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A NES emulator in WebAssembly. Try it live:

Forked from the NaCl C++ version:

Which is based on vNES:

Build requirements

cmake 3.4.3 or greater

python 2


Build and run in browser

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 9999

Build and run in desktop

./SaltyNES game.nes


  • Remove the mutex, or replace it with std::mutex

  • see if smb3 and punchout work in vnes

  • save memory to localstorage/indexeddb

  • tetris has no backgrounds

  • Try using opengl for the screen to see if it makes painting faster.

  • make fps show in html

  • Make it so the emulator can be restarted without reloading the page

  • Add gamepad support

  • make the emulator easy to embed in other web apps by having hooks for all gui buttons

  • Make it not cache the wasm file, even after shift reload

  • Is there a way to check if running asm.js instead of WebAssembly?

  • Shrink wasm file by removing complex libraries

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