3_data_store to app template

    In most deployment setups, S3 is used as a data store for Dragonfly. While this is not a requirement of the platform (and therefore does not qualify it for a Workarea dependency), we are adding it to Gemfile as a "suggested" dependency to make it easier for developers to configure their real-world deployed applications.

    ECOMMERCE-5269 Tom Scott

  • Improve mobile experience select elements in storefront

    This change let the select elements to truncate theirs content gracefully on mobile and avoid the select to take more space than the viewport

    ECOMMERCE-5190 Jeremie Ges

  • Don't include CSRF tokens in response bodies for HTTP cached Requests

    ECOMMERCE-5250 Ben Crouse

  • Patch to bump widths of i18n textboxes in the admin.

    Localized inputs bring a globe icon which reduce the fillable size for the user. This change handles this side-effect by adding more width on the i18n textboxes.

    ECOMMERCE-5192 Jeremie Ges

  • Fix duplicate $scope initialization for PDP sku selects

    When changing skus on a generic PDP template, the new product details partial is requested via AJAX. It then replaces the existing partial in the DOM with the response form the server. The method of DOM replacement was throwing an error when attempting to reinit modules on the new DOM. The DOM replacement method has been changed to correct this.

    ECOMMERCE-5221 Brian Berg

Workarea 3.1.2 (2017-10-03)

  • Allow toggle buttons to have unique DOM IDs

    ECOMMERCE-5248 Curt Howard

  • Search pages w/ no results should return 404 instead of 200

    This is an SEO recommendation made by Google:

    ECOMMERCE-4889 Ben Crouse

  • Update "Testing" guide with Workarea 3.1 changes

    • List additional test runners (per-plugin)
    • List additional factories
    • Update descriptions of test types to reflect adoption of Rails 5.1 system tests

    ECOMMERCE-5235 Chris Cressman

  • Document the only_if Sidekiq option for callbacks workers

    Update the Workers guide to cover the only_if Sidekiq option for callbacks workers, which was added in Workarea 3.1.

    ECOMMERCE-5236 Chris Cressman

  • Include option to skip Active Record in all app template examples

    IT reported some Production apps were depending on Active Record because the person who created them did not include the option to skip Active Record. Although the app template guide has always implicitly encouraged the use of this option, this change makes it explicit and pervasive.

    ECOMMERCE-5232 Chris Cressman

  • Fix search indexes section of "Configure Locales" guide

    Remove code example specific to Workarea 2 and generalize the advice for updating search after adding a locale.

    ECOMMERCE-5234 Chris Cressman

  • Fix enforce hosts for paths that don't match routes

    Discovered in Harriet Carter, where it manifested as 404s without the proper host redirection kicking in.

    When a request is made to the app that doesn't have the right host, the enforce host kicks in too late to have effect. This updates the logic to enforce hosts to middleware so that can kick in regardless of Rails' routing.

    ECOMMERCE-5246 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.1.1 (2017-09-26)

  • Fix credit card tests stubbing ActiveMerchant::Responses

    ActiveMerchant::Response has an attr_reader for #authorization expecting it to be passed in the options, but the test suite has been passing it in the params and accessing it through the params. Move the authorization into the options and use the attr_reader to access it.

    ECOMMERCE-5229 Eric Pigeon

  • Tweak search suggestion logic to improve spelling corrections

    ECOMMERCE-5182 Matt Duffy

  • Hack to eliminate development error when app reloads

    ECOMMERCE-5115 Matt Duffy

  • Fixes host app style guide partials not being added to style guide

    ECOMMERCE-5166 Brian Berg

  • Delete eslintingore, add test methods to eslintrc

    A few points:

    • .eslintignore didn't work on unix systems, only BSD
    • the tests were being ignored out of convenience, which was the wrong call. Tests are every bit as important to lint as their module counterparts.
    • Teaspoon fails completely silently when a syntax error is encountered, which is the strongest reason to use linting on these files.

    This commit also

    • Fixes url_spec.js test that was failing, silently.

    ECOMMERCE-5206 Curt Howard

  • Delete eslintingore, add test methods to eslintrc

    A few points:

    • .eslintignore didn't work on unix systems, only BSD
    • the tests were being ignored out of convenience, which was the wrong call. Tests are every bit as important to lint as their module counterparts.
    • Teaspoon fails completely silently when a syntax error is encountered, which is the strongest reason to use linting on these files.

    This commit also

    • Fixes url_spec.js test that was failing, silently.

    ECOMMERCE-5206 Curt Howard

  • Correct logic that updates navigable_slug

    ECOMMERCE-5224 Matt Duffy

  • Correct logic that updates navigable_slug

    ECOMMERCE-5224 Matt Duffy

  • Fixes host app style guide partials not being added to style guide

    ECOMMERCE-5166 Brian Berg

  • Ensure search customization insights test waits for xhr

    ECOMMERCE-5218 Curt Howard

  • Ensure search customization insights test waits for xhr

    ECOMMERCE-5218 Curt Howard

  • Tweak search suggestion logic to improve spelling corrections

    ECOMMERCE-5182 Matt Duffy

  • Fix parsing bug in WORKAREA.url.parse

    Given the parameter string ?foo[]=bar&foo[]=baz you would assume that WORKARE.url.parse would return an array named foo with two items, bar and baz, as it's value. Now it does!

    ECOMMERCE-5206 Curt Howard

  • Fix analytics timezones

    Although server-side everything else is in UTC, to align with admin expectations, we'll need to configure a timezone for the time series data. This should be set to whatever the retailer requests.

    In a future version, we'll want to consolidate timezone management to a single config option (probably relying on the Rails config) so this is a temporary fix.

    ECOMMERCE-5167 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.1.0 (2017-09-15)

  • Fix test that can fail due to timing problems

    ECOMMERCE-5207 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.1.0.beta.3 (2017-09-13)

  • Add add to cart confirmation analytics event

    ECOMMERCE-5140 Curt Howard

  • Render search message directly on search results page for visibility

    ECOMMERCE-5181 Matt Duffy

  • Add only_if option for enqueuing sidekiq callbacks

    add the opposite of ignore_if as syntactic sugar for sidekiq callbacks

    ECOMMERCE-5079 Eric Pigeon

  • Disable publish and undo buttons for user who can not publish now

    ECOMMERCE-5171 Matt Duffy

  • Convert query-based bulk actions to ids to perserve dataset

    ECOMMERCE-5155 Matt Duffy

  • Add favicon to admin layout

    ECOMMERCE-5163 Dave Barnow

Workarea 3.1.0.beta.2 (2017-09-06)

  • Deprecate search auto filter

    This has caused too many problems, and continues to do so despite toning it down a lot in v3. Render a deprecation warning if this is used, and then remove in v3.2

    ECOMMERCE-5170 Ben Crouse

  • Improve quality of search reporting

    A few fixes/improvements here:

    • Don't include queries less than 3 characters
    • Only use top 3% of searches for top searches (long tail)
    • Ignore searches with abandonment > 100%
    • Make more attempts to prevent searches with abandonment > 100%

    ECOMMERCE-5169 Ben Crouse

  • Redirect to order admin page after placing order as an admin

    (and you have permissions to view orders)

    ECOMMERCE-5161 Ben Crouse

  • Handle taxonomy block when starting taxon has been deleted.

    ECOMMERCE-4795 Matt Duffy

  • Add option to send creation email in admin account creation

    ECOMMERCE-5120 Ben Crouse

  • Set menu to inactive when deleted in a release

    ECOMMERCE-4796 Matt Duffy

  • Show not-allowed cursor for disabled buttons

    ECOMMERCE-5162 Dave Barnow

  • Correct logic to determine featured products that need indexing

    ECOMMERCE-4839 Matt Duffy

  • Update Heap account number for new Workarea account

    ECOMMERCE-5138 Ben Crouse

  • Remove deleted products from recommendations

    ECOMMERCE-5137 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up workflow actions in disabled states

    Clean these up with a tooltip so we provide familiar, disabled buttons with help tooltips describing why they're disabled.

    ECOMMERCE-5159 Ben Crouse

  • Default permission checkboxs in admin creation workflow to checked

    ECOMMERCE-5156 Matt Duffy

  • Touch payment when payment transactions are saved for accurate update_at

    ECOMMERCE-5150 Matt Duffy

  • Add absolute_path_to_file to cassette persister

    When vcr finds a cassette but it doesn't match the url currently being requested it will use absolute_path_to_file to give an error message about the cassette it is trying to use.

    ECOMMERCE-5151 Eric Pigeon

  • Return false from ShippingOptions#valid? if there is no selected service

    ECOMMERCE-5153 Matt Duffy

  • Supportive changes for OMS-41 and v3.1.0 Front-End Cleanup

    • Beef up text-button style guide
    • Add a icon to core for general style_guide use
    • Restyle text-button component
    • Add Trash link & append point to Settings Dashboard
    • Only apply a top margin to properties that are adjascent

    ECOMMERCE-5131 Curt Howard

  • Add expiration for content block caches

    ECOMMERCE-5148 Matt Duffy

  • Correct search customization activity views

    ECOMMERCE-5125 Matt Duffy

  • Update homebase pings to handle nested plugins

    Change the homebase ping to account for plugins nested deeper than just under ::Workarea. Change the ping to load the constant defined under the plugin constant without looking at the Workarea::VERSION and just send 0.0.0 if the version isn't defined.

    ECOMMERCE-5080 Eric Pigeon

  • Do not force eager loading in development

    ECOMMERCE-5115 Matt Duffy

  • Display first_displayable_value of content block only if it's a String, adds unit test.

    Fixes: ECOMMERCE-5047 mdelrossi

  • Ignoring 404's when deleting documents from elastic search

    If an item isn't in elastic search when it is being updated, it first gets deleted and then readded. If it doesn't exist it throws an error.

    ECOMMERCE-5132 Matt Martyn

  • Change logo from SVG to PNG

    Open Graph tags do no support SVG formatted images. There were a few possible ways to solve this:

    1. Add an additional png formatted image for use within the Open Graph tags, while keeping the main logo an svg
    2. Converting the main svg logo to a png when used within the Open Graph tag
    3. Convert the svg logo with a png format in all instances

    Option 1 creates an issue for implementers to know/remember to update multiple logo images. Otherwise, in their social shares, the Workarea logo would be shown instead of the brand.

    Option 2 has a few technical challenges. Since the logo does not exist in Dragonfly, but just sits in the asset pipeline, solutions to these challenges do not justify the effort.

    Option 3 was the simplest, most effective way to solve the issue. There wasn't much gained for SIs by having the logo be svg format in base, as svg is not always the best format for an image. So every implementation already naturally addresses the choice of logo format based on their needs.

    ECOMMERCE-5019 Brian Berg

  • Provide loading indicator on buttons using UJS data_disable_with

    • Create white-alpha-50 color variable
    • Create loading—inline component modifier
    • Create loading—light component modifier
    • Modify style guides
    • Add loading indicator to PDP add to cart and checkout step buttons
    • Add data-remote attribute to PDP add to cart form
    • Add helper for rendering the loading markup

    ECOMMERCE-5095 Dave Barnow

  • Index admin order updated at as most recent time between order, payment & fulfillment

    ECOMMERCE-5122 Matt Duffy

  • Improve accessibility of PDP image alt tag

    ECOMMERCE-3875 Brian Berg

Workarea 3.1.0.beta.1 (2017-08-28)

  • Overhaul state component

    ECOMMERCE-5109 Curt Howard

  • Convert payment transaction index to a table for easier scanning

    ECOMMERCE-5123 Matt Duffy

  • Opening tracking link in admin in a new window

    ECOMMERCE-5124 Ben Crouse

  • Add ability to ignore certain fields for unsaved changes prompt

    ECOMMERCE-5113 Matt Duffy

  • Make admin orders index into a table

    • Tableize index page
    • Show payment/fulfillment status on index
    • Index updated at as time last indexed to reflect time since last change
    • Update bulk action selection to work with table

    ECOMMERCE-5107 Matt Duffy

  • Convert credit card operation tests to minitest

    ECOMMERCE-5110 Eric Pigeon

  • Fixes teaspoon tests when running in a timezone other than EST.

    ECOMMERCE-4650 Jake Beresford

  • Add out-of-the-box mappings to prevent indexing errors

    This is to reduce the number of "no field mapping" errors that can happen during category percolation on an empty index.

    ECOMMERCE-4883 Ben Crouse

  • Add a title to summary card types in case the text overflows beyond the container

    ECOMMERCE-5085 Dave Barnow

  • Remove new_framework_defaults.rb from plugin_template.

    File does not exist and was causing errors with creating new plugins

    ECOMMERCE-5099 Jake Beresford

  • Fix category rule changes requiring reindexing

    Note that this is a semi-breaking change, but is necessary to fix the bug. It will require a full reindex of the storefront to fully take effect (but this is not required, the site will continue to work).

    ECOMMERCE-4883 Ben Crouse

  • Add module for guarding against duplicate IDs

    In the test and development environments errors will now be thrown if a developer accidentially duplicates an ID somewhere in the document.

    ECOMMERCE-4808 Steve Perks

  • Add asset id lookup method to content block definition api

    Eliminates the need for a lambda to be duplicated whenever defining content blocks, and provides a resuable method to look up assets by their file name.

    ECOMMERCE-5048 Matt Duffy

  • Separate Order and fulfillment statues in admin, update status display

    ECOMMERCE-5037 Matt Duffy

  • Add factory method to complete checkout

    Helper to make getting various placed-order scenarios easier in tests

    ECOMMERCE-5093 Ben Crouse

  • Display template type on Product card UI

    ECOMMERCE-5085 Curt Howard

  • Prevent double-submits on checkout forms

    We are now preventing double form submissions during checkout by applying the data-disable-with jQuery UJS hook to each of the form submit buttons.

    This commit includes jQuery UJS in the Storefront application manifest.

    ECOMMERCE-5088 Curt Howard

  • Add tasks to run tests by plugin

    Allows running tests from a host app per-plugin.

    ECOMMERCE-5081 Ben Crouse

  • typecast data on block drafts for proper preview display

    ECOMMERCE-4958 Matt Duffy

  • Extend Divider block to become a Spacing block

    By allowing a user to toggle the applied border of a Divider block on and off the block can effectually become a simple spacing block, used for creating visual separation between other blocks.

    This feature adds the ability to increase the height of the divider as well.

    ECOMMERCE-4958 Curt Howard

  • Fix svg precompile path

    ECOMMERCE-5068 Curt Howard

  • Add object name & view on Storefront links to create flows

    ECOMMERCE-5038 Curt Howard

  • Fix menu when help helper is active

    ECOMMERCE-3961 Curt Howard

  • Update help helper text

    ECOMMERCE-5051 Curt Howard

  • Disable http cache for admin users

    A max-age of 15 minutes was being set for the Cache-Control headers for admin users. This caused issues in dev environments where a page request would be rendered from the disk. This fix will prevent any upstream server caches from caching as well, for admin users.

    ECOMMERCE-5056 Curt Howard

  • Fix minitest.rake_run error


    ECOMMERCE-5054 Dave Barnow

  • Throw error when modules are reinitialized on the same $scope

    This commit also reduces the scope of the initial WORKAREA.initModules call to $('body') and not $(document) to better emulate how Turbolinks actually works.

    ECOMMERCE-4386 Curt Howard

  • Upgrade help helper

    ECOMMERCE-3961 Curt Howard

  • Add comments and copies to order timeline

    ECOMMERCE-5035 Ben Crouse

  • Move empty activities messaging into the results area of the activity feed

    ECOMMERCE-4606 Dave Barnow

  • Add text-transform: none !important to feature_spec_helper to prevent test failure due to aesthetic changes. Adjust product image test to not be uppercase

    ECOMMERCE-4771 Steve Perks

  • Raise error when missing discount application order config

    When Workarea.config.discount_application_order is missing a discount class, this will result in an unclear error. Instead, raise a custom error with helpful info on how to resolve the situation.

    ECOMMERCE-5031 Ben Crouse

  • Handle visibility of publish tooltip on content editor

    ECOMMERCE-4980 Matt Duffy

  • Make avatar in admin toolbar a link to user account edit page

    ECOMMERCE-4971 Dave Barnow

  • Automatically generate navigation redirects when slugs change

    ECOMMERCE-4994 Matt Duffy

  • Add payment status with admin index filter

    ECOMMERCE-4998 Matt Duffy

  • Fix all_tags method from mongoid-simple-tags

    This is the result of the Mongoid upgrade. We should stop depending on this gem in a future release since it isn't maintained anymore.

    ECOMMERCE-5021 Ben Crouse

  • Sanitize hyphenated synonyms ECOMMERCE-5010 ryan tulino

  • Only prompt on unsaved changes for forms that enable it

    ECOMMERCE-4929 Matt Duffy

  • Add publish selects for variants#new and content#advanced

    ECOMMERCE-4978 fixes: ECOMMERCE-4979 Matt Duffy

  • Add detail methods to Product from Variant

    Several builds have implemented detail manipulation to Product. This commit adds the methods that exist on Variant to Product.

    ECOMMERCE-5002 Mark Platt

  • Integrate Rails 5.1 System Tests into existing system tests.

    ECOMMERCE-4993 Matt Duffy

  • Update plugin_template to configure teaspoon

    ECOMMERCE-5001 Jake Beresford

  • Handle restoration of items in trash without standard show pages

    ECOMMERCE-4950 Matt Duffy

  • Upgrade to Rails 5.1

    ECOMMERCE-4993 Matt Duffy

  • Reorder order cards in admin

    Groups read only and actionable cards together.

    ECOMMERCE-4925 Ben Crouse

  • Add localization for order name ECOMMERCE-4938 ryan tulino

  • Add new permissions to admin sample data

    ECOMMERCE-4969 Dave Barnow

  • Convert remaining admin specs to tests

    ECOMMERCE-4989 Ben Crouse

  • Resolve issues with conflicting js event targets

    ECOMMERCE-4929 Matt Duffy

  • Scrub _uid from the end of field names for activity messages.

    ECOMMERCE-4976 Matt Duffy

  • Always show user's current avatar on user edit page

    ECOMMERCE-4974 Matt Duffy

  • Fix trash restores with validation errors

    ECOMMERCE-4957 Ben Crouse

  • Don't destroy Dragonfly assets from the datastore

    This breaks restoring assets from trash

    ECOMMERCE-4955 Ben Crouse

  • Add timeline to orders in the admin

    Consolidate order-related events to give admins a clear timeline of what's going on with an order.

    ECOMMERCE-4925 Ben Crouse

  • Fix inconsistency in Redis config URL

    ECOMMERCE-4967 Ben Crouse

  • Fix search customization destroy activity view

    ECOMMERCE-4951 Matt Duffy

  • Add permission for restoring deleted items from trash

    ECOMMERCE-4952 Matt Duffy

  • Fix display of active/inactive prices on price edit view

    Add system test for pricing sku prices coverage ECOMMERCE-4875 Dave Barnow

  • Improve Form Fields to Provide a Better User Experience

    Update the form field tags to use the correct HTML5 attributes. These changes will allow the appropriate touch keyboards to appear, as well as create a smoother form filling experience for the user. The following form input attributes are being utilized: Autocorrect , Autocapitalization, pattern, and autocomplete. This change is based on usability study by Baymard Institute

    ECOMMERCE-4581 embendavid

  • Add ability to add custom avatars to users via image upload or gravatar

    ECOMMERCE-4927 Matt Duffy

  • Prevent workflow publish steps from selecting new release without setting a name

    ECOMMERCE-4832 Matt Duffy

  • Use product image with option matching selected facets when available

    ECOMMERCE-3977 Matt Duffy

  • Add js module to prompt user before navigating away from a form with unsaved changes.

    ECOMMERCE-4929 Matt Duffy

  • Add boolean field type for content block types

    ECOMMERCE-4928 Matt Duffy

  • Fix translations for search customization destroy, remove link to shipping service show as it doesn’t exist

    ECOMMERCE-4947 Dave Barnow

  • Add default maxWidth to tooltips

    ECOMMERCE-4817 Matt Duffy

  • Add trash functionality to admin

    This feature allows administrators to recover deleted things in the admin.

    ECOMMERCE-4874 Ben Crouse

  • Add permission control for publishing changes to the live site

    ECOMMERCE-4835 Matt Duffy

  • Strengthen content_system_test

    ECOMMERCE-4746 Curt Howard

  • Prefer S3 configuration from ENV vars if present

    This allows builds to skip S3 configuration for Dragonfly

    ECOMMERCE-4847 Ben Crouse

  • If available, show the pricing skus sale price on the price card

    • Add style for a horizontal rule separator in cards

    ECOMMERCE-4830 Dave Barnow

  • Fix tests depending on auto_capture to be turned off

    ECOMMERCE-4871 Ben Crouse

  • Add sequential editing for products

    Allow an admin to quickly edit many products in a row

    ECOMMERCE-4845 Ben Crouse

  • Show redemption amount on card and edit view

    ECOMMERCE-4822 Dave Barnow

  • Don't allow setting up an admin for non-permissions-managers

    ECOMMERCE-4841 Ben Crouse

  • Fix BulkAction::ProductEdit to properly apply prices across SKUs

    ECOMMERCE-4826 Matt Duffy

  • Increase available inventory query value to avoid invalid order in order seeds

    ECOMMERCE-4775 Matt Duffy

  • Add account creation workflow to the admin

    This allows creating a customer or admin, and allows proceding to impersonate the new account.

    ECOMMERCE-4785 Ben Crouse

  • Show link to copied order in admin

    ECOMMERCE-4821 Ben Crouse

  • Handle editing/removing existing variants in product workflow

    ECOMMERCE-4806 Matt Duffy

  • Cleanup styles around html sitemap

    ECOMMERCE-4778 Matt Duffy

  • Handle product copy with ID matching another product

    ECOMMERCE-4812 Matt Duffy

  • Allow product bulk edit changes to be applied within a release

    ECOMMERCE-4787 Matt Duffy

  • Allow admin to copy a product

    ECOMMERCE-4786 Matt Duffy

  • Add variant ordering

    Variants has a display order drag and drop, and this sorting order will reflect in the storefront.

    ECOMMERCE-4727 Ben Crouse

  • Add HTML sitemap for seo considerations

    ECOMMERCE-4729 Matt Duffy

  • Properly disable Feature.js tests in test environment

    Due to a race condition, the previous way we were removing the Feature.js classes from the root HTML element was not working consistently. This was due to a straight port over from the way we handled it for Modernizr.

    To avoid this we have rearranged the load order of the scripts called in Storefront's head.js.erb manifest. Now we load the Feature.js library, then the spec helper, then the Feature.js method which applies the classes.

    The spec helpers job is still to disable these tests and, due to the reorganization, this now works properly and consistently.

    ECOMMERCE-4760 Curt Howard

  • Prevent feature.js from detecting test driver as a touch device

    This will disable the touch feature and prevent the class from being added to the DOM when running tests ECOMMERCE-4760 Dave Barnow

Workarea 3.0.15 (2017-09-26)

  • Tweak search suggestion logic to improve spelling corrections

    ECOMMERCE-5182 Matt Duffy

  • Delete eslintingore, add test methods to eslintrc

    A few points:

    • .eslintignore didn't work on unix systems, only BSD
    • the tests were being ignored out of convenience, which was the wrong call. Tests are every bit as important to lint as their module counterparts.
    • Teaspoon fails completely silently when a syntax error is encountered, which is the strongest reason to use linting on these files.

    This commit also

    • Fixes url_spec.js test that was failing, silently.

    ECOMMERCE-5206 Curt Howard

  • Correct logic that updates navigable_slug

    ECOMMERCE-5224 Matt Duffy

  • Fixes host app style guide partials not being added to style guide

    ECOMMERCE-5166 Brian Berg

  • Ensure search customization insights test waits for xhr

    ECOMMERCE-5218 Curt Howard

  • Fix parsing bug in WORKAREA.url.parse

    Given the parameter string ?foo[]=bar&foo[]=baz you would assume that WORKARE.url.parse would return an array named foo with two items, bar and baz, as it's value. Now it does!

    ECOMMERCE-5206 Curt Howard

  • Fix analytics timezones

    Although server-side everything else is in UTC, to align with admin expectations, we'll need to configure a timezone for the time series data. This should be set to whatever the retailer requests.

    In a future version, we'll want to consolidate timezone management to a single config option (probably relying on the Rails config) so this is a temporary fix.

    ECOMMERCE-5167 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.0.14 (2017-09-15)

  • Randomize release colors in Calendar UI

    To help improve visibility when many releases are added to a project, now each release will be color coded, based on the name of the release.

    ECOMMERCE-5173 Curt Howard

  • Adds unique ID for wl_text_box_small_number in the style guide, uses should prose to component description, updates scss variable/value spacing, removes unnecessary quotes from the css.

    ECOMMERCE-5185 mdelrossi

  • Adds some extra width to .text-box--small for number inputs in the admin to account for overlap.

    ECOMMERCE-5185 mdelrossi

  • Use asset url helper to ensure admin view original link uses CDN

    ECOMMERCE-5139 Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.0.13 (2017-09-06)

  • Improve quality of search reporting

    A few fixes/improvements here:

    • Don't include queries less than 3 characters
    • Only use top 3% of searches for top searches (long tail)
    • Ignore searches with abandonment > 100%
    • Make more attempts to prevent searches with abandonment > 100%

    ECOMMERCE-5169 Ben Crouse

  • Handle taxonomy block when starting taxon has been deleted.

    ECOMMERCE-4795 Matt Duffy

  • Set menu to inactive when deleted in a release

    ECOMMERCE-4796 Matt Duffy

  • Correct logic to determine featured products that need indexing

    ECOMMERCE-4839 Matt Duffy

  • Update Heap account number for new Workarea account

    ECOMMERCE-5138 Ben Crouse

  • Remove deleted products from recommendations

    ECOMMERCE-5137 Ben Crouse

  • Add absolute_path_to_file to cassette persister

    When vcr finds a cassette but it doesn't match the url currently being requested it will use absolute_path_to_file to give an error message about the cassette it is trying to use.

    ECOMMERCE-5151 Eric Pigeon

  • Return false from ShippingOptions#valid? if there is no selected service

    ECOMMERCE-5153 Matt Duffy

  • Add expiration for content block caches

    ECOMMERCE-5148 Matt Duffy

  • Correct search customization activity views

    ECOMMERCE-5125 Matt Duffy

  • Update homebase pings to handle nested plugins

    Change the homebase ping to account for plugins nested deeper than just under ::Workarea. Change the ping to load the constant defined under the plugin constant without looking at the Workarea::VERSION and just send 0.0.0 if the version isn't defined.

    ECOMMERCE-5080 Eric Pigeon

  • Display first_displayable_value of content block only if it's a String, adds unit test.

    Fixes: ECOMMERCE-5047 mdelrossi

  • Ignoring 404's when deleting documents from elastic search

    If an item isn't in elastic search when it is being updated, it first gets deleted and then readded. If it doesn't exist it throws an error.

    ECOMMERCE-5132 Matt Martyn

  • Change logo from SVG to PNG

    Open Graph tags do no support SVG formatted images. There were a few possible ways to solve this:

    1. Add an additional png formatted image for use within the Open Graph tags, while keeping the main logo an svg
    2. Converting the main svg logo to a png when used within the Open Graph tag
    3. Convert the svg logo with a png format in all instances

    Option 1 creates an issue for implementers to know/remember to update multiple logo images. Otherwise, in their social shares, the Workarea logo would be shown instead of the brand.

    Option 2 has a few technical challenges. Since the logo does not exist in Dragonfly, but just sits in the asset pipeline, solutions to these challenges do not justify the effort.

    Option 3 was the simplest, most effective way to solve the issue. There wasn't much gained for SIs by having the logo be svg format in base, as svg is not always the best format for an image. So every implementation already naturally addresses the choice of logo format based on their needs.

    ECOMMERCE-5019 Brian Berg

  • Improve accessibility of PDP image alt tag

    ECOMMERCE-3875 Brian Berg

  • Fixes teaspoon tests when running in a timezone other than EST.

    ECOMMERCE-4650 Jake Beresford

Workarea 3.0.12 (2017-08-23)

  • Add user permissions append point

    ECOMMERCE-5111 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.0.11 (2017-08-22)

  • Add out-of-the-box mappings to prevent indexing errors

    This is to reduce the number of "no field mapping" errors that can happen during category percolation on an empty index.

    ECOMMERCE-4883 Ben Crouse

  • Fix output of package shipped datetime

    ECOMMERCE-5101 Dave Barnow

  • Fix default icon not loading for custom blocktype in admin

    ECOMMERCE-5059 Diane Douglas

  • Fix category rule changes requiring reindexing

    Note that this is a semi-breaking change, but is necessary to fix the bug. It will require a full reindex of the storefront to fully take effect (but this is not required, the site will continue to work).

    ECOMMERCE-4883 Ben Crouse

  • Move multiple test classes into separate files

    This creates decoration difficulties described here:

    ECOMMERCE-5098 Ben Crouse

  • Updates style_guide generator usage notes

    ECOMMERCE-5078 Ivana Veliskova

  • Convert store credit card test to minitest

    ECOMMERCE-5097 Eric Pigeon

  • Require rails test unit reporter in workarea test rake task

    ECOMMERCE-5087 Matt Duffy

  • Remove minitest-reporters, use minitest-junit for CI reporting

    ECOMMERCE-5087 Matt Duffy

  • Clean up cancel item logic and fulfillment cancellation mailer

    Ensure cancel events do not get added to fulfillemnt items when the quantity to cancel is 0, and make the fulfillment mailer logic clearer for displaying canceled items.

    ECOMMERCE-5069 Matt Duffy

  • Adds hidden field tag to submit empty selection when no checkboxes are selected

    ECOMMERCE-4749 Ivana Veliskova

  • Fix mixing up ID data types on user activity

    This surfaced in the new API storefront recent views endpoint.

    ECOMMERCE-5096 Ben Crouse

  • Remove rendering of unwanted style guide partials

    Both admin and storefront render the partials respective to their engine by default; however, if a host app overrides any one of these files, they will be erroneously rendered outside of their engines scope (i.e storefront styleguide partials overridden or newly created in the host app will ALWAYS be rendered in /admin/style_guides)

    These changes pass a new parameter @scope which is infered from the controller's parent. This way. partials present in the host app will only be rendered as they relate to the current scope.

    ECOMMERCE-4789 Jordan Stewart

  • Disable http cache for admin users

    A max-age of 15 minutes was being set for the Cache-Control headers for admin users. This caused issues in dev environments where a page request would be rendered from the disk. This fix will prevent any upstream server caches from caching as well, for admin users.

    ECOMMERCE-5056 Curt Howard

  • Guard against nil models in inventory status view model

    When a product's inventory has no items available it had the potential of throwing an error.

    ECOMMERCE-5067 Curt Howard

  • Fixes Tabbed Navigation Duplication

    Admin tabbed navigation was duplicating because turbo links was caching after js rendered content, and each subsequent reload re rendered duplicate content. Removing the JS rendered content in turbo link's before:cache hook allows us to fix this issue.

    ECOMMERCE-4945 Lucas Boyd

  • Fixes New Release Duplication in Product Admin

    Turbolinks was caching the release dropdown, then re running the module on reload, causing a duplication. Removing the dynamic release list before turbolinks begins caching fixes the issue.

