Simple Field Type to link Entries to stuff in Harvest, Capsule and Trello.
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SaaS Link

SaaS Link Craft CMS 3 Plugin

A Field Type for saving convenient links to stuff in Capsule, Harvest, and Trello.

Scrutinizer status

Field Settings

SaaS Link field settings.

Relate to...

  • Capsule People, Organizations, and Opportunities
  • Harvest Clients and Projects
  • Trello Boards

Field Example

SaaS Link field example. It doesn't blur your control panel.

There are some Craft service and variable classes that do a bit more, but those aren't fleshed out and documented yet.

Why Capsule, Harvest and Trello? That's just what we've used. Submit an issue or PR if there's a service you'd love to see added.


  • composer require workingconcept/saas-link
  • ./craft install saas-link or install from SettingsPlugins in the control panel


Submit an issue with a thoughtful description and we'll do our best to tackle it as soon as we can. Pull requests, feedback, and suggestions are all welcome!

Improvement List

  • store Harvest and Capsule base URLs in the database, and update them if settings change
  • use typeahead field UI
  • improve field UI to clarify behavior (service icon, etc.)
  • make it easy for developers to add custom services
  • add and document template variables
  • make plugin settings more civilized and validate carefully

This plugin is brought to you by Working Concept, which has no affiliation with Capsule, Harvest or Trello.