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Success: Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

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* [10 instant tips to be happier now](
* [The No Complaining Rule](
+* [Think and Grow Rich](
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+**DISCLAIMER: This is all directly from Napoleon Hill's <i>[Think and Grow Rich](</i> and is merely a summary for future reference. If you haven't read <i>Think and Grow Rich</i>, stop reading this summary NOW, [buy it and read it]( It's a philosophy for success, and <i>it will change your life</i>.**
+# Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
+Critics will argue with good reason why I'm totally wrong here, but IMHO this is one of the flagship books on the Law of Attraction. Whatever you call it, Mr. Hill outlines clear and concise steps used to **transmute desire into money**. These notes are not comprehensive, and they are paraphrasing real content. NOTE: Please take this with a grain of salt.
+## Daily Formula
+Before enacting the daily formula, you must create a **<i>Definite Chief Aim</i>**. This is the one, single purpose to your entire-being at this moment in life. This is the one, single, atomic, most important thing you desire success in. You will use the <i>Daily Formula</i> to manifest it. Write this <i>Definite Chief Aim</i> on a piece of paper and read it every single morning and every single night until you can resite it from memory.
+Remember: When we talk about desire, we mean **<i>head-over-heals-marry-this-idea-forever-and-throw-myself-in-front-of-buses-and-bullets-for-it type desire</i>**.
+- **DESIRE** that shit!
+- **THINK** about that shit constantly.
+- Have **FAITH** in that shit.
+- Spend 30m a day thinking about yourself, as if you **ALREADY** have it. Who would you want to be and how will you get there? Setup next actions for **<i>today</i>**.
+- Repeat your **DEFINITE CHIEF AIM** every morning and night.
+## Attributes of a Leader
+- Unwavering courage
+- Self-control
+- A keen sense of justice
+- Definiteness of decision
+- Definiteness of plans
+- The habit of doing more than paid for
+- A pleasing personality
+- Sympathy and understanding
+- Master of detail
+- Willingness to assume full responsibility
+- Cooperation
+## Misattributes of a Leader
+- Inability to organize details
+- Unwillingness to render humble service
+- Expectation to get paid for what they "know" instead of what they do with what they know
+- Fear of competition from followers
+- Lack of imagination
+- Selfishness
+- Intemperance
+- Disloyalty
+- Emphasis of the "Authority" of leadership
+- Emphasis of title

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