    ECOMMERCE-4833 Lucas Boyd

  • Creates styles for the chart legend and includes it in style guide

    Adds in missing styles and component for chart legend and creates styles for the chart legend. Then includes the chart legend and styles in the style guide.

    Fixes: ECOMMERCE-4647 Ivana Veliskova

  • Fix svg precompile path

    ECOMMERCE-5068 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.0.10 (2017-08-08)

  • Fix messaging when a test in a decorator fails

    Our former solution using a minitest plugin to monkey-patch Rails no longer works after Rails v5.0.5 (they made the Rails minitest hack into a proper minitest plugin).

    ECOMMERCE-5054 Ben Crouse

  • Ensure canceled items are output in fulfillment cancel mailer

    When canceling fulfillment for items, the correct order item ID wasn't being sent to the mailer. Also, within the view's loop of canceled items, the order item id needed to be converted to a string to match the keys in the cancellations hash. Add test coverage for mailer content

    ECOMMERCE-5045 Brian Berg

  • Fix minitest.rake_run error


    ECOMMERCE-5054 Dave Barnow

  • Add rack-attack blacklisting for credit card abuse

    On live sites, both placing the order and creating a saved credit card have been abused by spammers trying to find credit card numbers that work.

    ECOMMERCE-5022 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.0.9 (2017-07-25)

  • Update plugin_template to configure teaspoon

    ECOMMERCE-5001 Jake Beresford

  • Set content block data to result of typecasting to ensure types persist

    ECOMMERCE-4991 Matt Duffy

  • Use absolute path for OG:URL meta tag

    Facebook is looking for an absolute URL for this property

    ECOMMERCE-5013 Dave Barnow

  • Update image path used for open graph image metadata

    ECOMMERCE-5009 Matt Duffy

  • Rename Shipping::Rate method association to service

    ECOMMERCE-5008 Matt Duffy

  • Reset bulk action product edit before updating to allow removing changes

    ECOMMERCE-4966 Matt Duffy

  • Remove sorting for Taxonomy content blocks

    Because the menu-editor UI is reused in the taxonomy content block UI sorting was enabled, though these blocks are not intended to allow sorting.

    ECOMMERCE-4946 Curt Howard

  • Show only active blocks on admin content card

    ECOMMERCE-4959 Matt Duffy

  • Ensure values repopulate correctly on bulk action product edits edit page

    ECOMMERCE-4639 Matt Duffy

  • Fix changelog task in plugin_template

    The regular expressions used inside the Changelog rake task in the plugin_template needed proper escaping.

    ECOMMERCE-4937 Curt Howard

  • Fix default currency display in the admin

    This will need to come from the Money gem, not localization since the Money gem is responsible for currency conversion.

    ECOMMERCE-4943 Ben Crouse

  • Remove links to product for inventory and pricing when product does not exist

    ECOMMERCE-4960 Matt Duffy

  • Fix inconsistency in Redis config URL

    ECOMMERCE-4967 Ben Crouse

  • Fix path to svgs on import views

    ECOMMERCE-4948 Dave Barnow

  • Flush Redis database when running seeds

    ECOMMERCE-4879 Matt Duffy

  • Prevent error when triggering reset password for bad email

    ECOMMERCE-4933 Francisco Galarza

  • Fix undefined method sidekiq_options_hash'` errors in sidekiq

    sidekiq_options is setter, but was being used as a getter. Now using get_sidekiq_options[] to properly get the sidekiq options

    ECOMMERCE-4890 Brian Berg

Workarea 3.0.8 (2017-07-07)

  • Explicitly require 'exifr/jpeg'

    Due to a bundle update exifr was throwing errors.

    ECOMMERCE-4934 Curt Howard

  • Strengthen content_system_test

    ECOMMERCE-4746 Curt Howard

  • Add append point for current user

    Create an append point in current user json for plugins to add custom user attributes.

    ECOMMERCE-4931 Eric Pigeon

  • Optimize SVG icons

    ECOMMERCE-4813 Dave Barnow

  • Correct the display of inventory backordered date in admin

    ECOMMERCE-4851 Matt Duffy

  • Left align datepicker when publishing from workflow

    ECOMMERCE-4396 Curt Howard

  • Adjust font-size of list of steps visible during a workflow

    ECOMMERCE-4415 Curt Howard

  • Fix long taxonomy breadcrumbs in Primary Nav Content UI

    Truncate these breadcrumbs when they grow to break layout.

    ECOMMERCE-4486 Curt Howard

  • Fix specificity bug in storefront reset CSS

    In our reset css file, we were previously removing border radius for all form inputs except for the radio button. This change removes the specificity to the radio input. As a side-effect of this, iOS was rendering radio buttons as squares instead of circles. To solve this, we have targeted radio buttons with a 50% border radius.

    ECOMMERCE-4882 Dave Barnow

  • Fix text-box--medium link in style guide

    ECOMMERCE-4719 Dave Barnow

  • Add feature spec helpers append point to top of CSS manifests

    ECOMMERCE-4802 Dave Barnow

  • This fixes indenting within the generic template. Product name originally had all product info nested within it. ECOMMERCE-4723 Mansi Pathak

  • Add disable option for toggle_button ui, fix toggles for product edit

    ECOMMERCE-4640 Matt Duffy

  • Update product attributes card to reflect activeness, add info on edit page

    ECOMMERCE-4814 Matt Duffy

  • Increase clickable area of summary UI during bulk action selection

    • Improve bulk_actions_system_test to actually test clearing the session

    ECOMMERCE-4507 Curt Howard

  • Add pointer cursor to store front button and text-button styles

    ECOMMERCE-4877 Dave Barnow

  • Move generated content block HAML to correct location

    ECOMMERCE-4856 Dave Barnow

  • Add 'eqeqeq' rule to eslintrc

    ECOMMERCE-4885 Curt Howard

  • Increase available inventory query value to avoid invalid order in order seeds

    ECOMMERCE-4775 Matt Duffy

  • Remove duplicate $link-color in typography/links

    $link-color is defined in settings/colors due to it's broader useage across the front-end. Having it in both places will just confuse SIs.

    ECOMMERCE-4881 Curt Howard

  • Provide a place for custom webfonts in the Storefront

    This file was omitted during v3 development due to the lack of need for the file. It has been readded as a reminder to SIs that this is the location where @font-face declarations should live.

    ECOMMERCE-4880 Curt Howard

  • Improve plugin template

    • Update plugin gitignore
    • Allow seeds to be run from test/dummy app

    ECOMMERCE-4869 Curt Howard

  • Randomize password in non-development environments

    Hosting would appreciate randomizing this password in case builds forget to update this manually.

    ECOMMERCE-4873 Ben Crouse

  • Fix incorrect test class names

    ECOMMERCE-4872 Ben Crouse

  • Fix tests depending on auto_capture to be turned off

    ECOMMERCE-4871 Ben Crouse

  • Fix left navigation not respecting taxon activeness

    ECOMMERCE-4863 Ben Crouse

  • Fix activty log for published releases

    Activity log entries for published releases were trying to access the audited like it was a releasable model. Update the partial to correclty display data from the audit log entry.

    ECOMMERCE-4864 Eric Pigeon

Workarea 3.0.7 (2017-06-20)

  • Fix validation styling in Storefront

    ECOMMERCE-4706 Curt Howard

  • Move WORKAREA.forms from Core to Storefront and Admin

    ECOMMERCE-4706 Curt Howard

  • Fix front-end validation message styling in Storefront

    During the v3 upgrade the need for a .value component in the Admin was reduced to the point of removal. This work was not performed in the Storefront.

    jQuery Validate applies a class to validation messages for styling purposes. The WORKAREA.forms module initializes jQuery Validate on all forms. The module and it's configuration lived in the Core engine and applied one class to both the Admin and Storefront engines.

    Since the Admin was expecting this class to be .property__note--error and the Storefront was expecting this class to be .value__error the configuration needed to be engine-specific. This change moves WORKAREA.config.forms object from the core/config.js file into admin/config.js and storefront/config.js, which allows each engine to customize it's properties as needed.

    ECOMMERCE-4706 Curt Howard

  • Trigger calendar widget on backordered until field, add date to inventory attributes card

    ECOMMERCE-4827 Dave Barnow

  • Add margin under each filter for when filters span two lines

    ECOMMERCE-4811 Dave Barnow

  • Store relative URLs for product images in Elasticsearch cache

    The absolute values we have now require reindexing when moving data between environments. This will make transitions to production easier.

    ECOMMERCE-4783 Ben Crouse

  • Add caching for default category of a product

    This has been a performance problem for launches.

    ECOMMERCE-4781 Ben Crouse

  • Improve performance when indexing products based on category changes

    Take performance improvements made by Matt Martyn in a data import.

    ECOMMERCE-4824 Ben Crouse

  • Update unique option for workers to :until_executing

    Matt Martyn discovered situations in import where the previous option was causing certain jobs to not be enqueued. So I'm loosening the uniqueness here to fix (which was his fix as well).

    ECOMMERCE-4780 Ben Crouse

  • Fix incorrect taxes with multiple tax codes and discounts

    Taxable share only works if the price adjustment set only contains adjustments for the same line item. If the order has multiple tax codes and a discount applied the amount for a taxable adjustment was incorrect.

    ECOMMERCE-4819 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix duplicate IDs in content editing UI

    ECOMMERCE-4382 Curt Howard

  • Allow wait_for_xhr timeout to be configured as-needed

    ECOMMERCE-4818 Curt Howard

  • Fix scheduled sidekiq cron jobs

    Workarea::Admin::StatusReporter was moved to Workarea::StatusReporter and Workarea::UpdateDashboards is no longer a worker.

    ECOMMERCE-4801 Eric Pigeon

  • Add append point to property style guide component

    • Needed for the floating_labels plugin

    ECOMMERCE-4799 Beresford, Jake

  • Add append point for admin users edit

    ECOMMERCE-4797 Eric Pigeon

Workarea 3.0.6 (2017-06-07)

  • Handle region name properly for addresses with regionless countries

    ECOMMERCE-4748 Matt Duffy

  • Fix asynchronous adding to cart

    On a detail page, adding something to your cart can disappear under the following situation:

    • no current order
    • switch SKU, XHR request for new details starts
    • click add to cart, XHR request to add starts
    • add to cart XHR returns with new cookie with order_id
    • first XHR request for new details returns with old cookie w/o order_id
    • current_order disappears

    Although we will never be able to guarantee a solution to this, these changes should help mitigate:

    • disable session on HTTP caching pages (we don't want session touched during these requests anyways)
    • disable inputs/buttons when SKU is changed
    • show loading indictor waiting for the product details request to return

    ECOMMERCE-4678 Ben Crouse

  • Ensure country select get populated correctly

    ECOMMERCE-4748 Matt Duffy

  • Ensure mobile navigation loads content for leaf taxons if present

    ECOMMERCE-4664 Matt Duffy

  • Fix saved addresses functionality

    When choosing a saved address for a user's shipping or billing address the Country & Region selects were not being set properly.

    This commit also removes the requirement from the hidden region field, since that field is now only shown under the very specific use-case; where a user selects a regionless country.

    ECOMMERCE-4761 Curt Howard

  • Fix same day queries in the admin

    Somewhat API-breaking, but none of the v3.x builds have touched these files, so it seems safe to do in a patch.

    ECOMMERCE-4422 Ben Crouse

  • Fix Workarea.with_config in system tests

    Since Capybara runs its server in a separate thread, don't use thread variable to fix this with system tests.

    ECOMMERCE-4774 Ben Crouse

  • Override Address#to_json to simplify country output for json data

    ECOMMERCE-4748 Matt Duffy

  • Fix path to the dialog's error JST template

    ECOMMERCE-4766 Curt Howard

  • Fix fulfillment event display and clean up fulfillment API

    This is slightly breaking, but without these changes fulfillment quantities will show incorrectly when different kinds of events happen on the same item.

    ECOMMERCE-4758 Ben Crouse

  • Require test/support files from plugins

    Allows plugins to customize/decorate test setup when tests are run in host apps.

    ECOMMERCE-4762 Ben Crouse

  • Properly disable Feature.js tests in test environment

    Due to a race condition, the previous way we were removing the Feature.js classes from the root HTML element was not working consistently. This was due to a straight port over from the way we handled it for Modernizr.

    To avoid this we have rearranged the load order of the scripts called in Storefront's head.js.erb manifest. Now we load the Feature.js library, then the spec helper, then the Feature.js method which applies the classes.

    The spec helpers job is still to disable these tests and, due to the reorganization, this now works properly and consistently.

    ECOMMERCE-4760 Curt Howard

  • Prevent feature.js from detecting test driver as a touch device

    This will disable the touch feature and prevent the class from being added to the DOM when running tests ECOMMERCE-4760 Dave Barnow

  • Remove rule fields from discount template

    The properties template generated html for fields not on a generated discount. Removing them prevents errors being thrown in the application when used unmodified.

    ECOMMERCE-4754 Matt Duffy

  • Rework TestCase::Worker to properly preserve worker state between tests

    ECOMMERCE-4734 Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.0.5 (2017-05-26)

  • Fix AJAX product detail SKU select functionality

    This functionality was broken due to a poorly constructed DOM query.

    ECOMMERCE-4756 Curt Howard

  • Add VCR support

    This implementation allows cassette overriding.

    ECOMMERCE-4726 Ben Crouse

  • Add image-group-content-block style guide

    ECOMMERCE-4702 Curt Howard

  • Fix Image Group content blocks

    The initial implementation of the Image Group was meant to reflow as users removed images from the series, always centering the last image if the count was odd. At some point this stopped working as intended.

    This commit simplifies the implementation in order to achieve the desired result.

    ECOMMERCE-4733 Curt Howard

  • Don't render activity headers for blank pages

    A little bit of a hack to improve display of activity timeline to not show a day header if there are no displyable entries for that day.

    ECOMMERCE-4555 Ben Crouse

  • Fix user activity updates not updating timestamps

    This causes 304 responses with stale data for recent views requests.

    ECOMMERCE-4484 Ben Crouse

  • Update discount generator to use append point

    An append point was added during the select type of creating a discount so there is no need for a custom discount to fully overwrite the view. Update the generator to create a partial and add it to the append point.

    ECOMMERCE-4744 Eric Pigeon

  • Position imports tooltips to prevent cutoff from header

    ECOMMERCE-4546 Matt Duffy

  • Fix admin card icon helper method to be consistent with storefront helper

    ECOMMERCE-4730 Matt Duffy

  • Clean up email templates

    ECOMMERCE-4585 Matt Duffy

  • Fix CSS selectors for image-based content blocks

    .image-content-block and .image-and-text-content-block both had link elements that wrapped their images. The classes were changed in ECOMMERCE-4673 but the CSS files were not updated.

    ECOMMERCE-4704 Curt Howard

  • Add missing Storefront content-block style guides

    • Adds divider-content-block style guide
    • Adds html-content-block style guide
    • Adds image-and-text-content-block style guide
    • Adds product-list-content-block style guide
    • Adds social-network-content-block style guide
    • Adds taxonomy-content-block style guide
    • Adds text-content-block style guide
    • Adds video-content-block style guide
    • Adds personalized-recommendations-content-block style guide
    • Adds video-and-text-content-block style guide

    ECOMMERCE-4702 Curt Howard

  • Fix file extension for taxonomy content blocks

    One, two, and three column content block partials now properly contain .html as part of their file extension chain.

    ECOMMERCE-4742 Curt Howard

  • Remove heading elements from content blocks

    Enforcing an actual %h2 element in the view can disrupt the flow of the document in addition to forcing an SI to override both the component and the view in order to make changes.

    • Stub out missing elements from category-summary-content-block component.

    ECOMMERCE-4741 Curt Howard

  • Fix pages displayed in the wrong order

    Sometimes, the pagination test fails due to changes in timing of AJAX calls for responses. Don't use the promise's .done method because there's no guarantee they will be run in order.

    ECOMMERCE-4739 Ben Crouse

  • Remove unused taxonomy-content-block__container modifier

    taxonomy-content-block__container--image was unreferenced in the codebase. This relic has been removed.

    ECOMMERCE-4740 Curt Howard

  • Allow up to 3 tenders on the order tender card

    ECOMMERCE-4736 Dave Barnow

  • Remove referenced navigation content block partial

    ECOMMERCE-4701 Curt Howard

  • Make all releasable models' index status based on model active field

    ECOMMERCE-4608 Matt Duffy

  • Remove items for inactive variants from cart

    ECOMMERCE-4082 Matt Duffy

  • Make test more reliable

    ECOMMERCE-4689 Ben Crouse

  • Create append point for utility navigation

    This allows implementers to append links to the utility navigation

    ECOMMERCE-4710 Dave Barnow

  • Change text-box—mini to text-box—small

    ECOMMERCE-4718 Dave Barnow

Workarea 3.0.4 (2017-05-16)

  • Fix test when running from gem

    Ben Crouse

  • Handle passing request params to catalog customizations properly and fix checkout summary view

    Matt Duffy

  • Require plugin factories in test_help

    Plugins factories need to be autorequired from core so host apps can install them and run their tests.

    ECOMMERCE-4705 Eric Pigeon

Workarea 3.0.3 (2017-05-15)

  • Handle when all models in discount rules are deleted

    When all the models associated in a discount are deleted and call name on nil class. Return from the function when no models are returned

    ECOMMERCE-4699 Eric Pigeon

  • Allow skipping the CI reporters if desired

    This allows us to do custom reporters for the base gems CI

    ECOMMERCE-4689 Ben Crouse

  • Add minitest reporters for automatic CI setup

    1. No need to make every build do this
    2. Allow easier CI for testing app/plugin templates

    ECOMMERCE-4689 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up and improvements on custom paths for gems in app template

    ECOMMERCE-4689 Ben Crouse

  • Allow Ruby 2.4 and bump necessary gems

    Ruby 2.4 fixes the mysterious segfaulting that occurs in the development environment.

    ECOMMERCE-4594 Ben Crouse

  • replace .value with .property in the core reveal_password module. .value has been removed from the admin, so it’s no longer safe to rely that is always exists.

    ECOMMERCE-4648 Jessica Barnett

  • Skip test if using an alpha Elasticsearch version

    ECOMMERCE-4689 Ben Crouse

  • Remove unnecessary testing that fails in CI

    ECOMMERCE-4689 Ben Crouse

Workarea 3.0.2 (2017-05-10)

  • Align test class names with file names

    ECOMMERCE-4696 Matt Duffy

  • Add append point for adding custom discounts to setup page

    ECOMMERCE-4695 Eric Pigeon

  • Override inline_svg helper for specific content block use case

    Create a content_block_icon helper modeled after inline_svg to better control the error state. This allows us to default a content block icon to a placehoder SVG.

    ECOMMERCE-4665 Curt Howard

  • Remove rpsec directory

    ECOMMERCE-4690 Matt Duffy

  • Remove the grid component from taxonomy-content-blocks

    An oversight in early content block development for v3.0.0 left the taxonomy-content-block component reliant on the grid component. The grid component is difficult to style contextually in this case, as a the content block can be used in the primary or mobile nav.

    Now the taxonomy-content-block manages it's own layout, making it's layout much simpler to override, based on it's parent component.

    ECOMMERCE-4673 Curt Howard

  • Improve note on shipping services region field

    ECOMMERCE-4577 Ben Crouse

  • Add %ul element to .social-networks-content-block

    The markup in the social networks content block was malformed. The component should have been a %ul all along.

    ECOMMERCE-4682 Curt Howard

  • Realign secondary-nav component

    The secondary-nav component was out of sync with it's usage in the left navigation partial.

    ECOMMERCE-4672 Curt Howard

  • Fix bugs with plugin template

    Fixes bad require and syntax in the Rakefile

    ECOMMERCE-4666 Ben Crouse

  • Fix generator tests in host apps, and allow decoration

    ECOMMERCE-4662 Ben Crouse

  • Stop analytics callbacks from being fired by Admins

    All analytics adapters are now suppressed for Admin users in an attempt to cut down on inaccurate data being transmitted to 3rd Party services. This change will better support the tracking of Customer data, without any noise from an Admin user who may be navigating around the site.

    ECOMMERCE-4681 Curt Howard

  • Refactor plugin template

    • Organize template contents logically to ease maintainability
    • Add a Rake task to automatically generate Changelogs

    ECOMMERCE-4666 Curt Howard

  • Remove memoization in Sidekiq::CallbacksWorker

    This memoization got in the way when decorating CallbacksWorkers. Ex: decorated do sidekiq_options(enqueue_on: enqueue_on.merge(Review => :create)) end

    wouldn't actually add anything to enqueue_on since it gets memoized before the new options are added.

    ECOMMERCE-4675 Eric Pigeon

  • Updates gsub to only swap out file extensions

    The gsub method for finding and running decorated test was swapping out the file name as well if it contained the string 'decorator' (i.e decorator_generator_test.rb). The new gsub pattern is exclusive to subbing file extensions only.

    ECOMMERCE-4676 Jordan Stewart

  • Update product search index rake task to account for no products

    ECOMMERCE-4663 Matt Duffy

  • Remove global focus-ring footprint

    ECOMMERCE-4668 Curt Howard

  • Improve Webmock configuration to match Workarea configuration

    Allow connecting to all major services

    ECOMMERCE-4631 Ben Crouse

  • Fix bug loading non-existent decorator files

    ECOMMERCE-4667 Ben Crouse

  • Fix test class/file name mismatch

    ECOMMERCE-4660 Ben Crouse

  • Fix visual presentation of releases on release calendar when overlapping.

    ECOMMERCE-4368 Fixes: ECOMMERCE-4368

    Fix var F.M. Bonnevier

  • Dynamically build list of payment icons to allow plugins to easily add new ones

    ECOMMERCE-4656 Beresford, Jake

Workarea 3.0.1 (2017-04-26)

  • Fix pinging to homebase

    ECOMMERCE-4651 Ben Crouse

  • Close takevoers on turbolinks:before-cache

    Before a page is cached by Turbolinks any takeovers must be destroyed. This avoids issues where the takeover will persist when a user navigates back through history.

    ECOMMERCE-4627 Curt Howard

  • Raise error when running test:decorated when original can't be found

    If a test decoration couldn't be found when running test:decorated it would just pass over the decoration and pass. If the test decoration is misnamed we should raise an error and help the developer resolve the problem.

    ECOMMERCE-4642 Eric Pigeon

  • Add color-picker-field component to admin styleguide

    ECOMMERCE-4634 Beresford, Jake

  • Track factory inclusions for plugins

    Factories is included in the tests case super classes set up in the work area testing gem, at that point plugin factories haven't beed inlcuded and added with Factory.add and weren't available for us in tests. Change Workarea::Factory to track what includes it so future calls to .add will get included to the test cases.

    ECOMMERCE-4632 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix bug when adding product images with options, filtering on storefront

    ECOMMERCE-4638 Dave Barnow

  • Disable autocomplete on admin user/edit pages

    ECOMMERCE-4119 Jessica Barnett

  • Update credit_card_issuers configuration to exclude bogus card type in production environment.

    ECOMMERCE-4615 Beresford, Jake

  • Move javascript tests from spec/ to test/

    In an effort to move more code out of the spec/ dir, all spec/javascripts dirs have been renamed to test/javascripts. Neither the tests nor the spec_helper have been renamed for now.

    ECOMMERCE-4540 Tom Scott

  • Add model to validation_error_analytics_data with 0 arguments

    ECOMMERCE-4623 Beresford, Jake

    • Update implementation to use reduce for all_payment_icons
    • added .systemize to issuer in string interpolation

    ECOMMERCE-4615 Beresford, Jake

  • Allow data to be passed to Content Fields so that they can be enhanced with JS

    ECOMMERCE-4624 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix plugin generation

    Updates for v3.0 and fixes test-running tasks from within the plugin repo.

    ECOMMERCE-4628 Ben Crouse

  • Fix test failure/error output commands to be accurate

    Also, add text to help guide developers trying to run tests in decorators.

    ECOMMERCE-4566 Ben Crouse

  • Updated card icon logic again so that it actually works.

    • Renamed diners club icon to match optionized name
    • Add helper method to render all payment icons

    ECOMMERCE-4615 Beresford, Jake

  • Workarea must be included before Rails.env is set

    This causes all kinds of failures and problems with tests and isn't respecting test env configuration

    ECOMMERCE-4629 Ben Crouse

  • Add translations to admin application layout

    ECOMMERCE-4591 Dave Barnow

  • Adjust z-indexes to prevent browsing controls showing in front of tooltips

    ECOMMERCE-4622 Beresford, Jake

  • Change email banner image to workarea logo, adjust admin email template logo

    ECOMMERCE-4582 Dave Barnow

  • Fix translation on admin WYSIWYG toolbar

    ECOMMERCE-4620 Beresford, Jake

  • Use display block instead of extending hidden for tabs.

    Hidden class has a high specificity due to use of !important, this prevents the inline display: block added by JS from working

    ECOMMERCE-4621 Beresford, Jake

  • Add styles for color content field

    • Style the color picker a little
    • Add the ability to pass presets to the color field so that brands can easily use their brand colors
    • Added a helper method to create picker ID to prevent color picker preset list ID collision

    ECOMMERCE-4619 Beresford, Jake

  • Remove inline-list mixin

    • the only benefit of inline-list is that it adds display: inline-block; to the child LI elements. However, this adds specificity that doesn’t help when it comes to working with a responsive site.

    Remove left over icon in style_guides.scss Remove quotes for san-serif in style_guides.html.haml’s font-family key value.

    ECOMMERCE-3330 Steve Perks

  • Remove .js prefixes conditionals from admin

    We require JS for the admin to function, but due to habit kept adding .js and .hidden-if-js-enabled selectors throughout the admin. Removing them helps with maintenance.

    ECOMMERCE-4589 Steve Perks

  • Prevent error due to empty payload when firing validationError analytics event

    ECOMMERCE-4617 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix implementation of card icons

    CreditCard.issuer value is not config key, need to lookup icons by config value then use the key to build out the icon name.

    • Optimized SVGs
    • Removed SVGs fro payment types not supported OOTB
    • Ensure all payment icon names match config.credit_card_issuers keys
    • Updated data-card & payment-icon styleguide views

    ECOMMERCE-4615 Beresford, Jake

  • Remove unnecessary interpolation

    ECOMMERCE-4616 Dave Barnow

  • Add destroy method to wysiwyg for turbolinks

    ECOMMERCE-4604 Beresford, Jake

  • Add selected state styles to WYSIWYG toolbar

    • Add class and styles to toolbar icons for active state styling
    • Updated references to wysihtml5

    ECOMMERCE-4586 Beresford, Jake

  • z-index layer variables

    ECOMMERCE-3816 Steve Perks

  • Move Dropzones above browsing-controls UI

    ECOMMERCE-4533 Curt Howard

  • Removes dialog.js and associated styles from admin

    • Moves dialog modules from core into storefront
    • Moves loading module from core into storefront
    • Moves dialog config into storefront
    • Moves dialog teaspoon tests into storefront
    • Create a copy of the loading template in admin for use by other modules
    • Updated workarea override usage documentation

    ECOMMERCE-4587 Beresford, Jake

  • Add border above content editor in navigation

    When no-content and no content controls a top border is needed.

    ECOMMERCE-4434 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix jQuery UI Dialog close button icon

    ECOMMERCE-4592 Curt Howard

  • Prevent clicks on style dropdown in WYSIWYG toolbar

    • Updated a missing translation
    • Use inline_svg instead of including the raw SVG code
    • Change icon size per Dave Barnow's request
    • Added an icon for html button in wysiwyg toolbar
    • optimize wysiwyg icon SVGs

    ECOMMERCE-4587 Beresford, Jake

  • Make page-messages appear above admin-toolbar

    ECOMMERCE-4584 Curt Howard

  • Load and immediately invoke Feature.js

    Previously feature.testAll was being invoked too late in the game, causing a content flash

    ECOMMERCE-4579 Curt Howard

  • Move Workarea logo from bottom to top of takeover

    ECOMMERCE-4532 Curt Howard

  • Gracefully handle long names on timeline cards

    ECOMMERCE-4366 Curt Howard

  • Add navigation to Style Guide indexes

    ECOMMERCE-3807 Curt Howard

  • Live searches not rendering correctly

    Changed display: block to display: table-cell when JS is enabled.

    ECOMMERCE-4583 Steve Perks

  • Fix styling for Reactivate Discount UI

    • Adds button--destroy modifier to the admin
    • Adds $bright-red as a color to the admin

    ECOMMERCE-4159 Curt Howard

  • Guard against change + input event chain for number inputs

    Chrome fires change events on mousemove when a user is interacting with the browser-supplied arrow UI on number fields, which is super weird and causes WORKAREA.formSubmittingControls to fire early and erratically. Guarding against the change event, specifically for inputs of type number fixes the issue.

    ECOMMERCE-4080 Curt Howard

Workarea 3.0.0 (2017-04-07)

  • Add missing page title translations

    no changelog ECOMMERCE-4578 Dave Barnow

  • Finish style guide cleanup

    ECOMMERCE-4511 Curt Howard

  • Normalize locale file

    no changelog ECOMMERCE-4525 Dave Barnow

  • Titleize workflow bar buttons, put them in a more descriptive namespace


  • Add placeholder image

    ECOMMERCE-3975 Curt Howard

  • Clean up default asset directories

    ECOMMERCE-3975 Curt Howard

  • Fix non-number inputs to price rules

    ECOMMERCE-4514 Ben Crouse

  • Remove arrows from locale file

    no changelog ECOMMERCE-4522 Ben Crouse

  • Add help tooltips to categorization page

    ECOMMERCE-4369 Ben Crouse

  • Fix credit card icons when Sprockets isn't running

    Sprockets isn't running in staging or production for performance.

    ECOMMERCE-4295 Ben Crouse

  • Upgrade jQuery to v3.2.0 & jQuery UI to 1.12.1

    ECOMMERCE-2779 Curt Howard

  • Upgrade Lodash to v4.17.4

    See this link for more information:

    ECOMMERCE-2779 Curt Howard

  • Remove forced eager loading

    I believe most cases we depending on this have been fixed. If it causes problems, we can add it back in a patch.

    ECOMMERCE-4573 Ben Crouse

  • Handle blank release name gracefully when creating release on workflow publish step

    ECOMMERCE-4397 Matt Duffy

  • Correct persistence of pricing sku form data

    ECOMMERCE-4173 Matt Duffy

  • Inject authenticity_token into every Ajax request

    To make sure all ajax calls from here on out are passing a CSRF token back to Rails (even if we don't currently protect_from_forgery on that request), we're now injecting the X-CSRF-Token header into all jQuery.ajax requests before they are sent. This allows developers to continue making Ajax requests and JS modules without needing to think about passing the CSRF token all the time.

    It also undoes a change that I made which only solved the problem for a single request. This solution can be credited to @sstaub, because she implemented it on Olympia and happened to notice that Shades of Light was also having the same problem.

    We used the following as a guide to creating this module:

    ECOMMERCE-4373 Tom Scott

  • Ensure dynmaic mappings in ES

    dynamic templates don't create mappings until a document is indexed with a non null field. After creating the index index and delete a null product to ensure the mappings exists for categories.

    ECOMMERCE-4569 Eric Pigeon

  • Remove gsub of bin/rails in plugins

    As of Rails 5.0.2, there is no more bin/rails when a rails plugin is generated. We no longer need the gsub_file calls currently in the plugin template as a fix for rails 4.x plugin generation, and removing it allows the plugin to generate successfully.

