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Workato documentation site

This website is build using VuePress and uses modified default theme.


To develop documentation locally you'll need to install Node.js (at least v12). After that, clone repo and run npm ci to install dependences.


List of available commands:

Command Description
npm start Starts development server locally
npm run build Builds static website into dist folder
npm run check Checks all the docs for broken links
npm run optimize-images Optimize all images in /assets/images folder
npm run optimize-images -- --staged Optimize git add-ed images

Note: in most cases optimize-images commands should not be used manually because this project injects Git precommit hook that optimizes images automatically.

Project structure

Directory Description
/assets/images Contains all images used in docs
/bin Contains helper scripts
/dist Will contain built static website after running npm run build
/docs Contains all the docs (*.md files)
/docs/.vuepress Contains all the VuePress configuration- and theme-related files. See Configuration files section for more info.
/docs/.vuepress/public Contains static assets like favicon, fonts etc.

Configuration files

All the configuration files are located in /docs/.vuepress directory.

File Description
config.js VuePress configuration file
sidebar.js Config file that is used to generate navigation sidebar. See Sidebar section for more info.
styles/*.styl Style files that override styles from the default VuePress theme (use Stylus CSS preprocessor)
theme/* Files related to overriding of the VuePress default theme.
plugins/* Custom VuePress and markdown-it plugins.


Navigation sidebar is generated using /docs/.vuepress/sidebar.js config file. It's a simple JS array each element of which can be one of:

  • A simple string. In this case it should be a URL to some documentation page e.g. /recipes/triggers (.html or .md extension can be ommited) or to some external website e.g.

    In this case a link title will be extracted either from the frontmatter title property or from the first h1 header of the linked document.

  • An array of 2 strings. First is the URL and the second is the link title e.g. ['/recipes/triggers', 'Triggers']

  • An object with the following shape represending a group of links:

      // Sidebar group title (Required)
      // (Required)
      title: 'Triggers'
      // If provided group title will be a link to the corresponding URL (Optional)
      // (Optional)
      path: '/recipes/triggers',
      // List of sub-groups or sub-links
      // (Required)
      children: [
        ['/bar', 'Bar title'],
        ['/bar#with-hash', 'Sub-bar title'],
          title: 'Sub-group',
          path: '/sub-group-path',
          children: [
            // ...

Writing documentation

All documents must be a Markdown files (*.md) which will be processed with markdown-it. List of available markdown extensions can be found in the VuePress documentation.

URLs to images (located in /assets/images directory) must start with ~@img prefix e.g. to insert an image located at /assets/images/foo.png you need to write ![Foo](~@img/foo.png).

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