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Kick off static deployments from Craft CMS only when you need them.
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Trigger Craft CMS 3 Plugin

Kick off static deployments only when you need to.


A simple plugin to kick off builds asynchronously, ideal for something like a headless GatsbyJS or Gridsome frontend deployed to Netlify or Zeit. Use it to add a glorified build buton, or tie it to cron so that changes are grouped and pushed on whatever schedule you define.


Quick setup for publishing changes immediately, or collecting them for routine checks via cron: control panel settings sreenshot

Dashboard widget for instant deploys: control panel settings

Run checks or trigger deploys from the command line:

trigger/deploy/check  # Triggers a build if changes are pending.
trigger/deploy/go     # Immediately triggers a deploy build.
trigger/deploy/cancel # Cancels pending changes.


  1. Require with composer require workingconcept/craft-trigger, then install via CLI or control panel.
  2. Visit Settings, set your deploy webhook URL.
  3. To batch changes for deploy, add a cron job to run craft trigger/deploy/check, which post to your webhook URL only if changes are pending.
  4. Optionally add the Dashboard widget to your layout for quick one-click builds.

How it Works

Saving, reordering, deleting and restoring Elements will either trigger a build or switch on a pending flag in the database, depending on the Deploy on Content Change setting you chose. Running craft trigger/deploy/check or manually triggering a build from the Dashboard or with trigger/deploy/go will reset that flag.

Draft edits won't be flagged as changes.


File an issue and I'll try to respond promptly and thoughtfully. This is a free-time project, so I appreciate your patience.

This plugin is brought to you by Working Concept.

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