    ECOMMERCE-4568 Tom Scott

  • Remove background: true from indexes

    This was recommended by the consultant from MongoDB

    ECOMMERCE-4567 Ben Crouse

  • Return Unique set of style guide partials

    Style guide partials can come from several places and can be overridden in a host app. This inadvertently caused the helper to concat all partial paths instead of returning the unique'd list of partials to be rendered.

    For example, a host app that overrode store front's color_pallete/_grays.html.haml partial would see gray rendered twice when they viewed style guide in their browser

    This change now respects overridden files and ensures files aren't duplicated when rendered.

    ECOMMERCE-4558 Jordan Stewart

  • Fix test decoration when packaged as a gem

    ECOMMERCE-4565 Ben Crouse

  • Remove product_id field from FreeGift discount

    persisting the id of the product is no longer needed now that the product attributes are merged into the order item when added to a user's cart.

    ECOMMERCE-4305 Matt Duffy

Workarea 3.0.0.beta.2 (2017-04-06)

  • Make static accessors into configuration options

    This allows easier customization and one spot for configuration.

    ECOMMERCE-4560 Ben Crouse

  • Render important tender information instead of tender partial in order cards

    • Prevents the tender always overflowing the card height
    • Adds card icons to tenders
    • Simplify the display of tender data
    • Tenders are items in a list, not tables of data
    • Implement SVG payment icons for storefront

    ECOMMERCE-4295 Beresford, Jake

  • Allow multiple regions to be specified for a single shipping service

    ECOMMERCE-4548 Matt Duffy

  • Don't save release on audit log entry if the audited isn't releasable

    ECOMMERCE-4553 Ben Crouse

  • change wysihtml dependency to 0.6.x

    ECOMMERCE-2747 Beresford, Jake

  • Expose region field for shipping services in the admin

    ECOMMERCE-4548 Matt Duffy

  • Fix issue with managing releasable changesets when reverting changes

    ECOMMERCE-4550 Matt Duffy

  • Upgrade WYSIWYG to latest version

    • Update asset_pickers.js to return full asset
    • populate url in optional field for asset pickers
    • Use data attribute to target wysiwyg js
    • Removes separate templates for wysiwyg link toolbar UI
    • Adds underline to wysiwyg toolbar
    • Adds style selection dropdown to WYSIWYG toolbar
    • Update wysiwyg toolbar with inline SVG
    • Improve layout of link insert UI - no more dialog

    ECOMMERCE-2747 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix inequality product rules

    ECOMMERCE-4542 Ben Crouse

  • Fix references to

    ECOMMERCE-4509 Ben Crouse

  • Rename "Store Front" to Storefront

    ECOMMERCE-4509 Ben Crouse

  • Rename Weblinc to Workarea

    ECOMMERCE-4509 Ben Crouse

  • Allow navigables that don't respond to #active?

    ECOMMERCE-4517 Ben Crouse

  • Move flash_messages to their respective controller

    ECOMMERCE-4545 Benjamin Crouse

  • update email templates to haml

    ECOMMERCE-2886 Steve Perks

  • Drop Modernizr in favor of Feature.js

    ECOMMERCE-3815 F.M. Bonnevier

  • Remove icon font in favor of SVGs

    Icon fonts have been a bear for many implementations. By universally using the inline_svg helper we've been able to reduce our dependency on them in favor of SVG images in the view layer.

    For the Stylesheet layer a new mixin has been created called svg. This mixin offers similar functionality to the previous icon mixin, but is significantly smaller and easier to understand.

    There is a slight distinction, in the filesystem, between regulard SVGs and SVGs that are intended to be used as icons.

    1. Icon SVG images live at the load path weblinc/ENGINE/icons/NAME.svg. They are intended to have no fill attribute applied to their markup, allowing the inline_svg helper to provide a class that style's the fill property of the image.
    2. All other SVGs behave as normal, containing whatever colors are needed for their appropriate presentation. Their load path is typically in the root image directory for the engine.

    ECOMMERCE-2696 Curt Howard

  • Remove todo thats not being done.

    ECOMMERCE-4312 Matt Duffy

  • Remove enforce host check for health check user agent

    ECOMMERCE-4300 Matt Duffy

  • Improve output of rules summary for generic (filter-based rules)

    ECOMMERCE-4544 Ben Crouse

  • Consolidate store front code into core

    Since these three gems are coupled together anyways, have a single location for browsing reduces finding time.

    ECOMMERCE-4543 Ben Crouse

  • Consolidate admin code into core

    ECOMMERCE-4541 Ben Crouse

  • Move admin initializers into core

    ECOMMERCE-4541 Ben Crouse

  • Correct discount item quantity condition behavior

    Require the item quantity condition to be only met on items that are otherwise qualified by other conditions of the discount (matches product, category, attributes) to prevent scenarios where the discount gets applied incorrectly

    ECOMMERCE-3557 Matt Duffy

  • SASS Tools cleanup

    Remove math_helpers, px-to-percent and strip-unit helpers.

    ECOMMERCE-3351 (+1 squashed commit) Squashed commits: [065f1f0] SASS Tools cleanup

    Remove math_helpers, px-to-percent and strip-unit helpers.

    ECOMMERCE-3351 Steve Perks

  • Dasherize breakpoint classes

    ECOMMERCE-4268 Beresford, Jake

  • Add border to images in .help-article

    ECOMMERCE-4530 Beresford, Jake

  • Update styling for .summary inactive state

    • Remove red dot, add opacity and 'inactive' text to .summary__info

    ECOMMERCE-4493 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix dialog_spec.js after message module was moved to engines

    ECOMMERCE-4539 Curt Howard

  • Consolidate admin code into core

    Since these three gems are coupled together anyways, have a single location for browsing models/services/queries reduces finding time.

    ECOMMERCE-4541 Ben Crouse

  • Remove unused extra admin user internationlization keys

    ECOMMERCE-4056 Eric Pigeon

  • Improve performance of Elasticsearch model serialization

    This is a big help for browse pages for products with lots of variants.

    ECOMMERCE-4527 Ben Crouse

  • Extract decoration to its own gem

    ECOMMERCE-4536 Ben Crouse

  • Add data attribute support to toggle_button helper

    ECOMMERCE-4501 (+1 squashed commit) Squashed commits: [3d35476] Add data attribute support to toggle_button helper

    ECOMMERCE-4501 Steve Perks

  • Remove quick view pattern from store_front and all related configuration

    ECOMMERCE-3510 Jordan Stewart

  • remove extra catalog categories internationalization keys

    ECOMMERCE-3992 Eric Pigeon

  • Move mongoid index to module that defined field being indexed

    ECOMMERCE-4534 Matt Duffy

  • Fix admin catalog product / catalog product images internationalization

    ECOMMERCE-3994 Eric Pigeon

  • Remove unneeded method in Shipping

    ECOMMERCE-4310 Matt Duffy

  • Remove configurable decorator order enforcement

    ECOMMERCE-4325 Matt Duffy

  • Condense checkout touch into a Order method

    ECOMMERCE-4337 Matt Duffy

  • Add script for renaming

    To move files and edit code for substitutions

    ECOMMERCE-4509 Ben Crouse

  • Rework use of categorization in Product and OrderItem view model

    ECOMMERCE-4338 ECOMMERCE-4339 Matt Duffy

  • Improve category rule management UI

    Adds custom UIs for each rule type

    ECOMMERCE-4510 Ben Crouse

  • Remove discount collection cache

    the cache was moved up to application groups so caching the discount collection doesn't provide any benefit or use.

    ECOMMERCE-4516 Eric Pigeon

  • Localize discounts

    ECOMMERCE-4036 Ben Crouse

  • Add internationalization for admin mailers

    ECOMMERCE-4529 Matt Duffy

  • Add internationalization for admin helpers

    ECOMMERCE-4529 Matt Duffy

  • Internationalize admin create pricing discounts

    ECOMMERCE-4015 Eric Pigeon

  • ECOMMERCE-4017: Translation values for admin dashboards. Joseph Hughes

  • Add internationalization for admin view models

    ECOMMERCE-4521 Matt Duffy

  • ECOMMERCE-4000: Include translations for comments index and edit views Ashley Chapokas

  • Translate admin bulk action product edits views

    ECOMMERCE-4519 Matt Duffy

  • Move admin jquery validate messages to core with other validation messages

    ECOMMERCE-4498 Beresford, Jake

  • Internationalization for js modules and templates.

    • remove 2 redundant JS files
    • improve layout of wysiwyg link popup

    ECOMMERCE-4498 Beresford, Jake

  • Remove links from details/images step of Create Catalog Products workflow

    This got kicked back from QA, regression on the workflow bar links. Removed linking on the workflow bar for the details & images step.

    ECOMMERCE-4013 Tom Scott

  • ECOMMERCE-4032: Include payment translations Ashley Chapokas

  • Translate admin pricing discount code list views

    ECOMMERCE-4035 Matt Duffy

  • Translate admin comment mailer views

    Translations for the admin comment mailer notify message

    ECOMMERCE-3999 Tom Scott

  • Correct sorting logic for admin discounts

    ECOMMERCE-4515 Matt Duffy

  • Add query class to handle display of select items for a bulk action

    ECOMMERCE-4503 Matt Duffy

  • Translate "Create Product" workflow

    Translations for the create_catalog_products views. Mostly using i15r, but added in some human touches when necessary (and when i15r didn't catch things, like the :confirm dialog text and @page_title)

    ECOMMERCE-4013 Tom Scott

  • Internationalize admin recommendations

    ECOMMERCE-4040 Eric Pigeon

  • Aligns export changes with bulk action js changes

    ECOMMERCE-4383 Matt Duffy

  • Internationalize admin search customizations

    ECOMMERCE-4043 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix bad merge

    ECOMMERCE-4014 Jeff Yucis

  • Translate yes/no on navigation view. Remove extranous translations

    ECOMMERCE-4014 Jeff Yucis

  • Rename jump_to_menu_fields to categorized_autocomplete_fields

    ECOMMERCE-4283 Beresford, Jake

  • Translate admin search settings views

    ECOMMERCE-4044 Matt Duffy

  • ECOMMERCE-4046: Translation values for shared admin partials. Joseph Hughes

  • Translate admin payment transaction views

    ECOMMERCE-4031 Matt Duffy

  • Translate admin order views

    ECOMMERCE-4030 Matt Duffy

  • Clean up and translate weblinc sorts

    ECOMMERCE-4260 Matt Duffy

  • Fix bulk actions recall/destroy state when navigating away

    ECOMMERCE-4506 Curt Howard

  • Swap bulk actions select all button on destroy

    ECOMMERCE-4505 Curt Howard

  • Fix typo in bulk actions recall

    Allows excluded summaries to be deselected properly.

    ECOMMERCE-4504 Curt Howard

  • Fix bulk actions destroy method

    ECOMMERCE-4502 Curt Howard

  • Translate admin shipping services views

    ECOMMERCE-4047 Matt Duffy

  • Translate admin featured products views

    ECOMMERCE-4020 Matt Duffy

  • Add release creatables to create_release workflow plan step

    ECOMMERCE-4263 Beresford, Jake

  • Move 'admin.page_header' append point

    • Rename old append point to 'admin.user_menu'
    • Remove link to beta feedback survey from admin

    ECOMMERCE-4294 Beresford, Jake

  • Use class selector instead of element selector for workflow-bar__step

    ECOMMERCE-4285 Beresford, Jake

  • Translate admin export and status report mailers

    ECOMMERCE-4049 ECOMMERCE-4018 Matt Duffy

  • Admin translations for releases views

    ECOMMERCE-4042 Beresford, Jake

  • Translate admin import catalogs views

    ECOMMERCE-4024 Matt Duffy

  • ECOMMERCE-4048: Translation values for shippings. Joseph Hughes

  • Add translation for content block visibility pseudo selector

    ECOMMERCE-4365 Curt Howard

  • Fix failing tests relating to help translations

    ECOMMERCE-4023 Beresford, Jake

  • Admin translations for help_assets

    ECOMMERCE-4023 Beresford, Jake

  • Admin translations for help

    ECOMMERCE-4022 Beresford, Jake

  • Translate admin activity

    ECOMMERCE-3990 Ben Crouse

  • Internationalize admin inventory skus

    ECOMMERCE-4025 Eric Pigeon

  • Fixes translation related test failure

    ECOMMERCE-4034 Beresford, Jake

  • Admin translations for create_release

    ECOMMERCE-4016 Beresford, Jake

  • Move message from core to store front and admin

    • Allows store_front to style and animate flash messaging without changing admin's behavior.
    • Transition/animation the message with css rather than a JS config preventing us from overriding the JS for more advanced styles / behaviors.

    ECOMMERCE-4481 Steve Perks

  • Admin internationalization for pricing

    ECOMMERCE-4034 Beresford, Jake

  • Translate admin user views, update bulk user bulk export markup

    ECOMMERCE-4056 Matt Duffy

  • Admin translations for navigation taxons

    ECOMMERCE-4028 Beresford, Jake

  • Internationalize admin catalog variants

    ECOMMERCE-3995 Eric Pigeon

  • Admin translations for navigation redirects

    ECOMMERCE-4027 Beresford, Jake

  • Update to match view path

    ECOMMERCE-4021 Beresford, Jake

  • Admin translations for fulfillments

    ECOMMERCE-4021 Beresford, Jake

  • Translate admin Tax Imports views

    ECOMMERCE-4052 Matt Duffy

  • Admin translations for facets

    ECOMMERCE-4019 Beresford, Jake

  • Allow click on primary navigation nodes

    • Adds option allow_click to tooltip module
    • Add test for switching between selected menus

    ECOMMERCE-4461 Beresford, Jake

  • Admin translations for navigation_menus

    ECOMMERCE-4026 Beresford, Jake

  • Translate admin Tax Rate views

    ECOMMERCE-4053 Matt Duffy

  • Translate admin tax_category views

    ECOMMERCE-4051 Matt Duffy

  • Rewrite Bulk Actions

    Bulk Update needed to be renamed to Bulk Actions in order to support multiple actions that can be performed on a group of objects in the system.

    It also required a rewrite because the original implementation was product-specific, whereas now any grouping of object may have actions associated with with the group.

    ECOMMERCE-3886 Curt Howard

  • Update all tooltip forms for similar padding

    • Wrap AJAX requested forms in tooltip-content for layout consistency
    • Update markup for exports to avoid margin-bottom on %p tags
    • Reduce .property margin within tooltips

    ECOMMERCE-4424 Beresford, Jake

  • Rework filter/facet relationship

    ECOMMERCE-4394 Matt Duffy

  • Add pill display for creation date filter selections

    ECOMMERCE-4394 Matt Duffy

  • Clean up Releasable

    ECOMMERCE-4298 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up admin routes

    ECOMMERCE-4297 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up audit log initializer

    ECOMMERCE-4296 Ben Crouse

  • Move view model wrapping to more appropriate location

    ECOMMERCE-4293 Ben Crouse

  • Move code in app/services to more descriptive locations

    ECOMMERCE-4485 Ben Crouse

  • Internationalize admin catalog products

    ECOMMERCE-3994 Eric Pigeon

  • Remove unneeded ReleasableViewModel from admin

    ECOMMERCE-4292 Ben Crouse

  • Add payment view model

    ECOMMERCE-4291 Ben Crouse

  • Remove redis namespacing

    Also sets up Redis config for persistence and cache separately.

    ECOMMERCE-4259 Ben Crouse

  • Remove items missing price in the cart

    ECOMMERCE-3698 Eric Pigeon

  • Add placeholder text to date inputs

    • clear date picker active state on datepicker_fields.js

    ECOMMERCE-4391 Beresford, Jake

  • Increase thickness of global box shadow used on summaries

    ECOMMERCE-4469 Beresford, Jake

  • Eliminate duplicates when displaying recent user activity

    ECOMMERCE-4476 Matt Duffy

  • Remove old datepicker for turbolinks

    ECOMMERCE-4393 Beresford, Jake

  • Allow ORing multiple values in a category rule

    Use commas to separate values, e.g.

    field -> Color operator -> Equals value -> Red, Green

    would give results that are Red or Green.

    ECOMMERCE-4474 Ben Crouse

  • Image should not be required for 2 & 3 column taxonomy blocks

    ECOMMERCE-4465 Beresford, Jake

  • Convert admin exports to use bulk action framework

    ECOMMERCE-4383 Matt Duffy

  • Prevent primary nav tooltip opening under sticky header

    ECOMMERCE-4421 Beresford, Jake

  • Further datepicker UI improvements

    • Add validation to date fields
    • Update calendar UI when date field changes
    • Adjust min-height
    • Expose testDateFormat method in date.js

    ECOMMERCE-4391 Beresford, Jake

  • Add icon for new blocks, change CSS file to match other block names

    ECOMMERCE-4379 Dave Barnow

  • Correct gemspec ruby version

    Hash#dig is new in ruby 2.3 and the app doesn't currently with 2.4

    ECOMMERCE-4470 Eric Pigeon

  • Don't enqueue admin indexing for models that don't get indexed

    Improve performance and reduce job queue size

    ECOMMERCE-4433 Ben Crouse

  • Add noindex tag to accessibility page

    Requested by Ali Pozielli from a SEER audit

    ECOMMERCE-4432 Ben Crouse

  • Implement add/remove toggle when selecting featured products

    Brings more context to featured product selection and management.

    ECOMMERCE-4431 Ben Crouse

  • Add logic to prevent datepickers being injected more than once per input

    ECOMMERCE-4393 Beresford, Jake

  • Improve datetimepicker UI

    • Added space between calendar UI and susbmit button
    • Make date links round
    • Change styling of 'today' so it doesn't look selected
    • Fix alignment of next/prev links
    • Improve styling of month/year text

    ECOMMERCE-4391 Beresford, Jake

  • Improve user activity performance

    Use Mongo's $push to elminate unnecessary queries

    ECOMMERCE-4425 Ben Crouse

  • Improve UI of release planning

    • zero pad minutes
    • at the word 'at' to publish and release labels
    • move tags input below release datetime inputs

    ECOMMERCE-4392 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix broken toggle-button for show_navigation on category edit

    ECOMMERCE-4405 Beresford, Jake

  • Increase width of images step in create product workflow

    ECOMMERCE-4408 Beresford, Jake

  • Change layout for payments/show to feel less cluttered

    ECOMMERCE-4410 Beresford, Jake

  • Adds .decorator file extension to editorconfig

    ECOMMERCE-4419 Dave Barnow

  • Add children to left hand secondary navigation

    ECOMMERCE-4418 Beresford, Jake

  • Prevent date time picker wrapping to new line on publish step

    ECOMMERCE-4398 Beresford, Jake

  • Admin catalog categories internationalization

    ECOMMERCE-3992 Eric Pigeon

  • Tracks pageviews on turbolink loads

    ECOMMERCE-4387 Dave Barnow

  • Add logic to only show filter_toggle button if there are more than 2 facets.

    ECOMMERCE-4407 Beresford, Jake

  • Add active toggles to releasable forms

    expose activeness on releasable models, update store front to respect activeness

    ECOMMERCE-4091 Eric Pigeon

  • Switch to views instead of clicks for product analytics

    This will result in a better picture, since customers can hit products from external links (emails, campaigns, etc)

    ECOMMERCE-4420 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up and improve recommendations

    • Improve algorithm in certain places (uses Predictors prediction API)
    • Add more configuration for specifying the number of results
    • Simplify queries to eliminate code that won't run
    • Ensure there are always recommendations (no blank lists)
    • Convert specs to minitest

    ECOMMERCE-4395 Ben Crouse

  • Remove condition to hide help if there are no help articles

    ECOMMERCE-4287 Matt Duffy

  • Rewrite Store Front Pagination

    ECOMMERCE-3833 Curt Howard

  • Update product activity partials

    ECOMMERCE-4409 Matt Duffy

  • Only try to reload the model when its persisted during admin indexing

    ECOMMERCE-4406 Matt Duffy

  • Upgrade Waypoints, use gem

    ECOMMERCE-3485 Curt Howard

  • Add toggle display for release create on publish steps

    Release creation UI should only be shown when the 'With new release' checkbox is checked.

    ECOMMERCE-4384 Beresford, Jake

  • All properties have margin unless they are --inline.

    ECOMMERCE-4237 Beresford, Jake

  • Update layout of new and edit views using grid

    • Restrict width of forms using view__container--narrow
    • Use grid where appropriate to reduce length of forms and improve layout
    • Update some other, obscure show views
    • Update markup in all creation workflow views
    • Added asset preview to content_assets edit view

    ECOMMERCE-4237 Beresford, Jake

  • Break out translations by view

    ECOMMERCE-4014 Jeff Yucis

  • Move interpolation to translation file

    ECOMMERCE-4014 Jeff Yucis

  • Translate create content pages directory

    ECOMMERCE-4014 Jeff Yucis

  • Add storefront translations for categoyr summary block type

    • remove legacy view for content block placeholder text

    ECOMMERCE-4003 Beresford, Jake

  • Add translations for featured products na rules in create category workflow

    • Added translations for page titles in all views for workflow

    ECOMMERCE-4012 Beresford, Jake

  • ECOMMERCE-4045: Includes locales for searches show

    ECOMMERCE-4045: include additional translation for sort by

    ECOMMERCE-4045: Remove haml file Ashley Chapokas

  • Mimic changeset directory structure better in translation path

    ECOMMERCE-3997 Jeff Yucis

  • Merge branch 'master' into feature/ECOMMERCE-3997-admin-translations-changesets Jeff Yucis

  • Include analytics helper to fix test

    ECOMMERCE-4378 Beresford, Jake

  • Translate admin toolbar

    ECOMMERCE-4055 Jeff Yucis

  • update content block type generator

    ECOMMERCE-4379 Matt Duffy

  • Translate changeset directory

    ECOMMERCE-3997 Jeff Yucis

  • Add framework for bulk actions

    Still a WIP, front-end to be finished by Mr Curt

    ECOMMERCE-4275 Ben Crouse

  • Update pricing calculator generator

    ECOMMERCE-4381 Matt Duffy

  • Translate timeline directory.

    The card partial was translated in a previous commit

    ECOMMERCE-4054 Jeff Yucis

  • Translate the categorizations directory

    ECOMMERCE-3996 Jeff Yucis

  • Update discount generator

    ECOMMERCE-4380 Matt Duffy

  • Internationalization for category creation workflow

    ECOMMERCE-4012 Beresford, Jake

  • Rename Weblinc.config.domain to

    ECOMMERCE-4325 Matt Duffy

  • Remove unneeded Pricing::Sku#add_price method

    ECOMMERCE-4307 Matt Duffy

  • Move COLOR_CODES constant to weblinc.rb for reuse in lint and seeds

    ECOMMERCE-4329 Matt Duffy

  • Consolidate duplicate methods in discount.rb

    ECOMMERCE-4303 Matt Duffy

  • Translate the admin/content_emails view directory

    ECOMMERCE-4004 Jeff Yucis

  • Rename update function to refresh

    ECOMMERCE-3554 Beresford, Jake

  • Remove deprecated methods from releases_helper

    ECOMMERCE-4290 Matt Duffy

  • Remove delete_orphaned_content rake task

    ECOMMERCE-4324 Matt Duffy

  • Remove deprecrated methods from Discount::Collection

    ECOMMERCE-4304 Matt Duffy

  • Remove deprecated Content::BlockType#preview_block

    ECOMMERCE-4301 Matt Duffy

  • Remove Mongoid attributes patch

    ECOMMERCE-4327 Matt Duffy

  • Fix Primary Nav Content Editor UI

    ECOMMERCE-4377 Curt Howard

  • Add test for content block analytics

    ECOMMERCE-4378 Beresford, Jake

  • Add IDs and data bindings to all content blocks.

    ECOMMERCE-4378 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix merge conflics in admin/catalog_product_images

    ECOMMERCE-3993 Yucis, Jeff

  • internationalization for content_presets

    ECOMMERCE-4006 Beresford, Jake

  • Internationalization for content_pages

    ECOMMERCE-4005 Beresford, Jake

  • Translates delete buttons, adds more action translations

    ECOMMERCE-4278 Dave Barnow

  • Internationalize all content_blocks views

    ECOMMERCE-4003 Beresford, Jake

  • Added update function to current user.

    Allows SI to update WEBLINC.currentUser after an ajax action that may change some value in current user is performed.

    ECOMMERCE-3554 Beresford, Jake

  • Change button content block to use plain test instead of wysiwyg

    ECOMMERCE-4371 Beresford, Jake

  • Help takeover comes from the top.

    • Update takeover animation class name for semantics

    ECOMMERCE-4257 Beresford, Jake

  • Make teaspoon test a little better

    ECOMMERCE-4071 Beresford, Jake

  • Refactor tooltips JS into a single module

    • Replaces help_tooltips, export_buttons, navigation_tooltips, save_content_block_preset, and menu_triggers modules with a single tooltip module
    • Correct size of edit icon in navigation tooltip
    • Add ability to close content preset creation tooltip
    • Allow save content block preset tooltips to close
    • Add functionality to load tooltip content by AJAX

    ECOMMERCE-4071 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix typo in translation and add header translation that was missed

    ECOMMERCE-3993 Jeff Yucis

  • Translate the admin/catalog_product_images directory

    ECOMMERCE-3993 Jeff Yucis

Workarea 3.0.0.beta.1 (2017-03-15)

  • Don't test localization

    Fraught with problems

    ECOMMERCE-4356 Ben Crouse

  • Add button to clear asset from asset picker.

    • added 'Clear asset' button to asset form fields
    • Added JS to handle new button click event and announce a clear asset change message.


    • Added translations for content_assets

    ECOMMERCE-4002 Beresford, Jake

  • Remove duplicate query of search customization

    ECOMMERCE-4340 Matt Duffy

  • Correct order total discount spec

    ECOMMERCE-4333 Matt Duffy

  • Move low inventory threshold config to configuration.rb

    ECOMMERCE-4341 Matt Duffy

  • Remove Mongoid::Fields patch

    ECOMMERCE-4332 ECOMMERCE-4328 Matt Duffy

  • Cleanup order integration test

    ECOMMERCE-4344 Matt Duffy

  • Eliminate the passing of block data via the url for new content blocks

    ECOMMERCE-4273 Matt Duffy

  • Extract test customization class to module for reuse

    ECOMMERCE-4343 Matt Duffy

  • Allow Content Preview UI to more accurately depict Store Front

    • Clean up implementation of content block visibility classes

    ECOMMERCE-4348 Curt Howard

  • Finish moving rspec code into rspec gem

    ECOMMERCE-3846 Ben Crouse

  • Automatically select relevance when a query is typed

    Fixes seemingly poor results for searches

    ECOMMERCE-4359 Ben Crouse

  • Fix Product Summary UI to allow users to click the X to remove

    ECOMMERCE-4277 Curt Howard

  • Fix icon alignment in catalog_product_images index/edit

    ECOMMERCE-4141 Curt Howard

  • Convert PersonalizedRecommendation spec to minitest

    ECOMMERCE-4342 Matt Duffy

  • Exclude paths from logging admin visits

    ECOMMERCE-4218 Matt Duffy

  • Don't reference JST in core config

    ECOMMERCE-4353 Curt Howard

  • Consolidate and standardize locale testing setup

    Make it easier to setup locales for testing and handle teardown automatically.

    ECOMMERCE-4356 Ben Crouse

  • Change style of taxonomy insert UI in workflows.

    Created clear separation between the breadcrumb builder and the drag and drop taxonomy interface.

    ECOMMERCE-4276 Beresford, Jake

  • Update placeholder text, labels, and help notes

    Based on document linked in ticket.

    • Conditionally show discount sale rules based on @discount.price_level

    ECOMMERCE-4190 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix alignment of product image editing icons

    ECOMMERCE-4141 Curt Howard

  • Finish the breakpoint job

    ECOMMERCE-4232 Curt Howard

  • Implement inline date picker and new datetime picker

    • Adds js module & config for datepicker
    • Updates datepicker filter dropdown markup for inline datepickers
    • Remove IDs from locale hidden inputs to prevent duplicate IDs on other inputs
    • Prevent Datepicker dropdown closing when clicking something in jQuery UIs weird header
    • Change browsing controls layout for adding featured products in create category workflow
    • Change browsing controls layout for activity show view
    • Add inline datetimepicker to publish step of create workflows
    • Rip out garbage 3rd party datetime picker JS
    • create time pickers via a JST, serialize the time on form submit
    • Improve core date.js API
    • Set min height on calendar to prevent alignment issues between months with more/less days.
    • next/prev buttons styled as links instead of buttons

    ECOMMERCE-4010 Beresford, Jake

  • Use local assigns to check for workflow modifier

    ECOMMERCE-4168 Beresford, Jake

  • Improve diff rendering of changeset fields

    add field specific partials for content blocks to improve planned changes view

    ECOMMERCE-4120 Eric Pigeon

    • Add workflow argument to content edit partial to enable conditional styling
    • Provide default value for workflow if not passed to the render statement

    ECOMMERCE-4168 Beresford, Jake

  • Fixes teaspoon tests related to animations of takeover

    ECOMMERCE-4257 Beresford, Jake

  • Stop content editor from scrolling the page if it doesn't need to

    ECOMMERCE-4271 Curt Howard

  • Add product click event when choosing a propduct from search type ahead

    ECOMMERCE-4100 Eric Pigeon

  • Show hidden state for content blocks

    ECOMMERCE-4232 Curt Howard

  • Ensure current release always shows when listing release options

    ECOMMERCE-4272 Ben Crouse

  • Add logic to remove takeovers if css animation events are not implemented in browser.

    ECOMMERCE-4257 Beresford, Jake

  • Add animation to takeovers.

    • transition_end JS module changed to transtion_events & api improved for animation events
    • Change API of takeover to accept options object for takeoverClass

    ECOMMERCE-4257 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix positioning of autocomplete field UI

    ECOMMERCE-4145 Curt Howard

  • Re-add link to home inside primary nav

    ECOMMERCE-4233 Curt Howard

  • Improve release-publishing display in timeline

    ECOMMERCE-4270 Ben Crouse

  • Add system user for tracking release publishing

    Makes the timeline more clear

    ECOMMERCE-4270 Ben Crouse

  • Add system user for logging console activity

    Create a system user to log console activity so it is visible in the admin timeline.

    ECOMMERCE-4269 Ben Crouse

  • ECOMMERCE-4217: Update release calendar colors

    Updates background/text colors of release calendar to pass accesible contrast ratio standards Jordan Stewart

  • ECOMMERCE-4196: Update $green HEX value

    $green was failing accessibility standards, updating HEX value suggested from QA Jordan Stewart

  • Clean up SEO head tags on search

    As recommended by SEER, simplify and ban search engines from crawling search results.

    ECOMMERCE-4267 Ben Crouse

  • Apply light color styles to content editing

    ECOMMERCE-4262 Beresford, Jake

  • Add navigation menus to admin elastic search index

    add navigation menus into the index so they can be used during create release workflow.

    ECOMMERCE-3888 Eric Pigeon

  • Add animation to takeovers.

