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Py-cpuinfo gets CPU info with pure Python. Py-cpuinfo should work without any extra programs or libraries, beyond what your OS provides. It does not require any compilation(C/C++, assembly, et cetera) to use. It works with Python 3.


if __name__ == '__main__':
    from cpuinfo import get_cpu_info

    for key, value in get_cpu_info().items():
        print("{0}: {1}".format(key, value))


Returns the CPU info by using the best sources of information for your OS.
Returns the result in a dict

Returns the CPU info by using the best sources of information for your OS.
Returns the result in a json string


key Example value Return Format
"python_version" " (64 bit)" string
"cpuinfo_version" (8, 0, 0) (int, int, int)
"cpuinfo_version_string" "8.0.0" string
"hz_advertised_friendly" "2.9300 GHz" string
"hz_actual_friendly" "1.7330 GHz" string
"hz_advertised" (2930000000, 0) (int, int)
"hz_actual" (1733000000, 0) (int, int)
"arch" "X86_64" 'ARM_7', 'ARM_8', 'LOONG_32', 'LOONG_64', 'MIPS_32', 'MIPS_64', 'PPC_32', 'PPC_64', 'RISCV_32', 'RISCV_64', 'SPARC_32', 'SPARC_64', 'S390X', 'X86_32', 'X86_64'
"bits" 64 int
"count" 4 int
"l1_data_cache_size" 32768 int
"l1_instruction_cache_size" 32768 int
"l2_cache_size" 262144 int
"l2_cache_line_size" 256 int
"l2_cache_associativity" 6 int
"l3_cache_size" 3145728 int
"stepping" 5 int
"model" 30 int
"family" 6 int
"processor_type" 0 int
"flags" ['acpi', 'aperfmperf', 'apic', 'arch_perfmon', 'bts', 'clflush', 'cmov', 'constant_tsc', 'cx16', 'cx8', 'de', 'ds_cpl', 'dtes64', 'dtherm', 'dts', 'ept', 'est', 'flexpriority', 'fpu', 'fxsr', 'ht', 'ida', 'lahf_lm', 'lm', 'mca', 'mce', 'mmx', 'monitor', 'msr', 'mtrr', 'nonstop_tsc', 'nopl', 'nx', 'pae', 'pat', 'pbe', 'pdcm', 'pebs', 'pge', 'pni', 'popcnt', 'pse', 'pse36', 'rdtscp', 'rep_good', 'sep', 'smx', 'ss', 'sse', 'sse2', 'sse4_1', 'sse4_2', 'ssse3', 'syscall', 'tm', 'tm2', 'tpr_shadow', 'tsc', 'vme', 'vmx', 'vnmi', 'vpid', 'xtopology', 'xtpr'] [string]

Raw Fields

These fields are pulled directly from the CPU and are unverified. They may contain expected results. Other times they may contain wildly unexpected results or garbage. So it would be a bad idea to rely on them.

key Example value Return Format
"vendor_id_raw" "GenuineIntel" string
"hardware_raw" "BCM2708" string
"brand_raw" "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz" string
"arch_string_raw" "x86_64" string

Run as a script

$ python cpuinfo/

Run as a module

$ python -m cpuinfo

Run as a library

if __name__ == '__main__':
    from cpuinfo import get_cpu_info
    info = get_cpu_info()

Run under Pyinstaller

# NOTE: Pyinstaller may spawn infinite processes if __main__ is not used
if __name__ == '__main__':
    from cpuinfo import get_cpu_info
    from multiprocessing import freeze_support

    # NOTE: Pyinstaller also requires freeze_support
    info = get_cpu_info()

Install instructions

$ python -m pip install -U py-cpuinfo

Command Line Arguments

--help: show this help message and exit
--json: Return the info in JSON format
--version: Return the version of py-cpuinfo
--trace: Traces code paths used to find CPU info to file

OS Support

OS Tested and should work Untested
Android Everything
Cygwin Windows
Haiku Haiku Nightly BeOS
Linux Arch, Centos, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, OpenSuse, Ubuntu
OS X 10.8 - 10.14
Solaris Oracle Solaris, OpenIndiana
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 RT

CPU Support

  • X86 32bit and 64bit
  • Some ARM, LoongArch, MIPS, PPC, RISCV, SPARC, and S390X CPUs

These approaches are used for getting info:

  1. Windows Registry (Windows)
  2. /proc/cpuinfo (Linux)
  3. sysctl (OS X)
  4. dmesg (Unix/Linux)
  5. /var/run/dmesg.boot (BSD/Unix)
  6. isainfo and kstat (Solaris)
  7. cpufreq-info (BeagleBone)
  8. lscpu (Unix/Linux)
  9. sysinfo (Haiku)
  10. device-tree ibm features flags (Linux PPC)
  11. Querying the CPUID register (Intel X86 CPUs)

Run Test Suite


Bugs and Corrections

Please report a Bug if you suspect any of this information is wrong.

If py-cpuinfo does not work on your machine, run the script:

python tools/

and create bug report with the generated "system_info.txt" file.