Craft CMS fieldtype for getting at the rest of those entry versions.
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Versioneer Craft Plugin

This plugin adds a really simple Version History field type that you can add to an entry to display its version history—or at least the most recent 500 versions compared to the 10 that Craft displays.


Copy the versioneer folder to your Craft plugin directory, and install it from the control panel (Settings → Plugins).

Create a "Version History" field and add it to the field layouts of whichever sections you'd like. It's best to put the field in its own tab.

Be sure that Enable versioning for entries in this section? is switched on for each relevant section, or there won't ever be any history to display. That'd be preposterous.

Feedback and Troubleshooting

Submit an issue here or email if you run into any problems, and I'll make my best effort to respond in a timely fashion. I appreciate any feedback at all, and appreciate your patience.