    • transition_end JS module changed to transtion_events & api improved for animation events
    • Change API of takeover to accept options object for takeoverClass

    ECOMMERCE-4257 Beresford, Jake

  • Adds localization to storefront system tests

    ECOMMERCE-3786 Dave Barnow

  • Conditionally position the content editor actions if view has a workflow bar

    ECOMMERCE-4168 Beresford, Jake

  • Improve content editor form actions styling

    ECOMMERCE-4168 Beresford, Jake

  • Use a tighter font for retina devices

    ECOMMERCE-4195 Curt Howard

  • Clean up font-family usage

    ECOMMERCE-4195 Curt Howard

  • Add initial-scale value to page metadata to make SEER happy

    ECOMMERCE-4255 Curt Howard

  • Prepend user sorts to admin sorts to ensure proper sorting

    ECOMMERCE-4250 Matt Duffy

  • Index only placed order to admin, eliminate order creation date filter

    ECOMMERCE-4242 Matt Duffy

  • Allow user to click on an asset to select it

    ECOMMERCE-4084 Curt Howard

  • Improve styling of product-summary component

    ECOMMERCE-4225 Curt Howard

  • Store full bson document into order item

    Using as_json would store localized fields as the value for the current locale instead of storing the full translations hash. Storing the full document allows the use of Mongoid::Factory.from_db/2 which doesn't need to typcaste and is much faster than .new(attributes)

    ECOMMERCE-4256 Eric Pigeon

  • Add autocomplete to search customization form

    ECOMMERCE-4226 Matt Duffy

  • Improve workflow designs

    • Add consistent skip links
    • Reduce unnecessary text
    • Fix links that look like buttons

    ECOMMERCE-4261 Ben Crouse

  • Add Category and Pages to storefront search suggestions

    ECOMMERCE-4222 Matt Duffy

  • REmove border from wide content preview iframe

    ECOMMERCE-4258 Beresford, Jake

  • Removed redundant tooltip data attribute, probably a result of copy pasta

    ECOMMERCE-4244 Beresford, Jake

  • Update markup and styles to allow primary nav to wrap to multiple lines

    • Fixed oversized edit icon

    ECOMMERCE-4209 Beresford, Jake

  • Remove meta keywords

    As recommended in the SEER audit. They do more harm than good at this point.

    ECOMMERCE-4254 Ben Crouse

  • Turn off autocomplete for tax code in product create flow

    ECOMMERCE-4205 Curt Howard

  • Update default workflow bar button state

    ECOMMERCE-4203 Curt Howard

  • Fix head tags for pagination/filtering in categories

    Recommendations from the SEER audit

    ECOMMERCE-4253 Ben Crouse

  • Fix alignment issue with new product image form

    ECOMMERCE-4141 Curt Howard

  • Stop video-and-text content block from breaking mobile layout

    ECOMMERCE-4132 Curt Howard

  • Fix storefront fulfillment mailer cancellation preview

    ECOMMERCE-4240 Matt Duffy

  • Add alternate locale hreflang tags

    From the SEER audit

    ECOMMERCE-4249 Ben Crouse

  • Require name field for content preset creation

    ECOMMERCE-4127 Curt Howard

  • Add new search customization form to admin index page

    ECOMMERCE-4227 Matt Duffy

  • Group price adjustments on shipping show

    group price adjustments instead of outputting multiple tax line items

    ECOMMERCE-3932 Eric Pigeon

  • Clean up shipping carrier view model and fix bug with blank

    Carrier links should be configuration

    ECOMMERCE-4243 Ben Crouse

  • Fix rounding in dashboard view models

    ECOMMERCE-4235 Ben Crouse

  • Improve sample data to show realistic dashboards

    ECOMMERCE-4235 Ben Crouse

  • Fix jump_to_menu issue within Admin Toolbar

    • Also fixes an issue on mobile in the storefront

    ECOMMERCE-4184 Curt Howard

  • General Polish

    ECOMMERCE-4236 Curt Howard

  • Reword "Export" buttons to "Create Export"

    ECOMMERCE-4234 Curt Howard

  • Don't show admin-toolbar until it's fully loaded

    ECOMMERCE-4229 Curt Howard

  • Make 'All System Pages' link on System Content go to index

    ECOMMERCE-4198 Curt Howard

  • Clean up activity show view, allow exclusion of audited_types from activity

    ECOMMERCE-4088 Matt Duffy

  • Simplify use of js-routes

    Using two options previously missed to simplify things:

    1. the application option allows specifying routes per-engine
    2. _options: true treats the arg as options rather than a model

    ECOMMERCE-4223 Ben Crouse

  • Conditionally hide/show admin toolbar while resizing window

    ECOMMERCE-4216 Curt Howard

  • Do not load admin toolbar for small devices

    ECOMMERCE-4216 Curt Howard

  • Add to_m alias for to_money to NilClass

    ECOMMERCE-4215 Matt Duffy

  • Allow admin toolbar "takeover" to be closed on ESC

    +1 tasty refactor. Om nom.

    ECOMMERCE-4184 Curt Howard

  • Correct display of item after adding to cart

    ECOMMERCE-4207 Matt Duffy

  • Don't show the permissions card if not a permissions manager

    ECOMMERCE-4213 Ben Crouse

  • Fix page titles for admin pricing skus

    ECOMMERCE-4175 Matt Duffy

  • Only return active results for search autocomplete

    ECOMMERCE-4211 Matt Duffy

  • Fix Taxonomy content block Reset button

    ECOMMERCE-4123 Curt Howard

  • Properly pluralize 'Change' on release summary

    ECOMMERCE-3988 Matt Duffy

  • Fix admin export mailer preview

    ECOMMERCE-3971 Matt Duffy

  • Fix wonky scroll for menu-editors that are too tall

    By removing the .view__container and the enforced overflow on the component, we can allow the .menu-editor component to take up the full width of the page, allowing us to set a scrollSensitivity property on the sortable UI.

    ECOMMERCE-4158 Curt Howard

  • Add permission for managing permissions

    This is an important additional permission for a CSR situation where you wouldn't want a third party CSR to be able to revoke/grant permissions to anyone.

    ECOMMERCE-4213 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up menu-editor

    • Align menu editor control icons
    • Remove unneeded link text from menu editor control:
    • Clean up menu editor icons positioning and sizes
    • Only show menu-editor scrollbar as needed
    • Only apply gutter to sibiling menus

    ECOMMERCE-4122 Curt Howard

  • Increment cart count when product is added to cart

    ECOMMERCE-4081 Curt Howard

  • Add pagination to Help::Assets index

    ECOMMERCE-4200 Matt Duffy

  • Standardize workflow-bar usage

    ECOMMERCE-4206 Curt Howard

  • Handle complex changeset undo values when displaying release changes

    ECOMMERCE-4174 Matt Duffy

  • Move name prefixes for inventory and pricing skus to locales

    ECOMMERCE-4175 Matt Duffy

  • derp. active color.

    ECOMMERCE-4189 Beresford, Jake

  • Move share functionality to plugin

    ECOMMERCE-4201 Matt Duffy

  • Don't cache navigation content requests if logged in as admin

    ECOMMERCE-3750 Ben Crouse

  • Removes colors for each type of card,

    • Changes active state for card to blue dropshadow with blue text + icon

    ECOMMERCE-4189 Beresford, Jake

  • Make admin header responsive

    • Change header layout to use display: flex since the width of header__actions is variable in the admin toolbar.

    ECOMMERCE-4165 Beresford, Jake

  • Rename Commentable#notify_user_ids to subscribed_user_ids

    ECOMMERCE-4202 Matt Duffy

  • Clean up various TODOs

    ECOMMERCE-4202 Matt Duffy

  • Fixes comment card translation

    ECOMMERCE-3991 Dave Barnow

  • Converts remaining request specs to integration tests

    ECOMMERCE-3741 Dave Barnow

  • Pass the container around to prevent errors in firefox.

    ECOMMERCE-4167 Beresford, Jake

  • Create cart item view model

    Add a new view model specifically for cart items and move inventory status to only be in context of a cart where inventory is still in flux.

    ECOMMERCE-3567 Eric Pigeon

  • Add release reminder if the release has been in session for a while

    If either you exceed average admin page views in a session for a release or exceed average session length with a release in session, show a notification to make sure the admin intends to keep working on the release.

    ECOMMERCE-4188 Ben Crouse

  • Fix Bulk Updater Tests

    ECOMMERCE-3882 F.M. Bonnevier

  • Track admin filters in session for improved index links

    ECOMMERCE-4170 Ben Crouse

  • Fix form toggle keys, add translations for timestamp labels

    ECOMMERCE-4037 Matt Duffy

  • Rewrite admin-toolbar

    ECOMMERCE-3203 Ben Crouse

  • Run local time every time modules are initialized

    ECOMMERCE-4163 Ben Crouse

  • Create fulfillment item entries for digital items

    Digital items should still get fulfilled one way or another (email, download) and should be marked as such for record keeping in the fulfillment module.

    ECOMMERCE-4169 Ben Crouse

  • Fix ordering of menus when viewing release

    ECOMMERCE-4090 Ben Crouse

  • Add name to Pricing::Price for changeset view

    changeset_view_model expects the model to respond to name.

    ECOMMERCE-4133 Eric Pigeon

  • Add publishing select to content editing

    Also replace activate_with inline everywhere

    ECOMMERCE-4161 Ben Crouse

  • Change order write concern to majority

    change the write to be acknowledged by a majority of the cluster in addition to being written to the disk

    ECOMMERCE-3884 Eric Pigeon

  • Don't add categories without rules to percolator for categorization

    ECOMMERCE-4157 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up Content Editing UI

    • Fix jank when editing content on a small screen
    • Fix taxonomy content block
    • Fix alignment of icon in content-editor controls

    ECOMMERCE-3957 Curt Howard

  • Orders should normalize email addresses

    To make them consistent with the rest of the places we use email addresses.

    ECOMMERCE-4153 Ben Crouse

  • Move release select to top left

    ECOMMERCE-4111 Ben Crouse

  • Update bulk update form, relocate to bar.

    ECOMMERCE-3882 F.M. Bonnevier

  • Add control to show and hide filters on all index pages

    • prevent filter options wrapping
    • date and price range filters hide too

    ECOMMERCE-4114 Beresford, Jake

  • Set initial width of content preview

    • Fix nesting of editor actions to prevent preview button wrapping to new line

    ECOMMERCE-3716 Beresford, Jake

  • Use helper instead of view model for intrinsic ratio styles calculation

    Also rename asset field to more descriptive name and fix content helper test file name.

    ECOMMERCE-2893 Ben Crouse

  • Sometimes links should be buttons, and divs should also be buttons.

    • Buttons for everyone

    ECOMMERCE-4105 Beresford, Jake

  • Add publishing override select for current release in admin

    To warn about release publishing, and allow overriding changes to a different release.

    ECOMMERCE-4135 Ben Crouse

  • Update content_block_sizing to use dimensions from asset

    • Add dragonfly analyzer for intrinsic_ratio
    • Add intrinsic_ratio field to asset model
    • Remove unnecessary configs from hero block type

    ECOMMERCE-2893 Beresford, Jake

  • Create Elasticsearch QueryCache middleware

    create middleware similar to mongoids that caches elasticsearch queries for the duration of a request.

    ECOMMERCE-4117 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix manually merchadising products for categories

    use slug routes where appropriate

    ECOMMERCE-4095 Eric Pigeon

  • Add links to create workflows on release plan changes page

    ECOMMERCE-4115 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix extraneous order queries

    We're doing extra order lookups when we don't need to in an after_action.

    ECOMMERCE-4136 Ben Crouse

  • No need to verify csrf for analytics

    ECOMMERCE-3944 Ben Crouse

  • Don't log abandonments if the original search wasn't logged

    ECOMMERCE-3944 Ben Crouse

  • Remove has children class and fix menu content N+1

    No v2 builds used that selector to style anything.

    ECOMMERCE-3954 Ben Crouse

  • Move all cancel or delete workflow buttons to the left

    • Updated workflow bar in style guide

    ECOMMERCE-4116 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix admin index pages not respecting creation date filters

    ECOMMERCE-4079 Ben Crouse

  • Update Product Images minitest

    • removes skip from product image test
    • adds test coverage for editing a products images
    • fixes error of draggables[] drag_to order

    ECOMMERCE-3857 Jordan Stewart

  • Add better search result matching for product names

    Increasing a boost for a phrase match on name because that's seen as particularly important.

    ECOMMERCE-3691 Ben Crouse

  • Style Product Images UI

    • updates styles/colors for product images UI
    • adds arrow scss mixin for product image action tooltip styles
    • adds #edit for catalog_product_images resource ( based on design that switch "eye" to "edit" icon )

    ECOMMERCE-3857 Jordan Stewart

  • Remove select-box styling in favor of using browser default select menus throughout the admin.

    ECOMMERCE-4009 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix categorization not being indexed in search

    ECOMMERCE-3691 Ben Crouse

  • Update parent ID of add button when restructuring taxon tree

    • Changed API for url.js updateParam to updateParams which accepts a hash and updates key value pairs of URL params

    ECOMMERCE-3913 Beresford, Jake

  • Index page UI updates

    • Implement new layout for index pages
    • Extend browsing controls component
    • Add logic for displaying facet selections
    • Add applied facets partial
    • Add creation date partial
    • Add styles for order totals summary text
    • Add js module for filter dropdowns

    ECOMMERCE-3866 Beresford, Jake

  • Add translation for pricing skus, prices, and global cards

    ECOMMERCE-4037 fixes: ECOMMERCE-3991, ECOMMERCE-4033 Matt Duffy

  • Prevent sort by order link from bugging out on click

    • Fix alignment of grip icon in taxons

    ECOMMERCE-4089 Beresford, Jake

  • Prevent horizontal scrolling on menu editor wide

    ECOMMERCE-4092 Beresford, Jake

  • Add auxiliary navigation to admin

    For moving around to related resources/pages.

    ECOMMERCE-4093 Ben Crouse

  • Reject blank array values in ApplicationDocument

    Select2 will create empty string values in array fields causing data in weird states. Reject blank values from arrays to prevent bad data.

    ECOMMERCE-3966 Eric Pigeon

  • Make Catalog::Variant releasable

    ECOMMERCE-4062 Matt Duffy

  • Rename Sidekiq worker callbacks extension

    This renames Sidekiq::WorkerCallbacks to Sidekiq::Callbacks, so it's easier to read and use. In order to contain all plugin code in the same Sidekiq namespace, Sidekiq::CallbacksWorker will not be renamed.

    ECOMMERCE-3968 Tom Scott

  • Add append point to top of storefront layout body

    ECOMMERCE-4060 Matt Duffy

  • Correct FlatOrPercentOff to not validate numericality of amount twice

    ECOMMERCE-4083 Matt Duffy

  • Ensure errors on discount update renders the correct template

    ECOMMERCE-4083 Matt Duffy

  • Cache discount application groups

    move caching from discount collection to application group caching. application group calculation can be a computationally expensive so cache the group rather than just a collection of active discounts

    ECOMMERCE-3845 Eric Pigeon

  • Add page caching to search

    Since we aren't doing personalized search anymore, this is a great performance improvement.

    ECOMMERCE-4087 Ben Crouse

  • Improve and add more dashboards

    This adds daily vs weekly time series data tracking and summary data for orders and discounts.

    Many small improvements as well.

    Merge branch 'better-dashboards'

    ECOMMERCE-3944 Ben Crouse

  • Add CTA to Release Calendar UI's 'Today'

    ECOMMERCE-3896 Curt Howard

  • Remove sqllite development dependency

    Remove the SQL lite development dependency from the .gemspec file created by the plugin template generator.

    ECOMMERCE-3607 Jeff Yucis

  • Fix message rendering for in-progress product bulk updates

    ECOMMERCE-4063 Matt Duffy

  • Fix select to use alpha2

    Change the selected parameter to use the alpha2 code to match the option value.

    ECOMMERCE-3930 Eric Pigeon

  • Add inactive state for navigation menus in admin

    ECOMMERCE-3899 Matt Duffy

  • Fixes menu triggers

    ECOMMERCE-4011 Beresford, Jake

  • Remove developer toolbar

    ECOMMERCE-4057 Matt Duffy

  • Change pricing cache key to use order cache key

    Update pricing cache key to look at order cache key to ensure updates to the order cause pricing to be recalculated. Fix a bug that would cause fresh pricing requests to delete all free gifts on the order.

    ECOMMERCE-3744 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix bug in bron kerbosch implementation

    In ApplicationGroup.calculate we generate an undirected graph representation of discount compatibility but setting the neighborhood set (read compatible discounts) on each discount. We specifically need the open neighborhood set, but no guarantee is made to ensure that open neighborhood's aren't set leading to infinite recursion when the graph is complete or incorrect results when the graph is a serious of disjoint complete subgraphs.

    ECOMMERCE-4038 Eric Pigeon

  • Add content preview functionality

    • Adds new controller action, route, and view for content#preview
    • Add icons for breakpoints and devices
    • Improve configs for breakpoints
    • Add JS module for content preview controls
    • Improve layout of empty content editors
    • Added Device chrome to content preview
    • Move all storefront breakpoints to a single ruby config shared by js and sass files
    • Always show content blocks in edit mode despite breakpoint settings
    • Use storefront_breakpoints config in test helpers
    • Add route for previewing content areas in the storefront

    ECOMMERCE-3716 Beresford, Jake

  • Rename promise.js module to loading.js to reduce confusion.

    ECOMMERCE-2087 Beresford, Jake

  • Revert back to hiding facet that has ben autoselected

    ECOMMERCE-3356 Matt Duffy

  • Add cancel to Navigation Menus New & Edit Views, Cleanup

    ECOMMERCE-3963 Curt Howard

  • Add 2 and 3 column taxonomy blocks

    • Renames Navigation block to Taxonomy
    • Adds optional image to all Taxonomy block types
    • Added taxon_lookup class to DRY out taxonomy content block view models

    ECOMMERCE-3897 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix styling of Content Editor's empty state

    ECOMMERCE-3985 Curt Howard

  • Improve styling of Release Select UI

    ECOMMERCE-3958 Curt Howard

  • Fix wording in Display tab of content editing

    • Ensure .property__note--error is appended to the bottom of the .property UI.

    ECOMMERCE-3873 Curt Howard

  • Replace marketing dashboard with more useful analytics

    ECOMMERCE-3944 Ben Crouse

  • Get rid of smart navigation nomenclature

    ECOMMERCE-3944 Ben Crouse

  • Replace people dashboard with useful information

    ECOMMERCE-3944 Ben Crouse

  • Fixes test failure

    ECOMMERCE-3948 Beresford, Jake

  • Set navigation content block default start to the root taxon

    ECOMMERCE-3898 Matt Duffy

  • Pull rspec into workarea-rspec

    move rspec dependencies into new workarea-rspec gem for apps that upgrade to v3.

    ECOMMERCE-3846 Eric Pigeon

  • Look for content areas specific to contentable template

    ECOMMERCE-3612 Matt Duffy

  • Add new customers and signups graphs to user dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-3944 Ben Crouse

  • Fix storefront heading styles

    ECOMMERCE-3809 Curt Howard

  • Fix layout issues with discount sentence UI

    • Add .property--inline which hides layout-breaking elements.

    ECOMMERCE-3808 Curt Howard

  • Fix up alternative-image-buttons module for Product Details

    At some point the classes of the .product-details component were simplified. The JS module was never updated to match the changes to the class names.

    ECOMMERCE-3959 Curt Howard

  • Fix the z-index of tooltipster to sit underneath takeovers

    ECOMMERCE-3949 Curt Howard

  • Stop glyphs that sit below the baseline from being cut off

    A minor issue was seen on the Card UI where lowercase letters that dip below the baseline would have their tails cut off.

    ECOMMERCE-3924 Curt Howard

  • Key user analytics based on email

    This will allow us to track signup more easily

    ECOMMERCE-3944 Ben Crouse

  • Remove some user dashboards

    These are unhelpful with little or no value

    ECOMMERCE-3944 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up layout of property-toggle UI

    • Align checkboxes to left, before .property__name
    • Clean up a lot of confusing, unused classes from the view

    ECOMMERCE-3864 Curt Howard

  • Update decorator generator

    Now generates test decorator for test related to decorated file and supports decorating tests directly.

    ECOMMERCE-3212 Matt Duffy

  • Fix Edit Products link on product_bulk_updates#review view

    ECOMMERCE-3842 Curt Howard

  • Remove shipping dashboards

    These provide little to no value

    ECOMMERCE-3944 Ben Crouse

  • Add output of menus sorted by orders based on current order score

    ECOMMERCE-3948 Matt Duffy

  • Fix text capitalization on product_bulk_updates#new view

    ECOMMERCE-3838 Curt Howard

  • Clean up summary UI

    • Remove 'view' button
    • Persist summary name on hover

    ECOMMERCE-3834 Curt Howard

  • Redirect to help article on update

    ECOMMERCE-3940 Beresford, Jake

  • Exclude tiered shipping services when subtotal not in range

    ECOMMERCE-3444 Matt Duffy

  • Update product variants view

    • Split related into inventory and pricing columns
    • Remove delete text from button
    • Display price and available inventory

    ECOMMERCE-3953 Beresford, Jake

  • Move manage help assets into workflow bar

    ECOMMERCE-3941 Beresford, Jake

  • Add user insights

    Store user order data in analytics, and output this in the admin as part of insights.

    ECOMMERCE-3965 Ben Crouse

  • Update primary navigation UI

    • Move Add item button inline with navigation items
    • Move sort by orders out of workflow bar
    • Add draggable icon to each navigation item
    • Add preview of sort by order to tooltip
    • updates all dragable icons to grip icon, move to left side, and style.

    ECOMMERCE-3948 Beresford, Jake

  • Allow content blocks to be saved while preserving order

    ECOMMERCE-3732 Curt Howard

  • Add post filter to help query for proper filtering by category

    ECOMMERCE-3964 Matt Duffy

  • Show sell price of variant on product show card

    ECOMMERCE-3952 Matt Duffy

  • Fix issue with blank values in discount product_ids and category_ids

    ECOMMERCE-3929 Matt Duffy

  • Restore tests after confirming redirects work

    ECOMMERCE-3772 Ben Crouse

  • Update help article show view

    • Fix view heading class
    • Add padding to help articles
    • Update headings so they make sense

    ECOMMERCE-3942 Beresford, Jake

  • Fix custom 404 pages and navigation redirects

    This provides simpler management of these two scenarios, and aligns with how Rails suggests handling these if you want custom functionality.

    TODO tests that are skipped should be fixed once this is verified to work in a real environment.

    ECOMMERCE-3772 Ben Crouse

  • Fix bad path_helper

    change path helper to correct helper and change text to be more friendly

    ECOMMERCE-3931 Eric Pigeon

  • Updates markup for permissions view in admin

    • Use SVGs instead of icon font
    • Burn the table
    • Make checkboxes align
    • Reduce width

    ECOMMERCE-3938 Beresford, Jake

  • Add link to view selected release

    ECOMMERCE-3951 Matt Duffy

  • Clean all field type values from conditions that are not selected for a discount

    ECOMMERCE-3928 Matt Duffy

  • Remove vestigial exchange:false argument from number_to_currency

    We used to extend number_to_currency to make use of this argument, but that has long since been removed.

    ECOMMERCE-3960 Chris Cressman

  • Add markup for Google sitelinks searchbox

    ECOMMERCE-3943 Ben Crouse

  • Fix bugs and improve discount rules card display

    ECOMMERCE-3782 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up and improve search text based on resource type

    ECOMMERCE-3395 Ben Crouse

  • Move storefront search code with the rest of search

    ECOMMERCE-3914 Ben Crouse

  • Update Taxon UI based on feedback

    • Add logic and Correct link to navigation if taxon is present in_menu?
    • Reduce spacing in the head of the taxon list to match comps more closely
    • Add icons to taxon insert view
    • Make taxonomy insert workflow views full width
    • Add instructional text
    • Make things a little better on mobile
    • Add controls and logic to return to taxonomy root when inserting taxon in workflows
    • Add component for styling select boxes
    • Allow taxons to overflow scroll rather than wrap

    ECOMMERCE-3641 Beresford, Jake

  • Remove automatic navigation matching from storefront search

    Builds have been routinely customizing this out because it can redirect to the wrong category.

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Improve add to cart dialog management

    ECOMMERCE-3837 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up SKU/ID/name for pricing and inventory

    This clarifies language and makes it easier to learn and maintain. Requested by Chris Cressman

    ECOMMERCE-3912 Ben Crouse

  • Prevent save on order and shipping when pricing request is fresh

    Multiple attempts to run a pricing request without changes would still cause a save to order and shipping with the cloned attributes, which resulted in item pricing adjustments being cleared.

    ECOMMERCE-3900 Matt Duffy

  • User order ID for order identification, remove separate field for number

    This brings API consistency because this is how SKU and product IDs work. It also eliminates the confusion between order ID and number.

    ECOMMERCE-3851 Ben Crouse

  • Fix delete form for variants

    ECOMMERCE-3902 Matt Duffy

  • Fixes failing tests relating to content editing and bookmarks

    ECOMMERCE-3856 Beresford, Jake

  • Add suggestions to searches to improve dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Remove Sidekiq Unique Jobs middleware when using Sidekiq inline

    The middleware causes unexpected behavior with Sidekiq::Testing.inline! that results in workers not running properly

    ECOMMERCE-3904 Matt Duffy

  • Remove search click through tracking

    We can get better info from the new analytics engine

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Switch abandonment dashboard to abandonment rates

    And other search dashboard improvements.

    Rate is far better metric since the number of searches will always correlate with raw abandonment numbers.

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Style Shortcuts

    • repositions menu tooltip dropdowns to be left aligned
    • increases menu tooltip drop down widths
    • updates verbage for added short cut heading and add action link
    • replaces shortcuts header link with "link" icon
    • updates font treatments for menu__item headings and menu__item hover state


    Clean up scss and icons

    • leverage inline_svg helper for icons
    • use center() mixing for vertical centering of component elements

    ECOMMERCE-3855 Jordan Stewart

  • Extract product browse option functionality

    ECOMMERCE-3849 Matt Duffy

  • Styling for content Editor

    • Move delete and create preset actions to hover state actions
    • Move content editor controls into content editor, add preview button
    • Expose activate and deactivate actions in contentBlocks.js API
    • Add JS for canceling Edit mode
    • Add JS module to activate edit mode and scroll in to view on click
    • Styling for content editor chrome
    • Add teaspoon tests for new public API methods on content_blocks.js
    • Add teaspoon tests for content_block_editor_form_cancel.js

    ECOMMERCE-3856 Beresford, Jake

  • Add filter tracking to analytics

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Add important searches search dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Remove content search for plugin creation

    ECOMMERCE-3848 Matt Duffy

  • Add insights to search customizations

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Log search data with javascript instead of inline

    To prevent spam data

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Generate abandoned searches dashboard based on analytics

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Add missing content block icons

    ECOMMERCE-3881 Beresford, Jake

  • Track search abandonments

    This will become how we track search quality

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Switch to cross_fields searching

    Cross fields provides more intuitive management because of the way it combines field scores.

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Only set position of taxon from workflow if position is available

    ECOMMERCE-3822 Matt Duffy

  • Update taxon select UI for primary nav content editing

    • Update markup for taxon select
    • Add link icon for taxons
    • Update taxon icon helper with better API
    • Adjust styles for taxonomy content blocks
    • Updated styles of add item button
    • change last add item button in menu editor to '+' icon
    • Remove unnecessary TaxonViewModel

    ECOMMERCE-3880 Beresford, Jake

  • Update styles for upcoming changes view

    • Add helper to render changeset icon
    • Update layout and component styles
    • Add extra-large modifier to svg_icon component
    • Move changeset icons to config
    • Make release changesets and activity logs a bit smaller
    • Improve card display of changesets
    • Reduce size of icons and avatars in changeset and timeline views
    • move release changeset styles to class modifier
    • Update activity style_guide component

    ECOMMERCE-3867 Beresford, Jake

  • Use correct parent id when generating url for new taxon links

    ECOMMERCE-3879 Matt Duffy

  • Fix failing tests

    ECOMMERCE-3858 Beresford, Jake

  • Include product clicks scores in search ranking

    Products with higher clicks scores are more likely to be clicked.

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Remove personalized search results

    This was having no useful effect and sometimes detrimental ones, so better to remove this until we develop an algorithm that works.

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Remove learned keywords from search index

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Limit boosts to controlling text fields

    ECOMMERCE-3852 Ben Crouse

  • Remove also viewed as a recommendation source

    This was expensive to calculate and didn't return useful results for the amount of traffic our clients get.

    ECOMMERCE-3885 Ben Crouse

  • Change Fulfillment#ship_items

    Change method signature to accept an array of hashes so extra fields can be added to data hash without needing to decorate methods.

    ECOMMERCE-3564 Eric Pigeon

  • Add release selection to primary nav index page

    ECOMMERCE-3878 Matt Duffy

  • Upgrade to Elasticsearch 5

    Merge branch 'upgrade-elasticsearch-5-v3'

    Several things here:

    • Upgrade to ES5
    • Improve filter management
    • Test query results, not syntax
    • Align naming of facet vs filter

    ECOMMERCE-3850 Ben Crouse

  • Create Order Pricing Cache Key

    create a cache key for order pricing to avoid repricing an order when nothing has changed.

    ECOMMERCE-3744 Eric Pigeon

  • Rename Shipping Method to Shipping Service

    change nomenclature from shipping method to shipping service to better align with domain and prevent clashing with ruby's top level method class.

    ECOMMERCE-3844 Eric Pigeon

  • Replace Elasticsearch aggregations with Workarea::Analytics for catalog dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-3847 Matt Duffy

    • Update styles for comment cards, remove comments--narrow modifier in favor of contextual styles
    • Style comment form
    • Add view heading to comment edit view
    • Remove relic comment show view and comment summary partial
    • address rubocop failures in comments controller

    ECOMMERCE-3737 Beresford, Jake

  • Update styling of admin dashboards

    • Implement dashboard navigation for all dashboards
    • Create dashboard actions
    • Remove dashboard__info
    • Move ledgends below charts
    • Replace .dashboard__grid with .grid
    • Update dashboards in styleguides
    • Remove icons from dashboard headings to reduce visual clutter
    • Use %h3 for dashbaord headings for better semantics and less CSS

    ECOMMERCE-3700 Beresford, Jake

  • Refactor summary__info styles

    ECOMMERCE-3798 Beresford, Jake

  • Add settings_access attribute for users to match admin sections

    ECOMMERCE-3877 Matt Duffy

  • Correct generation of image url for logo in the admin email layout

    This fixes an issue where the image was broken in mailer previews

    ECOMMERCE-3491 Matt Duffy

  • Bump jquery-rails to 4.2.2 for jquery 1.12.4

    ECOMMERCE-3443 Matt Duffy

  • Add creation workflow for pricing discounts

    ECOMMERCE-3800 Matt Duffy

  • Fix issues with admin localization, correct header display issue

    ECOMMERCE-3810 Matt Duffy

  • Create draft on render of content edit with new block to use as preview

    With content presets using the same mechanism as normal new blocks, the initial preview was showing the block type default data over the custom values copied from the preset. By creating a draft and using that as the initial preview, it ensures the block always reflexs the data presented in the form.

