A module for getting CPU info with Python 2 & 3
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Py-cpuinfo gets CPU info with pure Python. Py-cpuinfo should work without any extra programs or libraries, beyond what your OS provides. It does not require any compilation(C/C++, assembly, et cetera) to use. It works with Python 2 and 3.

OS Support

OS Tested and should work Untested
Android Everything
Cygwin Windows
Haiku Haiku Nightly BeOS
Linux Arch, Centos, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, OpenSuse, Ubuntu
OS X 10.8 - 10.12
Solaris Oracle Solaris, OpenIndiana
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 RT

CPU Support

  • X86 32bit and 64bit
  • Some ARM and PPC CPUs


Returns the CPU info by using the best sources of information for your OS.
Returns {} if nothing is found.


key Example value
python_version "2.7.12.final.0 (64 bit)"
cpuinfo_version (4, 0, 0)
vendor_id "GenuineIntel"
hardware "BCM2708"
brand "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 870 @ 2.93GHz"
hz_advertised "2.9300 GHz"
hz_actual "1.7330 GHz"
hz_advertised_raw (2930000000, 0)
hz_actual_raw (1733000000, 0)
arch "X86_64"
bits 64
count 4
raw_arch_string "x86_64"
l1_data_cache_size "32 KB"
l1_instruction_cache_size "32 KB"
l2_cache_size "256 KB"
l2_cache_line_size 6
l2_cache_associativity 0x100
l3_cache_size "3072 KB"
stepping 5
model 30
family 6
processor_type 0
extended_model 0
extended_family 0
flags ['acpi', 'aperfmperf', 'apic', 'arch_perfmon', 'bts', 'clflush', 'cmov', 'constant_tsc', 'cx16', 'cx8', 'de', 'ds_cpl', 'dtes64', 'dtherm', 'dts', 'ept', 'est', 'flexpriority', 'fpu', 'fxsr', 'ht', 'ida', 'lahf_lm', 'lm', 'mca', 'mce', 'mmx', 'monitor', 'msr', 'mtrr', 'nonstop_tsc', 'nopl', 'nx', 'pae', 'pat', 'pbe', 'pdcm', 'pebs', 'pge', 'pni', 'popcnt', 'pse', 'pse36', 'rdtscp', 'rep_good', 'sep', 'smx', 'ss', 'sse', 'sse2', 'sse4_1', 'sse4_2', 'ssse3', 'syscall', 'tm', 'tm2', 'tpr_shadow', 'tsc', 'vme', 'vmx', 'vnmi', 'vpid', 'xtopology', 'xtpr']

These approaches are used for getting info:

  1. Windows Registry (Windows)
  2. /proc/cpuinfo (Linux)
  3. sysctl (OS X)
  4. dmesg (Unix/Linux)
  5. /var/run/dmesg.boot (BSD/Unix)
  6. isainfo and kstat (Solaris)
  7. cpufreq-info (BeagleBone)
  8. lscpu (Unix/Linux)
  9. sysinfo (Haiku)
  10. device-tree ibm features flags (Linux PPC)
  11. Querying the CPUID register (Intel X86 CPUs)

Run as a script

$ python cpuinfo/cpuinfo.py

Run as a module

$ python -m cpuinfo

Run as a library

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import cpuinfo
    info = cpuinfo.get_cpu_info()

Run under Pyinstaller

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import cpuinfo
    from multiprocessing import freeze_support
    freeze_support() # NOTE: Needed for Pyinstaller
    info = cpuinfo.get_cpu_info()

Install instructions

$ python -m pip install -U py-cpuinfo

Bugs and Corrections

Please report a Bug if you suspect any of this information is wrong.

If py-cpuinfo does not work on your machine, run the script:

python tools/get_system_info.py

and create bug report with the generated "system_info.txt" file.