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Madlib Creator is a library for generating madlib sentences out of preexisting text corpuses.

This project was used as part of the TV Helper installation at Art Hack Day: Deluge at Pioneer Works, NYC in January 2015.

This library will take a collection of text files and create pseudo-mad lib files out of them. It performs basic POS tagging on text files and selects sentences that fit a pre-defined set of rules, and tags them for noun replacement.

Installation Instructions

bundle install

Usage Instructions

The library looks for subdirectories within the texts directory, each containing text files. It will create a collection of text files within the output directory.

This command will execute the script:

bundle exec ruby splitter.rb

For each subdirectory within texts, it will generate two output text files. for example, the texts/example subdirectory will create a output/example_1.txt and an output/example_2.txt.

These text files consist of a list of sentences, one per-line. The number indicates the number of nouns in each sentence. the nouns themselves have been replaced with --NOUN--, to facilitate automatic find-and-replace.

Additionally, it will also generate a list of removed nouns, for example output/example_removed_nouns.txt.This is a sorted list of all the words that have been removed from the texts.

A project from Art Hack Day: Deluge


A library for generating mad lib sentences out of text corpuses, written for Art Hack Day: Deluge.




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