    ECOMMERCE-3667 Matt Duffy

  • Update timeline admin functionality

    • Add date marker component
    • Added styleguide component for date marker
    • Update markup for timeline view
    • Add release timeline icon
    • Update classes & structure for all activity partials
    • Added activity_group component to reduce the number of places modifiers have to be added
    • Group activity by day
    • Use activity-group to create visual spearation between days
    • Add contextual styling for timeline card
    • Updated activities helper to show release name if appropriate
    • Unscheduled releases display at the top

    ECOMMERCE-3652 Beresford, Jake

  • Render placeholder taxons as plain text for left navigation

    ECOMMERCE-3795 Matt Duffy

  • Initial commit of WCAG compliance

    ECOMMERCE-3859 Dave Barnow

  • Improve analytics

    1. track units sold, revenue, orders
    2. show insights in admin
    3. add top and trending products dashboards

    ECOMMERCE-3861 Ben Crouse

  • Change admin exports to open file once

    The old admin export code was opening the csv for every line it was writing. The current api changes generate to take a csv handle so exports can loop and write with only opening the file once.

    ECOMMERCE-3799 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix font family issue

    ECOMMERCE-3641 Beresford, Jake

  • Style taxonomy UI

    • Update styles for menu editor to match designs
    • Add SVGs for home, view, and pages
    • Wrap taxons in TaxonViewModel
    • Insert a new taxon in a specific position within the navigation
    • Add between functionality works with re-ordering of taxons
    • Added styles and adjusted markup for taxonomy insert step in workflows
    • Added updateParam method to WORKAREA.url API
    • Use url.js to update button hrefs on re-order
    • Keep a text button at the bottom of menu-editor menus for testing and ensuring the admin UI is easy to use

    ECOMMERCE-3641 Beresford, Jake

  • Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into feature/ECOMMERCE-3651-style-admin-primary-navigation Curt Howard

  • Update style of Admin primary navigation

    ECOMMERCE-3651 Beresford, Jake

  • Update inventory and pricing show cards.

    • Remove unrelated cards
    • Add button links for view product, edit pricing and edit inventory to top right

    ECOMMERCE-3768 Beresford, Jake

  • Change checkout controller modules to classes

    Change checkout modules to classes to allow for decoration in v3.

    ECOMMERCE-3788 Eric Pigeon

  • Create mobile nav UI

    ECOMMERCE-3724 Curt Howard

  • Move middleware to app/middleware

    Move middleware to a more conventional location.

    ECOMMERCE-3790 Eric Pigeon

  • Generate ProductPlaceholderImage from autoload path if none exists

    ECOMMERCE-3801 Matt Duffy

  • Make number of term filter values configurable

    ECOMMERCE-3787 Matt Duffy

  • Track smart navigation stats in analytics module

    Take advantage of the analytics storage engine for improving smart navigation dashboard and sorting functionality.

    ECOMMERCE-3814 Ben Crouse

  • Move find_ordered to a Mongo extension so any model can use it

    ECOMMERCE-3813 Ben Crouse

  • Don't render link in navigation block if taxon is a placeholder

    ECOMMERCE-3795 Ben Crouse

  • Fix moving a new taxon between others in creation flows

    ECOMMERCE-3793 Ben Crouse

  • Fix content preset deletion behavior

    ECOMMERCE-3789 Matt Duffy

  • Add tooltip to prompt for custom content preset name upon creation

    ECOMMERCE-3789 Matt Duffy

  • Improve taxonomy management buttons

    ECOMMERCE-3794 Ben Crouse

  • Remove cart drawer

    Fixes jumbled UI and gives builds more options for the cart interaction

    ECOMMERCE-3791 Ben Crouse

  • Add blocks list to content cards

    ECOMMERCE-3746 Ben Crouse

  • Adjust styling for Summary UI

    • Remove animations. Sorry Jake
    • Show summary__type only when within view--mixed-results
    • Reduce opacity for summary__images

    ECOMMERCE-3778 Curt Howard

  • Rework search queries for storefront index to eliminate use of refinements

    ECOMMERCE-3736 Matt Duffy

  • Convert strings to use locales

    ECOMMERCE-3714 Samantha Campo

  • Clean up show & edit views

    • restore left header section for wrokflow navigation only
    • update all views headers to normalized pattern
    • Adds card--button modifier and associated styles
    • Updated some 'back' link styles for visual consistency
    • Fixed bulk edit product system text following changes on another ticket


    Update test for show/edit pages

    ECOMMERCE-3723 Beresford, Jake

  • Restyle Content Editing

    ECOMMERCE-3657 Curt Howard

  • Improve navigation redirect matching

    ECOMMERCE-3772 Ben Crouse

  • Update style for help sections

    • update styles for top category result blocks atop index page
    • removes error where pagination was displayed with each article result on index page
    • restricts page width on help#takeover, #index and #show

    ECOMMERCE-3674 Jordan Stewart

  • Add order admin improvements

    Add full attributes view, remove pricing, improve items.

    ECOMMERCE-3783 Ben Crouse

  • Add discount rules summary to card

    Shows a summary of field names and values

    ECOMMERCE-3782 Ben Crouse

  • Improve release index, add creation flow

    This improves usability of the releases index to create release.

    ECOMMERCE-3780 Ben Crouse

  • Create FulfillmentItemViewModel

    OrderItemViewModel.copy_with_new_attributes wrapped an order item that didn't have the model relation set. Refactor the view models to use a new view model for displaying fulfilled order items.

    ECOMMERCE-3568 Eric Pigeon

  • Use countries gem for country/region data

    This improve out-of-the-box country info and makes management a whole lot easier since this is a config now.

    ECOMMERCE-3779 Ben Crouse

  • Enforce an order when 2 discounts have the same class

    Ordering of discounts has been guaranteed by class but by discounts inside the same class. Define a guaranteed order discounts so functionality is predictable.

    ECOMMERCE-3688 Eric Pigeon

  • Simplify address validation and use in checkout

    Because we no longer have shipping estimation, address validation and the use of address validation can be simplified greatly.

    ECOMMERCE-3775 Ben Crouse

  • Style show cards

    • Remove inline styles from icon SVGs to preserve fill styles.
    • Updated all card colors
    • Update generic .card styles
    • Change width of view__container to match designs
    • Adjust some card contents to match designs and UI
    • Update activity markup to allow for 2 layouts depending on where the view is rendered.
    • Updates comment layout for card display, adding modifiers to preserve layout in other parts of the app
    • Add missing block-level markup for activities
    • Improve layout of fulfillment card contents by adjusting markup
    • Update card in style_guide
    • Add styles for card__product
    • Output rules in category rules card, rather than products

    ECOMMERCE-3658 Beresford, Jake

  • Stlying for bulk edit flow.

    • Re-add missing workflow bar
    • Adjust markup of product summary to avoid nesting a checkbox within a link
    • Implement styles for product summary radio button/checkbox things
    • Update content and layout of bulk editing workflow bar
    • Styles & markup for bulk editing screens

    ECOMMERCE-3653 Beresford, Jake

Workarea 2.3.4 (2016-12-06)

Workarea 2.3.4 (2016-12-06)

Workarea 2.3.4 (2016-12-06)

  • Fix showing navigation link release changes in activity

    ECOMMERCE-3522 Ben Crouse

  • Add append points to all email templates and to account order summary and show views.

    ECOMMERCE-3579 Beresford, Jake

  • Merge branch 'bugfix/ECOMMERCE-3525-use-bronkerbosch-algorithm' into v2-wip Ben Crouse

  • Return full discount set when graph is complete

    When the graph of discounts is a complete graph; ie every discount is compatible with every other discount, the bron-kerbosch algorithm with pivoting returns no results. Detect if the graph is complete and return the full set.

    ECOMMERCE-3525 Eric Pigeon

  • Include Workareat::Testing when running override generator

    explcitly requiring the testing gem in the generator allows developers to override assets used to configure the testing environments.

    ECOMMERCE-3381 Matt Duffy

  • Force plugins to announce version in ping to home base.

    A large percentage of plugins are not requiring the version file. This means pings to homebase are not being recorded. This change requires the plugin version file from workarea core.

    Also patched the plugin template so that future plugins will not have this issue.

    ECOMMERCE-3552 Beresford, Jake

  • Writes test for form submitting controls. Adds js config variables for form control time delays. ECOMMERCE-2603 Lucas Boyd

  • Flush synced before updating search index settings

    This should help with indexing downtime due to synonym changes:

    ECOMMERCE-3517 Ben Crouse

  • Adjusts admin colors to be WCAG complaint

    ECOMMERCE-3314 Dave Barnow

  • Improve styles for activities#show

    ECOMMERCE-3312 Curt Howard

  • Move page messages below admin search

    On smaller screens the .page-messages component will overlay the admin search box, and will remain for a frustrating amount of time. Moving it below the admin header alleviates this frustration.

    ECOMMERCE-3526 Curt Howard

  • Use Bron-Kerbosch Algorithm for calculating application groups

    Bron-Kerbosch algorithm is an algorithm for calculating maximal cliques in an undirected graph, which is the same problem as calculating discount application groups.

    ECOMMERCE-3525 Eric Pigeon

  • Update help text for URL Redirects

    The previous notes in the admin for the To and From URL Redirect form were misleading.

    ECOMMERCE-2800 Curt Howard

  • Only calculate combination sizes that can possible exists

    combination sizes are only possible when a discount has that many compatible_ids set.

    ECOMMERCE-3503 Eric Pigeon

Workarea 2.3.3 (2016-11-08)

Workarea 2.3.3 (2016-11-08)

Workarea 2.3.3 (2016-11-08)

Workarea 2.3.3 (2016-11-08)

  • Ensure callbacks get called on module re-init

    .addBack() the [data-analytics] selector so that analytics events are triggered on the response of an ajax request in the storefront.

    This ensures that customized apps that make use of AJAX requests on their product details pages report a SKU change, encapsulated within a productQuickView event.

    ECOMMERCE-3438 Curt Howard

  • Fix image path in Store Front email layout

    Logo in Store Front emails is broken in development environment when using Rails server (and potentially other environments/situations).

    Use more robust method to construct the image path.

    ECOMMERCE-3456 Chris Cressman

  • Allow shipping method rate tiers to be set blank for open-ended price ranges

    ECOMMERCE-3397 Matt Duffy

Workarea 2.3.2 (2016-10-25)

  • Remove duplicate ui_widget_overlay import

    • Remove duplicate ui_widget_overlay import from storefront application.scss.erb manifest.

    ECOMMERCE-3365 Curt Howard

  • Fix Reset Results route on payment_transactions#index

    • Change Reset Results route from content_assets_path to payment_transactions_path

    ECOMMERCE-2719 Curt Howard

  • Fix hidden discount compatibility

    Discount application grouping was not correctly grouping discounts. It was allowed two incompatible discounts into a group if they were both set compatible from a third as well as being compatible with a fourth.

    ECOMMERCE-3386 Ben Crouse

  • Fix typo in navigation link destroy activity partial

    ECOMMERCE-3375 Matt Duffy

  • Correct path of javascript module generated with js_module_generator

    ECOMMERCE-3369 Matt Duffy

  • Use path route helper in StyleGuidesHelper

    • Remove excessive poltergeist timeout

    ECOMMERCE-3371 Curt Howard

  • Prevent impersonated user orders from becoming an admins order on session timeout

    ECOMMERCE-3323 Matt Duffy

  • Fix link name persisting in failed link creation

    ECOMMERCE-1526 Ben Crouse

  • Add append point for checkout confirmation page

    This is needed by workarea-listrak (and probably other plugins) to cleanly insert our <script> tag into the order confirmation page.

    ECOMMERCE-3366 Tom Scott

Workarea 2.3.1 (2016-10-11)

  • Fix broken email template footer links

    ECOMMERCE-3256 Darielle Davis

  • Add Workarea.config.domain to default_url_options

    Fixes situations where internal IP addresses are used as hosts when Rails doesn't have a host to use.

    ECOMMERCE-3328 Ben Crouse

Workarea 2.3.0 (2016-10-07)

  • Add monitoring endpoint for load balancing

    Checks whether this particular server should be included in load balancing.

    ECOMMERCE-3138 Ben Crouse

  • Prevent duplicate audit log entries for embedded documents in a release

    ECOMMERCE-3318 Matt Duffy

  • Add 404 page to sample data

    ECOMMERCE-3325 Ben Crouse

  • Fix issues with content block changes showing for content activity

    ECOMMERCE-3318 Matt Duffy

  • Add inline-help to tax_categories#new view

    ECOMMERCE-3285 Curt Howard

  • Fix alertification notification persistence

    ECOMMERCE-3311 Curt Howard

  • Fix bottom-center position on hero content block

    ECOMMERCE-3317 Curt Howard

  • Add unique tax codes to tax category factory

    ECOMMERCE-3161 Ben Crouse

  • Fix action-text modifier for hero-type content blocks

    The hero-type content block scss files were referencing the wrong element modifier. Update the hero-type content block scss & style guides.

    ECOMMERCE-3316 Curt Howard

  • Add ability to customize hero banner alt text

    Our offering for the 'hero banner' content block type didn't have any way of updating the alt text attribute for the image selected - it was alawys and empty string.

    Alt text is important for SEO and accesibility reasons, there for it should be open for customization in the admin to reflect better information for it corresponding image.

    We now provide the ability for admin to update hero banner content blocks alt-text; this input is intended to be optional.

    • adds alt text input field on hero content block in admin
    • adds output of alt text on hero content block storefront (copy of banner content block implementation)

    ECOMMERCE-3315 Jordan Stewart

  • Use dragonfly secret from Rails secrets if present

    This will make environment transfers of assets easier. Try to use Rails.application.secrets.dragonfly_secret if present. Fallback to Rails.application.secrets.secret_key_base which is what we're currently doing.

    ECOMMERCE-3296 Ben Crouse

Workarea 2.3.0.beta.1 (2016-10-05)

  • Update help articles

    New articles:

    • Pricing and Tax
    • Import Tax Rates
    • Orders

    Updated articles:

    • SEO
    • Notifications

    You can get the new articles by running rake workarea:upgrade_help

    ECOMMERCE-3009 Ben Crouse

  • Use item quantity in percentage-based discount calculation

    ECOMMERCE-3174 Matt Duffy

  • Add minimum length to account edit password field

    ECOMMERCE-3228 Ben Crouse

  • Add rake task to dump help

    Dumps help articles to data/help in a format that can be consumed by the help sample data creator.

    ECOMMERCE-3293 Ben Crouse

  • Fix missing search click throughs

    ECOMMERCE-3292 Ben Crouse

  • Check checkout purchasability during place order

    ECOMMERCE-3028 Matt Duffy

  • Add compatibility with PhantomJS >= 2

    Poltergeist must be bumped for compatibility with the newer version of PhantomJS.

    PhantomJS has added an in-memory page cache, so we must clear this before tests. When testing the same page, a manual cache expiration is necessary.

    All tests still pass on PhantomJS < 2, you just get a warning to upgrade PhantomJS.

    ECOMMERCE-3288 Ben Crouse

  • Only fire validation analytics if module exists

    ECOMMERCE-3220 Ben Crouse

  • Add analytics events for flash messages and validation errors

    ECOMMERCE-3220 Ben Crouse

  • Add rake task for help upgrading

    Add a rake task to add and index only help articles that aren't already in the database.

    ECOMMERCE-3286 Ben Crouse

  • Update tax code field and fix admin indexing on product bulk update

    ECOMMERCE-3072 Matt Duffy

  • Allow to use of .include over .prepend to add module decorators to subclasses

    ECOMMERCE-3214 Matt Duffy

  • Move developer toolbar into middleware without persistence

    ECOMMERCE-3271 Ben Crouse

  • Add 'Not Specified' as option for shipping method country selection

    ECOMMERCE-2038 Matt Duffy

  • Filter address region select by selected country

    ECOMMERCE-3267 Matt Duffy

  • Use text box for pricing sku tax code selection

    ECOMMERCE-3276 fixes: ECOMMERCE-3277 Matt Duffy

  • Sort search product suggestions to match search customizations

    ECOMMERCE-3265 Ben Crouse

  • Rename "Open" By status link in admin navigation to "Placed" for clarity

    ECOMMERCE-3219 Matt Duffy

  • Fix style guide button spacing for dev toolbar

    ECOMMERCE-3141 Ben Crouse

  • Stylize developer toolbar

    ECOMMERCE-3141 Matt Duffy

  • Use config for scrollToButton's animation speed

    ECOMMERCE-3261 Curt Howard

  • Add indexes to help performance

    Reported by Jason when working on CSC performance

    ECOMMERCE-3224 Ben Crouse

  • Improve Customized Sort Search Results UI

    Previously we had two instances of jQuery UI sortable interacting with one another, which technically worked, but allowed both areas to be sorted. The problem was only one of the areas saved the sort.

    By switching the other area to a draggable instance we are able to have a more desireable interaction.

    ECOMMERCE-3065 Curt Howard

  • Use config value in content preview live update

    Swap hard-coded js integer with the max url length config value set by the application.

    ECOMMERCE-3010 Kristen Ward

  • Update js config for erb compatibility

    Escape non-erb js parser values in config

    ECOMMERCE-3010 Kristen Ward

  • Add .erb extension to js config files

    Use git mv to keep history

    ECOMMERCE-3010 Kristen Ward

  • Add underscore to index name for locales

    Elasticsearch requires that the name of each index consists of lowercase letters and underscores. The use of locales in the index name such as en-US breaks this requirement.

    ECOMMERCE-3222 Sean Fenton

  • Allow proper switching between content and product search results

    ECOMMERCE-3205 Matt Duffy

  • Fix decorating test files with multiple test classes

    This is a common Minitest pattern, so our decoration should allow for it.

    ECOMMERCE-3211 Ben Crouse

  • Add primary nav analytics events

    Using the primary navigation will now fire analytics events, with a payload that contains link name, link depth, and the resulting url.

    ECOMMERCE-3135 Curt Howard

  • Add toolbar to storefront to provide developers with useful information

    ECOMMERCE-3141 Matt Duffy

  • Add filtering for admin navigation redirects

    Mongo indexes on Workarea::Navigation::Redirecti were added in order to support this feature. Existing builds will be required to run rake db:mongoid:create_indexes in order to maintain performance.

    ECOMMERCE-3160 Matt Duffy

  • Add hide/show password toggle to password fields

    In lieu of a password confirmation field, we now offer a hide/show password toggle.

    ECOMMERCE-3157 Curt Howard

  • Update tax rate and category validations

    ECOMMERCE-3161 Matt Duffy

  • Allow changes to new content block made from a preset to persist correctly

    ECOMMERCE-3171 Matt Duffy

  • Fix allowing invalid shipping method on place order

    It's possible get a shipping method and price at one price tier, leave checkout, change order contents, manually enter the payment URL, click place order, and receive incorrect shipping method and/or price for that method because shipping methods aren't being validated.

    ECOMMERCE-3201 Ben Crouse

  • Regenerate storefront icon fonts

    At some point the icons.json file stopped importing nicely with This manifest has been regenerated based on the default icomoon free fontset and imports much better.

    ECOMMERCE-2768 Curt Howard

  • Ensure alertifications to not appear off-screen

    Give the alertification tooltip a max-height to ensure it always appears below the trigger element, and not above and off page.

    ECOMMERCE-3134 Curt Howard

  • Remove unnecessary price adjustment deletion in discounting

    Remove superfluous calls to delete these in the database, price adjustment manipulation should be handled in memory.

    ECOMMERCE-3184 Ben Crouse

  • Fix N+1 percolator queries for order analytics

    Using the product view model causes an Elasticsearch percolator query per-item whenever order item analytics are rendered.

    Switching to Mongoid to look up categories based on the IDs saved on the Order::Item is much more performant.

    ECOMMERCE-3179 Ben Crouse

  • Update admin area button ID for multiple areas.

    • Add spec test for multiple content areas in admin.
    • Concat dynamic string to ID for button

    ECOMMERCE-3076 F.M. Bonnevier

  • Add endpoints for application health monitoring

    ECOMMERCE-3138 Matt Duffy

  • Add product-list__inventory-status element class

    The inventory status was being output in a naked paragraph tag.

    ECOMMERCE-2977 Curt Howard

  • Permanently delete orders in the clean orders worker

    Mongoid::Paranoia is preventing these from actually being deleted in the DB, which can cause performance drags on other Order queries.

    ECOMMERCE-3173 Ben Crouse

  • Add Rails logging for host enforcement

    Makes for easier debugging

    ECOMMERCE-3169 Ben Crouse

  • Show worst performing searches in search customizations admin

    Showing these on search customizations gives admins a starting place for searches for which they should try to improve results.

    ECOMMERCE-3168 Ben Crouse

  • Escape product IDs when clearing from search index

    Escaping this is a slight behavior change (people may be inadvertently depending on this behavior) but this fixes a hard-to-track-down bug.

    ECOMMERCE-3167 Ben Crouse

  • Add clickable link by slugs on edit pages in admin

    ECOMMERCE-3166 Ben Crouse

  • Reduce audit log expiry to 3 months

    We end up with some very large audit log collections, let's reduce this to trim them down.

    ECOMMERCE-3165 Ben Crouse

  • Simplify creation of content presets

    ECOMMERCE-3136 Matt Duffy

  • Correctly display release changes for multi-column content blocks

    ECOMMERCE-3062 Matt Duffy

  • Allow admin user to see where a navigation link currently points to.

    When an admin user tries to edit a navigation link in the admin, there is no way for them to see where the link currently points to. This alleviates that problem to make it easier on the admin.

    ECOMMERCE-3149 Joe Giambrone

  • Add minitest support

    This functionality gives several big wins:

    • Automatic test suite upgrading
    • Decoratable tests

    All tests will be moved to Minitest for v3.0, this converts a handful to serve as a preview for what's to come. This also gives curious developers something to get their feet wet.

    Mild gotcha to use this functionality: to correctly set Rails.env when running rake workarea:test, workarea must be required before Bundler.require in config/application.rb. We make use of the same hack Rails does to make this possible. Currently, the app generator places workarea requires after Bundler.require, but this will change in v3.0.

    ECOMMERCE-3137 Ben Crouse

  • Show embedded model activity for a root model

    For instance, show product image activity when viewing activity for the product.

    ECOMMERCE-3112 Ben Crouse

  • Fix promo code lists showing in notifications

    They are accidentally being included and outputting incorrectly.

    ECOMMERCE-3114 Ben Crouse

  • Add sorting discounts by redemptions

    This new feature will require re-indexing discounts to take effect.

    ECOMMERCE-3140 Ben Crouse

  • Anchor regular expression queries

    remove invalid mogno index - mongodb only allows one array field in an index left achor regular expression queries - when a case senstive regular expression starts with a left achor, mongodb can effeciently use an index to perform the query

    ECOMMERCE-3152 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix shipping index for looking up by number

    ECOMMERCE-3150 Ben Crouse

  • Avoid generating overrides for files containing the specific file name

    ECOMMERCE-3143 Matt Duffy

  • Use shipping method value to populate tax_code field on edit

    ECOMMERCE-3145 Matt Duffy

  • Fix ContentSearchViewModel spec

    ECOMMERCE-3081 Matt Duffy

  • Fix forging host on browse page links

    This is a side-effect of passing params through to the link_to helper

    ECOMMERCE-3142 Ben Crouse

  • Allow date-range-picker UI to be right-aligned

    ECOMMERCE-3113 Curt Howard

  • Simplify SEO automation and move to background process

    ECOMMERCE-3108 Matt Duffy

  • Convert region field to text box for countries without regions

    ECOMMERCE-3091 Matt Duffy

  • Add indexes on audit log for admin notifications

    Fixes significant performance problems when loading admin pages with lots of activity.

    ECOMMERCE-3132 Eric Pigeon

  • Embed tax imports into tax category

    ECOMMERCE-3084 Matt Duffy

  • Allow creation of just a content preset.

    ECOMMERCE-3090 Matt Duffy

  • Copy all file types of matching paths when using the override generator

    ECOMMERCE-3022 Matt Duffy

  • Update Canadian postal code regex in sample data to allow lowercase

    ECOMMERCE-3101 Matt Duffy

  • Fix navigation link activity with releases

    ECOMMERCE-3054 Ben Crouse

  • Add release tracking to audit log entries to display in activity

    ECOMMERCE-3054 Ben Crouse

  • Add rake task for creating orphaned content

    Cotnent that is associated with a contentable that was never persisted to the database causes content search to break.

    ECOMMERCE-3104 Eric Pigeon

  • Add product image support to activity

    Tracking embedded documents in activity required work on the audit log gem. This bumps the dependency on that gem to take advantage.

    ECOMMERCE-3054 Ben Crouse

  • Update Tax Category and Rates workflow

    ECOMMERCE-3084 Matt Duffy

  • Outdent storefront.secondary_payment append point

    The storefront.secondary_payment append point, on checkouts#payment, was indented, causing invalid nesting of .checkout-payment__secondary-method elements.

    Outdenting this append point fixes the issue.

    ECOMMERCE-3077 Curt Howard

  • Search Customization Content creates orphaned content

    view a search results page was creating orphaned cotnent for null objected search customizations. add a guard statement to prevent creating content

    ECOMMERCE-3083 Eric Pigeon

  • Allow the content editing drawer to reopen

    Provide a $source value to WORKAREA.drawer.closeCurrentDrawer so that a user may change their mind when choosing a content block to administrate.

    ECOMMERCE-3070 Curt Howard

  • Allow content blocks to be reused as presets

    ECOMMERCE-3047 Matt Duffy

  • Only use existing fulfillment admin ES order status

    When determining order status for admin ES index, it should only look at the fulfillment if it actually exists. Otherwise when SIs decorate a fulfillment without items to have a different status than :open, the order might be indexed with the wrong status.

    ECOMMERCE-3063 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix Continue Shopping button on empty cart

    Change the :back action to root_url.

    ECOMMERCE-3033 Curt Howard

  • Add tax category and rate to activity

    ECOMMERCE-3053 Ben Crouse

  • Quiet the audit log in Sidekiq

    Better to have this off by default as a way to avoid noise in the audit log. It can still be turned on manually.

    ECOMMERCE-3053 Ben Crouse

  • Fix activity count on main dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-3050 Ben Crouse

  • Correct tax import behavior

    Ensure that tax imports update existing rates if possible, and make charge on shipping field case insensitive.

    ECOMMERCE-3059 fixes: ECOMMERCE-3060 Matt Duffy

  • Add admin tax category management

    ECOMMERCE-3030 Matt Duffy

  • Round calculated sales scores to two decimal places smart navigation dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-3052 Matt Duffy

  • Rename recent-views-heading CSS element

    recent-views-heading class should be recent-views__heading

    ECOMMERCE-2974 Curt Howard

  • Increse width of popup button window

    Some of the social networks we support on the PDP have increase the width of their share pages. Update the default width value for WORKAREA.config.popupButtons.width

    ECOMMERCE-2766 Curt Howard

  • Support decorators in any directory with .decorate extension

    This makes it easier to see customizations in an app without having to jump around different directories. This will be the only way to decorate with the release of v3.0.

    For example, if you want to decorate Workarea::Catalog::Product, you would create a file at #{Rails.root}/app/models/workarea/catalog/product.decorate with the contents: module Workarea decorate Catalog::Product do # my decorations end end

    *.decorator files are just Ruby, and editors will need to be updated to use Ruby settings on these files. *.decorator files are loaded after decorators in app/decorators.

    ECOMMERCE-3044 Ben Crouse

  • SEO automation

    Provide smart default values for page title and description for home page, pages, categories, and products when user defined values are not present.

    ECOMMERCE-3000 Matt Duffy

  • Handle missing navigation links related to smart nav aggregation

    ECOMMERCE-3042 Matt Duffy

  • Add 'Search Settings' guide

    ECOMMERCE-2930 Chris Cressman

  • Add 'Search Customizations' guide

    ECOMMERCE-2890 Chris Cressman

  • Remove extraneous queries when calculating primary nav for a product

    No need for the extra queries or logic which is providing trivial value.

    ECOMMERCE-3023 Ben Crouse

  • Add two & three column Hero content blocks

    Two and three column, hero-based content blocks are now available as part of the Admin's default content block offering.

    • Add jQuery Accordion to the admin, used in the Content Block Edit dialog to help consolidate large forms.
    • Simplify Hero Content Block positioning CSS. Though technically breaking, this is a refactor and the optimized code does not necessarily to be taken during an upgrade.
    • Removes background image requirement for all hero-type content blocks

    ECOMMERCE-2990 Curt Howard

  • Fix pagination.js page-footer bug

    This bug occurs intermittantly on builds. The issue manifests itself as a floating .page-footer component that appears in the middle of a set of paginated results.

    This occurs because, on unload of a page that contains pagination, the view's height is being cached in window.history.state to be recalled when a user navigates back to the page. This is done to preserve their spot on the page when the brower's back functionality is triggered.

    The solution is to ensure that the view's height is cleared after 750ms, in the same way we handle page scrolling aspect of the module. This way the static height is always removed.

    ECOMMERCE-3027 Curt Howard

  • Fix "A copy of xxx has been removed from the module tree but is still active"

    Patch to Wisper that I am 99% sure fixes the issue

    ECOMMERCE-3020 Jesse McPherson

  • Avoid elasticsearch deprecation warnings

    Elasticsearch (the gem) version 2.0 was released on July 20. The release includes deprecation warnings for methods not compatible with version 2 of Elasticsearch (the database).

    Since Workarea applications use Elasticsearch (the database) version 1.x, these warnings are irrelevant and a nuisance. We don't depend on elasticsearch explicitly, but we do depend on elasticsearch-persistence which optimistically depends on elasticsearch > 0.4, resulting in Bundler resolving to elasticsearch 2.0.

    Explicitly constrain elasticsearch to < 2.0 to avoid these warnings.

    ECOMMERCE-3021 Chris Cressman

  • Clean summary dashboard for 1 column display

    ECOMMERCE-3002 Ben Crouse

  • Align search customization custom sort ui with category preview ui

    ECOMMERCE-3001 Matt Duffy

  • Add activity to dashboard

    This increases visibility of the activity stream in the admin.

    ECOMMERCE-3002 Ben Crouse

  • Increase click area when adding/removing manual products to a category

    This commit allows a user to click the entire product summary component, instead of just the nested checkbox, when adding/removing manual products to a category.

    ECOMMERCE-2989 Curt Howard

  • Validate operator and field for category rules

    ECOMMERCE-2914 Matt Duffy

  • Search Quality Report

    ECOMMERCE-2941 Matt Duffy

  • Reduce asset thumbnail load time preventing timeouts

    Currently our calls to asset thumbnails call the optim process, and then another process which itself calls the optim process.

    Call the correct image processor directly, rather than doubling up processor calls. This allows for efficient retrieval of the correct processed job and ensures caching.

    ECOMMERCE-2428 Kristen Ward

  • Add title attribute to asset thumbnails

    Since name is truncated, add full asset name as title

    ECOMMERCE-2942 Kristen Ward

  • Fix dev-only issue when adding products to the cart

    An issue was reported that an Uncaught TypeError appears, in development, when a user is adding a product to the cart. This seems to only occur when an SI is jumping around to many branches during a project's development. Sometimes the product data changes on them, causing them to have to reseed. This error then acts as a false-flag, as they assume there is something wrong with the drawer and not the cart, where the real problem lies.

    The fix simply ensures that a passed argument is a jQuery Collection before trying to treat it as such.

    ECOMMERCE-2972 Curt Howard

  • Skip processing for admin images that are SVG

    ECOMMERCE-2927 Matt Duffy

  • Add activity stream to admin

    This includes avatars for admin users. This gives more awareness to what's going on in the admin and can even allow for debugging by SI teams.

