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Test site for the Snipcart plugin.
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Snipcart Plugin Test Project

A barebones test project for kicking the tires of the Snipcart Craft CMS plugin and making sure it behaves itself. BYO Snipcart and ShipStation API keys.

Example/testing site.

Webhook API tests.


  • DDEV config for easy, Dockerized environment spin-up.
  • All email is captured with Mailhog; nothing will be sent out.
  • Shell script for initializing Craft install.
  • Content migration for adding Section + fields + demo content.
  • Codeception API and acceptance tests.
  • Shell script to sync local plugin changes into dev container.
  • Barebones configuration and front-end.


  • Facilitate local and automated testing. (No manual control panel actions required.)
  • Fully test the plugin in the context of a real Craft install.
  • Keep it possible to change stack quickly to reproduce issues.

Initial Setup

You can get this running in whatever environment you're used to. It's preconfigured for DDEV for fast spin-up.

Install DDEV, start the site with ddev start, and run the setup script from inside the container:

ddev ssh

This will pull composer dependencies, install Craft, and install the Snipcart plugin. The site will be available at https://snipcart-test.ddev.local, and Mailhog will be running at http://snipcart-test.ddev.local:8025.

Log into the control panel at https://snipcart-test.ddev.local/admin with username and password supersecret.

Run the content migration separately to populate a Products section with fields and fake Entries.

Testing Setup

There are currently two kinds of tests:

  1. API tests that send data to the webhook endpoint to evaluate what comes back.
  2. Acceptance tests that actually open a browser and do stuff on pages.

If you want to run the acceptance tests, and only if you want to run the acceptance tests, you'll need to either install Selenium and a Chrome driver or configure tests/acceptance.suite.yml to use your own setup.

1. Install Selenium server and Chrome driver for browser testing.


brew cask install java
brew cask info java

brew update
brew install selenium-server-standalone


brew tap homebrew/cask
brew cask install chromedriver

2. Run an instance of Selenium server before attempting browser tests.



Webhook/API tests require specific configuration to fully pass. These gotchas are documented with WARNING notes in tests/api/WebhookCest.php. Requirements include...

  • Setting valid Snipcart and ShipStation API keys.
  • Completing all required ShipStation and Ship From fields.
  • Enabling admin order email notifications with one email address.

Run tests from inside DDEV container (ddev exec [command] or ddev ssh):

ddev exec ./vendor/codeception/codeception/codecept run api

If there's a 500 response or something mysterious that could use more detail, run with the --debug flag.

Run tests from outside DDEV container:

./vendor/codeception/codeception/codecept run acceptance

Work with testing container locally:

docker run -d --name lemptest -p 8888:80 tonisormisson/dev-lemp
docker ps
docker exec -it [container-id] bash

Inspect emails from testing at http://snipcart-test.ddev.local:8025.

Local Plugin + DDEV

This project is set up for testing and making live, local edits to the plugin source. You can edit composer.json like you normally would to have composer download a specific version of the plugin to /vendor, or you can use the existing setup to sync another local directory on your machine as detailed below.

1. Make sure to require plugin at @dev version in composer.json.

"workingconcept/craft-snipcart": "@dev",

2. Sync local plugin changes into the project, which is specifically important because DDEV's Docker container isn't going to love symlinks.

fswatch is required:

brew install fswatch

Run sync, which watches and rsyncs changes into the project folder:


3. Point composer.json to a local repository we'll sync into the project dir.

  "repositories": [
      "type": "path",
      "symlink": false,
      "url": "./plugins/snipcart/"
composer update

Share Local Server with ngrok

  1. install ngrok with homebrew (brew cask install ngrok)
  2. create ngrok account at
  3. issue the offered ngrok authtoken command
  4. ngrok http 32770 (where 32770 is the project's web container port docker ps | grep -- ddev-snipcart-test-web)
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