    ECOMMERCE-2943 Curt Howard

  • Rearrange sample data loading to ensure content blocks have data

    ECOMMERCE-2961 Matt Duffy

  • Expand character set for word separation in content block extraction

    ECOMMERCE-2928 Matt Duffy

  • Fix issue with notification generation for discount autodeactivation

    ECOMMERCE-2923 Matt Duffy

  • Truncate asset names to fit with ellipses

    Text is overflowing its box. Add overflow hidden and ellipses.

    ECOMMERCE-2942 Kristen Ward

  • Don't enforce domains when request is from load balancer

    Seeing the 301 causes the ELB to take app servers out of rotation, which brings all app servers down.

    ECOMMERCE-2970 Ben Crouse

  • Fix not showing release validation errors when updating

    ECOMMERCE-2921 Ben Crouse

  • Add Tax rate importing

    ECOMMERCE-2940 Matt Duffy

  • Make completed order cookie expiration configurable

    Allow SIs to change this value in their projects, so that working with the order confirmation page is easier during development.

    ECOMMERCE-2666 Kristen Ward

  • Show correct browse option image on browse and pdp

    Generic products set to browse by option are not displaying the correct option due to discrepencies in case and option name.

    Check for options[:option] first, as browse by option images will have this value in summaries. Fall back to browse option name, such as 'color', which is used by PDP. Prefer option so that correct image will still display when multiple filters are applied.

    ECOMMERCE-2593 Kristen Ward

  • Document decorator generator

    ECOMMERCE-2471 Chris Cressman

  • Change fulfillment to publish cancelations responsibly

    calling Fulfillment#cancel_items would publish workarea_items_canceled with impunity. Passing any empty enumerable would cause an event to be published even though no items were canelled. Passing item ids not present in the order would still publish cancelation events. Change fulfillment to only publish when items are actually canceled and only the items that were canceled.

    ECOMMERCE-2966 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix improper use of link_to in status report mailer

    link_to doesn't make sense in a plain text email remove it

    ECOMMERCE-2955 Eric Pigeon

  • Use proxies from environment variables for Geocoder

    ECOMMERCE-2948 Ben Crouse

  • Fix help sample data by moving help docs into core

    This will allow them to be referenced in sample data when gems are published/distributed.

    ECOMMERCE-2939 Ben Crouse

  • Include version number in rails new examples

    To create a Workarea v2 app, you must use the Rails 4 executable. Update examples in guides to specifiy that version.

    ECOMMERCE-2803 Chris Cressman

Workarea 2.2.0 (2016-07-01)

  • Add help articles for release

    ECOMMERCE-2845 Ben Crouse

  • Redirect to cart when adding a promo code from the summary

    ECOMMERCE-2462 Ben Crouse

  • Remove content from search index on deletion

    ECOMMERCE-2920 Matt Duffy

  • Fix back button display and class names on mobile menus

    Back button is showing inconsistently in the mobile navigation menu, and menu class modifier is always 1 rather than the current menu depth.

    Fix logic flow for keeping menu depth accurate, and add correct class.

    Update mobile nav spec to test that back button works properly

    ECOMMERCE-2628 Kristen Ward

  • Overhaul page-content component

    .page-content was originally written to work relatively automagically. This caused a lot of confusion in the code and disallowed implementers the ability to customize without totally overhauling this component at the project level.

    This was solved by simplifying the component and rewriting it to follow the path a developer would take to customize. This means that the layout of this component is now dependant on the classes applied to the application or checkout layout file, which is a more natural flow for developers.

    Another big upshot of this work is that we are able to conditionally show the page's aside depending on what layout it's part of. Now, during checkout by default, the order totals table is available for mobile.

    ECOMMERCE-2753 Curt Howard

  • Add empty content block message to content editing UI

    ECOMMERCE-2870 Curt Howard

  • Fix discounts created in the TTL period getting auto-deactivated

    ECOMMERCE-2915 Ben Crouse

  • Remove one-off bulk-import help page in favor of article

    ECOMMERCE-2902 Curt Howard

  • Add spaces after csv values on catalog_products#edit

    If a Product contained too many filter values the edit view's layout would be compromised, since there was no natural way to wrap the outputted text. Swapping the delineator from , to , provides the browser with a natural way of wrapping the text in this area.

    ECOMMERCE-2773 Curt Howard

  • Add visual weight to prompt for reload for bulk uploading

    The styling of the message displayed after a successful bulk upload was too benign. We had to knock it up a notch with a blast from our spice weasel, e.g. display a success .message component instead.

    ECOMMERCE-2913 Curt Howard

  • Allow html options to be passed to link_to_filter

    Only name and value are currently accounted for, as well as link text optionally from a block. Update link_to_filter method to work more like link_to, responding to html_options as well

    Update unit test

    ECOMMERCE-2776 Kristen Ward

  • Use appropriate image sizes for displaying assets in the admin

    ECOMMERCE-2907 Matt Duffy

  • Decrease visual impact of help button

    ECOMMERCE-2905 Curt Howard

  • Prevent user from unloading window while bulk uploading assets

    Now a confirmation dialog will be produced when a user attempts to navigate away from an active Dropzone instance.

    ECOMMERCE-2908 Curt Howard

  • Add storage of who checked out on an order

    If an order is placed using impersonation, this is now shown in the admin (and who actually placed the order). This functionality was requested in the v2.2 RC demos.

    ECOMMERCE-2592 Ben Crouse

  • Prevent slug from being changed for releases

    ECOMMERCE-2888 Matt Duffy

  • Add Validation to CategoryRule value

    If a category rule is saved where the value is empty, it causes the ES percolation to break, add validation on presence of value to prevent invalid rules from getting saved.

    ECOMMERCE-2899 Eric Pigeon

  • Add fields to track user impersonation

    These fields will be displayed in the admin and tracked by the audit to log.

    ECOMMERCE-2592 Ben Crouse

  • Update app template to set session expiration to two weeks

    ECOMMERCE-2894 Matt Duffy

  • Default the asset name to the file name if no name given

    Improves asset display when lots of bulk-uploaded assets

    ECOMMERCE-2898 Ben Crouse

  • Ensure with option set in decorator generator is a valid symbol

    ECOMMERCE-2896 Matt Duffy

  • Fix alerts showing for inactive products

    This isn't an alert and causes confusion and alerts that cannot be cleared.

    ECOMMERCE-2897 Ben Crouse

  • Fix help related query to respect configured max count

    ECOMMERCE-2895 Ben Crouse

  • Record audit log when publishing a release

    This will ensure tracking for all release publishing (not just releases manually published in the admin).

    ECOMMERCE-2883 Ben Crouse

  • Add rake task to reload help articles

    Useful for upgrading to ensure the latest help articles end up in the admin.

    ECOMMERCE-2884 Ben Crouse

  • Remove deprecated data attribute

    ECOMMERCE-1608 Curt Howard

  • Fix LocalTime bug with alertifications is being called every minute, naturally. It does not run for elements that are visually hidden when the page is loaded. This affected the alertifications UI. The fix was to nudge LocalTime to rerun when the tooltip content was ready to be displayed.

    ECOMMERCE-2660 Curt Howard

  • Removes line that resets repo, makes block one-line

    ECOMMERCE-2731 Dave Barnow

  • Allow permissions to help for admins

    This will allow admins with permissions to manage help. For example, if a client wants to write some articles for their own workflow, this can now be stored in the system.

    ECOMMERCE-2878 Ben Crouse

  • Add display of discount redemption/auto deactivation times

    Intended to help admin users awareness of redemption and auto-deactivation scheduling

    ECOMMERCE-2877 Ben Crouse

  • Add append point for admin edit order meta data

    Adds append point to admin order edit screens meta data. A use case could be showing 3rd party IDs or timestamps

    ECOMMERCE-2860 Jeff Yucis

  • Add notification for bulk edits

    A bulk edit is an important event admins will want to know about.

    ECOMMERCE-2876 Ben Crouse

  • Adds suggested search terms to sample data ECOMMERCE-2731 Dave Barnow

  • Add cart link element classes to .page-header component

    We've been missing .page-header__cart-link and .page-header__cart-count for a long time. No more, I say.

    ECOMMERCE-2769 Curt Howard

  • Add release switching option to admin toolbar

    ECOMMERCE-2844 Matt Duffy

  • Remove case-sensitive uniqueness validations

    These validations cause slow MongoDB queries with regexes. Although this may be considered breaking, a poll showed that developers were in favor with this change 2-to-1

    ECOMMERCE-2863 Ben Crouse

  • Use full class name for Shipping::Method in sample data

    ECOMMERCE-2861 Matt Duffy

  • Write a test for forms.js

    ECOMMERCE-2604 Ivana

  • Update share mailer to user config email_from, set reply-to to user's email

    ECOMMERCE-2794 Matt Duffy

  • Swap YouTube video with placeholder on Style Guide

    YouTube made a change to it's JavaScript on it's servers. Since we were loading a real YouTube video on the Style Guide page, RSpec began to fail for us. This commit removes the network dependency of loading a live YouTube video and favors just a placeholder iframe which will still accurately simulate an embedded video for styling purposes.

    ECOMMERCE-2859 Curt Howard

  • Don't remember location for form submissions

    This causes invalid redirects, which result in 404s

    ECOMMERCE-2854 Ben Crouse

  • Remove admin documentation in favor of help docs

    ECOMMERCE-2840 Matt Duffy

  • Add link to view full cart from cart drawer

    ECOMMERCE-2842 Matt Duffy

  • Restore use of dialog loading options config

    ECOMMERCE-2780 Matt Duffy

  • Alias append methods on the Workarea module

    Workarea.append_* is a nicer way to write it, we only care about it being part of Plugin internal to core.

    ECOMMERCE-2843 Ben Crouse

  • Improve app template prompts and allow skipping them

    Add prompt for sample data.

    Reword plugins prompt.

    Move all prompts to beginning.

    Use WORKAREA_TESTS environment variable to skip tests prompt.

    Use WORKAREA_SAMPLE_DATA environment variable to skip sample data prompt.

    ECOMMERCE-2670 Chris Cressman

  • Fix display of invalid transactions in admin

    Add 'missing' partial for compatibility, catch errors in payment type and title when no tender is present.

    Add unit test

    ECOMMERCE-2621 Kristen Ward

  • Show correct browse option image in generic summary and pdp

    On pdp options come from the url, and options[:color] (or other browse option) provides the correct result. In browse summaries options come from the search result, and the value needed comes from options[:option]

    Try fallback to product.options[:option] for use in summaries.

    Look for optionized browse option for use in pdp for consistency

    Update spec

    ECOMMERCE-2593 Kristen Ward

  • Show checkout page totals on mobile

    Add wrapper classes to show and hide at breakpoints

    ECOMMERCE-2753 Kristen Ward

  • Fix auto-update of menu items when dragged to last position

    Menu item positions do not save when an item is dragged to the bottom of the list. The condition for inserting a menu item below another item is never reached, as the empty child menu condition is incorrectly met first. This causes logic errors on ajax update, which does not save the order of menu items properly.

    Update condition for detecting empty child menu via addToParent function.

    Add unit test of addToParent method (expose method for testing)

    ECOMMERCE-2658 Kristen Ward

  • Send correct current item price to order item analytics

    Prices for order items are appearing inflated in analytics dashboard. Use current item price for order item price. Use fix from COSCENTER-745

    Update unit test

    ECOMMERCE-2795 Kristen Ward

  • Fix Semantic Markup for Prices

    The Semantic Markup for pages with prices on them was being considered invalid by the Google Structured Data Testing tool ( It was considered invalid because the "price" property contained a symbol and the "priceCurrency" field was missing. This commit moves the "$" symbol outside of the "span" that contains the product's price and adds a "meta" tag that contains the price's currency.

    ECOMMERCE-2767 Mike Dalton

  • Add 'View Models' guide

    ECOMMERCE-2247 Chris Cressman

  • Ensure comments are deleted when commentable is deleted.

    ECOMMERCE-2732 Matt Duffy

  • Shipment embeds_one address should be addressable

    Polymorphic relations need an as field to work fully. Adding as to the relationship on shipment allows the address to know about the shipment it is embedded in.

    ECOMMERCE-2781 Eric Pigeon

  • Delay subscription of listener until after initialization of classes

    ECOMMERCE-2725 Matt Duffy

  • Add date range toggling to order shipping status dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-2761 Matt Duffy

  • Translate error messages in password validator

    Update spec

    Add TODO for v3

    ECOMMERCE-2730 Kristen Ward

  • Include mail preview routes in all environments except production

    ECOMMERCE-2436 Matt Duffy

  • Show user validation errors on failed password reset

    Errors such as a weak password are not being shown do to an invalid method call. App crashes instead. Update to loop over each user error and add it to the errors displayed as flash messages.

    ECOMMERCE-2730 Kristen Ward

  • Fix flash messages getting cached

    Since we call /current_user.json on all endpoints that get HTTP cached, the code written to handle flash messages on XHR requests will show and discard the flash message correctly. We only need to prevent flash message pages from being added to the cache.

    ECOMMERCE-2715 Ben Crouse

  • Simulate hover-intent in CSS for context-menus

    ECOMMERCE-2676 Curt Howard

  • Store user activity ID with order

    This will allow better analysis of activity data in the future

    ECOMMERCE-2756 Ben Crouse

  • ECOMMERCE-2731 Begins work on search suggestions Dave Barnow

  • Prevent NaN errors in date fields on back button in Safari

    In production only, the datetimepicker fields module is being re-run on page load after a back button press and is trying to use the cached, already-localized ("pretty") value as its starting value. In Safari, this creates an Invalid Date object, which is converted to NaN values by strftime.

    Provide opportunity to return from the setLocalizedDate function before updating the field value. This fixes the safari production edge case where the initial value comes from the browser cache rather than the iso8601 value provided by the server, and the module re-initializes anyway.

    Add unit test

    ECOMMERCE-2596 Kristen Ward

  • Rename incorrect label attribute to match field on bulk update form

    ECOMMERCE-2596 Kristen Ward

  • Update reference to loading indicator options

    Dialog options are being referenced instead, resulting in loss of delay option.

    ECOMMERCE-2681 Kristen Ward

  • Fix misleading green for the abandoned orders dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-2702 Ben Crouse

  • Add help article to manage shipping methods

    ECOMMERCE-2706 Ben Crouse

  • Allow remote selects to be used in content editing UI

    Because jQuery Select2 is a non-standard form control, and because we previously had no content editing UI make use of them, the content editor would simply use the last selected value in one of these controls as the value for the params hash being passed to the preview route.

    Also, this commit introduces minimal test coverage for the module.

    ECOMMERCE-2703 Curt Howard

  • Remove form-actions from tab component

    ECOMMERCE-2541 Curt Howard

  • Make top products graph colors consistent with top categories

    ECOMMERCE-2702 Ben Crouse

  • Fix and clean up dialog_spec.js

    The createFromUrl and createFromForm examples were written incorrectly. Their assertions were never being called due to their dependency on $(document).ajaxComplete().

    This commit also:

    • fixes formatting issues (adding semicolons)
    • removes unnecessary, duplicate assertions from a few other examples

    ECOMMERCE-2720 Curt Howard

  • Add assets to help system

    This includes a way sample article with assets to demonstrate how to load assets from sample data

    ECOMMERCE-2707 Ben Crouse

  • Add help article for browsing and content navigation

    ECOMMERCE-2642 Matt Duffy

  • ECOMMERCE-2600: adds cookie_spec.js

    ECOMMERCE-2600: adds comment to what to check on cookie_spec

    ECOMMERCE-2600: adding a delay for testing cookie

    ECOMMERCE-2600: fixes to cookie spec

    ECOMMERCE-2600: finished test for cookie with expiration date

    ECOMMERCE-2600: updates cookie js to test for expiration date Ivana

  • Add spec for url.js

    ECOMMERCE-2599 Curt Howard

  • Re-write search guides

    ECOMMERCE-2580 ECOMMERCE-2581 ECOMMERCE-2582 ECOMMERCE-2616 Chris Cressman

  • Add Automated JavaScript Testing guide

    ECOMMERCE-2704 Curt Howard

  • Make no_results search page contentable.

    ECOMMERCE-2542 Matt Duffy

  • Improve handling of publishing overrides

    Makes them safer with guarantees around errors and previously-set overrides

    ECOMMERCE-1287 Ben Crouse

  • Allow content to be added for search results based on query

    ECOMMERCE-2541 Matt Duffy

  • Create product list content block type

    ECOMMERCE-2703 Matt Duffy

  • Remove unneeded memoization

    It causes bugs with multisite Sidekiq middleware

    ECOMMERCE-2714 Ben Crouse

  • Remove unneeded memoization

    It causes bugs with multisite Sidekiq middleware

    ECOMMERCE-2714 Ben Crouse

  • }

    2.) Alternatively, passing an option to the save method will disable publishing during a save action, similar to the validate: false convention ported from ActiveRecord (and Mongoid): publish: false

    I feel like the second choice there will be used more often, but I'd like to have the block too both for backwards compatibility and because you might need to execute multiple lines of code without publishing. But that is somewhat flexible...


    Signed-off-by: Frank Zondlo mImprove the APIs of Workarea::Publisher

    The API for disabling the publishing of Wisper notifications to our listeners can be a little ugly to deal with in some instances. This change allows two things:

    1.) Passing the model instance into the block, for brevity:

        model.without_publishing {

    Frank Zondlo

  • Use current Mongoid client for "map reduce" collections instead of default Mongoid client

    We create several collections that are used with "map reduce" queries. Since these collections do not have a corresponding class, we need to tell Mongoid which database to store these collections in. This commit changes this database from the default client to the current client since a multi site setup could switch to a non-default client.

    ECOMMERCE-2665 Mike Dalton

  • Prevent errors caused by blank sku reserve quanity

    nil reserve quantities cause errors when calculating available to sell quantities.

    Convert values to integers in calculation.

    ECOMMERCE-2558 Kristen Ward

  • Allow blank tax policy to be saved in bulk edits

    Javascript currently disables all bulk editing fields with blank values. Add a data attribute that can be used to enable blank values. Apply to tax policy field.

    Add method to display '-' instead of nothing on the review page for nil values

    Add unit test for js

    ECOMMERCE-2611 Kristen Ward

  • Fix bulk update 'Allow Discounting' toggle

    Toggling is not working. Update markup to fix.

    ECOMMERCE-2611 Kristen Ward

  • Allow admin filter of products by template type

    ECOMMERCE-2687 Matt Duffy

  • Add SEO features help article

    ECOMMERCE-2649 Ben Crouse

  • Add product variants help article

    ECOMMERCE-2646 Ben Crouse

  • Add product filters and attributes help article

    ECOMMERCE-2645 Ben Crouse

  • Add search features help article

    ECOMMERCE-2644 Ben Crouse

  • Unit tests are executable after being generated

    Currently, the decorator generator in 2.2 will generate verbatim model specs from the engine it finds the implementation code in. However, this causes problems if your spec files use the rails_helper rather than the spec_helper, which we seem to be implementing as a company. The generator will now gsub out require 'spec_helper' for require 'rails_helper', so that generated specs can be run immediately and to ensure correctness on the implementing developer's part.

    ECOMMERCE-2139 Tom Scott

  • Add sample data help articles

    Sample data will load articles from docs/help. The format of that directory for an article is:

    docs/help/{category}/{title}/ docs/help/{category}/{title}/ docs/help/{category}/{title}/thumbnail.{jpg,jpeg,gif,png}

    ECOMMERCE-2636 Ben Crouse

  • Ignore content blocks and admin in rack-attack

    ECOMMERCE-2684 Ben Crouse

  • Don't rate-limit product images with rack-attack

    ECOMMERCE-2683 Ben Crouse

  • Memoize default_category_id to prevent extraneous Elasticsearch queries

    ECOMMERCE-2682 Ben Crouse

  • Rewrite development environment guides

    Introduce the prepared (virtualized) development environment option.

    Make the custom development environment instructions less specific to OS X.

    ECOMMERCE-2476 Chris Cressman

  • Prevent empty reserve quantity from being saved via admin form

    nil reserve quantities cause errors and there is currently no validation to prevent nil values from being saved. Add client side validation to prevent errors from being encountered from admin ui.

    Add to all inventory sku quantity fields on new and edit screens

    ECOMMERCE-2558 Kristen Ward

  • Remove h1-h6 margin from generic/_visual_rhythm.scss

    The margin-bottom for h1 through h6 elements was being applied in two files: base/_headings.scss and in generic/_visual_rhythm.scss. This commit removes the entry in generic/_visual_rhythm.scss.

    ECOMMERCE-2585 Curt Howard

  • Add "Help & Support" guide

    ECOMMERCE-2512 Chris Cressman

  • Add ENV to meta title for client-only facing environments

    ECOMMERCE-2567 Curt Howard

  • Add explicit require to generated sample_data

    Generated SampleData creators don't explicitly require workarea/sample_data at the top of the file, which can cause issues if you're doing anything but tacking the creator onto the end of the swappable list. If you attempt to swap, insert_before/after, or delete, you'll run into a LoadError when Ruby tries to autoload the constant that was referenced.

    For example, this will fail:

    module Workarea
      module SampleData
        class Foos
          def perform
        creators.swap Products, Foos

    But this will work:

    require 'workarea/sample_data'
    module Workarea
      module SampleData
        class Foos
          def perform
        creators.swap Products, Foos

    The reasoning behind this is because the SampleData file will also create the creators SwappableList and load in all of the required constants, so you can just begin working and not have to worry about loading your particular code..

    ECOMMERCE-2597 Tom Scott

  • Minor CSS and flow improvements to Help UI

    • Fix alignment of help index summary name and text
    • Open help articles in new tab from drawer

    ECOMMERCE-2539 Curt Howard

  • Add Alertification UI

    ECOMMERCE-2546 Curt Howard

  • Minor fixes from QA

    • Fixes layout of help-article__head. Didn't need to be a table. Not everything needs to be a table.
    • Add style guides for search-form
    • Add search-form--outlined modifier
    • Make help drawer search form a search-form
    • Pad out the right side of help-article__aside
    • Add titles to Edit and Delete buttons

    ECOMMERCE-2539 Curt Howard

  • Automatically configure Elasticsearch

    This consolidates ES configuration and adds functionality to automatically pull Elasticsearch URLs out of environment variables.

    ECOMMERCE-2591 Ben Crouse

  • Automatically configure Redis

    This consolidates Redis configuration and adds functionality to automatically pull Redis config out of environment variables.

    ECOMMERCE-2594 Ben Crouse

  • Fix datepicker styles

    ECOMMERCE-2431 Kristen Ward

  • Prevent cutoff of absolutely positioned elements in admin dialogs

    Remove dialog overflow scrolling in admin

    Overflow: auto; setting is cutting off absolutely positioned elements within dialogs, and is not necessary as jquery ui automatically resizes the window to fit the contents.

    ECOMMERCE-2481 Kristen Ward

  • Clean up Help UI

    Adds teaspoon tests for drawer.js.

    ECOMMERCE-2539 ECOMMERCE-1806 Curt Howard

  • Add translation for storefront mobile navigation button

    Mobile navigation menu fallback text is plain english. Change to localized translation.

    ECOMMERCE-2515 Kristen Ward

  • Automatically configure Mongoid

    The goal of this feature is to prevent implementations from creating custom Mongoid configs that are incorrect or inconsistent.

    This functionality will be expanded in v3 to include diff read/write preferences per-model.

    ECOMMERCE-2568 Ben Crouse

  • Account for locale when defining predicate methods

    Mongoid defines predicate methods for each field you specify in the model class definition, in addition to accessors so that the fields can be modified. These predicates, which are basically the field name with a '?' on the end, return +true+ or +false+ depending on whether the field is present in the document or not (e.g., the value of the field is not null). For localized attributes, however, this method would always return true if it had been set at any time, since localization is implemented in Mongoid by converting each attribute value into a nested JSON object, with each key representing a locale and each value representing the attribute value for that given locale (using the I18n library to fall back locales in the same way the rest of the Rails app works).

    This patch is essentially a copy/paste of the Mongoid fixes made by Emily Stolfo, which can be seen in its original form on the Mongoid JIRA, and on GitHub:

    Fixes ECOMMERCE-2563 Tom Scott

  • Prevent submission of fixture form in teaspoon analytics spec

    ECOMMERCE-2565 Matt Duffy

  • Add task to clean up host projects

    ECOMMERCE-2538 Matt Duffy

  • Add UI documentation for synonym phrases

    ECOMMERCE-2531 Ben Crouse

  • Add additional sensitive fields to filtered params

    ECOMMERCE-2522 Ben Crouse

  • Use instead of request.domain for URL enforcement

    The previous implementation failed when running on a subdomain

    ECOMMERCE-2569 Ben Crouse

  • Fix issue with discount compatibility

    ECOMMERCE-2529 Matt Duffy

  • Fix erratic teaspoon tests

    ECOMMERCE-2565 Matt Duffy

  • Redirect to Workarea.config.domain if the request doesn't match

    This makes hosting setup easier by making the app a single point of config/knowledge about what domain the site should be running on.

    ECOMMERCE-2569 Ben Crouse

  • Dont publish touching last_indexed_at

    Saving a product will fire off index product browse and admin index listeners, but product browse touches the product causing the admin to rexinded that product a second time. Without publishing updating last_index_at prevents this second index.

    ECOMMERCE-2564 Eric Pigeon

  • Change storefront redirects to 301 instead of 302

    Although there are situations for a temporary redirect, a permanent redirect is the primary use-case here. This feature is usually used for rescuing old site URLs and redirecting to their new ones after a re-platform to Workarea.

    ECOMMERCE-2570 Ben Crouse

  • Allow configuring whether decorators load order is enforced

    This will allow us to gradually roll out and test this functionality before we release v3.0.

    ECOMMERCE-2460 Ben Crouse

  • Make pricing and inventory sku fields read-only

    Changing the pricing sku 'sku' field is illegal and there is code in the system to prevent it. However the field can still be edited on the front-end, causing errors. Remove editable field and replace with text.

    Do same for inventory sku edit page

    ECOMMERCE-2511 Kristen Ward

  • Tweak DropzoneJS UI

    ECOMMERCE-2527 Curt Howard

  • Remove memoization in Address#country_model as it causes validation issues

    ECOMMERCE-2562 gharnly

  • Validate minimum quantity for pricing sku prices

    Negative quantities are currently bypassing client side validation. Add model validation to pricing sku prices and output errors in the edit view.

    ECOMMERCE-2505 Kristen Ward

  • Add inventory to product bulk editing

    ECOMMERCE-2537 Matt Duffy

  • Prevent double firing of update cart item analytics event

    The update cart item event is also firing on form submission. Prevent duplication by returning from the setup form submissions handler if the event type is updateCartItem.

    Add refactoring comment, update spec

    Update checkoutShippingMethodSelected event to fire on change

    ECOMMERCE-2510 Kristen Ward

  • Add alerts to the admin

    ECOMMERCE-2492 Ben Crouse

  • Add Pricing fields to product bulk editing

    ECOMMERCE-2536 Matt Duffy

  • Adding a append point for product image fields

    ECOMMERCE-2559 MMartyn

  • Made user order history count configurable

    Number of orders to display on the user order history page is now configurable through the workarea config

    ECOMMERCE-2517 Frank Zondlo

  • Fix backorder messaging for items with no ship date or backordered quantity

    Backorder messaging is falling back incorrectly. Items with no ship date are being declared out of stock, while items with no available or backorder quantity are being declared backordered rather than out of stock.

    Display generic 'backordered' message for items with backorder qty but no ship date.

    Display 'out of stock' for items with no backorder or available quantity, regardless of ship date.

    ECOMMERCE-2431 Kristen Ward

  • Show admin toolbar on all storefront pages

    Previously, it only showed when there was an underlying object to show. This helps bring attention when previewing a release or impersonating a user.

    ECOMMERCE-2535 Ben Crouse

  • Make publisher enabling/disabling threadsafe

    ECOMMERCE-2526 Ben Crouse

  • Sort decorators before loading to ensure consistent load order

    ECOMMERCE-2460 Matt Duffy

  • Add user impersonation and remove admin order-placing

    Merge branch 'impersonate-customer' into v2-wip

    To minimize duplicate code and functionality, we're replacing admin order-placing with the ability to impersonate a customer on the storefront. This will give CSRs the same customizations to checkout as customers.

    ECOMMERCE-2484 Ben Crouse

  • Adds a Checkout Progress indicator component

    ECOMMERCE-2490 Curt Howard

  • Add dragonfly analyzer fields to ProductPlaceholderImage

    ECOMMERCE-2552 Curt Howard

  • Store additional dragonfly analyser data on asset model

    ECOMMERCE-2412 Curt Howard

  • Show correct inventory status in cart

    Skus with an allow_backorder inventory policy incorrectly display inventory status as "in stock" when backordered quantity exists but available (in-stock, non-reserve) quantity is low or 0.

    Check that product is not backordered before displaying the in stock or low stock messaging.

    ECOMMERCE-2431 Kristen Ward

  • Extend bulk asset upload functionality to content block UI

    ECOMMERCE-2525 Curt Howard

  • Fix another release spec

    ECOMMERCE-2514 Matt Duffy

  • Add basic notifications to the admin

    ECOMMERCE-2493 Ben Crouse

  • Add Bulk Asset Upload functionality

    ECOMMERCE-2487 Curt Howard

  • Fix new release creation from browsing navigation select menu

    Form submitting controls are causing the release selection menu from submitting prematurely when 'new release' is selected

    Remove auto-submit from select box, unhide 'Go/Apply' button

    Change action/button text to reflect ui considerations

    ECOMMERCE-2468 Kristen Ward

  • Enables JS for all feature tests

    All feature tests are now running with javascript enabled. This commit sets js: true for all feature tests and fixes any failing tests as a result of that.

    ECOMMERCE-2333 Dave Barnow

  • Tweak release spec

    This fixes random failures experienced by SI teams as well as the product CI.

    ECOMMERCE-2514 Matt Duffy

  • Remove trailing new lines in code blocks

    Improve visual appearance of code blocks in guides by removing the trailing empty line.

    ECOMMERCE-2399 Frank Zondlo

  • Clean up Decorator Generator

    ECOMMERCE-2501 Matt Duffy

  • Revert "Merge pull request #1311 in WL/workarea from feature/ECOMMERCE-2384-place-order-in-admin to v2-wip"

    This reverts commit aede85af51680db4c5a7c2ec3a36bceb682ccf1a, reversing changes made to 3c3d08cced7a8dc023316857cf7ca0ef4bcecf34.

    Conflicts: admin/app/assets/javascripts/workarea/admin/application.js.erb Ben Crouse

  • Fallback gracefully on content block live previews that are too large

    ECOMMERCE-2326 Matt Duffy

  • Add automatic deactivation of discounts after lack of use

    This feature adds a background job to automatically deactivate discounts when they haven't been used in 30 days (configurable). An admin can override this by disabling auto deactivation on an individual discount.

    There are two main things we're trying to achieve with this feature:

    • Retailers losing money due to discounts they forgot were active
    • Improve pricing performance by not needing to calculate stale discounts

    Merge branch 'auto-deactivate-discounts' into v2-wip

    ECOMMERCE-2489 Ben Crouse

  • Add help area to admin

    Merge branch 'admin-help' into v2-wip


    Conflicts: admin/app/assets/javascripts/workarea/admin/application.js.erb Ben Crouse

  • Add normalization of email address on email signups

    downcase all email addresses on email signups to allow the removal of case-insensitivity validation, preventing regex queries during validation.

    ECOMMERCE-2480 Matt Duffy

  • Expire order reports after configurable period

    ECOMMERCE-2482 Matt Duffy

  • Add "Ecosystem" guide

    The "Ecosystem" guide supercedes the "View Workarea Source Code" guide, so remove "View Workarea Source Code" guide and update all links to point to "Ecosystem" guide instead.

    Also link to "Ecosystem" and "Prerequisites & Dependencies" from guides home page.

    ECOMMERCE-2474 Chris Cressman

  • Add rspec-retry to test suite

    While hacky, if this improves reliability of builds and productivity of developers, who cares. Builds have been unreliable for reasons outside the scope of this software (e.g. poltergeist, phantomjs) and it's not worth our time to specifically work around those issues.

    ECOMMERCE-2491 Ben Crouse

  • Ensure custom sample data creators are only added once

    When swapping sample data creators, any custom creators swapped-in are also auto-loaded at the end.

    Check for existing sample data creator before inserting into list

    ECOMMERCE-2464 Kristen Ward

  • Fix URL assertion for when running tests in host app

    ECOMMERCE-2386 Ben Crouse

  • Switch to an event stack

    This will allow other uses for the stack, e.g. asserting against event firing order in tests or an adapter making use of the event order.

    ECOMMERCE-2386 Ben Crouse

  • Add "Prerequisites & Dependencies" guide

    ECOMMERCE-2434 Chris Cressman

  • Sanitizing optional query in product queries

    ECOMMERCE-2467 MMartyn

  • Admin users can place orders through the admin

    ECOMMERCE-2384 Matt Duffy

  • Add analytics feature test

    By opening up the array as a public property on the module we are able to return it's contents to rspec and assert that each key in the event hash is present and reporting correctly.

    ECOMMERCE-2386 Curt Howard

  • Add placeholder content for content block previews that are too large.

    ECOMMERCE-2326 Matt Duffy

  • Add append point and admin css class for easier extension of product templates

    ECOMMERCE-2265 Matt Duffy

  • Add default modal overlay styles and implementation example

    Platform currently uses non-modal dialogs by default, with the option to pass in settings via data attribute. However, once modal: true is activated, there are no functional styles included for the overlay.

    Additionally, there is no included reference for how to set up the data attribute with options hash correctly.

    Include default styles for .ui-widget-overlay and jsdoc example for data-dialog-button options.

    ECOMMERCE-1589 Kristen Ward

  • Explicitly set Accept header for pagination ajax request

    ECOMMERCE-1653 Matt Duffy

  • Redirect to cart on xhr requests with expired checkout

    When checkout expires, ajax requests which are designed to replace sidebar content insert the cart page into the sidebar instead. Flash message is rendered inside sidebar as well.

    Add logic to checkouts controller to change the window location via js upon receiving expired xhr requests, recreating the same experience as a non-xhr request.

    Add 422 status to prevent js from replacing content prior to redirect.

    Add request spec

    ECOMMERCE-2026 Kristen Ward

  • Generate decorators and unit tests

    Currently, devs must manually create the decorator file and copy over the unit tests whenever they wish to decorate an existing Workarea platform component. This adds a generator called 'workarea:decorator' whose job it is to create the generated decorator file with sane defaults, then copy over the decorated class's respective unit tests so that we can get faster feedback when existing functionality has been changed.

    ECOMMERCE-1502 Tom Scott

  • Update meta environment tag

    Tag attributes are incorrect.

    ECOMMERCE-2349 Kristen Ward

  • Constrain pricing sku quantities to a minimum of 1

    Add client side validation

    ECOMMERCE-2236 Kristen Ward

Workarea 2.1.3 (2016-04-06)

  • Do not display pagination markup for 0 pages

    The shared pagination partial is currently not rendered when there is only 1 page of results to display, but values of 0 are not currently accounted for. The partial will be rendered for an empty collection, resulting in erratic behavior and unnecessary js initialization.

    Update conditional to display pagination only for collections with greater than 1 page.

    ECOMMERCE-2461 Kristen Ward

  • Handle customization attributes with a space character

    When passing in attributes to instantiate a Customizations class, the attributes are all converted to instance variables. This works for attribute names that are already valid identifier but if an attribute has a space in it (i.e. "A Test") it is not considered a valid identifier. By calling #systemize on the attribute name, it will be converted to a String that is a valid identifier.

    ECOMMERCE-1641 Mike Dalton

  • Fix random CI failure in releases spec, take 2

    ECOMMERCE-2443 Curt Howard

  • Fix random CI failure in releases spec

    Due to the way the calendar control scenario was written, it was not waiting for xhr properly. This should fix that issue.

    ECOMMERCE-2443 Curt Howard

  • Flatten TopCategories dashboard inheritence

    ECOMMERCE-2433 Matt Duffy

Workarea 2.1.2 (2016-04-01)

  • Fix more broken dashboards due to missing models

    ECOMMERCE-2433 Ben Crouse

Workarea 2.1.1 (2016-04-01)

  • Fix broken dashboards due to missing data on upgrade

    Upgrading broke due to missing data, even after running the rake task to update the dashboards. This commit patches those places of missing data.

    ECOMMERCE-2433 Ben Crouse

Workarea 2.1.0 (2016-04-01)

  • Add "Listeners & Publishers" guide

    ECOMMERCE-2246 Chris Cressman

Workarea 2.1.0.beta.5 (2016-03-31)

  • Add "Today" button to Releases calendar UI

    • Updates icon-text-button style guide
    • Adds hover state for all control buttons
    • Adds "Today" button which resets the calendar state

    ECOMMERCE-2421 Curt Howard

  • Add 'muted' modifier to Cancel buttons in bulk edit views

    ECOMMERCE-2405 Curt Howard

  • Alternate month colors statically on the releases#index calendar

    ECOMMERCE-2417 Curt Howard

  • Change CSV Help Tooltip heading to read better

    ECOMMERCE-2350 Curt Howard

  • Allow plural class names in sample data creators

    .classify is stripping the plural form off of class names. Use .camelize instead to prevent errors when running custom sample data.

    ECOMMERCE-2182 Kristen Ward

  • Remove "Decorate a Sample Data Creator" Guide

    The changes to sample data in Workarea v2.0 made sample data decoration irrelevant. Some users of the guide also reported the process described did not work in their appplication. Put this to bed by removing the guide.

    ECOMMERCE-2090 Chris Cressman

  • Clarify how to customize a Modernizr build

    Users asked for more explicit instructions to customize the Modernizr build used within their application. Update the Modernizr guide accordingly.

    ECOMMERCE-2167 Chris Cressman

  • Adjust the layout of grouped chart__summary elements

    ECOMMERCE-2397 Curt Howard

  • Adjust layout of releases#index calendar container

    ECOMMERCE-2391 Curt Howard

  • Update 'Create a Release' help tooltip text

    ECOMMERCE-2370 Curt Howard

  • Remove message styling from releases#edit

    ECOMMERCE-2393 Curt Howard

  • Merge branch 'v2-wip' into improve/ECOMMERCE-2361-update-release-notes-add

    Conflicts: docs/guides/source/release-notes.html.haml Ben Crouse

  • Update 'Create a Release' tooltip help text

    ECOMMERCE-2370 Curt Howard

Workarea 2.1.0.beta.4 (2016-03-29)

  • Align Order Summary toggles with other Dashboards

    ECOMMERCE-2369 Curt Howard

  • Update dashboard icons

    ECOMMERCE-2319 Curt Howard

  • Change Learn More link on releases#edit to be a question mark icon

    ECOMMERCE-2347 Curt Howard

  • Prevent search index reset all from running twice

    Remove duplicate code in index manager

    ECOMMERCE-1985 Kristen Ward

  • Add missing product list analytics HTML data

    All product lists should have analytics data attached to them for completeness. This was fixed by the Rachel Roy team. This commit makes a few minor changes to their work.

    ECOMMERCE-2373 Ben Crouse

  • Fix order stats to update with applied filters

    Reorder refinements to include admin filters before order filters

    Add unit test

    ECOMMERCE-2122 Kristen Ward

  • Restrict access to dashboards based on user permissions

    ECOMMERCE-2328 Matt Duffy

  • Include category in order item analytics data

    ECOMMERCE-2313 Kristen Ward

Workarea 2.1.0.beta.3 (2016-03-28)

  • Allow changing the linkable through the admin UI

    ECOMMERCE-2359 Ben Crouse

  • Display Menu Editor Sort By menu on its own line

    ECOMMERCE-2354 Curt Howard

  • Minor bugfixes/improvements to Navigation Editor

    • Fix visual bug when dragging menu-item in Safari
    • Preserve active state when adding a new page to a child
    • Improve 'Drag Items Here' placeholder functionality

    ECOMMERCE-2351 Curt Howard

  • Update main dashboard chart__summary area

    ECOMMERCE-2346 Curt Howard

  • Add seven day interval to revenue on main dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-2360 Matt Duffy

  • Generalize chart__summary element

    ECOMMERCE-2346 Curt Howard

  • Merge branch 'improve/ECOMMERCE-2352-dashboard-visual-' into v2-wip Curt Howard

  • Improve elastic search indexing

    • Using pluck(:id) is faster than, pluck won't send the whole document through the pipe, but only the fields needed.

    • Add options as second parameter to ProductPrimaryNavigation, so ProductMapper and ProductPrimaryNavigation can sure the same percolationin ES.

    • Add memoization to #link_for_category to cut down on database calls.

    • Change linked_categories_from to be more efficient and cut down on database calls. While some clarity is lost, a large number of database hits are removed.

    ECOMMERCE-2348 Eric Pigeon

  • Yield #creators within the #run method in SampleData

    This allows the developer to have full access to all of the core and engine sample data creators when executing #run from within a host app allowing deeper customization to sample data.

    ECOMMERCE-2357 Mark Platt

  • Add i18n translations for flash error messages in core

    Some plain-text error messages are present in the storefront. Translate all core messages to avoid this issue.

    ECOMMERCE-2241 Kristen Ward

Workarea 2.1.0.beta.2 (2016-03-24)

  • Remove "What's a Release" text from releases#index

    This saves some vertical real-estate and gets more of the calendar to appear above the fold.

    ECOMMERCE-2345 Curt Howard

Workarea 2.1.0.beta.1 (2016-03-24)

  • Update icon--check-mark to icon--system-success

    After the check-mark icon was renamed to have a more generic use case, some of the markup wasn't updated to match the new name. This fixes this issue.

    ECOMMERCE-2344 Curt Howard

  • Restore "Learn More" tooltip on releases#edit

    This tooltip was stripped out accidentally when the Releases Calendar UI was being created. This is a straight copy from the v2.0-stable branch.

    ECOMMERCE-2343 Curt Howard

  • Moved promo codes out so that they can be used in conjunction with order total

    ECOMMERCE-2232 MMartyn

  • Remove extraneous Search::Settings queries

    We're calling settings in the initializers of the repositories, but this isn't being used. So there is an extraneous query every time a repository is instantiated.

    ECOMMERCE-2341 Ben Crouse

  • Add updated main admin dashboard

    ECOMMERCE-2197 Matt Duffy

  • Improve presentation of Smart Navigation

    ECOMMERCE-2276 Curt Howard

  • Change Chart Heading on Trending Charts to Total #

    ECOMMERCE-2332 Curt Howard

  • Tweak Bulk Product Selection

    • Pull .bulk-select__toggle to the right in it's row on catalog_products#index
    • Move help text into text box on catalog_products_bulk_update#new

    ECOMMERCE-2259 Curt Howard

  • Update class name for table price label

    Class name is missing prefix.

    ECOMMERCE-2229 Kristen Ward

  • Stop all charts in row from updating when date is toggled

    ECOMMERCE-2324 Curt Howard

  • Tweak styles for Releases Calendar

    ECOMMERCE-2311 Curt Howard

  • Fix generic CSS rule preventing rounded borders on buttons

    A CSS rule in generic/_reset.scss was disallowing border-radius to be set on input[type=submit] elements. This is an issue when a .button class was applied to such elements. If .button is supposed to be rounded, those styles were not being applied properly.

    ECOMMERCE-2329 Curt Howard

  • Add Bulk Product Editing functionality

    Introduces the ability to edit products in bulk from the catalog_products#index.

    ECOMMERCE-2072 ECOMMERCE-2193 ECOMMERCE-2314 Adam Clarke

  • Add indexes to improve query performance

    ECOMMERCE-2325 Ben Crouse

  • Add quantity to analytics data on add to cart

    The add to cart event is not getting the quanity because it is fired before form submit.

    Add the quantity attribute via JS.

    Reference RACHELROY-262 commit: cff0085d190

    Add unit test

    ECOMMERCE-2315 Kristen Ward

  • Fix layout of Top Searches Dashboard card

    ECOMMERCE-2310 Curt Howard

  • Adjust Smart Navigation Dashboard card layout

    ECOMMERCE-2309 Curt Howard

  • Stop clearfix from inheriting border-spacing from parent

    ECOMMERCE-2323 Curt Howard

  • Fix layout of Recent Searches Dashboard card

    ECOMMERCE-2308 Curt Howard

  • Visually align Account Signup & Purchase Time Dashboard cards

    ECOMMERCE-2307 Curt Howard

  • Visually align Shipping Status & Method Dashboard cards

    ECOMMERCE-2306 Curt Howard

  • Add visual points back into line charts

    ECOMMERCE-2305 Curt Howard

  • Fix presentation of Discounts Dashboard card

    ECOMMERCE-2304 Curt Howard

  • Reduce sales score decay

    Previously set too aggressively, this commit backs off to set the sale half-life at a little over 6 weeks.

    ECOMMERCE-2321 Ben Crouse

  • Update Dashboard chart colors

    ECOMMERCE-2291 Curt Howard

  • Visually clean up Dashboard UI components

    • Dashboards are now controlled by a tabular layout to keep consistent heights per row.
    • The .chart__data element has been reworked into a tabular layout.
    • Remove half-baked grid layout constraints, accidentially merged into the working branch earlier.


    Conflicts: admin/app/views/workarea/admin/dashboards/_shipping.html.haml admin/app/views/workarea/admin/dashboards/_smart_navigation.html.haml admin/app/views/workarea/admin/dashboards/_top_categories.html.haml admin/app/views/workarea/admin/dashboards/_top_discounts.html.haml admin/app/views/workarea/admin/dashboards/_top_products.html.haml admin/app/views/workarea/admin/dashboards/catalog.html.haml admin/app/views/workarea/admin/dashboards/orders.html.haml admin/app/views/workarea/admin/dashboards/people.html.haml admin/app/views/workarea/admin/dashboards/store.html.haml Curt Howard

  • Document product template generator

    ECOMMERCE-2188 Chris Cressman

  • Document content block type generator

    ECOMMERCE-2189 Chris Cressman

  • Add rake task for updating dashboard data

    ECOMMERCE-2263 Matt Duffy

  • Include all available filters in user export

    User export does not currently respect 'role' filter Update export form to include filter params Create helper method to add hidden inputs

    ECOMMERCE-2211 Kristen Ward

  • Set default average purchase time for purchase time dashboard widget

    ECOMMERCE-2300 Matt Duffy

  • [NO SQUASH] Remove Payment Method dashboard

    Removal of the Payment Method dashboard, for later inclusion.

    ECOMMERCE-2255 Curt Howard

  • Add Dashboards for Store, Catalog, Order, and People

    Provides Dashboard Charts for the Store, Catalog, Order, and People sections of the Admin.


  • ECOMMERCE-2292: Update ratio to match new function Steve Perks

  • Visually improve Releases Dashboard Calendar

    • Remove modernizr-(no)-js classes from CSS, feature now requires JavaScript
    • Add timestamp to Release indicator
    • Suffix Month name with the year to lessen confusion when browsing
    • Align Release Dashboard aside to top of calendar
    • Fix styling of Unscheduled Releases
    • Align Month & Year to left of calendar day
    • Stop releases from spanning outside of the calendar day

    ECOMMERCE-2163 Curt Howard

  • Clean up content block type generator

    ECOMMERCE-2289 Matt Duffy

  • ECOMMERCE-2292: update media-ratio math to provide correct padding. Steve Perks

  • Don't bother with rack protections in test or development

    This is a nuisance for slow machines or development where many requests are required. Since it doesn't provide any value in test or development, don't insert the middleware.

    ECOMMERCE-2256 Ben Crouse

  • Display sales score on inventory and product edit

    Since we're showing this on navigation links now, it makes sense to give visibility into this everywhere.

    ECOMMERCE-2267 Ben Crouse

  • Fix broken inquiry mailer

    Update method call in preview

    ECOMMERCE-2237 Kristen Ward

  • Add user email address to export csv

    Email address is missing from exports. Add column after

    ECOMMERCE-2283 Kristen Ward

  • Add '--has-children' modifier to navigation helper

    This commit adds:

    • .primary-nav__menu-item--has-children
    • .secondary-nav__menu-item--has-children
    • .mobile-nav__menu-item--has-children

    ECOMMERCE-2272 Curt Howard

  • Move product template generator to core, clean up

    ECOMMERCE-2183 Matt Duffy

  • Fix relative path output in sharing email

    This was broken by the security fix for a XSS vulnerability. This fix also adds a helper to create the full URL for a given path in a mailer.

    ECOMMERCE-2281 Ben Crouse

  • Update product browse mapping, restore created_at

    Field was removed erroneously, is necessary for product sort

    ECOMMERCE-2157 Kristen Ward

  • Move required attr on cvv field from label to input

    The required: true attribute is incorrectly located on the label. Move it to the input.

    ECOMMERCE-2206 Kristen Ward

  • Remove trailing new lines in code blocks

    Improve visual appearance of code blocks in guides. Decorate haml code filter used by middleman syntax plugin. Create mixin to strip newlines from code before syntax highlighting.

    ECOMMERCE-1963 Kristen Ward

  • change redirect after pricing edit via product edit


    add and fix tests for pricing administration


    Use the correct spelling of referrer

    ECOMMERCE-1864 Adam Clarke

  • Update fields in browse product mapping

    Remove unused fields for clarity

    ECOMMERCE-2157 Kristen Ward

  • Add help tooltip for CSV formatting

    Prevent errors resulting from illegal quotes by providing an inline explanation of how to escape special characters.

    ECOMMERCE-2151 Kristen Ward

  • Add rack attack for blocking and throttling abusive requests

    Include rack-attack out of the box to protect sites from bots or other abusive request patterns. We use the recommended configuration by the gem, but allow tech leads to configure it as needed.

    ECOMMERCE-2256 Ben Crouse

  • Add messaging to storefront for packages with no tracking number

    ECOMMERCE-2238 Matt Duffy

  • Add accessibility improvements to product edit form

    Add labels where missing Add descriptive text to clear button

    Update spec

    ECOMMERCE-1539 Kristen Ward

  • Add "Communicate with Elasticsearch" guide

    ECOMMERCE-2190 Chris Cressman

  • Fix decorator load order when cache_classes = true

    Decorators are being loaded in a different order in different environments. The root cause is the cache_classes logic that is removed in this commit. I'm unable to determine why this was there in the first place, so this change terrifies me. I'm not even sure we should be releasing it as patch, as it has the potential to break apps that were depending on the inconsistency.

    It's basically impossible to test due to a changing Rails environment.

    ECOMMERCE-2216 Ben Crouse

  • Remove use of Mongoid field check methods on localized fields

    ECOMMERCE-2147 Matt Duffy

  • Update fulfillment mailer preview to show items

    Correct the hash sent to FulfillmentMailer.canceled

    ECOMMERCE-1924 Kristen Ward

  • Ensure shipped items with no tracking number are displayed properly

    ECOMMERCE-2238 Matt Duffy

  • Update Payment Integration guide

    ECOMMERCE-2079 Matt Duffy

  • Prevent quantity values lower than 0 for inventory skus

    Add minimum value attribute to quantity fields

    ECOMMERCE-2078 Kristen Ward

  • Update dashboard revenue graph time segments

    When viewing revenue graph for 7-90 day date periods, the times start and end in 24 hour intervals back from the present time. This causes confusion around the reported values for that time segment.

    Update revenue graph so that time segments start at 12:00 am and end at 11:59 pm.

    Clean up dashboard view via helper, remove multiple calls to

    Increase 7-90 day range end times to end of current day, so that step is consistent and revenue totals accurate. date ranges include the full current day.

    ECOMMERCE-2123 Kristen Ward

  • Fix XSS vulnerability with email sharing

    By outputting the URL directly passed from the query string, we open the possibility of a JavaScript URL (e.g. javascript:netsparker(0x006 A24)). This commit fixes this by sanitizing the URL in the model, and using that sanitized version in the view.

    ECOMMERCE-2227 Ben Crouse

  • Pass the options from cart view model to order item view model

    SIs have needed information from #view_model_options in the order item view model and it's more consistent.

    ECOMMERCE-2091 Eric Pigeon

  • Fix Order and User date filter links in admin menu

    Change params to iso8601 strings to prevent NaN errors in certain browsers (safari, ie)

    Add end dates to update datepicker link text

    ECOMMERCE-2121 Kristen Ward

  • Make page logo consistent size across browsers

    Add block display to anchor element

    ECOMMERCE-1892 Kristen Ward

  • Add filtering by placed at date to orders index

    This improvement gives user a way to gauge revenue for a given timeframe from the orders index page, addressing a point of confusion for some users.

    Add date range picker for placed at Update query, mapper, export parameters, and orders spec

    ECOMMERCE-2120 Kristen Ward

  • Add Smart Navigation sorting to Navigation Menus

    Navigation Items in each level of the navigation are able to be sorted Alphabetically or by "Sales Score".

    The look-and-feel of this feature has been updated.

    This commit is breaking. The following front-end files have been modified:

    • admin/app/assets/javascripts/workarea/admin/modules/menu_editor_links.js
    • admin/app/assets/javascripts/workarea/admin/modules/menu_editor_menu_list_sortables.js
    • admin/app/assets/stylesheets/workarea/admin/components/_menu_editor.scss
    • admin/app/views/workarea/admin/navigation_links/_link.html.haml
    • admin/app/views/workarea/admin/navigation_links/children.html.haml
    • admin/app/views/workarea/admin/navigation_menus/edit.html.haml

    ECOMMERCE-2198 Curt Howard

  • Add rake task to show listener definition location

    Adds rake workarea:listeners to show method and class definition locations for workarea listeners.

    ECOMMERCE-2213 Thomas Vendetta

  • Add loading indicator translation to style guides

    ECOMMERCE-1302 Kristen Ward

  • Update elasticsearch install instructions

    Several elasticsearch packages were removed from the default Homebrew package repository, which invalidated our elasticsearch installation instructions. We responded by creating our own Homebrew package repository to host those packages.

    Update development environment guide to suggest the use of the Workarea Homebrew tap and suggest version 1.5 of elasticsearch since that's the version we currently use in Production environments.

    ECOMMERCE-2210 Chris Cressman

  • Document sample data generator

    ECOMMERCE-2143 Chris Cressman

  • Document pricing calculator generator

    ECOMMERCE-2149 Chris Cressman

  • Document discount generator

    ECOMMERCE-2148 Chris Cressman

  • Change release calendar functionality to week-view

    This work changes the release calendar from a traditional calender to a browse-by-week calendar. The calendar now shows one previous week, the current week, and two following weeks.

    ECOMMERCE-2208 Curt Howard

  • Add instructions and help page for CSV imports

    ECOMMERCE-2200 Ben Crouse

  • Add integration spec to ensure recommendations being output

    ECOMMERCE-2199 Ben Crouse

  • Fix checkout addresses view model to always return a shipping address when asked

    This is a more robust fix, with a cheaper test.

    ECOMMERCE-2215 Ben Crouse

  • Check if shipping_address.errors should display

    When an order doesn't require shipping current_checkout#shipment is nil. Storefront::Checkout::AddressesViewModel#shipping_address calls shipment.address. The addresses.html.haml view properly checks if order_requires_shipping? except when outputting errors. Without javascript and digital only products, submitting an invalid billing address breaks the application.

    ECOMMERCE-2215 Eric Pigeon

  • Improve algorithm for email recommendations

    This switches from using the same personalized results on the storefront to the following fallback system:

    1. Products also purchased with products in this order, sorted by sales

    2. Related products to products in the order

    3. Top sellers

    ECOMMERCE-2199 Ben Crouse

  • Update ContentBlockTypeGenerator for new APIs

    After some changes were made to the way we test and implement generators on the Workarea platform, the ContentBlockGenerator looked a bit out-of-date. This updates the generator for the new APIs and renames it to ContentBlockTypeGenerator, to better reflect what it's actually creating.

    • Rename ContentBlockGenerator to ContentBlockTypeGenerator
    • Don't generate sample data in ContentBlockTypeGenerator.
    • Use the new Plugin.append_stylesheets method to append the newly generated stylesheet.
    • Modify ViewModel template to implement +locals+.

    Fixes ECOMMERCE-2184 Tom Scott

  • Adjust step size for revenue graph with small amounts of data

    If the graph has less than 6 minutes of data, make the step size equal to the amount of available time. Once the available time hits 6 minutes, the step size returns to 3 minutes.

    ECOMMERCE-2180 Kristen Ward

  • Add recommendations to transactional emails

    ECOMMERCE-2199 Ben Crouse

  • Add translated text to loading indicator for non-visual users

    ECOMMERCE-1302 Kristen Ward

  • Add overflow scrolling to admin menu, prevent overlap with WL logo

    Menu stays fixed behind workarea logo when window size is too small. Add overflow scrolling to prevent this.

    ECOMMERCE-1569 Kristen Ward

  • Loosen changelog generation commit filtering

    This changes changelog generation to allow reverts and merges where a ticket number is present.

    ECOMMERCE-2185 Ben Crouse

  • Allow navigation link clone attributes to be configurable

    ECOMMERCE-2207 Ben Crouse

  • Generate Order Reports

    listen for an order placed or fulfillment updated to create an OrderReport that extracts relevant data from an order to allow for simple aggregation of the data for reporting on dashboards.

    ECOMMERCE-2169 Matt Duffy

  • Document style guide generator

    Add "Create a Style Guide" guide and update "Release Notes" guide.

    ECOMMERCE-2080 Chris Cressman

  • Add first-iteration smart navigation functionality

    ECOMMERCE-2128 Ben Crouse

  • Add order indexes to support reminder and recently updated workers

    ECOMMERCE-2164 Ben Crouse

  • Use generated changelog in guides

    ECOMMERCE-1356 Ben Crouse

  • Add link from catalog_products#index to import_catalog#new

    ECOMMERCE-2047 Curt Howard

  • Add indexes to support the UpdateProductSalePrice worker

    ECOMMERCE-2060 Ben Crouse

  • Always include User-Agent specification in robots.txt

    Some validators are fine with this, some aren't. Better to play this on the safe side.

    ECOMMERCE-2177 Ben Crouse

  • Add autoloading of sample data creators in host app

    This makes sample data customization far simpler. Hopefully, people will embrace this, and start using the sample data rake task for their projects.

    ECOMMERCE-2173 Ben Crouse

  • Clean up/standardize generator implementations and testing

    After being worked on by different people and implemented and tested inconsistently, this work makes several changes:

    • Remove need for generator_spec. The tests for serveral of the generators wasn't actually testing anything because this gem has some bugs. I've fixed the "broken" tests.

    • Simplify content block generator spec to remove some of the excessive complication. Lost functionaly will be made up for with new functionality where the sample data creation automatically loads sample data classes from host application.

    • Hack around the annoying missing bin/rails message. This was happening because of the discount generator, which calls another generator.

    ECOMMERCE-2144 Ben Crouse

  • Fix floating page footer issue with Pagination

    • Swap pushState with replaceState
    • Unset .view height when window is resized

    ECOMMERCE-2004 Curt Howard

  • Fix quickview 'Read More' link error

    Route is being interpreted incorrectly from quickview, resulting in a scrambled URL.

    Specify params hash for link in truncated product description helper

    Add test for truncate product description helper

    Include url helpers in product helper spec

    ECOMMERCE-2064 Kristen Ward

  • Fix i18n spec for host application compatibility

    I18n spec is incompatible with host applications whose config.i18n.enforce_available_locales is set to true. Update spec to set available locales per i18n documentation.

    ECOMMERCE-2008 Kristen Ward

  • Clean up openDrawer function call

    drawer.js call includes unnecessary options hash

    ECOMMERCE-2150 Kristen Ward

  • Add expiration of cache for collection queries

    ECOMMERCE-1740 Matt Duffy

  • Improve UpdateProductSalePrice worker

    the query to determine which products require an update returns the correct set of products. Products are only affected one and touched to ensure caches are cleared for affected products.

    ECOMMERCE-2060 Matt Duffy

  • Fix discounts granted to orders with empty items

    This additional rule is a guard against granting discounts when an order doesn't have any relevant items. For example, don't give free shipping if the discount is set to ignore sale items and there are only sale items in the order.

    ECOMMERCE-2154 Ben Crouse

  • Specifically sort the order of style guide partials alphabetically

    Although the default order appears to be correct, newly added style guide partials are added to the end of the list.

    Add explicit call to sort method on partials array.

    ECOMMERCE-1941 Kristen Ward

  • Ensure ApplicationGroup#value always returns Money object

    Most valuable application group is being incorrectly determined in cases where shipping or other discounts not containing price adjustments do not return a Money value

    Add test and fix from commit 09f64a691e2 (YARN-148)

    ECOMMERCE-2085 Kristen Ward

  • Don't set cache=false cookie unless the user is an admin

    Setting this cookies causes rack-cache to be skipped. Skipping the rack-cache for non-admins doesn't do anything but hurt performance.

    ECOMMERCE-2113 Ben Crouse

  • Add generator for new discounts

    Generates a new Pricing::Discount model, Admin::Discounts view model, and the proper Haml admin views for editing the new discount. This generated code is intended to be extended when needed by the developer, and provides inline comments to aid the developer in creating a discount model.

    ECOMMERCE-2107 Tom Scott

  • Add generator for pricing calculators.

    Generates a new PricingCalculator model for making price adjustments in accordance with

    ECOMMERCE-2138 Tom Scott

  • Update description of branching strategy in guides

    ECOMMERCE-2117 Chris Cressman

  • Include order item details in free gift item data

    SIs have reported that some 3rd party services require all order items to include certain information including product name. Merge order item details into order items created by the free gift discount if product details are available. Add feature test for functionality.

    ECOMMERCE-1959 Kristen Ward

  • Add boilerplate jsdoc comments to module generator

    ECOMMERCE-1964 Kristen Ward

  • Fix issue with release calendar browsing

    Rails understands the EDT time zone but cannot have it's set to EDT. This fix uses the determined UTC offset as the server's time zone.

    ECOMMERCE-2092 Curt Howard

  • Add SampleData generator

    This generator adds a new sample_data script, which is used to generate custom sample data for Workarea applications. Sample data is usually used in the development and testing phases, but can also be used to seed the database in non-local deployments of the app.

    ECOMMERCE-2108 Tom Scott

  • Fix context-menus within model-summaries

    A previous fix was applied to ensure that context-menu components found within model-summary components wouldn't cause the entire page to have a long horizontal scroll. The fix unfortunately trimmed off the context-menu when it was expanded. This patch fixes the issue correctly.

    ECOMMERCE-2093 Curt Howard

  • Fix style guide generator

    • Prefix partial path with an underscore
    • Allow page to be rendered without error

    ECOMMERCE-1736 Curt Howard

  • Prevent invalid filter form submissions on product edit page

    Users are reporting difficulty adjusting values in the 'edit view filters' section of the product form once the form comes back with errors. Add client- side validation to prevent form submissions which include the keyword 'type'.

    ECOMMERCE-1989 Kristen Ward

  • Fix home base pinging

    Two problems addressed here: unsigned certs and pinging home base before the app's initializers have run.

    ECOMMERCE-2109 Ben Crouse

  • give content block generator templates .erb extension


    hopefully this appeases Tailor Adam Clarke

  • Allow decorating of parent and child classes

    Decorating a parent and child class can cause errors depending on the order the decorators are loaded. When the parent class is decorated first, the decoration of the child class will thrown an error from inheriting the prepended module. By added the target name to the generated modole parent and child decorations will not name clash.

    ECOMMERCE-1633 Eric Pigeon

  • add generator for custom product templates


    add template name to workarea config file


    add templates for product template partial and view model


    Update gnerator usage and add messaging to generated files


    add specs and minor adjustments for product template generator


    add ammeter for generator specs (dupe from ecom-2016)


    adjustments to make product template generator specs pass


    specs for skipping product template generator view model


    remove product template view

    ECOMMERCE-2015 Adam Clarke

  • Add custom content block generator


    • generate content block type config
    • add init switch for creating files before inserting
    • generate view templates
    • add content block stylesheet generator
    • applying cressman's pull request feedback
    • rename sample data rake task
    • add tests for content block generator
    • update USAGE for content block generator Adam Clarke
  • Add missing 'Dependencies' append to JS manifests

    Previously plugins were unable to append 3rd Party libraries to the manifest.

    ECOMMERCE-2094 Curt Howard

  • ECOMMERCE-2083: Add append points for navigation content Steve Perks

  • Fix image_url in product CSV imports

    Dragonfly insists on calling save on the model (not its parent) so when creating the image, this changes to call create and persist immediately.

    ECOMMERCE-1974 Ben Crouse

  • Allow product template to be blank in CSV imports

    The importer will default the value to generic.

    ECOMMERCE-1974 Ben Crouse

  • Fix duplicate data in CSV import updates

    ECOMMERCE-1974 Ben Crouse

  • Add Style Guide Generator

    ECOMMERCE-1736 Curt Howard

  • Add Releases Dashboard

    This commit is entirely breaking:

    • deleted: admin/app/assets/images/workarea/admin/activate_with_release.png
    • deleted: admin/app/assets/images/workarea/admin/create_new_release.png
    • deleted: admin/app/assets/images/workarea/admin/publish_release.png
    • deleted: admin/app/assets/images/workarea/admin/save_changes_with_release.png
    • deleted: admin/app/assets/javascripts/workarea/admin/modules/releases_timelines.js
    • deleted: admin/app/assets/stylesheets/workarea/admin/components/_releases_timeline.scss
    • deleted: admin/app/views/workarea/admin/releases/timeline/_future.html.haml
    • deleted: admin/app/views/workarea/admin/releases/timeline/_past.html.haml
    • deleted: docs/admin/source/releases-timeline.html.haml
    • modified: admin/app/assets/stylesheets/workarea/admin/application.scss.erb
    • modified: admin/app/assets/javascripts/workarea/admin/application.js.erb
    • modified: admin/app/controllers/workarea/admin/releases_controller.rb
    • modified: admin/app/views/workarea/admin/releases/index.html.haml
    • modified: admin/spec/features/releases_spec.rb

    ECOMMERCE-2020 Curt Howard

  • Prevent nil comparison error from occurring in product editor

    Amends previous commit af8e2ef3764 which allowed the one_price? method to compare nil values with dollar amounts

    ECOMMERCE-1865 Kristen Ward

  • Document the import catalog from CSV feature

    ECOMMERCE-2054 Chris Cressman

  • Remove invalid user parameter from permit list

    ECOMMERCE-2033 Kristen Ward

  • Fix arguments count error in search generator

    Remove splat from add_set method

    Reference Baudville commit 64e390b2ba0

    ECOMMERCE-2053 Kristen Ward

  • Disallow reserved word 'type' in product filter keys

    Add validation to product model

    Flash error message on failure

    Add unit test for validation, clean up test

    ECOMMERCE-1989 Kristen Ward

  • Change lint output to CSV so output is easier to process

    ECOMMERCE-1974 Ben Crouse

  • Set default nil value on ProductBrowse popularity

    If popularity comes back as NaN then ElasticSearch indexes it as a null value and raises an error: Missing value for field [popularity]

    This causes search queries to return 500 errors.


    Fixes: STILA-338 Thomas Vendetta

  • Add category queries to product browse repo from rake task

    Ensure category percolator queries are added when product browse is re-indexed.

    ECOMMERCE-2045 Matt Duffy

  • Fix truncated description scroll_to_button bug

    The anchor param being passed to the route helper was being improperly merged into the options hash. This commit separates this param from the other options passed to the helper.

    ECOMMERCE-1994 Curt Howard

  • Fix layout of admin's main dashboard

    The model summaries at the bottom of this page were pushing the page out to 99999px due to the way model summary responds to certain types of layouts.

    ECOMMERCE-2005 Curt Howard

  • Add append point for discount conditions

    ECOMMERCE-2003 Kristen Ward

  • ECOMMERCE-2037: Prevent error on checkout that happens when inventory sku backorder value gets saved as nil Bob Clewell

  • Fix usage of legacy write option, prefer j: true instead

    fsync doesn't do anything in Mongoid 5, this was missed in the upgade. Using j: true achieves what we want. See details here:

    ECOMMERCE-2039 Ben Crouse

  • Add translations for authentication flash messages

    In the Workarea::Authentication controller concern, the flash messages displayed when a user is not logged in (or a user must be logged out) are not translated, and thus result in English text appearing no matter what locale has been set. This change copies the hard-coded flash message text from Workarea::Authentication into the core english locale file, and replaces the text with calls to I18n.t.


    Adapt from v0.11 commit

    Conflicts: core/config/locales/en.yml core/lib/workarea/authentication/controller.rb Tom Scott

  • Document rake:workarea:lint

    ECOMMERCE-1991 Chris Cressman

  • Update description of branching strategy in guides

    Update the contributing guide to reflect the latest product team branching strategy. Link to this from the plugin maintenance guide to avoid duplicating the information.

    ECOMMERCE-2007 Chris Cressman

  • Add flat file (CSV) importing classes and admin UI

    The goal with this code is to provide easier data structure targets for importing into the system. Additionally, we expose this in the admin for easier demoing and product data management.

    Merge branch 'feature-flat-file-uploads' into v2-wip

    ECOMMERCE-1974 Ben Crouse

  • ECOMMERCE-2028: Add append point to each admin toolbar. Mark Platt

  • a real test for the shipping method rate update feature

    ECOMMERCE-1926 Adam Clarke

  • ECOMMERCE-2032: stub method only when it is defined on class for set_current_user helper method fgalarza

  • Fix Free Gift discounts

    Correct logic preventing free gifts from having a discount value and correctly qualifying for an order.

    ECOMMERCE-1990 Matt Duffy

  • Merge branch 'v2-wip' of ssh:// into bugfix/ECOMMERCE-1926-changing-shipping-method-rate-breaks-checkout Adam Clarke

  • prevent blank shipping rate teir range from being saved

    ECOMMERCE-1926 Adam Clarke

  • Properly implement heading pattern in CSS

    The previous heading solution actually went against the architecture, but by introducing a heading mixin we are able to provide congruency between the base/_headings.scss file and the trumps/_heading.scss file.

    • $heading-1-font-size through $heading-6-font-size variables have now been compressed into a $heading-font-sizes Sass map variable.
    • core/trumps/_heading.scss has been replaced by unique storefront and admin trumps/_heading.scss files.
    • heading style guide entry updated

    ECOMMERCE-1992 Curt Howard

  • ignore zero quantity items passed to Fulfillment#ship_items

    ECOMMERCE-1910 Adam Clarke

  • Add worker to update sale products

    To prevent product indexes from being stale when pricing skus go on/off sale, a worker runs every 15 minutes to update the index of products associated with pricing skus that have changed sale status since the last window.

    ECOMMERCE-1862 Matt Duffy

  • Display pricing regardless of inventory in admin

    Create new pricing collection which includes all variant pricing

    Add show_sell_range? and one_price? methods specific to admin from storefront, add unit tests

    ECOMMERCE-1865 Kristen Ward

  • Display correct messaging for redeemed single use promo codes

    Use commit 6b9f0d74df5

    Add test for error message for redeemed single use promo codes

    ECOMMERCE-1752 Kristen Ward

  • Add worker to update sale products

    To prevent product indexes from being stale when pricing skus go on/off sale, a worker runs every 15 minutes to update the index of products associated with pricing skus that have changed sale status since the last window.

    ECOMMERCE-1862 Matt Duffy

  • Add rake workarea:lint to lint the current implementation

    The base implementation checks current data for possible problems to help with data integrations. We can expand the use of the workarea:lint rake task in the future to include code introspection as well.

    To add a custom linter from either a project or plugin, simply drop a file in the lib/workarea/lint directory, and define a class that inherits from Workarea::Lint in that file. See core/lib/workarea/lint for examples.

    ECOMMERCE-1974 Ben Crouse

  • Remove another deprecated scheduled task

    The import code has been removed for v2.0 so it can be moved to a plugin.

    ECOMMERCE-1986 Ben Crouse

  • Remove deprecated scheduled task

    The import code has been removed for v2.0 so it can be moved to a plugin.

    ECOMMERCE-1986 Ben Crouse

  • Update export parameter for order status

    ECOMMERCE-1779 Kristen Ward

  • Update admin main navigation order filtering links

    ECOMMERCE-1778 Kristen Ward

  • change order package(parcel) headings on storefront

    ECOMMERCE-1910 Adam Clarke

  • Update plugin template mongoid config

    ECOMMERCE-1983 Kristen Ward

  • Apply changes for segmentation plugin

    Pricing::Collection#for_sku passes options through to Pricing::Sku, and the discount edit form has append points for new conditions.

    ECOMMERCE-1981 Matt Duffy

  • Add teaspoon test for dialog.js

    WORKAREA.url now contains two new methods:

    • WORKAREA.url.current() gets the current window.location.href value
    • WORKAREA.url.redirectTo(url) sets the current window.location value

    Because of the protected nature of the window host object, these methods were needed to be able to stub their return values in tests. They also serve as helpful aliases for developers.

    ECOMMERCE-1807 Curt Howard

  • Update typecast spec examples with current year

    Use in examples where year is unspecified or unknown (additional/I18n, time formats)

    ECOMMERCE-1967 Kristen Ward

  • Fix cloning bug in WORKAREA.drawer.createFromFragment

    createFromFragment was passing a jQuery object to the create method, which expects a String containing the HTML content that should be displayed.

    This commit also satisfies jshint warnings in drawer.js and drawer_buttons.js and fixes a typo in the thrown exception within WORKAREA.drawerButtons.handleOpenAction.

    ECOMMERCE-1968 Curt Howard

  • Update release notes for v2.0

    ECOMMERCE-1883 Ben Crouse

  • Fix bug to close mobile nav drawer when clicking X button

    Due to the recent refactor of WORKAREA.drawer and the way WORKAREA.mobileNavChildMenus replaces the default actions for the drawer used by the mobile navigation, attempting to close the drawer by clicking the X button began to throw an error.

    This was fixed by explicitly binding each button's action when the mobile nav drawers actions are replaced.

    When using a custom readyEvent in the drawer module, the originating $source object is now passed along to the event handler, which is helps to bridge the API gap between a module that customizes the default drawer offering and the drawer module itself.

    ECOMMERCE-1969 Curt Howard

  • reset publish_at when publishing a release

    In order to ensure that scheduled releases that have been published show up in the list of archived/completed releases, the publish! method no longer checks wether or not the publish_at date is in the future.

    ECOMMERCE-1923 Adam Clarke

  • Update base to be compatible with Modernizr v3:

    Modernizr v3 released and officially dropped support for v2. The upgrade from v2 to v3 causes some breaking changes in our platform, namely:

    • To utilize the .no-js class hook alongside a custom prefix, the class hook must be renamed .modernizr-no-js
    • The .modernizr-(no-)touch test has been renamed to .modernizr-(no-)touchevents

    This commit sees these modifications in base, along with the dependent version of workarea-modernizr-rails bump to v2.0.0.

    ECOMMERCE-1961 Curt Howard

  • Add explicit dependency on sprockets-rails 2

    sprockets-rails 3 was released Dec 17 and is incompatible with Workarea. Since we don't specify an explicit dependency on sprockets-rails, Bundler is resolving to sprockets-rails 3, which prevents the app from starting.

    Add an explicit dependency on sprockets-rails 2 to resolve the issue.

    ECOMMERCE-1960 Chris Cressman

Workarea v2.0.0 (2015-12-17)

  • Fix alignment of date-range-pickers in dialogs

    ECOMMERCE-1937 Curt Howard

  • Update guides for new sample data

    ECOMMERCE-1860 Ben Crouse

  • Prevent page layout from cascading content-box & more:

    Fix icon mixin documentation

    Bump margin of page messages

    Fix value p tag use case

    ECOMMERCE-1958 Curt Howard

  • Consolidate sample data requiring in the sample data file

    This makes it simpler for a build to require sample data for customizing data.

    ECOMMERCE-1860 Ben Crouse

  • Make admin index filters compatible with sort

    Add test for sorting with filters applied

    ECOMMERCE-1776 Kristen Ward

  • Remove email signup popup

    This will be moved into a plugin for future support

    ECOMMERCE-1957 Ben Crouse

  • Add more system content sample data

    This reflects more of what the system offers out of the box

    ECOMMERCE-1860 Ben Crouse

  • Add append point for user context menu

    ECOMMERCE-1877 Matt Duffy

  • Separate system content from dynamic content in sample data

    This will allow a build to more gracefully customize system data without need to decorate/override all the dynamic data loading code.

    ECOMMERCE-1860 Ben Crouse

  • Limit sample data category names to 2 words

    ECOMMERCE-1860 Ben Crouse

  • Rename marketing pages to browsing pages

    This helps connect the fact that those sample data pages will end up in the browsing navigation.

    ECOMMERCE-1860 Ben Crouse

  • Ensure sample data pages have unique names

    ECOMMERCE-1860 Ben Crouse

  • Use faker data in shares sample data

    ECOMMERCE-1860 Ben Crouse

  • Fix yield return value logic for determining search template

    ECOMMERCE-1931 Ben Crouse

  • Improve sample data generator

    This commit reduces the complexity of the sample data generation as well renaming it to reduce confusion with rails generators. Decoupling the individual pieces of sample data will make it easier to implementations to override individual parts for their build.

    We've also switched to using Faker as much as it makes sense to.

    ECOMMERCE-1860 Ben Crouse

  • Change presentation of navigation_menus#edit dialog

    ECOMMERCE-1691 Curt Howard

  • Document CSS Architecture

    ECOMMERCE-1880 Curt Howard

  • Ensure product results are shown when filtering search

    The search results were displaying content when filters would narrow the product results below the number of content results. This prevents the defaulting to content search when product filters are present.

    ECOMMERCE-1931 Matt Duffy

  • Add discount application group calculation

    To fix incorrect discount calculation based on calculation ordering, we need to calculate each combination of discounts to determine the best value. These value calculations are each done and then undone and the best valued discount group is applied.

    ECOMMERCE-1866 Ben Crouse

  • Rename vertical-rhythm -> visual-rhythm

    ECOMMERCE-1933 Curt Howard

  • Move visually-hidden trump styles to payment-icon

    ECOMMERCE-1933 Curt Howard

  • Ensure shipping option is valid on address update

    There were scenarios in which a shipping method could be selected, and then later become invalid when the user changed their shipping address. They could then skip over the shipping step and retain the now invalid shipping options.

    This fix ensures on address save that the selected shipping option is still valid.

    ECOMMERCE-1927 Matt Duffy

  • ECOMMERCE-1860: remove specific data from page queries Adam Clarke

  • Remove "Change Version" menu from guides

    ECOMMERCE-1935 Chris Cressman

  • Fix category rules preview 412 Error

    ECOMMERCE-1916 Curt Howard

  • Specify Elasticsearch version in dev environment guide

    Provide more helpful information about the versions and Homebrew packages for Elasticsearch and PhantomJS.

    ECOMMERCE-1934 Chris Cressman

  • Fix visual bugs in admin:

    Fix alignment of Sort By menus within index-filters

    Remove negative margin from search-form icon

    Fix visibility issue with context-menu

    Fixes alignment issue with context-menu

    Updates icon mixin documentation, removes rendered CSS examples

    ECOMMERCE-1932 Curt Howard

  • Fix autocompletion not matching on partial words

    This was because of the ES query type. This commit changes to use a prefix match like the jump to functionality if the request is xhr.

    ECOMMERCE-1928 Ben Crouse

  • Add separate translations for html/text email areas

    ECOMMERCE-1794 Kristen Ward

  • Add icon for Pricing and Inventory Links in Variants

    ECOMMERCE-1929 Curt Howard

  • ECOMMERCE-1860: remove data dependencies from category queries Adam Clarke

  • Fix query parameter length for Category UI preview

    When a Category rule is added or modified the Category UI preview updates by submitting the serialized data of the surrounding form. When there are many manual products saved for a Category, the query string becomes very long, potentially causing a 412 server error.

    This commit removes the manual product IDs from the $.get request, since they are not needed to properly render the rule-based preview.

    ECOMMERCE-1916 Curt Howard

  • Rename model method for accuracy

    ECOMMERCE-1556 Ben Crouse

  • Update content block guides

    ECOMMERCE-1678 Chris Cressman

  • ECOMMERCE-1922: Fixes typo in search spec Dave Barnow

  • Fix Category UI Preview when no rules are present

    ECOMMERCE-1918 Curt Howard

  • Hide unwanted page headings instead of removing them

    Don't allow admins to remove the H1 from a content page. Visually hide it instead. This will prevent admins from unwillingly harming SEO.

    Duplicate H1s are unlikely since the HTML content block is the only type that allows adding an H1 to the page's content. A missing H1 is therefore the bigger risk.

    ECOMMERCE-1556 Chris Cressman

  • Fix alignment of form controls when invalid

    When jQuery Validate applied the class .value__error to the .text-box component it also applied a display: block property value, which broke the tabular layout in the admin. This fix conditionally styles labels differently from text boxes.

    Comments have been improved for both engine's .value components as well.

    ECOMMERCE-1908 Curt Howard

  • Add render H1 toggle to content pages

    This removes the need for H1 management in templates and allows us to remove the landing template since after this change, it provides no value.

    ECOMMERCE-1556 Ben Crouse

  • Fix overflow issue with autocomplete within ui-dialog

    ECOMMERCE-1906 Curt Howard

  • Fix selected state of asset picker radio button

    ECOMMERCE-1899 Curt Howard

  • Remove segmentation

    ECOMMERCE-1913 Ben Crouse

  • Consolidate config so it's all in one place

    ECOMMERCE-1584 Ben Crouse

  • Move default configuration into its own file

    ECOMMERCE-1584 Ben Crouse

  • Move initializers into their own files

    ECOMMERCE-1584 Ben Crouse

  • Don't spell-correct based on products if there are content results

    ECOMMERCE-1834 Ben Crouse

  • Exclude digital products from fulfillment items

    Add listener spec

    ECOMMERCE-1598 Kristen Ward

  • Fix Load More Results button placement in pagination

    ECOMMERCE-1905 Curt Howard

  • Fix items with 0 pending quantity

    Previously item ids would be included in the pending hash with 0, which is extraneous and/or irrelevant info.

    ECOMMERCE-1903 Ben Crouse

  • Render the layout for XHR requests if layout=true

    This allows XHR requests to be made with the full layout while still considered XHR requests from the server's perspective. This is in contrast to removing the X-Requested-With header.

    ECOMMERCE-1854 Ben Crouse

  • Patch dialog fragment to remove X-Requested-With

    This ensures the server will render the request exactly as the page would be rendered for a non-XHR request.

    ECOMMERCE-1854 Ben Crouse

  • Remove unnecessary prefilter

    This is no longer needed since we are correctly using Vary headers to vary the cache based on the X-Requested-With

    ECOMMERCE-1854 Ben Crouse

  • Begin new content block guides

    ECOMMERCE-1678 Chris Cressman

  • Clean up checkout views

    This commit includes:

    • Move grid from components to objects
    • Add responsive-grid object
    • Removal of fieldsets from checkout#addresses
    • Add more classes to checkout#shipping
    • Modernize the clearfix trump
    • Secondary payments now visible by default, removes checkout_secondary_payments.js

    ECOMMERCE-1608 Curt Howard

  • Add ping to home base on application initialization

    ECOMMERCE-1253 Ben Crouse

  • Create consistency with use of facet or filter

    The terms facet and filter were used in mixed scenarios throughout the codebase. This aims to make the use of either term consistent.

    facet is used in the context of search results, when referring to a list of filter values. filter is used to refer to lists of attributes that are used to narrow search results.

    ECOMMERCE-1878 Matt Duffy

  • Begin updating stylesheet guides

    ECOMMERCE-1680 Chris Cressman

  • Extract asset importing into plugin

    Remove code around importing product and asset images for creation of workarea-import plugin.

    ECOMMERCE-1876 Matt Duffy

  • Remove OMS functionality

    Admin OMS functionality is being moved to a workarea-oms plugin.

    ECOMMERCE-1877 Matt Duffy

  • Update views, partials, and helpers guides

    ECOMMERCE-1821 Chris Cressman

  • Update plugins guides

    ECOMMERCE-1815 Chris Cressman

  • Fix item cancellations showing when quantity 0

    Without this fix, cancellations adds an entry in the return value even if the quantity cancelled on the item is 0

    ECOMMERCE-1902 Ben Crouse

  • Rewrite test for adding content

    Prevent random failures

    ECOMMERCE-1898 Kristen Ward

  • Adjust JS Modules

    release_search_for_editing.js became releasable_model_search_forms.js.

    releases_timelines.js has been made less fragile.

    search_results_sortables.js has been cleaned up.

    ECOMMERCE-1702 Curt Howard

  • Update getting started guides

    ECOMMERCE-1833 Chris Cressman

  • Add/update ruby guides

    ECOMMERCE-1820 Chris Cressman

  • Update product images and content assets guides

    ECOMMERCE-1827 Chris Cressman

  • Update analytics guides

    ECOMMERCE-1825 Chris Cressman

  • Add/update contact form guides

    ECOMMERCE-1826 Chris Cressman

  • Add application order to discounts

    This resolves several calculation problems when determining discount value. Merge branch 'feature-discount-application-order'

    ECOMMERCE-1875 Ben Crouse

  • Remove synonyms reindex warning

    ECOMMERCE-1798 Kristen Ward

  • Refactor checkout code

    With intent to make extension and customization of checkout for host applications, the checkout steps and controller actions are broken into smaller pieces that allow easier customization of the checkout flow.

    ECOMMERCE-1765 Matt Duffy

  • Rewrite pagination.js

    Pagination needed to be rewritten in order to support future development of Ajax Browse/Search Filtering. This change also improves this module's readability, squashes a bug that was frequently reported regarding it's use of Waypoints.js & removes the final, needless $.get request per page.

    ECOMMERCE-1873 Curt Howard

  • Remove landing page type

    Base now ships with only one page template by default: generic. The logic has been retained so that SIs may still extend the previous functionality to create other page templates as needed.

    ECOMMERCE-1556 Curt Howard

  • Disable analytics.js while editing content

    The analytics module would misfire many times during the process of editing content. This commit stops the analytics module from firing false positives while updating page content.

    ECOMMERCE-1733 Curt Howard

  • Generalize range filters for FilterManager

    This updates the logic around building elasticsearch aggregation for price ranges and generalizes it to allow for the addition of any number of filters with range values.

    ECOMMERCE-1630 Matt Duffy

  • Update products guides

    ECOMMERCE-1831 Chris Cressman

  • Update pricing guides

    ECOMMERCE-1830 Chris Cressman

  • Update caching guides

    ECOMMERCE-1817 Chris Cressman

  • Update system emails guides

    ECOMMERCE-1824 Chris Cressman

  • Update payment guides

    ECOMMERCE-1829 Chris Cressman

  • Update search guides

    ECOMMERCE-1828 Chris Cressman

  • Update testing & QA guides

    ECOMMERCE-1818 Chris Cressman

  • Update contributing guides

    ECOMMERCE-1812 Chris Cressman

  • Update architecture guides

    ECOMMERCE-1816 Chris Cressman

  • Overhaul Category UI

    The addition of manual products and previous Preview functionality has been consolidated into a singular preview area that is live updated as rules are applied.

    ECOMMERCE-1848 Curt Howard

  • Update data imports guides

    ECOMMERCE-1813 Chris Cressman

  • Update the guides for additional configurations

    ECOMMERCE-1819 Chris Cressman

  • Update error pages guides

    ECOMMERCE-1823 Chris Cressman

  • Update dependency configuration guides

    ECOMMERCE-1832 Chris Cressman

  • Update I18n guides

    ECOMMERCE-1822 Chris Cressman

  • Swap success message and page check in content spec

    ECOMMERCE-1861 Kristen Ward

  • Make Mongoid models publishers by default

    Rather than requiring developers to remember to make a new model a publisher, we patch Mongoid::Document to automatically include the Mongoid::Publisher module

    ECOMMERCE-1795 Matt Duffy

  • Remove package products

    We will be moving this functionality to a plugin to allow more options for us in the future on the first major release.

    ECOMMERCE-1837 Ben Crouse

  • Includes query string on return to location

    This corrects an issue where only the path of a remembered location was used when redirecting back to a path after login. This changes the method used on the parsed URI to include the query string in the redirect path.

    ECOMMERCE-1751 Matt Duffy

  • Add custom discount guide

    ECOMMERCE-1811 Chris Cressman

  • Update sample data guides

    ECOMMERCE-1771 Chris Cressman

  • Upgrade to Sidekiq 4

    updates gemspec in core and sidekiq cron version for compatibility with Sidekiq 4.

    ECOMMERCE-1799 Matt Duffy

  • Use default category sort for rule-based products

    Products in the category after the manual products should reflect the default sort for the category selected in the admin.

    ECOMMERCE-1839 Ben Crouse

  • Fix select2 single select dropdown styles

    ECOMMERCE-1859 Kristen Ward

  • Switch to sidekiq-cron for scheduled jobs

    ECOMMERCE-1640 Ben Crouse

  • Allow custom filter lists per-category

    ECOMMERCE-1570 Ben Crouse

  • Merge branch 'feature-add-content-search'


    Conflicts: core/lib/workarea/core/engine.rb Ben Crouse

  • Update inventory dropdown to identify policy regardless of case

    ECOMMERCE-1793 Kristen Ward

  • Merge branch 'feature/ECOMMERCE-1671-update-style-guides' Curt Howard

  • Update & simplify style guides

    This commit sees the removal of the distincition between designer & deveolper modes, which was creating confusion around their intended uses.

    All layers of the ITCSS architecture are now accounted for in the style guide's structure for each engine.

    Arbitrary margins have been removed around each component to showcase if the component carries it's own, intentional margin.

    Some style guides have been updated to show their modifiers with the parent block, for reasons of convenience.

    ECOMMERCE-1671 Curt Howard

  • Add worker to keep product browse index fresh

    This serves as a safety net to ensure we don't end up with stale product data in the Elasticsearch index. Also protects against products not getting indexed.

    ECOMMERCE-1858 Ben Crouse

  • Update JavaScript guides

    ECOMMERCE-1661 Chris Cressman

  • Add JSDoc comments to all JavaScripts

    ECOMMERCE-1216 Chris Cressman

  • Remove JavaScript reference from style guides

    ECOMMERCE-1216 Chris Cressman

  • Make jQuery validate messages translatable

    Add defaults to en.yml Reference commit 2a0da84618f

    ECOMMERCE-1567 Kristen Ward

  • Clean up discounts namespacing mess

    ECOMMERCE-1844 Ben Crouse

  • Fix bugs in empty categories

    ECOMMERCE-1749 Ben Crouse

  • Assume the presence of storefront and admin, always

    Removing the poor original assumption it may be useful to allow the admin and storefront to be mounted independently of one another. In practice, this is never done and just complicates code and testing.

    ECOMMERCE-1576 Ben Crouse

  • Fix test failures in generated host app

    Admin assets spec: Use image file path from test asset to prevent iframe errors

    Admin content spec: Add presets when creating html block

    Store front passwords spec: Remove check for admin vs user account path Replace with generic success message check

    Store front i18n spec: Add name field to dummy locale file

    ECOMMERCE-1774 Kristen Ward

  • Correctly remove free gift item when disqualified from order

    items were getting unintentionally removed twice from an order. This would sometimes cause other free gifts to be removed unintentionally.

    ECOMMERCE-1810 Matt Duffy

  • Add "Not in Navigation" filter for category admin

    ECOMMERCE-1805 Ben Crouse

  • Fix no products filter on category dependency on browse indexing

    When you add products to a category, the ES entry for the category does not get correctly updated because it depends on the product browsing index, which isn't necessarily updated yet. The solution here is to force index the first product in the category if present before continuing on to index the category admin entry.

    ECOMMERCE-1749 Ben Crouse

  • Move i18n icon into related text-box

    The i18n_icon helper has been removed in favor of a modifier of text-box--i18n on all associated text-box components. The styling for the modifier is conditional, and will only display it's icon if a class of i18n is found higher in the modifiers ancestor tree. Currently the i18n class is output on the html element of the admin's application layout.

    ECOMMERCE-1743 Curt Howard

  • Fix incomplete admin indexing

    Fixes by adding admin reindexing when a model is touched.

    ECOMMERCE-1750 Ben Crouse

  • Position context menu over sibling model summaries on hover

    ECOMMERCE-1790 Kristen Ward

  • Add jquery validate to admin

    Move forms module and defaults to core Update manifests Add styles to error elements

    ECOMMERCE-1773 Kristen Ward

  • Minor style cleanup

    ECOMMERCE-1727 Ben Crouse

  • Restructure guides

    In response to feedback from SIs, restructure guides to be smaller and more task oriented.

    Remove in-page table of contents in favor of a site-wide navigation present on every page.

    ECOMMERCE-1791 Chris Cressman

  • Refactor search router for easier extension

    This commit changes the Search::Router from a big, hairy if statement to a chain of middleware using our SwappableList class. This will allow easier extension and decoration by both system implementations and plugins.

    ECOMMERCE-1727 Ben Crouse

  • Remove requirement for user to re-authenticate at checkout

    If a user is already logged in upon starting checkout, they will be automatically taken into the checkout flow to the first required step.

    ECOMMERCE-1717 Matt Duffy

  • Move feature_spec_helper.js to immediately follow Modernizr

    In the test environment, feature_spec_helper.js is needed to undo certain Modernizr behavior. We allow plugins to insert code between Modernizr and feature_spec_helper in the head.js manifest, which may lead to bugs in the test environment.

    In the head manifest, move feature_spec_helper to immediately follow Modernizr.

    ECOMMERCE-1803 Chris Cressman

  • Test for existing WORKAREA.config object before creating it

    In workarea.js, we test for an existing WORKAR